Magic Fingers Ch. 08

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I was headed home and had every intention of cheating on my logbook. I was going to turn a three and a half day, twenty two hundred mile drive into slightly less than a two and a half day trip.

I left Atlanta, just before five Wednesday morning and dropped my trailer at the TA plaza in Ontario, Friday, just a little after ten in the morning. From there I bob-tailed, back to Pine Valley. Of course, gaining three hours worth of time changes didn’t hurt.

I was excited to be home, to be able to spend time with Melanie and Carol. The very first thing I did when I got to the Holiday Inn was to take a cell phone picture of me with the hotel in the back ground and sent it to both of them.

Melanie was the first to call. “Are you really back? You told me you couldn’t make it until late Saturday.”

“Melanie, if the DOT ever looked at my logbook, I’d be hit with a fine so big I couldn’t afford to buy that house.”

I told her when I left Atlanta and when I got into Ontario. She responded with an “Oh my God, John, it feels like it takes me a day to drive up to Palm Springs and when I get there I’m so exhausted, all I want to do is take a nap.

“What made you come home so early?”

“You were my motivating force.” I said and then realized I had better modify my words. “Yeah; just the thought of you and Carol was enough to make me break every speed limit and bypass every scale house in seven states.”

“John, don’t you ever do that again,” she reproached me. “I never want to hear that you put yourself at risk to, well, at any kind of risk.”

“I did it so I could spend extra time with you,” I caught myself again. “You two beautiful women, who treat me with the awe and respect I disserve.”

“Carol’s right, you are a real ass at times.”

“Funny, every time I talk to Carol all she says is, I’m dumb and you’re stupid and she doesn’t know why she waists her time with either of us.”

Melanie sounded a little down now as she spoke. “Yeah; she tells me pretty much the same thing, but I have a lot of trouble believing her.

“Ok, John, I have some clients…”

I interrupted, “Melanie, when can I see you.”

“Aah; look John, Aah; let me get with Carol and either she or I will give you a call, maybe we can go out for dinner tonight. OK John, I have to go now, talk to you later. Bye.”

Why, did I feel like I had just been patted on the head and then told to go away. One minute she was glad to talk to me, happy that I was back and the next she was giving me a brush-off.

“What happened,” I asked myself.

I needed a shit, shower and shave, so I stripped and went into the bathroom. No sooner, did I have shaving cream on my face and my cellphone rang. A quick look and I saw it was Carol.

With a silent prayer, that this would be a more congenial call, I opened my phone only to hear, “Get your ass back out on the road and don’t come back till Saturday night.”

“Hi Carol. It’s always so nice to talk to you as usual.”

“Don’t be an ass. We had the entire evening planned out, reservations at The Starlight in San Diego, a play and then the rest of the night of unrestrained sex. And now you have gone and ruined our plans. I expect you to pay for tonight’s dinner at the Viejas Indian Casino and a show.”

“Yeah, Carol, that sounds great to me. I’ll make the reservations, what’s a good time.”

It was hard for me to be up beat, even though it was good talking with Carol.

“Snap out of it. Make them for 7:30 and get some rest.”

“Ok, that sounds good. Is Melanie coming?” No sooner had I said that and I knew I fucked up.

“That’s it!” Carol said in a raw hard voice. “You two have just pushed me over the edge.

“Yes John; Melanie will be there; you will be there; I will be there and we will, once and for all put an end to this crap so I can get a full nights sleep. And John, when I see you next, you had better be the same John I last saw. I have some big plans and you two aren’t going to fuck them up.

“Oh; one last thing. I need to laugh, so be sure the show is a comedian.

“Good Bye John, see you there at 7:30.” With that, the phone went dead. ———-

At 7:00, I was sitting at the upstairs bar, sipping a whisky sour, and waiting for 7:30 to roll around, so I could go downstairs to the restaurant. Hopefully they would be there, waiting for me.

There was a down stairs bar, next to the restaurant. For some unknown reason, I didn’t want to be there when Melanie came in.

I was pulled from my doldrums by the sound of Carols voice. “So John, there you are. Was the bar downstairs filled when you came in,” she said sweetly as she walked over to me.

She put her arm around my neck and with all her body weight stepped on my foot as she whispered in my ear, “If you don’t turn back into the sweet and wonderful John I know, I’ll knee you in the nuts. Trust me; I know how to make it look like an accident.”

“You’re breaking the bones in my foot.”

“Yes, I know,” she said with a smile. “Now, let’s çankaya escort see a big smile for me and Melanie over there. Come on, wave to her.”

I did as requested and my foot was released.

“I’m so glad I didn’t have to knee you in the nuts, I have plans and it would have distressed me if you hadn’t cooperated. Oh; and John if it makes you feel any better, I had to threaten Melanie with worse.”

We walked over to Melanie and she stuck her cheek out for me to kiss. I saw the smile leave Carol’s face as she took a big step forward and planted her foot on Melanie’s, quickly prompting Melanie to put her arms out and kiss me on the lips.

Very nice, I thought, as I began to respond to Melanie’s kiss and I could feel her responding to mine.

I heard Carols voice, “Shall we go down to dine?”

Carol went ahead of us as Melanie and I walked down holding hands. I don’t know who took whose hand first, but it felt comfortable and warm.

Carol was talking with a woman, then walked back to us, noticing we were still holding hands. “Well,” she said, “that’s a start, but no matter. Come on you two, we have a table waiting.”

I said, “But it’s not 7:30, we haven’t been called.”

Carol didn’t respond as we were led to what I could only call a very discrete table, well away from the others. I held the chair out for Carol, then for Melanie and seated myself.

Carol wasted no time before she began. “Shut up both of you. I don’t want to hear a word, not even a sound, just nod your heads if you under stand.”

Melanie nodded. I started to speak and was interrupted by, “Are you the knucklehead of the group. Just nod.”

This time I did as directed.

“Move your chairs together so they touch.”

I raised my eyebrows in a question, but figured before I was kicked, I should do as asked.

“Now listen, both of you.

“John, you’re first. You are a stupid dolt that needs to be told what is going on. Therefore I will.

“You Love Melanie. Nod your head yes John, pretend you’re normal.”

I nodded.

“John, FYI, Melanie loves you. Though why I haven’t a clue, but you need to accept this as a fact. End of discussion.

“Now for our lovely, but dim witted Melanie. If I need a club to get you to understand, I’ll get one.

“John loves you, despite the fact that you are moody and lack self-confidence. You love John. That’s how simple this is. Don’t complicate things and no more late night calls asking if John has called.”

Melanie and I looked at each other and I reached out and pulled her to me saying, “I am totally and helplessly in love with you, but I was so afraid that if I showed it to much I would force you away from me.”

“Oh John; I was just as foolish. I worried about our age difference. Carol kept telling me that you loved me, but I was afraid it was just the sex and I didn’t want to lose you.”

We kissed, long and hard, with tears of joy coming to our eyes.

When we broke apart, Carol began again, “Now, I get to throw a fly in the ointment. I love Melanie, not as a lover, but as a sister and I in my heart, feel she loves me.”

Melanie, leapt up and threw her arms around Carol, kissing her cheek saying, “I do love you Carol and I’m so happy to hear you say you love me too.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Carol said. “Now go sit down, there’s more.”

“I have feelings for John also. Not as a brother and not in the same way that you love him Melanie, but it’s love none the less.”

“I need to ask you Melanie, if you can share John and to ask John if he can agree to separate the love we both feel for him. Please wait Melanie, hear me out. I know that you do not feel comfortable with anal sex. I also know that John has an affinity for it as I do.”

Melanie interrupted, “So you want me to share him with you?” Melanie’s voice didn’t sound hurt, it was posed as a calm question.

Carol spoke, “No Melanie, I need to know if you can share him with hundreds of women.

“Stop, let me explain. I know this sounds far fetched, but I didn’t know any other way to bring this up. Again, please do not interrupt, just listen and I’ll make everything clear.

“Here we go. First, I had to get both you and John to see that you were meant for each other. Next, I asked you to look for a rehab clinic or spa that was up for sale, which you did. More quickly than I had anticipated, you came up with an extremely good one.

“Now, I am going to ask the two of you to join me in a business venture.”

Melanie again interrupted, “What does this have to do with you and anal sex. If I have to, I’ll let John do what ever he wants to me.”

“Please Melanie, hear me out. John has a talent that wealthy women will pay for. You have a talent for organization and connections in the world of wealth. I have a talent for treating women with physical and some mental problems. However, in this venture, John’s talent is the corner stone of a new clinical treatment center.”

Melanie was no slouch, her eyes escort çankaya were now lit up and she was leaning forward. Her mind was probably ten steps in front of Carols. I was the one who couldn’t keep up and was being left further behind by the second.

Melanie interrupted, saying, “I see where you’re going Carol, and with the facility I found, this could be huge.”

Melanie was more excited than I had ever seen her. “We need to lock this place down; we need financing, a business plan, and banking.”

“Woe, Woe girl, you’re forgetting one very important person here.”

They both looked at me.

Melanie began, “Honey, this is incredible, it will mean millions to us.”

Carol could see the confusion on my face and interrupted Melanie. “John, there are, and don’t let this figure frighten you, over a hundred thousand very wealthy women who could benefit from your ability and will pay dearly for it, provided it is promoted properly. There are hundreds of thousands of women with lower financial means, that truly need the mental peace and confidence you can bring.

“Don’t look so frightened. I’m not talking about you servicing that many women, though I have no doubt, it’s probably every man’s fantasy.

“In a nut shell John, we need to see if we can train others. Men, and or women to do what you do. You would be expected to personally service the upper end or higher paying clientele.”

“Hang on here,” I said. “I’m still back at the anal sex.”

“I know; this is not fair to you, because this is what Melanie and I do. It would be like us all going in to start a trucking company. You would be the only one to understand what is going on.

“Let me break this down for you. There are many very wealthy women. I deal with a number of them and Melanie has contacts with I dear say hundreds more than I do.

“We want to open a clinic that would incorporate my present business and introduce your talent. Not just getting women to ejaculate, but your talent for getting to the root of a woman’s problem, many of which have sexual overtones.

“Without you, there is no clinic. All of my expertise is being used. All of Melanie’s contacts mean nothing, unless we can offer a one of a kind service.

“You Dear John are the only one with that ability.

“Know this, you do not need Melanie’s talents or mine, we are the ones that need you. Realistically, you’re the one with the ability to help women with their problems and make a considerably large income for us all. Melanie was correct when she said millions.”

“Ok.” I said, “I under stand all that, but where does the anal sex come in.”

“Melanie?” Carol asked, “are you sure you want to fall in love with this guy?”

“It’s too late,” Melanie said. “But where does the anal sex come in.”

“OK.” Carol said, “Envision this. When was the last time you saw John make a woman squirt when he didn’t have a hard-on? Unless you intend to make servicing him your only job, I’d like to help.

“Let me tell you this Melanie. John has never been in my vagina, he has never even tried. I know he’s been in yours, and I believe even from the beginning he knew there was a difference, just as I felt and knew you two loved each other, even if you wouldn’t admit it.

“This is why I have to ask. Melanie, do you have a problem with John putting his fingers into other women’s vaginas. Do you have reservations if he has to suckle their breasts and even uses his tongue on their clits or in their vaginas?

“Think, long and hard before you answer.”

“I don’t have to think about it, I know. I have seen John with his, not to be crude, prick in your ass and I felt no jealousy, I knew I loved him then. I’ve seen him with Kay and you, making you both ejaculate and all I truly felt was pride in him and of course a longing to have him do the same to me.

“I do see what you mean about his personal needs and I would rather know that John’s dick was in your hands or wherever, rather than anyone else.”

I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut during their discussion, a point that Carol was quick enough to bring up.

“As for me,” I said. “Melanie, you are my true love the one I would give my life to. Carol, I also have a love for you, one that I feel deeply, but I must say to both of you that only Melanie has my sole.”

“So,” Carol said, “do we have an agreement on an equal partnership?”

We all lifted our glasses in a toast of agreement. ——–

After the show, with comedian Katherine Madigan. Carol said, “As much as I’d like to have another series of orgasms and ejaculations, I need to be up at 4:00 a.m. for a surgery.

“John, I suggest you take Melanie upstairs and make sure she has a good time tonight, because tomorrow, you owe me.”

She reached in her purse and handed me a key card to room 1123. She turned to Melanie, “I know this place is clean.”

With that, Carol was off. I could not see her, but you could tell where she was, by all the heads that turned to look çankaya escort bayan at her.

“You know, I must be the most envied man in this place, having dinner with the two most beautiful women in all of California.”

“You wish,” Melanie said.

“No, my wish will come true in about ten minutes.”

“No, no, no; I’m not that easy. I want coffee and dessert.”

“Are you sure you want room service interrupting us. Besides, I know they have those little refrigerators with stuff in them and coffee pots.”

“I just want a quick cup and a little pastry.”

“I just want to get into your panties as quick as possible.”

“I’m not wearing any,” she said.

“You really are my kind of woman.”

“Carol made me take them off when we went to the ladies room, she wanted me to hike my dress up and put your hand between my legs, but I chickened out.”

“You know, coffee and dessert is beginning to sound good and exciting. We can sit side by side and tomorrow you can tell Carol that you didn’t chicken out.”

“I’m thinking, I’d like to see what they have in those little refrigerators,” she said as she turned toward the elevator. ———-

The room was huge; it must have been one of those high roller rooms. It even had a Jacuzzi.

“How about, I make us some coffee, while you get more comfortable, like naked.”

“No.” She said, “I’m not drinking hot coffee while I’m naked, some things I won’t do.”

“Come here.”

I took her in my arms, looked in her eyes and told her I loved her and how happy and relieved I was to be able to tell her how I really felt. She started to cry as she told me of her fear, that I might reject her because she was five years my senior. She also told me how Carol threatened to remove her breast implants, leaving her with tits that would look like two deflated balloons, if she didn’t grasp the reality that I loved her.

“That’s ok,” I told her. “She was crushing my foot as she threatened to crush my nuts if I didn’t admit to myself and tell you that I was in love with you.”

I held her in my arms, pulling her against me, inhaling the perfume of her bodies scent. We kissed, not with heated passion but with a tenderness that reflected our newly admitted love. When we broke, Melanie said, “Make me come John, make me squirt, make me feel loved.”

It was only a hook and zipper and Melanie’s dress was on the floor. Her breasts were the most tantalizing thing I could imagine. The minute she was on the bed, my lips were wrapped around a nipple and I was sucking it deeper into my mouth as her hands came up and pulled my head into her.

“John,” she cooed. “Get undressed; I want to suck on you while you have your fingers in me.

“While you’re getting ready, I have to use the bathroom.”

When she came out, she had a dildo in one hand, a tube of KY and a note in the other. She smiled and said, “Carol was here, the note reads, Thought you could use these. Thinking of you and getting horny, Love Carol.”

I was naked, my prick was hard and a drop of clear lubricant had just formed on top.

“That was sweet of her,” I said, as Melanie hurried over, dropping the dildo, lube and letter on the bed. She knelt down, took my prick in her mouth, and began to suck while her lips were sliding back and forth over the head of my cock.

“Melanie; Honey; if you don’t stop, I’m going to forget about making you squirt.”

With that, she stopped and with a slowness that elicited a moan from me, pulled her lips over and off the head of my cock. Then she moved to lie on the bed.

I placed my hand on her creamy soft belly and with only a slight pressure, raked my fingernails from her pubic mound to her bellybutton. Her hips rose and my hand slid back down her belly and between her legs. I leaned over and kissed her. She hugged me to her and I slid an arm under her neck as our tongues began their caressing as her hand reached out and began stroking me.

As my fingers slid between her outer lips, I realized that Melanie was not going to need any lubricating. My fingers slid over her tiny clit and she raised her hips up a little higher. She was responding far faster than she did the first time. Her body was more relaxed. Any tension that I could feel I was attributing to her anticipation of her ejaculation and climax.

I slipped two fingers into her and her back arched, making it so very easy for me to begin tapping on her quickly expanding button. This I thought would be a good time for me to change my mentality. Instead of trying to see how quickly I could get a woman to squirt, here was a perfect time to see how long I could make her hold off.

I pulled my fingers out, slid them over her clit and then returned them into her, tapping only twice, lightly and quickly. I kept my fingers in her, my palm on her clit and I didn’t move them for five or six heart beats, before giving another pair of light quick taps. Again, I held my fingers still. I did this until I could tell she was feeling the need for more stimulation. I gave her more, a dozen quick hard taps, before returning to the old pattern.

She gave a soft whimpering “nooo” and began to push her ass into the mattress in an effort to get my fingers to hit the button, that would give her the release and pleasure her body was now beginning to crave.

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