Married Woman with Siblings Pt. 02

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Boat Sex

Those who read the first part of this story know how despite being a married woman, at the age of 24, I got sexually involved with my elder brother, Ravi, during journey by a sleeper bus. As the time of return of my husband from abroad neared, I was returning back from my parental home at Pune to Goa. I was escorted during the return journey by my younger brother, Raju. Raju was then 19 years plus and a college student. We were travelling back to Goa by the sleeper bus again.

I was extremely conscious during the journey to be serious so that there is no chance of physical intimacy with Raju as it had happened with Ravi. In fact, somewhere deep inside me I had pricks of conscience for having cheated my husband Dipak by getting sexually involved with my own elder brother, Ravi.

So this time I wore traditional saree with full sleeve blouse and was alert to keep my duly covered by dress even inside the sleeping cabin of the running bus. I also occupied the seat on the closed side while asked Raju to take the seat on aisle side. As the bus started, I turned my face towards the wall so that my back was towards Raju.

The bus started in time, the curtains of sleeping cabins were pulled. Our cabin was in the bottom row. I covered myself with a shawl and fell asleep. It was perhaps around midnight when I was startled as I felt my boobs were being very roughly mauled. I tried to turn towards Raju to face him, but he kept me hardly pressed against the wall of the bus.

“What nonsense is this?” I asked in a whispering voice, conscious not to let anyone except Raju hear my voice.

Raju didn’t reply but went on mauling. I angrily said, “Stop this right now or…..”

My words didn’t end, Raju asked, “Or what will you do? Let me have full fun or else I will tell Dipak how many nights you went to Ravi’s bed during your stay.”

I replied confidently, “Do you think you will allege whatever comes to your mind to fulfill your dirty desire and Dipak will believe?”

“Aye,” Raju angrily replied, “Who needs a proof when you were regularly taking contraceptive pills during these three months?

Dipak was not here. Why you needed them? I found the strip when five more tablets were there. As you did not find it, you went out and purchased new strip from the chemist. I was there in the medicine shop. In hurry you didn’t notice that I was in the crowd.”

“This doesn’t mean I am having relation with Ravi,” I asserted, “Everyone is not like you.”

Raju brought out a panty and asked, “Do you recognise this? I found this on Ravi’s bed one night when he went to toilet after fucking you and you hurriedly returned to your room.”

“Look Raju,” I said sternly, “I don’t know whose undergarment you are carrying. But you can’t abuse me with false allegations.”

“Ok,” Raju took away his hand from my boob and said, “Let Dipak come. I have something else too. I wanted not to disturb your married life if you compromised a little with me.’

I was not thinking whether Raju would actually dare to tell Dipak. I was bothered if the younger brother alleges against his elder brother and married sister, what could be Dipak’s reaction. I decided to play offensive and said, “Very unfortunate and dirty for a younger brother to sexually abuse his elder sister inside a running bus and then make false allegations to cover his own mistakes.”

“False allegations?” Raju said, “You may be my elder sister but you are a hot and horny bitch and couldn’t control your lust during the absence of your husband. False? What do you say about this?”

Raju took his mobile phone, did something and said again, “Check your WhatsApp, you slut. I will send it to Dipak if you pose to be a chaste and still pretend not to have taken any cock except your husband’s.”

I checked the short video that Raju sent and as I played it, I was almost struck by thunder. It must have been taken by a hidden camera that captured the bedroom of Ravi where my bra was open and Ravi was sucking my nipples. Our faces were very clear.

I failed to say anything to Raju after watching this video. Raju said to me in a low voice, “You are a real horny bitch. Why should you discriminate between two brothers? Just surrender to me once, I may give better service than Ravi.”

I didn’t reply. Ashamed of being caught in incestuous affairs with the elder brother by the younger brother proved too much to say anything in defiance. At the same time, the hesitation and insult of sexual surrender to a brother younger to me by five years. But Raju was restless. I was still turned on my right facing the closed side of the cabin. Raju put his fingers on my lips moving them sensuously and ordered, “Turn your face towards me. I wish to start with your juicy lips.”

I remained frozen. Raju roughly caught my head turning my face towards him and said, “Everyone is sleeping. If you don’t co-operate, passengers may wake up.”

His lips descended on mine and his tongue started licking them and then he forced his tongue inside my mouth and started teasing şirinevler escort my tongue. My lower lip was in the vicious grip of his lips which were sucking hard. He kissed for about five to seven minutes and said, “Suck my lips taking them between yours or I will leave marks on your face.”

I took his lip between mine and started sucking. Raju had by this time pulled down the pallu of my saree from my shoulder to my waist and said to me, “You have well shaped boobs. So far Dipak and Ravi sucked them. Of course, I don’t know if others are there too. You open your blouse and unhook your bra.”

I knew that Raju can’t be resisted still I softly said, “Don’t forget we are inside a bus and there are people around.”

“Nobody is going to watch,” Raju said, “Everyone is sleeping. Just keep cool, don’t make noise and keep doing as I say.”

At Raju’s insistence I unhooked my blouse. He was restless to see my bare boobs and putting his hands at my back unclasped my bra. His two hands went inside the loose bra cups and he passionately cupped my 34 size boobs in his palms. My nipples had already become erect. He teased me, “You’re hot like a bitch.”

Raju soon took a nipple in his mouth and began to caress the aerola with his tongue. I was getting hotter as he kneaded, licked and sucked my nipples. I requested him in broken voice, “Don’t do so passionately, I might scream.”

“You are a real slut. I like it,” said Raju.

As his hands moved towards my waist and I could feel his legs were pulling my saree and petticoat upwards. His hands then pushed them upto my waist and his hands started groping my thighs. His face near my ears whispered, “My elder sister has lovely smooth thighs.”

His hand gradually moved inside my panty. I had not trimmed my pubic hairs for about a fortnight and there were bushy growth of curly hairs. Raju began to play with them and whispered again, “You have a bushy cunt but I like the softness of your pubic hairs.”

Slowly his hand moved near my pussy hole and his two fingers were stretching my labia lips on two sides. I let out a mild groan but he took my lips inside his mouth telling me, “Moan as much you want inside my mouth.”

His manipulations with my privates had already made my pussy wet and as his fingers felt the wetness, his finger went inside probing deep. First, one finger, then two. I kept my teeth clenched to avoid making passionate sounds. Raju said, “You are very juicy at every hole. Does Dipak put his lips at your cunt and suck them?”

“No,” I lied to him with all seriousness.

“That’s not fair,” Raju said, “My sis has such a hot and and wet pussy, it should always get oral caress before a dick takes care of it.”

“You’re becoming too much,” I said with feigned seriousness, “Mind your own business.”

“That’s what I’m doing,” Raju said half jokingly and began rapid to and fro movement of his fingers in my pussy hole bringing them out snd pushing them again. At his manipulation I shamelessly discharged fresh load of vaginal juice.

Quite frequently between such sexual caress Raju was kissing my lips. As he felt the fresh discharge of love juice, he whispered to my ears, “I will put my mouth there. I want to taste the love juice of my sis.”

I was alarmed and said to him, “Once at home taste whatever you like but please spare me here. I have grown hot at your caress and can hardly control my moans if your further caress.”

Raju seemed to understand and withdrew his fingers from my craving pussy. Then he said, “You’re very sexy and beautiful. I am hot too. Like to feel me?”

“I know you’re hot”, I replied as I slowly moved my hand on his crotch, “But I will feel it intimately once we are at home.”

Thus settled we slept rest of the way yo our destination in each other’s embrace. But after reaching our home in the morning we realized that I left the keys of the house at Pune. I rang Ravi to tell him about the keys. Ravi suggested that we spend the day in hotel and he would start around 9 AM and by night he would arrive with the keys.

Raju was upset knowing that Ravi was arriving that night so that we would not get the chance at night. I assured him that Ravi would return next morning. But Raju was apprehensive that Ravi might ask Raju to go with him.

I assued him not to worry. Till the arrival of keys we decided to stay in a hotel. Once there, we refreshed ourselves. Took our breakfast and after the night long journey decided to take a bath. Raju asked me to take the bath first.

I went to bathroom and then a naughty idea struck my mind. I called Raju and said, “Can’t we take the bath together? It will save our time to fulfill your wishes.”

Raju was perhaps not ready for such a invitation from his elder sister and slowly walked towards the bathroom. I was already inside the bathroom and pulled him inside and locked ourselves. I was wearing a bathrobe with no undergarments. I unfastened the belt and the front side of the robe was all open exposing şişli escort my boobs and my bushy triangle.

Raju looked in amazement. It was clear from his glances that he had never seen a woman’s nude body before from such close proximity. His eyes gazed and mouth remained open for sometime and then he said, “Di, you have a nice figure. You’re beautiful like goddess Venus.”

I laughed at his compliment and said, “Will you only compliment or remove my robe and like to see your sister in full?”

“Yes, yes,” Raju seemed to regain himself from a state of awe and moved closer to me taking the robe out of my body.

He softly touched my asses, then put a nipple in his mouth sucking it very carefully. I put my hands around him, brought his face near mine and got locked in a French kiss.

After sucking his lips and playing with his tongue for about five minutes, I asked him, “Will you mind if your elder sister takes off your cloth as I did when you were a kid and give you a bath?”

“You do as you like it,” Raju said, “I am so happy that you have given me this opportunity.”

I slowly unknotted the knot of his trousers, took out his vest. My younger brother was standing in front of me wearing only VIP Frenchie underwear that revealed the hardness of his cock. It had swelled so much that it seemed it would pierce out of his underwear. I caressed his hardness from over the underwear and slowly pushed my hand inside to take his tool in my palm.

“You have a monster there,” I said teasingly, “It can make both Dipak and Ravi jealous.”

In fact, the thickness of Raju meat baton was surprising though in over all comparison it was smaller in length than that of Ravi. However, both my brothers had tools bigger than my hubby.

To have a direct look at his manhood, I pulled down his brief upto his knee. Freed from the bondage, Raju’s tool stood menacingly with the swollen pink glans almost pointed upwards. I had bent a little to pull down his brief and while getting up saw the spectacle of Raju’s throbbing and hard dick. To be frank I was amazed at its thickness, held it in my hand and planted a soft kiss at its tip.

As me and my younger brother stood stark nude inside the bathroom we were silently admiring each other’s nude beauty. We hugged each other tightly and while Raju felt the warmth of my erect nipples, I felt the heat of his monstrous cock in my abdomen. Once again we got lip locked sucking each other’s lips.

I suggested to Raju, “Let us soap and bathe each other.”

“Lemme smell you first,” replied Raju.

Raju lifted my hands and began to kiss and sniff my bushy underarms. I moaned in pleasure and excitement. Raju knelt down on bathroom floor and pressing my asses brought my pussy near his face and began to rub his face on my pubic hairs sniffing them with delight. My love hole was already wet and under his caress it started dripping. Raju brought out his tongue and started to taste my love juice telling me, “It’s precious, I won’t let it be wasted.”

As his tongue probed deep inside my pussy, I felt rising passion in me and moaned shamelessly like a slut. My younger brother continued to lick my pussy while his hands were fondling my boobs and asses. He continued to caress my privates with such vigour and vitality that I had my first orgasm within half an hour and hugged him passionately.

After I recovered from my orgasmic spasms, I looked at Raju. His manhood was hard with drops of precum at its tip. I took his warm rod in my hand and licked the drops of precum at its tip. Raju’s body shivered in excitement but his tool jumed like an angry cobra at my caress.

I continued to tease his anticipating dick further with my tongue by gliding it sensuously on the glans and opened my mouth further to take his thick meat inside my mouth. Then I started to suck him slowly. Raju went crazy and pressed the back of my head so that my mouth was stuffed with his thick baton. Raju started commanding me to suck it harder and faster. I accelerated my sucking making him go stiff and relieve his load inside my mouth.

Once we ended our mutual boral caress, we soaped each other’s body and took bath under the shower standing nude side by side. It was already fifteen past one. After bath, we dressed each other and had our lunch. After the lunch was over, we retired to bed and hugged and kissed each other.

I was horny again and felt Raju’s cock hard again. I slightly touched his cock and teased, “The monster has awakened again.”

“It wants to drill elder sister’s hot pussy,” Raju replied.

Soon both of us stripped out of our clothes and started exploring the privates. Once again Raju started by kissing, licking and sniffing my armpits. My under arms had bushy growth of hairs and they got drenched by his saliva. In between we engaged in lip kisses sucking each other’s lips and putting tongue inside the other’s mouth. Both of us were moaning in shameless passion.

But when Raju started playing with my pubic hairs and kissed suadiye escort my labia lips, it became unbearable for me and I started moaning like a whore. Perhaps his mouth teased my pussy for about an hour after which I could only say to him, “Don’t tease me more, just fuck me.”

Raju looked at my face. I shut my eyes in shame but lifted my legs towards my chest giving him a view of my love spot that was dripping at the anticipation of being drilled by his monstrous prick. Raju held his cock placing the tip at the opening of my love hole and said, “Get ready we are going to be one.”

I was so wet that his thick baton smoothly slided inside my pussy filling it with its thickness. I hugged Raju as he started slow tentative movement and his lips sucked my nipples. Gradually he picked up the speed and I moaned like a bitch as his tool began to thrust harder and faster. After about an hour of enjoying the drilling we climaxed almost simultaneously and were biting each other in violent ecstasy.

We slept nude in each other’s arm till nine o’clock at night when ringing of phone awakened us. It was Ravi calling to infom us that he was arriving with the keys within half an hour. I felt that Ravi had suspected something since neither me nor Raju picked up his earlier calls.

After disconnecting the call, we two kissed each other and got dressed. On his arrival, Ravi came to the hotel from where we checked out immediately and went to our home. On the way, we had our dinner. Once at home, we decided to go for sleep since all of us had the exhaustion of the journey.

Next morning, and throughout the day Ravi and Raju helped me to put the house in order which was vacant for almost three months. Raju and Ravi also did some marketing of essential household items for us. In the afternoon, Ravi proposed that he and Raju would take the night bus to Pune. But I requested them to stay two nights till the arrival of Dipak.

In the evening we went out to watch boat dance on river Mandavi. From there we went to have dinner at a bar-cum-restaurant. After dinner we returned home. Ravi had brought a bottle of Goan drink with him and we had two pegs of drink each. When we grew tipsy both Ravi and Raju wanted to sleep. I had arranged the guest room for them and arranged two beds there. As they went to bed I bade them good night.

It was very humid weather and I was sweating. So I decided to take a bath. While going to bathroom I crossed near the guest room and sounds of glass came to my ear. I knew that two brothers were having another round of drink. Without disturbing them, I went to the bathroom attached to our bedroom. But once there and while taking bath I recalled my adventure with my younger brother previous day in the hotel bathroom and grew hot. To be frank, I felt moist between my thighs.

I took a shower and decided to wax my hands, legs and under arms. I also trimmed my pubic hairs to keep me ready for Dipak. I was certain that on his arrival he would like to be one with me at the first chance. But then I remembered that Dipak would arrive only the day after the next.

Suddenly a naughty idea came to my mind. Coming to the bedroom I put on a sky colour lacy bra and a lacy panty of same colour. Then wrapping myself in a bath towel I went to the guest room where my two brothers were leisurely sipping the Goan wine.

Both Ravi and Raju were surprised to see me in their room with my just showered form. My hairs still revealed that I had taken a bath and were a bit dishevelled. I had sprinkled a French colon on my body that spread its charming fragrance. My upper part of the body was covered with the bath towel that also covered my asses and pussy and exposed my slender legs from the thighs. I had glowing and smooth skin but after waxing it looked smoother and radiant.

My brothers, particularly Ravi, couldn’t believe that I could appear before two of them in such tempting appearance. Ravi’s mouth was opened in bewilderment, while Raju avoided eye contact with me. But both were watching my smooth thighs and my bare arms with hidden passion. I smiled at them and asked, “You’ve both seen me earlier. Why are you dumb now?”

As none of them replied, I said again, “I thought if you two brothers don’t quarrel like dogs we siblings can enjoy a threesome and I can be your bitch tonight.

But you need to ensure that this will be among three of us only and you two will not fight as dogs do over a piece of flesh and injure me anyway and be careful not to leave any mark on my body. I hope we three will enjoy it and I will be able to satisfy both. Won’t it be exciting? After all forbidden sex is always more fascinating.”

Both Ravi and Raju admitted that they had the desire of being intimate with me once more before Dipak’s arrival but each restrained thinking about the presence of the other. They admitted that they never had the wildest imagination that I would come forward for a threesome among the siblings.

“The beds are smaller here for three,” I said, “Let us go to our bedroom.”

So we left the guest room and went to our master bedroom having a much bigger bed. Once there I said to them pointing at the bed, “This is the bed where I had my bridal night and your sister had her first sex with her husband. So today we siblings will play our incestuous threesome on this bed.”

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