Making Mom Happy Ch. 01

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(NOTE: This is a work of fiction and fantasy, involving an incest theme with consenting adults, and produced for adult entertainment only. If you do not agree with an adult incest theme do not read this story.

This story starts quite slowly as I enjoy a long tease before the ‘hotter’ stuff. If you like fast paced action from the start, it might not be for you!).

I’m now 21 with quite an unusual sex life, one which I think many of you might envy. I’ll tell you how it all started almost 3 years ago.

My name is Rasheed and I am Indian. I’m an only child and live with my parents. My mother Sheeza is 51 and my father Manish 52. My mother is a housewife and father works for the government. We live in a nice flat in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

We are not rich, but my father’s income is quite adequate and we live reasonably well. At the time this story started, I would describe my mother as 5’3, quite a full figured lady – with large boobs and a round full bottom, but she was not fat and still retained a waist and curves. She sometimes wore western clothes but more often than not was more of a traditional dresser in a sari.

My father was 5’8″ and a bit chubby, but not bad looking at all for his age. I always viewed him as quite serious. He had responsible job managing a local government department, and always acted kind of important and with authority. My views on him (and my mother) would soon change in a particular way, but more of that later.

Finally, just a quick word on myself at the time the story started. I’d just turned 18 and was pretty much naive to the ways of the world. I’d led quite a sheltered life, and I was quite innocent when it came to sex, but had a few magazines in which were scantly clad women, although not fully naked. It was hard to get hold of very explicit stuff unless you went into some of the rougher parts of Mumbai, and as I mentioned before, I was very innocent and shy at that time, and would have never thought about doing that.

I sort of liked one or two girls at my school, from a distance, but never really had the courage to go up to them. That was about it in terms of my experience with sex – hardly anything. I did masturbate of course, often thinking about some sexy looking girl I’d seen on the TV on in one of my magazines. At school some of boys I hung around with told me stories about girls, and of course I knew how everything should work. and all the various words people used, but most of it was theory!

This was all about to change!

About a month after my 18th birthday I was sitting on the floor in the living room with my back against the sofa watching TV. Mom was lying on the sofa with her head raised up against a cushion at one end and her feet up towards my head.

Dad was in the armchair a few feet away, his head engrossed in a newspaper, his favourite ‘activity’.

“Rasheed” said my mom. “My feet are aching after being out shopping this afternoon, please can you massage them for me.”

“Sure mom” I replied. I turned facing the sofa and she raised her sari a little above her ankles. I rubbed her feet, not thinking about it too much and with half an eye on the TV. After about 10 minutes my hands became a little tired and I asked if I could stop.

“Sure, thanks son, that’s so much better.” she said

After a couple of days mom asked me to massage her feet again. Dad was in the room again as well, reading his paper as before. This time he looked up and said “that’s right son, make sure your mom’s comfortable.” Like before, mom lifted her sari and under-petticoat a little, but this time a bit higher up to her calves.

“Give my ankles and calves a rub as well please darling” she said. I started rubbing her feet, then up toward the ankles and then her calves. For the first time I noticed how smooth her lightly tanned skin and the part of her leg that I could see were. There were no hairs visible, so my mom seemed to shave her legs, and looked ümraniye escort after their appearance. After a few minutes I actually started to enjoy the sensation of touching her calf muscles and feeling her soft skin. I think for the first time I saw her as a woman, rather than my mom.

After about 15 minutes mom said to stop and thanked me again for making her feel “much better”. This feet and ankle rubbing continued a every other day or so for a couple of weeks. I actually started to look forward to doing it in the evenings. It was a kind of nice touching a woman’s skin, even if it was my mom’s. And I guess during those first couple of weeks, I started to look at her a little differently. I started to think about her body a bit more, in a sexual way.

At first I felt a bit ashamed, but as time went on I kind of got used to it. Maybe all sons go through this phase thinking about their mom’s like that I thought.

It was now getting warmer – the summer months were starting, and normally this meant a change of wardrobe for my mom. In the summer she would wear western style light ankle length cotton skirts with a blouse, instead of a sari. So the third week after mom first asked for a foot massage, she was lying on the sofa again, this time in a light cotton skirt and top. My dad was in his usual armchair, head buried in the newspaper.

We (at least mom and I) were watching television. I was waiting for mom to ask me to do her feet, and I didn’t have to wait long.

“Rasheed please do my feet now” she said, lying on the sofa with her head resting on a raised cushion at one end.

“Sure mom” I replied, keen to get going. This was the first time I’d be massaging her whilst she was wearing a skirt. To my surprise she raised her skirt up just above the tops of her her knees, and for the first time I saw the lower part of her legs completely exposed.

“Do my legs up to my knees as well” she said rather nonchalantly and closed her eyes as she rested.

I was kind of excited. Now it may not seem much to be excited about, but you’ve got to remember, I was very much innocent when it came to girls and women, and seeing the amount of flesh in front of me which I’d never seen before in one go got me excited.

This time I started with the tops of the calves, under the knees and rubbed both front and back silkily. I was enjoying the sensation, and so was mom, I was sure.

At one point she said “that’s very nice”, her eyes still closed.

I sneaked a look over at dad’s direction at one point and saw him looking at me. I almost felt guilty at looking as if I was enjoying myself.

“That’s right son” he said to my surprise, “give your mom a nice leg massage”, and then stuck his head back into the newspaper.

I felt relieved. Here I was getting a kick out of massaging my mom’s legs, being asked to do so by her and she enjoying it, and dad telling me to keep up the good work. Hey things were great!

Later that evening whilst in bed before sleeping, I wanked myself off thinking about my mom naked. And boy did it feel good.

This time a couple of days passed and mom didn’t ask me to massage her legs. But I noticed her wearing some new skirts. How did I know they were new you may ask? Well, since the last massage, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her rear and legs. And I was sure the skirts she were wearing were new – the material seemed more sheer and thinner and a couple of times when she stood on the balcony with the bright sun behind her, I was sure I could see through the material momentarily, and saw the shape of her upper legs and butt.

On the third evening after the last massage, I was sure she would ask me to massage her again, as she’d never gone more than a couple of days without now. Whilst she was in the kitchen preparing dinner, I took the initiative and asked rather casually “would you like me to massage your legs tonight mom?”

“Yes, yenibosna escort that would be nice” she replied. “After dinner, when your father’s home” she added, not looking at me.

I went back to my room with a hard on and wanked myself off thinking about it.

After dinner we all settled into the living room in our usual positions – mom lying on the sofa, dad in his armchair reading the newspaper and me on the floor resting up against the sofa with my head a couple of inches from mom’s feet.

“Please do my feet now Rasheed” said mom after a few minutes.

As I turned around slowly, dad piped up. “Make sure you do a good job Rasheed.”

“Yes sir” I replied.

Mom had lifted her skirt up just above her knees again. Suddenly I had an idea. “Would you like me to put some nice perfumed talc on them as I rub?” I said.

“That sounds a good idea” said mom smiling.

In double quick time I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of talc.

I settled down on the floor next to the sofa and started rubbing mom’s legs with a bit of talc on each. The talc made it a very smooth and sensuous feeling sliding my hands up and down. I would start at the top of the toes of the feet and then slide both hands up, one on each leg, up to her knees. Then I’d slide my hands to the back of her calves and then down the back of them, feeling the lovely fleshed smooth skin there. I continued this for a few minutes.

Mom’s eyes were now closed and her face and body completely relaxed. She seemed to be enjoying it. I glanced over at dad, who was still engrossed in his paper.

After a moment, I decided to see if I could go up a little above her knees without moving her skirt. I started at the toes again, and slowly slid my hand up the front of her legs, but this time, rather than stopping at the knees, I slowed as I reached them, and ever so gently slid my hands under the material of her skirt and up a little over the front part of her thighs.

I looked at her face as I did so and she gave no facial reaction, but did open her legs a bit more. I repeated this a few times, going up above the hem line of her skirt, but not too far – just about half way up her thighs. I dared not go any further!

After about 15 minutes mom opened her eyes and smiled at me. “You can stop now Rasheed. That was lovely. Thank you. You’ve really got a nice touch with your hands. You really do help your old mom feel better.”

“Aw that’s ok mom” I replied. “I quite enjoy giving you a massage, and your not that old – you look very well for your age.”

“Thank you son” she replied. “You know, my back aches me sometimes as well and it would be really nice if you could give that a rub sometime as well. But it must be very uncomfortable for you sitting on the floor – you won’t be able to massage it properly.”

She looked over at dad. “Manish, how much are one of those folding massage tables – you know the ones we saw in the shop the other day?”

‘Massage table’ I thought as she spoke. ‘The ones we saw’. My parents seemed to be taking this a bit seriously – they had already seen a proper massage table to buy. I kept quiet, wondering quite what was going on.

“Oh they weren’t expensive” replied dad, “Do you want one?”

“Well if it’s alright with Rasheed, as we’ll only get it if he’s happy at giving me a proper back and leg massage.” She looked over at me.

My mind raced and I said “yes, of course”, without thinking about it at all.

Dad spoke up again – “In case you’re wondering Rasheed, we saw one the other day as your mom thought you were so good at relieving her leg pains, that you could help with her back as well. You know she gets a bit stiff there sometimes, and you’ll be a great comfort to her.”

“Yea dad sure – no worries – it folds up does it?”

“Oh yes” replied mom. “It looked really good in the shop. They showed us how it yeşilköy escort works and it can fit under our bed as well when we don’t use it. “

“Ok” I said. “Let’s order one.”

That night in bed my mind was working overtime. I was already getting worked up doing mom’s legs, but now it looked like I would be touching much more of her. Wow! Again I wanked myself to sleep thinking about it.

A few days later the massage table arrived. It was quite neat, with two folding sections and supporting legs. The top only had a thin cushion though and I wondered if it might be a bit hard to lie on for mom. Never mind, I thought, let’s see how it goes.

That evening after dinner dad and I set up the table in the living room in front of the sofa. Mom, barefoot, but still wearing her blouse and a skirt lay herself face down on it. Now I could see the shape of her body a bit better and actually walk around her. Dad settled down in his armchair and this time watched for a bit.

“Where would you like me to start mom?” I said.

“Well” she said, “do my back first”. You can massage me through my blouse right from my shoulders, and down to the base of my back. Then you can do my legs. I’ll let you pull up my skirt when you get to my legs though, as I’d like to feel your hands on them, rather than over my skirt.”

I slowly started circling my hands over mom’s shoulders. The fabric of her blouse was quite smooth, and I could feel her flesh ripple as my hands skilfully massaged her. I looked over at dad who by now had gone back to reading his paper.

I moved my hands slowly down to the middle of her back, in swirling circular motions as I continued to rub. As mom couldn’t’ see me, and dad appeared engrossed in his paper I let my eyes wander down to her butt. I couldn’t see it’s shape properly as the skirt lay flat, and didn’t show the line of her butt very well, but I got some idea. It was quite large looking and the cheeks of her buttocks were still raised , giving a nice curvaceous look, rising from the base of her spine, down to the tops of her thighs. I felt my dick rise in my jeans.

I moved my hands down to the base of her spine and couldn’t resist just letting the tips of my fingers lightly touch the top of her butt cheeks. She didn’t object.

I didn’t want to push it too much this first time on the table, so I went backwards and started massaging from her shoulders again. I moved to the top of the table so that I was standing with my crotch towards the top of mom’s head. Although I had a bit of a boner, she was face down with her forehead resting on her arms which were folded. so she couldn’t see it.

I massaged the top of her shoulder and down to the center of her back as far as I could reach from this position. A sudden thought flashed through me. I was imagining that my dick was out, rock hard, and I was shafting it back and forth in mom’s mouth whilst I massaged her. My dick became even harder at the thought and I decided to move back to the side of the table. I think I had a slight sweat on my forehead.

Although my cock was tight against my jeans, the height of the table meant my crotch was under the table top so it couldn’t easily be seen. I moved my hands down her back to her spine again, and let my fingertips wander down to the top of her ample butt cheeks again, being careful not to go too far again. I put a bit more pressure on the tips of my fingers this time and felt the ample cushioning there.

This time my dick responded by stretching the front of my jeans. I had to relieve myself.

Luckily, I’d forgotten the talc for her legs and said “back in a minute mom – have to get the talc”. I almost ran to the bathroom. Hurriedly, I locked the door behind me and undid my jeans. My cock burst out and I started rubbing it. I moved over to the edge of the bath so my cum would go into it and not on the floor, and started wanking, thinking about feeling up mom’s ass.

In no time at all I came, spurting what seemed like a ton of cum into the bath. I even hit some of the tiles on the back wall with cum, the force was so great.

Fuck, I thought, I needed that, feeling the pressure relieved.

I cleaned up, washed my hands and grabbed the talc as I left the bathroom. Hopefully I hadn’t been too long.

to be continued…

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