Love’s Sweet Scent

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I held her in my arms. Her head lay in my lap, face up, eyes looking into mine. I looked down into her eyes and ached. Somewhere it hurt, not sharp and pointy but long and low and so very deep. It was so deep it couldn’t be named or even looked upon directly. It’s feeling was indisputable. It was just there. Her eyes were like pools of dirty water, drawing me into them and as I felt myself fall I tried to reach out and cling to the edges but my fingers found nothing but air.

Her breathing deepened and her heartbeat vibrated through me causing my own to act in unison. She licked her lips slowly — like a wolf before a meal or a baby cub just after? — I couldn’t tell either way. I pulled her toward me, the space between our faces cut to zero, her lips parted. Her breath smelt of vodka and something else. We kissed and sparks flew and I could feel the blood pumping all around my body as if it was something new to me. Tongues met, soft and warm and wet. Slipping against one another, just enough to excite, breathing in unison, heartbeats syncing, minute movements and adjustments to gain access to more of her.

My fingers delved into her shortish dark hair, slightly greasy, she’d skipped this weeks wash but I wasn’t measuring. Just above shoulder length, it just smelt more like her, the scent of a woman and it was turning me on. She made little sounds as we kissed and I replied with my own, somehow we knew what each other was saying and the conversation lasted forever.

Tumescence came and went and came again. My hardness was restrained by my clothing and something had to give. Still embraced in my arms, mouths sensuously dancing the ancient dance, her breathing becoming deeper. She started to arch her back slightly, her top separated from her pants and her stomach was revealed. Milky white and warm and tight, the more the back arched the more that was offered. Signals sent, I took my cue.

I shifted my weight and she shifted hers. The direction was downward, the floor our goal. We shifted a few more times before we got there. Bump! Our eyes opened and met, old friends, we said ‘hi’ and the kissing continued. Both of us still fully clothed, I was now on top of her, our arms around each others necks, kissing, cooing, her legs curled around mine, our hips gently gyrating to a primal beat.

I lifted her top over her head. More milky white flesh, black bra, some sun freckles above her breasts. I kissed them. I took off my top or maybe it took itself off, I can’t remember. I laid back down on top of her and felt the warmth of her belly against mine, the liquid heat seeped into me and I knew she was having the same pleasure. I began to suck her chin, her mouth lay open, her fingers lightly pressing me in places to tell me she was enjoying the attention. She pushed her head back, exposing her neck and I accepted the invitation, licking at her, sucking gently at her, not hard enough to leave a love bite. Her hand moved to the back of my neck, effortlessly guiding me. The other was somewhere on my back, I didn’t know where.

She stuck out her tongue. I sucked it. I stuck out mine. She sucked it. I placed my hands on the sides of her face, fingers entangled in her slippery hair, and rolled her earlobes between my thumb and forefinger. I breathed deeply, nostrils flaring like a thoroughbred, exhaling calmly with a decisive look on my face. She looked back with approval.

I was sitting up on her, shirtless and she sat up a few degrees and looked into me. I reached around her, stroking her tight back as I did and released the clasp on the treasure chest. This chest surely had bounty! The bra left the scene, unneeded now and two pillows of soft white goodness were presented to me. A grin on her face told me I wasn’t the only one with a dirty mind. Nipples hard and standing tall, surrounded by small bumps that could have told me something in Braille had I been blind. I placed my mouth over her nipple and licked, then sucked, then nibbled. I then ataşehir escort did it to the other, happy to arouse anything but jealousy.

She pulled me closer to her and if I could have crawled inside her I would have. Then she pushed me away with purpose, got up and shimmied from side to side and slid her pants off in that zig-zag way a woman does. Knickers fell to ground with a little prompting and all of her stood before me. Milky white skin, pinkish red lips, desirous eyes, gently rocking tits, nipples pointing at me with intent and her darkness, untouched, unsmelt, untasted. I gulped. My heart raced. Her softness was now her strength. I felt small. I took a breath and stood up. I embraced her and we kissed, lips like old friends.

She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, not bothering to caress me as I had her, her desire growing quickly, her time was now. As she did I softly pinched her bum, then groped harder, feeling the warm flesh change shape in my hands. She got to her knees and pulled my jeans down to my feet, her hands remaining there until I stepped out of them. She placed them to the side with a thoughtfulness I thought unusual at this time and place within the act. She remained on her knees and looked at me with interest. I was hard. I was swollen. I was in her hand. She pulled back my foreskin. A brief look. A brief taste. I was in her mouth.

She sucked my cock at her own pace, she was on her knees but she was the leader now. I wanted to know her, to do that I couldn’t influence her. She liked to keep the head and a bit of the shaft in her mouth, moving back and forth, tongue touching and then not touching and then touching again. She took me out of her mouth, looked at my cock – did I see a slight frown? — and started licking me. Shaft in her hand, licking upward and sucking on the head. My hardness glistened in the incandescent light, her other hand pressed gently against my belly. She continued the same formula. Shaft in hand, licking upward and sucking on the head. She ran her tongue around the base of the head and I shivered and groaned. She did it again, she could make my body do what she wanted it to do, she was in control.

On the forward motion she jerked me slowly into her mouth with her lips and tongue still around my shiny pink and purple head. On the return motion she grasped my penis firmly, pushing into my pubic bone, pulling back my foreskin and swallowing as much of me as she could. Her breathing grew more rapid and so did mine. Her nostrils flared and her eyes no longer saw me, her third eye carried a vision and it was all she now saw. She increased her speed slightly and I started to tingle, I felt warm in strange places and nothing seemed to matter anymore. My arms were just hanging, I daren’t touch her lest she shatter into a thousand pieces and I wake from this dream. My head rolled back, I started to shake and an electrical feeling spiralled through me, beginning down low and moving upward. I groaned involuntarily and my hips started thrusting themselves and she responded by pulling me closer and tighter, swallowing more of me. Flames! Fire! One leg was up on tippy-toe. I grabbed her hair with vigour and cupped her head ever so slightly and she made a little sound of appreciation and I came. In her mouth, she took it all, her prize.

I was still shaking as she licked my cock clean, a pleased look on her face and she sucked it some more just to prove it was hers. She looked up at me, pride in her eyes, my hand caressing her hair and chin. She licked her lips and made a little sound. I got down on my knees and kissed her, holding her in my arms as she kept on making those little love sounds.

She lay back now, supine, knees in the air and feet on the ground. I knelt between her legs, arms on the outside of her legs, holding her thighs in my hands. My hardness has retreated but my interest had not waned. I placed my hands on the backs of her thighs, exposed as they were, slid forward kadıköy escort bayan and her knees raised, feet dangling. Her legs opened wider to give me access, hip joint rolling each leg into that comfortable position where the weight of the leg is borne by the torso.

I looked at her darkness. Hairy, exciting, I leant down into it and breathed it in. The smell of her vagina was distinct and memories of past conquests flashed momentarily before my eyes. I inhaled again and thought of her. I nuzzled the centreline in her pubes, the one her knickers had shaped that evening. I let my nose rub her clitoral hood, then pressed it harder into the pea-sized clitoris that lay underneath. She rocked and I felt her hands on the back of my head apply pressure. She pulled me into her.

I was ready now. I separated her labia with my fingers and licked her, right in there. She made a sound. Her hands were holding my head now, not pushing or pulling and I knew I had the right pressure in the right spot. I licked again and again, long slow licks and she wriggled and rolled about. She moaned softly and her chest heaved deeply. I went in further. I pulled her labia back as far as I could and licked her sweetness, swallowing any excess, her moaning getting a little louder.

I began darting my tongue in and out of her pussy, then licking in circles, then sucking her now swollen labia and clitoral hood. She was growing and as she did I accommodated more of her. I squeezed her thighs to feel her in my hands and licked faster, long licks up and down, focussing on the clitoris from time to time. I stuck two fingers in my mouth and then slid them inside her and she moaned and jumped and slipped back toward me. I felt the soft, wet bumps inside her and this turned me on. I continued to lick her clit and ran my fingers back and forth in her sweet smelling pussy and she moaned and panted and writhed.

I licked faster now, my fingers slowing down and speeding up, trying to keep time with her writhing and thrusting. Her legs began to pull me closer towards her, wrapped around my head and shoulders. Her hands sifted through my hair and clasped my head in a tight purposeful grip. Her back arched and her belly stretched, revealing more unexplored beauty. I slid three fingers into her wet darkness and licked like never before. She shook. She vibrated through me. She made sounds I can’t repeat. She held her breath, changed colour and then a loud aching moan escaped from the depths of her and fell from her lips.

She held me tight against her pussy like I was precious. Hands on my head, legs wrapped around me, the source embraced. I took a breath, my chest heaved, my shoulders ached. She relaxed her embrace and I licked her some more. Just because I could. She moaned again, low and long, exhaled and inhaled and exhaled. I wiped my face and crawled up over her, shifted my weight to one side and lie down, her one leg between my two, in her arms and she in mine, we kissed. Our eyes met warmly but briefly before we each closed them and continued to kiss.

My hardness had returned and she caressed it. She made her little love sounds and I made mine. The conversation had began anew. Her hand left my cock and grabbed my buttock. She was pulling me on top of her and shifting herself under me bit by bit. I obliged her, slipping myself between her legs, preparing for entry, observing her eagerness. She lay supine, knees up and I knelt in front of her, just as I had before I tasted her sweetness. I was hard, I felt a light sweat on the top of my shoulders and a tingle pass through me. She beckoned. I shifted forward to meet her entrance, the pinks and purples of both our organs combining to form the primary art. She wriggled about to get me inside her. Slid herself slightly closer. A bit more of me entered her. She was pleased.

I primed my hips and drove my cock into her long, bumpy wetness. She breathed through her mouth, both sets of teeth showing escort maltepe then retreating as her lips assumed their natural state. I withdrew most of myself then plunged forward again. She moaned and her breath hissed out of her mouth. Her body changed form: first slack then stiff and back again. Her hands holding tightly onto her thighs pulling her milky white ass into two tight curves. I pushed and pulled my cock, in and out of her, enjoying the warm liquid silkiness of her pussy that was entirely mine to consume.

Together we made moisture and it collected and ran down each of our tools. I stopped pumping. She looked up at me, deep dirty eyes and I fell into them once again. I slinked up over her, still inside, using her legs to bear my weight. She locked her arms around my shoulders and one slid up to the back of my neck. She gazed deep into me, I don’t know what she saw, but it didn’t frighten her. She stuck out her tongue and I sucked it slowly. Our pubic bones gyrating with increasing pressure as more pleasure was felt in newly discovered places.

Now we were kissing passionately, lips moving with gentle skilfulness, one mouth leading the other, our chests heaving against one another. Her nipples were hard and upright, nestled in those milky white cushions. Her armpits were warm and moist and smelt of something discreet. Her hands found their way to my bum where she grabbed it earnestly. Her legs rose slightly and each fell to the side just a little. I slipped in and out of her, not too fast, controlling my breathing to stave off my orgasm. I felt her start to twitch in little places. This excited me. I took another breath.

She squeezed my butt hard and pulled me into her. Another door had opened. I went deeper. Her breathing grew more raspy and her skin grew red, first in blotches, then all over. Her back arched and her ribcage displayed itself like a peacock showing off plumage, her breasts sitting up now and watching the show. Her grip on me was vice-like, it didn’t hurt at all, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I thrusted into her darkness more rapidly now and she shook under me. Stiffness entered her body and her eyes rolled back. Her nostrils flared and sweat ran down our bodies. I was in the drivers seat now and she knew it. I plunged into her sweetness again and again. She gripped my ass with purpose. A short scream shot out from her, more like a howl, then a long low moan as if something good and final had taken place. She shook some more. She went slack.

I was coming home now. Her orgasm had really turned me on. My arms encircled her head and shoulders and I thrust my hips against hers. I smelt her hair and it took me somewhere safe. Her eyes were half open or half closed but either way they weren’t seeing anything. I plunged into her soft wetness, extracted most of myself from her and plunged in again. Hot flushes broke out across my body. My hands and feet tingled pleasantly and this warm feeling grew up into my body. My cock was super-hard. It felt massive and I felt strong.

Her hands held my arms softly. She blinked and met my eyes. Recognition. I began to quiver and shake. My stomach felt empty. My head swirled and a white light appeared. I sucked in more air and felt my temperature rise. Sweat came out of me from unknown places. In, out, in, out, in, out. I smelt her hot scent and it engulfed me. My cock throbbed, she knew its meaning and accepted me. My muscles tensed up and I groaned. My balls tingled, then my cock, then all over my groin it spread like warm wet liquid. Flames! Fire! I came inside her warmness, thrusting until the last drop of cum had left my length. She wrapped her legs around mine, her arms around my shoulders and head and squeezed me all over. She kissed my neck. I shook spasmodically. I felt safe in her arms. I made little love sounds and she replied in kind.

We fell asleep in each others arms, naked, spent and in some way replenished. She nuzzled into my neck, a faint smile still present on her sweet face. The smell of love and sex was all over us and like incense brought with it a calmness to the spirit. Our bodies pressed against one another, our heartbeats in sync, our breathing in unison, gently vibrating together as we dreamt of the mysterious white light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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