Man’s Best Friend

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Always nice to walk my dog on a nice day, down to the park, check out the neighborhood. And the neighbors. I’ve found that having a dog is a great way to meet folks, and today was a great example. I decided to take Jackson for a nice walk to the park. Maybe play some catch, enjoy the nice day. I noticed one of the women from the neighborhood was there with her dog. I had seen her there before, enough to nod, say “hi”. About my age, looked cute and she at least said “hi” or nodded in return.

We exchanged nods and I let Jackson off the leash, tossed a ball out and he bolted for it. Like a good dog, he brought it back and was ready to go again. I threw it a little further out and he was off, but I noticed so was the other dog! They both arrived about the same time and began to tug on the ball , neither wanting to give it up. Both of us owners ran up and managed to free the ball and hold on to our respective pets. “Hi, I’m Jim. This is Jackson. Sorry about that.” I said as I put the leash back on my four legged fiend.

“Nice to meet you. This is Evelyn. I’m Debbie. I think Evelyn was more at fault.” My neighbor said.

“Great to meet you, I have seen you and Evelyn here at the park before. Guess you must live nearby. I’m just a block down.” I offered. Jackson had calmed down and was introducing himself to Evelyn as dogs do, sniffing her behind. I wondered if Debbie would mind if I did that. She did seem to have a cute butt. Although it was a little hard to tell since it was still cold enough to require heavier pants.

Debbie had noticed the dogs introductions as well. “I see our pets have gotten introduced. Well, I have to run off, I’m sure I will see you here again.”

I said “Good bye, I am sure we will.” and started walking back home. I noticed that she headed for a blue Honda parked on the side street. Hmmm. Maybe she wasn’t quite as close a neighbor as I had thought.

A week later at about the same time I took Jackson down to the park. It had warmed up a bit, and looked like we might actually be getting a nice Spring day. Dogs were funny. It seemed like it was “always or never” with them. We always go to the park on a Saturday at 10 a.m. Always. I saw Jackson perk up and sniff the air as we got to the edge of the park. He sniffed a bush and I undid the leash and got the ball out. Guess that was like Facebook for dogs. See who had posted something recently. I noticed a blue Honda parked off to the right. Looked like Debbie and Evelyn were here. Always or never. Just then Jackson bounded off and I took off following. Good exercise for both of us and I didn’t want him to get too far off.

I followed him around some bushes and ran into Debbie. Almost literally. Evelyn had taken off as well and all four of us had converged at the same spot. “Well hello. Good to see you again, Debbie.” I tried not to sound too out of breath. It is hard to try to hold ones’ gut in while trying to catch your breath.

“Hi. Yes, nice to run into you again. Pretty day. I have plenty to do at home, but couldn’t resist taking Ev out.”

I noticed that she was wearing less than the last time. A baggy sweatshirt but good tight yoga pants. And I was right. She did have a good butt. “Yes, the chores can wait. Good weather like this should be taken advantage of.”

Just then we heard the rustling from our two pets. As I turned, Jackson had just mounted Evelyn and was going to town on his new friend. “Oh shit,” I said etlik escort as I started to go to them, “No Jackson, bad dog!”

Debbie grabbed my arm and said “Wait, it is okay. Evelyn is spayed, and she deserves a little enjoyment. Looks like Jackson is having fun! It’s okay, really!”

I stiffled a look and a laugh and returned to watching our dogs do what I hoped we might consider. Bet I didn’t know if she was in a relationship, there was no ring, but who knows. As Jackson continued to hump Evelyn I commented “Well, they certainly have hit it off. I guess this makes us practically inlaws!” I glanced at Debbie and saw a smile cross her face. If I wasn’t mistaken, it looked like one that meant she was a little envious of Evelyn. I know I was jealous of Jackson. It is sad when your dog is getting more than you are! I decided to take a bit of a chance. I turned to Debbie who still seemed mesmerized watching our two pets as they continued their frolicking “I taught Jackson everything he knows.” It sounded cooler in my head.

“Oh. Really? And I thought it just came naturally to our animal friends. Wait. You aren’t saying that you…. and Jackson…” Her look changed to more horrified than mesmerized.

“Oh, God no! I was just trying to be funny. No. I wasn’t saying that!” Great. Now Debbie thought I was an animal abuser.

When she started to laugh, I immediately joined in. I wasn’t entirely sure what we were laughing about until I saw her point back at our dogs. “So, did he learn THAT from you?”

I turned and there was Jackson, obviously pleased with himself curled and licking himself. I had thought that if I could take one trait from our furry friends that might be one, but I answered her with “No, that is his move only.” and we continued to laugh.

Figuring that I had nothing to lose I threw out an offer. “I only live a block away. Care for some coffee? I can offer Evelyn a chew toy and water. Maybe a little post coital kibble?”

I was pleasantly surprised when Debbie replied “Sure. That would be nice. Maybe Jackson and she would like to go another round.” I chuckled, but Debbie just smiled. A little like Mona Lisa, I thought.

We walked back to my apartment – thankfully Jackson was pulling me along at a fast pace. I was glad I had tidied up a little before we had headed out this morning. At least the bathroom was clean and I had made the bed. Most of the dirty dishes were out of site. Why was I worrying about that? I don’t think she was coming to inspect my housekeeping. We got in and Debbie set to getting the dogs taken care of and I made a pot of coffee.

I decided to go for broke. She did come back to my place, so there must be some interest. She could always leave. “So, Debbie. I have to admit, watching our two dogs certainly got me a little fired up. I was wondering…hoping…if maybe….”

Debbie moved toward me and wrapped her arms around me saying “No maybe about it, I had the same reaction.” as she kissed me deeply.

Half walking, half stumbling I embraced her and made our way to the bedroom and we fell to the bed. Fumbling with each others’ clothes our mouths and tongues remained joined in a wonderful dance back and forth. I put my hand beneath her sweater and found that there was no bra to move or undo, just a pert little pair of tits with erect nipples that begged to be fondled and eventually kissed and tasted. I obliged them and cupped etlik escort bayan one with my left hand. I heard a “mmmmmmm” in response as we continued our long wet kiss.

Debbies’ arms were still wrapped around my neck as I explored her chest. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and tugged lightly at them. Then I moved my hand lower, staying on the outside of her yoga pants. As I reached her pubic area she rolled to her back and spread her legs to allow me access. Her arms slid from my neck and she looked at me, again with that devilish smile. “Rub me some, but I will want a taste of you before long. You mind if I lick your cock a bit? You seemed envious of Jackson.”

“No” seemed to be too obvious an answer, but it was all I could manage as I began to rub her pussy through her pants. It felt warm. I imagine she might enjoy being tasted as well, so I suggested that as well. “When you finish tasting me, perhaps I should return the favor?”

By now I was fully erect. My cock was standing at attention and it twitched a bit as I felt a hand move near it. I had just thrown on some running pants, so there was no fly, just an elastic waistband. I soon felt the hand go to the waistband an slide inside grabbing my cock and started to rub it firmly. It had been a while and I did not want to have it end too quickly, so I stopped rubbing Debbie and rolled to my back.

I lay back, let my legs dangle some off the bed and watched as Deb got between my legs and pulled down my pants exposing my hard cock. The tip glistened with a drop of precum which she devoured with a flick of her tongue as she grabbed me and guided my dick into her mouth. I felt her tongue rim my tip, exploring and teasing. She moved up and down on it while creating the most exquisite suction. The sensation was amazing. I lay back and closed my eyes, envisioning her head bobbing up and down on my cock, listening to the slurping sounds of her wet mouth on my hard cock.

I must have moaned, I know I heard someone moan, and I believe Debbie was not able to emit the deep sound I heard. I opened my eyes as I started to explode. Debbir had taken her mouth off and was jacking my cock as it began to spurt cum in thick white gushes. “Ooooo – I love to feel a cock throb and watch it cum. It must have been a while, that is quite the load you have for me!” Debbie cooed as I continued to spasm and squirt cum on my belly. Her eyes watched each drop emerge from the head of my cock. As it finished she let my cock fall to my skin and she stood up.

“I’ll be right back,” I said as I got up and went for a towel. I should keep some close to the bed I made a mental note to myself. As I returned, Debbie was now on the bed, completely naked. My eyes went from the top of her head to her toes. A trim patch of hair nestled between her legs. It looked inviting.

I laid Debbie on her back and put a leg over each shoulder as I began kissing her leg from the knee down her inner thigh to that neatly cropped bush and the pink lips within. They looked moist and inviting.

Deb sighed and said “Oh yes, lick it. I want your tongue in my pussy. Taste me!”

I was more than happy to oblige and inserted a finger at the bottom of her folds, sliding it in as my mouth joined with the rest. As I fingered her my tongue flicked back and forth at the top where I felt her hard clit. The tip of my tongue circled it and licked down the lips as I kept escort etlik moving my fingers in and out of her.

“Oh yeah, do me just like that. Finger fuck me and eat it. Lick me just like that.” Deb was certainly vocal and her hands came down to my head and held my face to her pussy. Not that it needed any help staying joined to her.

I continued to lick and suck with my mouth and my wet fingers began to fight my tongue for command of the clit. Rubbing it with my fingers produced a response from Debbie, almost like she had been shocked. I continued to roll the hard nub in my fingers as I let my tongue lick the length of her labia and delving into her hole as I spread her lips apart with my other hand. I felt her legs tighten on my head as I used both hands and tongue to excite her.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, Yeeeeesssss!” I heard her hiss as she arched her back and grasped my head tightly to her. I felt her spasm as I licked more and impaled her on two fingers embedded deep within her. Then she slowly slackened and lay back on the bed as I stopped and rested my hand on her wet pussy, the hair matted from our combined juices.

The hot session of exciting Deb had gotten me hard again and I rolled her over saying “If you are game, how would you like a little ‘doggy style’ to finish off the day? No reason Evelyn and Jackson should have all the fun!”

She smiled at my and raised her ass, coming to her knees. Her wet pink slit looked inviting as she said “Yes, by all means, fuck me good. But when you cum, I want to see it. I want to wear it this time.”

I moved behind her and slid my cock deep inside her. I held her hips and moved in and out savoring each stroke. So hot and wet, het lips closed around my cock as I watching it disappear inside her only to reappear wetter than before.

“Mmmm, Hold my ass, drive it in deep! You can slap it some, too if you want. Just save the cum shot for me!” she said as I continued to slide in and out.

I took one hand and swatted her right cheek with a satisfying ‘smack’. “Oh!” she cried “I am sure you can do better than that! But that’s a good start! Hit it again!”

I hit her ass again, with a sharper ‘Smack’ and timed it with a thrust deep inside her. I felt her jump a little and tighten around my dick. It felt nearly like when she had sucked hard on me before. Another ‘smack’ produced another jump and a similar tightening. It wasn’t going to take much more to reach that cum shot she wanted.

A few more smacks and grabs on Debbies’ firm ass while I continued to watch my cock slip in and out of her brought me close to orgasm. I let her know “Deb, I’m about to cum, where do you want it?”

She moved forward and turned over, placing her chest before my cock and took it in her hands. I could see her watching it as her hands moved up and down on the hard shaft made slick by her juices. Watching her jack me off made me cum hard. Her hand moved in union with my spasms and I shot my white load of cum on her waiting tits and neck. It dripped down in small rivers toward her navel. Again the smile crossed her lips and she bent forward taking me in her mouth to clean my dick. “Mmmmm” she said when she finished, “What a lovely combination of your cum and my juices.” Her tongue licked her lips and went back to the smile.

“My turn to go clean up.” she said as she headed to the bathroom. “And I really must be going. A wonderful interlude, but I have errands to take care of.”

As I lay on the bed amid our clothes which were strewn everywhere, I noticed Jackson and Evelyn sitting in the doorway. I swear they were smiling.

I called in to Deb “What do you say we meet again at the park next week? I think Evelyn and Jackson will agree.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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