Martha, Dylan and Me Ch. 02

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It is time to make a little confession. I have not been entirely honest. As much as I love Martha and Dylan the games we played were not always pleasant. Martha tortured me by making me want her, making me want Dylan’s penis inside me and then refusing me that pleasure. In the first chapter I described how I came to accept and even enjoy the idea that my body was something to be enjoyed by me and others. That is a truth that remains, but several other things I accepted as truth, I now believe to have been little more than illusions, sweet, sexy erotic illusions, but illusions none the less.

Forgive me for skipping the time of my life between where chapter one left off and this chapter picked up, but for the most part it contained teasing, sniffing crotches, sucking the sheets off lover’s bed, anything but getting real satisfaction. Besides I don’t think that I could live through the frustration a second time.

This chapter picks up seven and a half months after the day Martha and I returned home, seven and a half months after I learned that my boyfriend liked nothing more than licking his mothers pussy, well other than blowing his load and watching her swallow every indecent drop of it. This story starts two week before I met uncle Howard. Uncle Howard was the man who, when barely a man, licked his sister’s pussy, Martha’s pussy as an eighteenth birthday present. He was the man who twenty five years later still visited just to get another taste of her sweet juices. His wife Janice would stand and watch as fell to his knees, lifted Martha’s skirt and growled and moaned as he lapped at his sister’s sex. At first I could not understand how open he was about his addiction, but then I learnt that Martha seduced Janice, six months she fucked her before introducing her to brother, Howard. Janice didn’t mind because Howard was only allowed to use his mouth, Janice could fuck Martha any way she wanted.


It was mid spring the gardens were in bloom and the mercury had risen to a degree akin to relative comfort. Martha demanded my attention in her office. As usual before getting down to the common matters of household business I had to greet her properly. I knocked on the door, opened it only after hearing Martha’s invitation and then walked quietly, yet quickly to he side where I knelt down as to pray. Martha turned to face me and then lowered herself into her leather chair, her bottom perched delicately on the edge of the seat, her legs spread wide. I simply lent forward, took a deep breath of her heady aroma and then nuzzled my nose between her flaps, into the slippery wet folds of her vagina. I moved my nose ever so slowly through her musky furrow, breathing in all the earthy dampness of her over exercised womanhood. I pursed my lips, then pressed them into the sticky mouth of her vagina. I loved to kiss her there, to feel the power of her sex on my lips, on my mouth. I let my tongue swim between my lips, between her lips and deep into her hot body. I had done it a hundred times and still my heart raced. Penetrating another woman’s vagina was just like heaven.

I kissed licked and sucked her delicious folds. Slipping my long tongue in and out of Martha’s vagina I got to taste her pungent almost tangy juices. She was approaching her period, she always tasted that way three or four days before she began to bleed.

I let my tongue trace its way up to her clitoris, where I kissed her with such tenderness. At that moment Martha reached down, placed her hand under my chin, raised my head and said,

‘Thank you that was lovely. You have come a long was since you first kissed my properly. In fact I have summoned you here because the time will soon come when you will surrender your virginity. I want to know. Do you want to surrender yourself and if so do you place your virginity in my care?’

My heart was beating so fast, the heavy scent of Martha’s pussy filled my nostrils and her taste satiated my mouth.

‘Of course Martha. You know that I would do anything to make you happy.’

‘Good girl,’ was all she said before pushing my face back into her luscious folds.

Three or four minutes went by before Martha clenched her pussy tight, squeezed my face between her thighs and eventually began to breathe again. She lay back her chest was heaving in an effort to catch her breath. I stay there between her legs, breathing upon her swollen sex. The warmth of my breathing was heavy upon her wet curves. She loved it when I did that. Then she sat up and began to speak.

‘What I want you to do is this. Go and wash up, then put on the costume that I have laid out for you. When you are ready I want you to go to the viewing room, where you will see Dylan and me in the small chamber. He will be sitting on a chair I will be sucking his cock. Wait until he looks like he is about to spurt cum all over my face and then come in.

It only took a couple of minutes to wash my face and hands and get dressed. Martha had selected a cape, a satin mask and a pair of long boots. tuzla escort Martha gave me strict instructions, It was going to be fun. I dashed through the narrow, darkened passage way. I was always amazed at just how much I could see through the two way mirrors that lined its walls. No sooner had I reached the viewing room when I saw Dylan sitting alone and unrestrained. Martha told Helen how she loved sucking her son’s cock, how she wanted that big cock throbbing and pounding away in her pussy and how they were both going to enjoy his cock. The mix of Martha’s sex talk and her anticipation of being with her and Dylan was very arousing. A few minutes went by. I watched Dylan pace his cell completely naked, stretching and flexing his muscles. Just watching him was something of a delight in itself. Voyeurism is its own pleasure.

Before long Dylan turned to look at the door as the lock made that familiar sound. The door swung open and Martha entered. Completely naked, Martha was free to move without restraints. Helen watched in nervous anticipation. Martha was an extremely beautiful woman and Dylan quite handsome. Dylan bowed to Martha and said,

‘Mistress,’ acknowledging her status.

Martha approached Dylan, put her hand on his shoulder and guided him to his knees.

‘Just use your hands.’

Martha stood in a wide stance and enjoyed his gentle touch as he massaged her bottom and hips, his light tough tickled her inner thighs and her pussy. Dylan spread her lips and slid his fingers deep inside his mother’s moist opening. She enjoyed his firm penetration. Martha turned her back to him, widened her stance, turned her heels out and bent at the waist. Without so much as a word Martha presented Dylan with an open invitation. He finger fucked her to within a hair’s breadth of coming, but she did not want to come so quickly. Martha refused his advance, stood up and walked away. She steadied her breathing, reclined against the bed and said,

‘I want your tongue inside me and I want it now.’

‘Let me fuck you. Please mum. Please you know I’ll do anything.

‘Soon, my son. Soon you will be fucking your dear mother every day, morning and night, but just now I only want your tongue.’

Dylan hurriedly fulfilled her demand. He fell to his knees and plunged his face into her pussy. I wondered whether he could taste my saliva mixed with his mother’s pussy juices. I was so aroused that I could hardly refrain from fingering myself to orgasm. But I knew that what was about to come was better than anything I’d experienced. I watched as Martha slid her fingers up and down her elegant divide. She loved the sights and sounds of only son mouthing her delightful sex. The scent of her own arousal began to fill the room. Martha could take no more. She ordered Dylan to stand and then slid from the bed onto her knees. She took his penis in both hands, looked up at him, smiled and without taking her eyes off his she eagerly swallowed his erection. Martha was careful not to make Dylan come, while pushing his cock down her throat.

She licked and kissed his balls and pulled on his scrotum as she sucked the head of his cock. Then Martha got to her feet, and with Dylan’s cock in her hand she led him to a chair, sat him down and the bound his arms and feet. I could hardly believe my eyes when Martha straddled her own son’s cock, rubbed the head of it up and down between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit with it. I thought she was going to ride him there and then, but she didn’t. He was begging her,

‘Please mum, just slide it in. You know you want to.’

But she refused him as she had done so many times before. (For a long time I lay and listen to them fucking, but they never did. She simply sucked his cock every night before bed. He groaned like a buck in mating season, but she never let him fuck her. They made me so jealous.)

Martha fell too her knees undid his restraints and started sucking Dylan’s rock hard cock. I could see by the pained expression that racked his face that he was close. It was time. I dashed to the door. It was unlocked. It flung open and there I was. Dylan was truly caught by surprise. Even Martha who had been expecting me was a little startled. As I entered the room Martha let Dylan’s penis slip from her mouth, turned, stood and bowed her head. Dylan followed suit. I pointed at Dylan and said,

‘Hands and knees, eyes straight ahead.’

I then positioned the chair at an angle but directly in Dylan’s line of sight and beckoned Martha to a position slightly to the side of the chair.

‘Kneel,’ was all I said as I put my hand on Martha’s shoulder.

Martha knelt facing the chair. I walked around the chair and the two naked bodies. When I returned I opened my cape revealing more than a beautifully sculpted body, my pussy was swollen with anticipation. I stood beside the chair, lifted my left leg and placed my foot on the seat. My pouting vulva began to gape as I spread my legs. The cool air caressed my atalar escort hot pussy. It felt so divine. I could hardly believe the sensation, nor did I know how I was holding back my orgasm. I reached out, placed my hand on Martha’s head and then pulled her face toward me. I am sure that Martha had never seen pussy lips so swollen or so aroused. I could feel it throbbing, gaping open so that Martha could see into my dark interior. Martha began to lick up my juices.

‘Slowly,’ I said, keeping my words to a minimum.

Dylan was on his hands and knees staring at his mother lapping at my overflowing sex. I wondered what he thought. After all he was my boyfriend and she was his mother.

Mixing things up I stepped back and brought Martha to her feet,

‘Bend over the chair, widen your stance.’ Martha obeyed.

Bending at the waist Martha’s most private possession was staring Dylan in the face. I began to rub my hand over Martha’s buttocks, and down between her legs parting her sweet vulva. Dylan’s erection hardened. Before Martha knew it, I was fingering her with four long slender fingers, two from each hand. Not content with filling Martha I pulled my hands apart stretching her vagina. I enjoyed teased Dylan, I opened his mother’s sex knowing too well that he wanted to fuck her more than anything. I opened her hole so that he could see where he came from. So that he could see deep inside his mother’s vagina. I lent down and kissed Martha’s firm bottom, licked her and looked into Dylan’s eyes. I could see his desire. Taunting him further, I could not resist slipping my tongue into Martha’s yawning vagina. Martha moaned with ecstasy.

I extracted myself from Martha’s juicy folds so that Dylan could see my handy work. I stood and once again walked about the room. Only this time I stopped behind Dylan. I ran my hand over Dylan’s back, across his tight ass and reached down to take his testicles in my hand. After rolling them happily between my fingers for a few moments I reached further round taking his hot cock in my hand. As my fingers ran the length of his shaft I noticed that a long strand of pre-cum dripped from its tip. I masturbated him for about twenty seconds before collecting his clear sticky pre-cum in the palm of my hand. Standing once again I returned to the chair. As I placed my cupped hand to Martha’s lips I said,

‘This came from your son’s cock. Lick it up.’

Martha wanted to fuck Dylan but for now she was happy to taste his masculinity. Martha delighted in her son’s fluids and enjoyed every savory drop.

As though in anger I took hold of the back of Martha’s hair and forced her to stand,

‘Position seventy-three’, I demanded.

We all knew that position seventy-three required a girl to turn her body upside down, rest her body weight upon her neck and shoulders, and throw her legs forward so that her toes touched the floor in front of her head. The objective was that her vagina was accessible, spread and vulnerable. Martha, complied without hesitation. Martha’s pussy was once again right in Dylan’s line of sight, only now she was much closer. Dylan could easily reach out and touch her. I licked Martha’s aching hole and fingered her just enough to make sure she was fully lubricated and then straddled her. I watched Dylan as I lowered my own glorious and ravenous sex onto Martha’s gaping hole.

I rolled my hips, rocked back and forth I kissed Martha in the most beautiful and intimate way. We were both quickly approaching an unforgettable climax.

‘Not yet,’ I said, sensing that Martha was about to come.

‘Call me mamma,’ Martha pleaded.

‘Not yet mamma, I replied fueling her fantasy.

I was dripping sweet cum all over Martha’s vulva as our squelching and aromatic scent filled the room. Martha could no longer hold back, and as her body began to tremble with wave after wave of heavenly sensation. My own moans completed our erotic symphony. Somehow I held back, almost reaching the summit, but not quite. I held off just long enough to sense Martha’s orgasm subside. I quickly climbed off Martha, stepped toward Dylan and rammed his face deep into my hungry sex. Dylan rubbed his face in my wondrous folds, licked and sucked up every drop of lesbian love making. I came as she smothered Dylan with her pussy. I bucked and squealed as joy pulsed through my entire body. It was amazing. Dylan was almost never allowed to lick me. He never licked me to an orgasm before.

Martha lay exhausted on the floor, as my orgasm drained away, but my fun was not yet over. Eventually I let go of Dylan’s hair and said,

‘Get to your feet.’

As he did I fell to my knees and began to suck his penis. Martha jealously looked on. With absolute joy I devoured his manliness. Dylan was overcome with erotic pleasure, his body grew hotter and ever short of breath. The sensation was simply to incredible. Dylan came, pumping his hot liquid into my mouth. The head of his cock yielded spurt after spurt of thick cevizli escort white cum, as his organ contracted over and over again. He gasped for breath as his climax ended. Only when I couldn’t suck another drop of cum from his waning cock did I finally released him. I didn’t want to but Martha demanded her share. I turned to Martha and shared his cum with her as we kissed. Cum was smeared over our faces. I couldn’t help myself taunting Martha. In an almost bitchy tone I said,

‘Do you like it when he comes in my mouth? Do you like the taste of his cum and my saliva mixed together?’

‘Yes Helen I do. I like the taste of my son’s cum dripping from your mouth. Soon I will be tasting his cum dripping from your pussy and from your tight little arse.’

I couldn’t believe what Martha was saying, it made me feel so aroused. “Dripping from my tight little arse”, Is she going to make him fuck me in the arse and then feltch his cum from my arse hole? I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. My mind swooned as I sharing Dylan’s cum with his own mother. Together we made very happy noises. Martha imagined Dylan shooting his cum deep into her pussy, which increased her ecstasy. She moaned, deep in her fantasy. It was strange, but I enjoyed Martha’s ecstasy and the power she had over her son and my boyfriend.

It was an amazing morning. I couldn’t believe how much I loved the sensation of Dylan’s pulsating cock spurting rope after rope of hot cum into my mouth, but that was not all, I got a strange thrill out of watching Dylan lick his mother’s pussy, and watching Martha rub her pussy over her son’s cock, just dying to fuck him. It was so perverse, so very hot that just the idea made me cum when I thought about it. Martha loved sucking Dylan’s cock and he enjoyed her mouth.


Despite the fact that I enjoyed being allowed to suck Dylan’s cock, to suck every precious drop of semen from his tight balls, he had had his cock sucked too many times to remember. What he wanted was to put his cock into someone’s red-hot pussy, preferably his mother’s. His mood was down, he threatened to ‘break the code’ what ever that was. I think he meant going outside the family for his first time. Martha was getting nervous. Having discovered the secret passage way with the two way mirrors made it easier to watch them. It made it easy to discover that Martha never actually allowed him to fuck her, and that he wanted her more than anything . More than he wanted me.

Two days after teasing him as we did I watched as Martha came into his bedroom.

‘Fuck me or get out,’ he shouted.

Martha stood there staring at Dylan’s naked body and near flaccid cock.

‘Now that’s no way to speak to your mother. Uncle Howard, Aunt Janice, Angelica and Brad arrived this morning.’

Dylan never muttered a word, he just sat and sulked. Martha paused, aware of his raging hormones and how desperate he was to sink his long hot meat into her deep folds. She couldn’t blame him. She knew what it was like, waiting, drooling after her first conquest. Dylan didn’t move.

Martha stood in the middle of Dylan’s room for some time. Her eyes traced the lines of his muscular body his strong shoulders narrow waste and firm buttocks as he lay on his bed facing the wall. But try as he did he couldn’t ignore her. The sweet scent of her musk lifted his countenance and revived his laconic spirit in spite of his lethargy. As Dylan recognized her fragrance he took in a deep soothing breath and opened his eyes still smoldering, glad to be alive for the first time in what seemed like forever. Martha was dressed elegantly in a long blue dress and heels. Her radiant sensuality quickly filled Dylan’s senses. The single word “Mistress” conveyed everything he needed to say. Martha sat on Dylan’s bed with her legs crossed. Despite her skirt being split to the waist She managed to conceal her long shapely legs beneath the veil of deep blue fabric.

Martha took a deep breath, looked him squarely in the eye and began to talk.

‘From the time you came of age up until two or three weeks ago you had been a good and attentive student’ Martha reflected. ‘But then something changed,’ her tone grew more mysterious. Dylan said nothing as he had neither been asked a question nor invited to justify his attitude, besides which he didn’t know exactly what she was talking about. After a short pause Martha went on, ‘the things that you have experienced these last few years have been designed to teach you how to be a good lover. Some of those lessons were designed to reveal unkind truths about you and me and about society in general. If what you learnt here did not challenge you, we would all be wasting our time. Recently, it has been your duty to suffer the indignity of wanting something you couldn’t have. For the most part you behaved admirably; however, you have not been able to satisfy your every desire.’ Martha once again took a contemplative paused.

Dylan hung his head, resentful that he was judged so unfairly. Reassuringly, Martha said,

‘Your inability to adequately satisfy your every desire has never been your fault, but it is a fact of life. Rarely are we in the position to have anyone anytime we wanted them. We all suffer the insults of good manners, decorum and most of all moral society.’

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