Marie Ch. 04

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WARNING: This story contains straight sex, bi sex and family sex. All over 18 and all consensual.

Marie came close to panic when she saw Mom and Aunt Katie standing in the doorway of the boys’ basement bedroom. She still had Darren’s cock stuffed up her ass and her tits and face were streaked with thick ropes of the twins’ and her cousins’ cum, all of it still warm from its recent energetic expulsion from their respective cocks. She sat up quickly, searching the bed for anything to cover herself with, but of course the bed wouldn’t be made. Typical brother housekeeping.

Jesus, I am in a heap of shit now! Why the fuck aren’t the boys trying to hide their cocks? Why isn’t Darren trying to get his huge beautiful cock out of my asshole? Why are Mom and Aunt Katie smiling like that?

“Nice to see you boys finally including your sister,” Mom said and Marie’s mouth dropped open.

* * *

Twenty minutes later she was in the shower, but not the shower she usually used across the hall from her room, the one she shared with her three slob brothers, but Mom and Dad’s shower in the master suite.

There wasn’t much cum to wash off of her body anymore, because Mom and Aunt Katie had taken care of most of it. They’d smiled warmly approaching the bed in the basement as Darren had slowly extracted his cock, and helped her to her feet. Mom had hushed her plea to retrieve her clothes from the laundry room, and Marie had made the trip up two flights of stairs through the house to the second floor worried that Dad would come home and see her naked and covered with her brothers’ and cousins’ cum.

When they’d finally made it to her parents’ bedroom, Marie had been further shocked to see Mom and Aunt Katie take off their clothes, revealing bodies that were very much like Marie’s own: big tits, big asses, and thick thighs. Then she’d sucked in her breath and gasped when Mom started to slowly lick the cum off of Marie’s tits and Aunt Katie had immediately joined her.

They’d slowly guided her back to the bed where Marie allowed them to lay her down. Both older women got onto the bed with her and made an elaborate feast of their sons’ cum from Marie’s body while Marie squirmed and writhed with pleasure beneath them. She’d never done anything like this with a girl before, let alone two, and her mom and aunt at that. She loved it.

“Oh my god, yes!” she had moaned. “Lick my tits! Yes it feels so good!”

Mom had moved down her body, following the trails of cum wherever they led, and Aunt Katie had moved up, until in one mind-blowing moment, she found herself kissing her aunt while her mom licked her pussy.

“Someone had a very good time with the boys, didn’t she,” Mom had said after her first taste of Marie’s pussy and the cum that was almost certainly still inside her.

Marie and Aunt Katie broke their kiss and smiled at each other. “It was so amazing, Mom!” Marie replied. “It was the best sex I’ve ever had! Their cocks are all so big and hard and they stay hard after they cum!”

“Kyle and Kevin are wonderful,” Aunt Katie said. “They always fuck me so good.”

“And my boys are incredible too,” Mom said. “Marie, I’m so happy you finally got to experience your brothers’ cocks.”

“Do you have sex with Darren and Bobby and Billy, Mom?”

“Yes I do, sweetheart,” Mom said. “They are so good at making me cum. I hope they gave you some good orgasms.”

“Oh my god, yes!” Marie gasped, still buzzing from the pleasure of her mother’s expert pussy-licking. “And if you keep sucking my pussy like that I’m going to cum again!”

So Mom had given her a wonderful orgasm, and Marie had experienced her first taste of another woman’s pussy at the same time when Aunt Katie straddled her face. Marie was pretty sure she could taste boy-cum in Aunt Katie’s pussy.

Now they were all together in the shower, touching each other playfully, but not outright sexually. Marie was enjoying the feel of breasts that were very much like her own, only attached to different women. She especially loved when they traded places under the cascading shower water and her tits pressed up against Mom’s or Aunt Katie’s. They told her about how each of them had been having sex with their sons, and that Mom had been waiting for he right time to bring Marie into the fun now that she was eighteen.

“I can’t believe I used to think Jimmy was a decent fuck,” Marie said to laughter from her mom and aunt.

They finished up and Marie and Aunt Katie wrapped themselves in towels for the trip down the hall to get into their bathing suits while Mom stayed behind to put on her own bikini and a beach wrap. Mom had ordered the boys to get their bathing suits on because Aunt Nora and the girls would be here at any minute and Marie’s graduation party was going to get started. Aunt Nora was Dad’s sister, unrelated to Aunt Katie or her children. The girls were older than Marie by a year or two, Nicole and Natalie, but she hadn’t seen any of them for several years.

Now in her bedroom, Marie shed her towel and stood looking in her full length mirror at her naked body and smiled. She was tingling etiler escort all over with the memories of her brothers’ cocks and her mom’s sucking lips and probing tongue. She reached down and slipped her middle finger into her pussy and Kendra walked into the room behind her.

“Ooooo,” Kendra said. “Someone is having fun!”

Marie smiled and didn’t stop fingering her pussy. She looked at her gorgeous older cousin’s reflection in the mirror behind her own. “I was just trying to pick out a bathing suit, but I got horny,” Marie said.

“That’s really sexy, Marie,” Kendra said, and Marie was surprised at how gratifying the praise was coming from the cousin she’d always thought was prettier and sexier than herself.

Kendra began to undress and Marie turned to watch directly, but she didn’t stop playing with her pussy.

“Have you ever had sex with Kyle and Kevin?” Marie said and Kendra paused to look at her halfway through taking off her bra. Her tits were already bare and looked amazing as they wiggled on her chest. Her bra straps had only made it down to her elbows, but Kendra quickly recovered, standing up straighter and smiling and tossing her bra onto Marie’s bed.

“I have sex with them all the time,” Kendra said.

“I just did,” Marie said. “While you were gone. My brothers too.”

This took Kendra by surprise. “All five of them? That’s amazing! I’m so jealous!”

“I can’t believe how good it felt,” Marie said. “I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

Kendra took off her panties and stepped up close to Marie, so close that their nipples almost brushed together. “You’re just like me, cuz,” she said. “You go wild for huge cocks.”

A shiver of pleasure shot up Marie’s spine just as Kendra reached between her legs and began helping her to achieve an orgasm.

* * *

Natalie usually hated the drive to Uncle Mike’s house. She’d been prone to car sickness as a kid, and while it happened much less often now that she was nineteen, she still always associated the hour drive along back roads through the New England woods with that feeling of nausea from childhood.

But long drive and nausea aside, she was having trouble containing her excitement to see her cousin Darren again. She’d had a massive crush on him since she was twelve, one that had faded in the middle teen years, but came roaring back two years ago when they’d become Facebook friends and she started seeing pictures of him with his friends and even girlfriends on a regular basis. All four of her cousins had that stunning combination of pale skin and blonde hair and blue eyes just like Uncle Mike, but something about Darren just made Natalie crazy. She hadn’t been able to see her cousins as often as she would have liked because her douche-bag father had never got along with Uncle Mike for some reason. But now that the douche-bag was out of the picture, living down in Texas with his stupid girlfriend, Natalie and her mom and sister could visit Uncle Mike and Aunt Carla whenever they wanted.

It was almost oppressively hot today, and Natalie was grateful for the working air conditioner in the car and the fact that Uncle Mike had a pool. But she was even more excited to wear her new bikini in front of Darren. She’d been a skinny teenager the last time they’d seen each other, but it had also been Christmas and bone-chilling cold, and her outfit at the time had been nothing like the curve-hugging skimpy bathing suit she was going to wear in Darren’s presence today.

The air conditioner in the car was actually running a little too cold for Natalie’s taste. Her mom and her sister Nicole however were sitting in the front and had command of the controls and both of them ran a little hotter than Natalie in general. She’d brought a blanket just for this situation, which she used to keep her bare legs warm for the ride. She also found that it allowed her to touch her pussy relatively incognito as long as Nicole was asleep (she was) and Mom’s eyes were on the road (obsessively). Not that either would have minded if they’d known what Natalie was up to. It’s not as though Mom and Nicole didn’t already know what her pussy tasted like and she theirs.

Thoughts of Darren always got her horny these days, but Natalie knew that it had just been too long since she’d managed to get laid. Even after eighteen, her shit-bag father hadn’t allowed her to date, so her trysts with boys had been infrequent and almost always hurried and rushed. She knew that Nicole’s experience with sex was similarly limited thanks to Pastor Dad’s puritanical bullshit, and the two sisters sneaked encounters with each other and their mother were likewise very limited to times when he was out of the house. Fuck, she really wasn’t going to miss that prick and she was glad he’d been caught fucking around in the congregation for all those years. Got himself tossed out of church and out of their lives, and that was fine by Natalie. The fact that a few of her father’s dalliances were underage and friends of Natalie’s certainly hadn’t warmed her to thoughts of forgiveness. The fuck.

She’d stopped fındıkzade escort touching herself, because nothing made her less horny than thoughts of the scumbag whose name she bore. But the vibration of her phone distracted her from those thoughts and she was delighted to see the Facebook message from Darren.

It was a picture. A selfie in which her gorgeous cousin was making a goofy face and an animated filter covered his beautiful eyes with googly-eyes. She smiled anyway. They’d been trading goofy messages and fun selfie filters for a couple of weeks now, and she loved any kind of contact with him she could get. But this picture was different, and when Natalie noticed, her breath caught in her throat.

The fact that Darren’s shoulders were bare at the bottom of the frame had of course been the first thing she’d noticed, even before the googly-eyes. Gorgeous, muscular shoulders, in Natalie’s opinion. But given how hot it was, it was no surprise that he was shirtless and she did her best not to imagine what else he might not be wearing. Until she noticed another guy in the background. He wasn’t either of the twins, that was for sure, and he was naked, or almost naked. On screen, Natalie could see the figure stooped over, apparently pulling on a pair of underwear. His comparatively white ass pointed back at the camera in contrast to his more darkly tanned legs and back. She caught herself tumbling from thought to thought.

It’s not Bobby or Billy? Who could it be? Darren’s boyfriend? He’s not gay, right? No! I’ve seen pictures of a few of his girlfriends on Facebook! Bi, maybe? That’s cool, I guess. Wait. Cousins. His other cousins are already there! Of course! That must be one of the K’s! Kevin or whatever.

Natalie smirked. Darren and the twins and Marie’s cousins on their mother’s side she had never met, but she’d seen pictures. The boys were kind of cute.

Natalie snapped a selfy of what she thought of as her good side, adding an appropriately goofy filter and sent it back to Darren. She followed that with a message.

We’re about half-way there.

Then: Nice moon. 😛

Darren’s reply came quickly: omg oops. That would be Kyle. Only so many places to change into swimming shorts around here. See you soon, Nat!

Natalie grinned. He’d started calling her Nat after Black Widow from the Avengers movies.

* * *

Just this morning, the prospect of a graduation pool party and barbecue would have been pretty boring for Marie, knowing that her brothers were almost certainly going to monopolize their cousins’ time and box her out of everything fun. Now she felt a warm glow in her chest knowing that she was the center of attention in more ways than just the happy graduate.

The sun warmed her shoulders as she and her brothers and cousins sat around on the back patio drinking lemonade lightly spiked with vodka. Music pumped through the outdoor speakers, and Dad had even let her, no insisted that she pick the playlist. All of the side glances and knowing smiles that the boys used to give each other were secrets from Marie no longer. She was in on it now, and it felt wonderful.

When the boys began cannon-balling into the pool, Marie sat back with Kendra out of the splash zone making fun of their form and the foolishness of their boasts. She also noticed the looks that Kendra was giving Dad and Uncle Ken.

“So how did your interview go?” Marie asked, her voice lowered not to be overheard by the swimming boys or their grilling dads at the far end of the patio. “Dad said it was basically a formality, and that you’re probably over-qualified.”

“It pretty much was,” Kendra said. “But it went really well. It was a lot of fun.” Her cheeks flushed slightly and her gaze drifted off into the distance beyond their fathers.

“Fun?” Marie probed. “A fun job interview?”

She knew that something else had happened at the office now, she just wanted details.

Kendra came back to earth and smiled and leaned close to Marie, close enough that Marie worried her amazing tits were going to spill out of her skimpy top. “Your dad has a really nice cock,” she whispered, then sat back in her chair with a triumphant smile.

Marie couldn’t stop her eyes from popping wide open. She wasn’t as surprised by the revelation as she would have been six hours earlier, in which case she would have been shocked and flabbergasted. But still just the reference to her father’s cock was enough to bring her up short. She recovered her poker face quickly though and hooked a finger at Kendra, beckoning her to lean back in.

“I sucked some cum out of your mom’s pussy before you got home,” Marie whispered.

She expected some kind of reaction from Kendra, but got only the same amused smile. “Whose cum?” she whispered back.

Marie actually had no idea and she said so, to Kendra’s apparent amusement.

“She has a way of finding new cocks, even when we’re on the other side of the country from home,” Kendra said.

Marie looked again at her father and uncle. Dad looked great as always in a bathing suit, his muscled chest göztepe escort and arms and shoulders beginning to sweat in the sun. Marie wasn’t sure, but it seemed to her from where she sat that she could make out the shape of his cock running down his left leg. It might have just been her imagination, but her brothers must have inherited their huge cocks from someone. Dad’s eyes met hers and Marie felt herself blushing. Now both men were looking toward her and Kendra. Uncle Ken, taller and thinner than her father, darker in complexion and hairier, looked almost as good to Marie as his sons Kyle and Kevin had just a few hours ago. Marie only wished both men were as naked as her brothers and cousins had been in the laundry room. Marie felt a shiver of pleasure as she imagined the same experience, but replaced her brothers and cousins with their fathers. She now had a strong feeling that Kendra had fucked both Dad and Uncle Ken earlier today, and Marie wanted some too.

Just then the sliding door opened and Mom and Aunt Katie stepped out onto the patio bearing two fresh pitchers of enhanced lemonade, Behind them came Aunt Nora, Nicole, and Natalie.

* * *

Natalie had specifically chosen not to put on her bathing suit before they left, because she wanted the pleasure of getting naked in the same house as Darren, even if there were walls or floors between them.

Entering the house, she’d been a little intimidated by Aunt Carla and her sister Katie in their bikinis. Both women had significantly bigger tits than Natalie or her mom and sister. Not to say that Natalie considered herself flat-chested or anything. In her scattered and infrequent explorations of her sexuality with boys, her breasts had always been a pleasing attraction for whichever guy she was fooling around with. But Aunt Carla was simply voluptuous. Being a comfortable C and sometimes D depending on the fit, Natalie knew that Aunt Carla couldn’t possibly fit into anything as small as a D-cup. Her guess was F.

Intimidation gave way to a mild arousal. As much as Natalie loved her own mother’s tits and her big sister’s, there was something tantalizing and exciting about Aunt Carla’s big melons. She thought for a second that she’d go unnoticed by Darren in comparison, but shook the thought away. The old man had been gone for three months now, and a few weeks ago, Mom had brought Natalie and Nicole to buy new bathing suits of whatever style and cut they desired. After years of wearing maximum-coverage one-pieces and swimming with shorts on, the sisters had been delighted at the variety and options of bikinis Mom now encouraged them to try on. All three of them had been in a big stall in the fitting room at a mall store that Natalie had never been allowed to set foot in before, and all three of them had excitedly tried on combination after combination of skimpy tops and butt-hugging bottoms. The excitement had followed them home to a house now mercifully free of the presence of Pastor Dad. But Natalie knew for a fact that she looked amazing in her bikini, and her intimidation gave way back to excitement for Darren to see her in it.

Aunt Carla and Katie had been putting the finishing touches on two pitchers of lemonade, and Aunt Carla set it down on the counter to rush up to greet them at the door. Starting with a huge hug for Mom, she followed through with another for Nicole and then Natalie.

“It’s so good to see you, Nora!” Carla cried. Natalie saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes and then those in the eyes of her mother. This reunion was long overdue. Natalie knew how much Mom loved her brother and his family and how infrequently she’d been allowed to see them in the years of her marriage. Uncle Mike had been out to visit a few times to help out in the wake of the separation and through the divorce, but he’d always been alone. Natalie found herself luxuriating in the affection, remembering the all-too-infrequent chances over the years to experience it.

“This is my sister Katie,” Carla said. “Katie, meet Nora, Nicole, and Natalie.”

“Katie greeted them each with a hug, albeit a brief one, but not unpleasant. Natalie couldn’t help but notice the way her big tits felt pressed into her own.

“We were just about to head back outside,” Carla said. “Let’s go say hi to Mike and the kids!”

Natalie stepped out onto the patio at the exact right time to see Darren hoisting himself out of the pool, the water streaming over his wide shoulders and ripped chest, and his blonde hair darkened by his recent immersion. His gorgeous torso was followed by his muscular legs, but Natalie was astonished by the middle of his body. She’d expected swimming shorts like most guys wore, baggy and hanging to the knee, but Darren’s were little more than boxer briefs, coming down less than half-way over his muscular legs and hugging tightly to his skin. There was no way to miss the shape of his huge cock and big balls stuffed inside them. Natalie felt a warming deep in her core and the moisture of her pussy seeping into her panties. She was in a daze as he raced forward to greet them, bright blue eyes shining in the summer sum and dazzling smile directed at all three of the but mostly at her. She couldn’t remember just minutes later what she had said, probably something moronic like “hi.” And she’d only been vaguely aware of the twins offering their own greeting in their own too-tight shorts with their own obviously big dicks.

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