Mandy and Me Ch. 02

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Readers: I owe you an apology. I posted Mandy and me CH 2 twice, and both in error. What is posted as CH 2 is in fact CH 3. Here is the proper CH2 but posted as ‘the missing chapter.’ This should correct the error. Again, my apologies.


Last night, Mandy had left my room after jacking me off and cuming herself, with the promise of inviting me to her room tonight.

I couldn’t get Mandy’s actions of last night out of my mind. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Mandy walked in and brushed her teeth. I made to leave, when she said, “Where are you going? I need you help.” With that, she soaped her hands, put her foot on the edge of the tub and said “I couldn’t get two fingers in my ass last night, so I’ll need to open myself up more. Be a dear and hold my cheeks open for me. It will be easier to get my finger all the way in.” Shaking with apprehension, I kneeled down and did as she asked, with a hand on each cheek and spread them, fully exposing her little hole for me to see.

Her soapy hand appeared from between her legs and rubbed back and forth between her cheeks and deep in the crack, while her middle finger sought out its target. She stroked her finger back and forth a few times, then circled her little hole and, with no hesitation, slid the whole finger in. “Move your hands closer in,” she said and, when I’d done so, she started stroking in and out and orbiting her hole as if to widen it, her hand touching mine as she plunged in. She went deep, her hand pressing hard against mine as she moved her finger inside herself and then she slowly pulled out. “That’s enough for now” she said, “I’ll try for two fingers again in bed, I’ll tell you when I’m ready for you to come in.”

I lay on my bed with my rod so stiff it was getting painful. I waited for what seemed like half the night, though it could only have been about fifteen minutes, when I heard Mandy calling, “Brian, I need you.” I got off the bed and on opening her door, found her lying on the bed naked, her back propped up with pillows, her legs spread and her knees raised. Her pussy hidden by her arm as her hand massaged erenköy escort between her cheeks.

“I still can’t get two fingers in there.” she said, “If I don’t get any farther than this, I’m never going to be able to have Justin’s dick in my ass.” “Open the top drawer of my bureau and you’ll find a long slim dildo. I need it.” I opened her drawer and there, from among several, exotic to me, false dicks, vibrators and a diaphragm kit, I selected the slimmest I could find, eight inches long, about an inch in diameter, with a small, rounded cockhead and ridges all down its shaft.

“Yes, that’s the one,” as I brought it to her. She squeezed some lube on her hand and stroked the top half of the dildo with it as she looked at me and said “I’m going to get up on my knees like I did last night. I need you to hold the top of the dildo right on my hole, put your other hand on the base and hold it steady on the bed while I try to slide down on it. Can you do that?”

Nodding, I did as I was told, holding the point of the dildo against her asshole and supporting it with my other hand on the bed. I could feel her trying to lower herself on it, but it just bent and would not go in. She raised herself a little and told me, “Hold the dildo there and slide your finger in a little and try to open me up.” I pressed my finger against her lubricated hole and, to my delight, felt it slipping right in. She felt so warm and soft in there, I slid my finger in farther, till my hand was against her cheeks.

“There’s no need to go all the way in,” she said, “Just go half way and move your finger round a bit, then take it out and be ready with the dildo at the same time.” I slid my finger half way out and started widening her hole, then I felt her lowering herself a little, till the dildo touched my hand. “OK, take your finger out now and put the dildo there.” Very reluctantly, I slowly took my finger out, placed the point of the dildo against her hole and, as she lowered herself, I could see it slowly disappearing inside her.

“That’s fantastic. I can feel every ripple in the dildo as it goes göztepe escort in.” She lowered herself till the dildo was half way in, then passed her hand between her legs, round my hand which was still holding the dildo and went on her hands and knees. “OK, I can handle it now.” I took my hand away and watched intently as Mandy slowly slid the dildo almost all the way out, then back in half way, several times.

She held the dildo in, got up on one knee, held out her spare hand to me and said, “Put some lube on my two middle fingers, I’m going to take the dildo out and try two fingers again. Cover them well, all the way to my knuckles.” I did as she asked and she moved her hand close to her ass, slowly pulled the dildo out and just as slowly, slid her two fingers in till her palm was pressed against her cheeks. “This feels so good, I can hardly wait till I can get my big dildo in, but that’s enough for tonight.” She slowly slid her fingers out, took the towel and wiped the lube off her hands.

“Be a dear and get a wet washcloth from the bathroom, I need you to get all the lube off my ass.” I did as I was told and, while wiping her with the warm cloth, “Be sure to get it all off my hole, it’s OK to go in just a little to be sure.” I continued wiping and, with my finger tip covered by the cloth, carefully pressed in just a little, wiped and finished.

Mandy kissed me lightly and told me, “You’re such a help and I’m grateful. Now we’ll go to your room and I’ll get you off. I want to save this room for better things later on.” Needless to say, I was hard all this time and when we got to my room, Mandy went on her knees, dropped my pajama bottoms and tenderly kissed my dick, stroking it slowly with one hand. She then slid my foreskin back, took my glans in her wet mouth and slowly went round it with her tongue.

“That’s just a little taste of things to come.” She said as she stood up and looked at me. “Lay down on the bed and I’ll play with you a while, then finish you off.” She sat on the edge of the bed facing me, slowly jacking my dick with one hand and massaging my balls with kadıköy escort the other. As she looked at me, she told me all the things she did with Justin, getting fucked in her pussy, sucking his dick; she told me she takes it down her throat and, as he cums, she likes to press her face in his pubic hair and takes his cum straight down her throat, leaving his dick there till he’s completely drained and it goes soft. As she talked and slowly jacked me, she moved her other hand to my ass and massaged my hole.

“When you’re ready to cum, I’m going to put my finger in like I did last night. I didn’t bring lube, but that’s OK, I can wet my fingers in my pussy.” She raised herself and, as I watched, she put one foot on the bed and slid two fingers in her pussy and left them there. “Now raise your knees and spread them. Hold you butt cheeks apart, so I can get my hand in there.” I did as I was bid and she took her fingers out of her pussy and massaged my hole.

“I don’t think I could get two fingers in there yet,” she said, “Maybe we’ll try that soon.” With that, she slid one finger all the way in and jacked me faster. “I’m just going to hold my finger there till I feel you cuming, then give it a long, deep stroke.” It didn’t take long, she jacked me till she felt my hole pulsing round her finger, took it almost all the way out, then jammed it all the way home and held it there. As I was shooting my load, she took her hand almost off my dick, leaving it round the head and moving it round, spreading my cum on her hand and my dick. She then, gripping me tighter, stroked the full length of my dick till I was finished. She lifted her hand to her mouth and, still looking at me, she licked some cum off. “You taste sweeter than Justin,” she said, ” I’m looking forward to taking your load down my throat, but that will have to wait a while yet.”

I told her, “Mom and dad will be back in a couple of days, how are we going to be able to do anything then?” “Mom knows we’re doing this. She asked me to show you a few things, like Jackie showed me when she was dating Bruce.” That was a revelation I had not expected. “Mom showed Jackie, and she showed me, so it’s quite OK. That’s part of the reason they went away for the week, just to let us get started.” While I was quite perplexed by Mandy’s statement, it certainly showed promise of good things to come.

In chapter 3, mom supervises.

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