Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 09

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By Pan and BurroGirl18

Chapter 9:

Whenever my boyfriend and I are alone, the first thing he does is grab me by the hips, pull me closer, and kiss me.

No, more than just kiss me. Keenan basically forces his tongue down my throat, explores my mouth with it, really shows off the fact that he owns me.

I love it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I drove to his house. He was going to pull me close, he was going to kiss me.

He was going to taste my mouth.

Would he be able to taste…it?

I’d brushed my teeth more than a dozen times since my massage, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He was going to kiss me. He was going to kiss the mouth that had just been…

The lips I was greeting with him had just been wrapped around my brother’s dick.

I wanted to puke.

Seriously, I my boyfriend and I were in love. We really were. And I’d never, ever, EVER wanted to cheat on him.

All I’d wanted to do was to help my brother out with his massage.

And now…

I shuddered at the memory.

We’d gone too far. We’d crossed a line. Melvin had crossed a line – he’d forced his dick into my mouth, made me blow him.

We could never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do anything like that again.

Of that, I was sure.

“Hey Keenan,” I said, but before I could fend him off, he’d grabbed my hips and pulled me in for a kiss.

I normally liked the rough way that Keenan treated me. Now, all it did was remind me of how my brother had rolled me over with those strong, skilled hands of his.

Fuck toy.

“Hey babe,” he said, kissing me again. “My parents are back in twenty minutes. You think we…”

I’d already cum four times that day, but I needed to feel normal again. After my brother had…-


“Yeah,” I said, but I think he could tell my heart wasn’t in it.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” I repeated, giving him a watery smile.

My brother.


“Okay,” he said, taking me at my word. Sweet, trusting Keenan. He’d never suspected anything.

My eyes widened. What if Keenan suspected something?


He couldn’t.

“It’s just…it’s that time of the month,” I lied smoothly. God. I’d never lied to my boyfriend before, and here I was, twice in one week.

“Oh!” he said, shifting uncomfortably on his feet.

“Of course,” I said, in my sultriest tone. “That doesn’t mean I can’t…”

“Oh!” he smiled, as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

I can fit Keenan’s entire dick in my mouth, with room to spare.

I’d never thought of that as a bad thing before, but now…

It wasn’t more than a few minutes before Keenan unloaded into my throat, grunting as he did. My brother had taken about twice as…-


God, no.

“Thanks, hon,” he said, as I swallowed his seed down. My brother’s seed had tasted…-no. And there’d been so much more…-


I leaned in for a kiss, suddenly in need of affection. Keenan turned his face away in disgust.

“No thanks. Not after…y’know.”

“Right,” I said. “Of course.”


I wasn’t really feeling up to being around other people, so I left shortly after Keenan’s parents came home. Melvin was in our room, reading a magazine.

“Hey,” he said, not even looking at me.

“Hey,” I replied. I’d sort of been hoping to have some time alone, to process what had happened, but I couldn’t exactly kick my brother out of his own room.

I sat down on my bed, and he cleared his throat.


“It’s pendik escort cool,” he said, glancing at the outfit I’d worn over to Keenan’s. “It’s just us. You don’t need to…”


I quickly stripped off, not really wanting to get into it with my brother. As I lay down on my bed, he smiled at me.

“Seriously,” he said. “It’s cool.”

Getting off was the last thing on my mind, but again…I wasn’t really in the mood to get into a debate. A few minutes later, I was climaxing around my hand, avoiding eye-contact with my brother.

Finally satisfied, my brother left the room. I lay naked on my bed, and thought.

I’d blown my brother.

I had.

I’d given my brother a blowjob.

I’d wrapped my lips around his cock, and jerked him off until he came.

My brother – my nerdy brother Melvin – had cum into my mouth, thrusting his huge cock as far down my throat as it would go.

I’d sucked my brother’s cock until he came into my mouth.

It was true.

I felt absolutely stunned. Why the hell had I done it?

Why the hell had he done it?

Up until now, I knew – I knew – that I’d been the one leading our sexual escapades. I was the one who’d leaked on his bed, who’d insisted he finger me, who held his head against my groin until he’d tongued me to orgasm. He hadn’t even raised a fuss when he’d caught me masturbating naked on his bed.

Melvin had just been trying to help. That’s why he’d been massaging my breasts, my butt. To help. That’s why he’d assured me it was okay to hang around the bedroom naked, to get off in front of him.

For me.

So why the hell had he brought his cock out like that? Why had he tried to tell her it was ‘for my lips’?

How was he okay with this?

Maybe his body betrayed him, I tried to tell myself. Like mine. Maybe after seeing me naked, watching me get off so many times…maybe he just lost control.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t believe it. Melvin hadn’t been out of control.

Melvin had been entirely in control, and I didn’t like it.


The next morning, Melvin woke me up with a smile.

“Hey sis,” he said casually. I blinked twice. As the room came into focus, I realized that familiar music was playing.

The massage music.

The iPad was playing it gently, and Melvin’s bed was made.


We couldn’t. We couldn’t. We’d gone too far.

“Melvin,” I said weakly.

“Alison,” he replied, throwing me that cute grin of his.

“No massage,” I said.

My mind was still waking up, but I knew what I wanted. I knew.

I wanted everything to go back to normal. I wanted a regular, normal brother-relationship with Melvin. I wanted a normal relationship with Keenan. I didn’t want to feel like a slut. Like my brother’s slut.

Like my brother’s dripping wet cock-slut.

I wanted to undo the last week, to resume the familial TV-watching relationship we’d always had.

I didn’t want to know about my brother’s enormous cock. I didn’t want to lounge around the bedroom naked, getting off as he watched me.

None of it had happened. That was what I wanted – that none of it had happened, and we could just go back to normal.

That was impossible, of course, but that was the dream. And so I was going to do whatever I could to turn that dream into reality.

“No massage,” I said again, a note of confidence in my voice.

“Of course,” Melvin said.

We sat there in silence for a moment – I was waiting for him to tell me that hey, tuzla escort even if I didn’t want a massage today, there was still tomorrow. I wanted him to remind me how important it was for him to practice.

I wanted him to argue with me so that I could tell him to go to hell, that he was never massaging me again – that he was never touching me again.

But…he didn’t.

He just sat there and smiled at me, with that cute grin of his.

Eventually, I couldn’t help myself. I broke the silence, repeating myself for a third time:

“No massage.”

“That’s fine,” he said softly. “No massage.”

For a moment, self-doubt flooded my brain. Had I totally misjudged my brother? Maybe my first instincts had been right – maybe it was my own perverse sexual desires that were responsible for…whatever it was that had been happening between us.

He’d just been giving me massages. I was the one who’d cum at his hands, who’d stripped off and masturbated in front of him. I was the one who’d pushed his head between my legs and demanded he eat me out. I had led things, every step of the way.

And then Melvin said something that confirmed, completely and utterly, that I was wrong. That he was just as perverted as I was.

“No massage,” he said again. “But do you wanna give me some head?”

I swear, my face must have gone completely white. It took me a second to even process that he’d said it – my nerdy brother, who could barely order from a hot waitress without stammering.

Had he just asked me to…


He couldn’t have.

And yet, he had.

Like I said, it took me a little while to comprehend the words he was saying. And he must have taken that pause as an indication I was thinking about it, as tacit approval.

Because while I was trying to work out the best response combining “No,” “Fuck off,” and “Fuck you”, he pulled down his slacks and brought his enormous cock into view.


I mentioned before, I’ve always thought big cocks were hot. I honestly couldn’t tell you why – maybe it’s a primal thing. Like how female birds go for the males who can sing the best, or have the best plumage – I see a huge cock, and something inside me melts.

A month ago, I would have told you that the dick being attached to my brother would have been a deal-breaker. But as Melvin revealed his throbbing erection, I swear my mouth started watering.

I wanted to tell him to go to hell, that I was his fucking sister, and that what he was doing was totally, totally inappropriate.

Instead, I whimpered.

It looked like it was rock hard. I could see a drop of pre-cum forming at the head. His pubic hair was bushy – he had more of it than Keenan did.

He had more of everything than Keenan did.

That fucking grin of his never leaving his mouth, he grabbed my hand and guided it to his erection. I felt like I was watching a movie – instead of slapping it out of my hand, my fingers curled around his shaft and started slowly stroking up and down.

After getting off in front of Melvin the previous night, I’d put on pajamas. Just to prove to myself that I could, y’know? It was just a pair of shorts and a thin cotton shirt, but I’d donned them like a suit of armor. It was my body – I got to choose when my brother saw it. I didn’t have to get off in front of him if I didn’t want to.

But as I lay in bed, jerking off my brother, I found myself wishing that I was naked. I’d gone from asleep to dripping wet so quickly – holding that monster dick, feeling it twitch as my small hand ümraniye escort ran up and down his shaft – my mind felt like it was running in overdrive.

A part of me wanted to be naked for him. For his cock. I wanted to show off my body for his feasting eyes, to jerk him off while nude, just to show him how much power he had over me.

I fucking wish he didn’t have this power over me, but as I moved my mouth to the head of his penis, it was undeniable. I hadn’t even been naked – I hadn’t even been turned on!

But as soon as Melvin whipped out that huge dick of his, there was nothing I could do.

I was going to blow him. Of course I was going to blow him. I needed to blow him, for reasons I couldn’t even explain to myself.

My mouth should have belonged solely to Keenan, but as soon as I’d first given head to my brother, I guess I’d known it was going to happen again. His cock deserved it. His cock deserved me.

His cock owned me.

I slipped out from under the covers, and knelt in front of my brother. Looking up at him, I guided his cock in between my lips. My mouth covered the head of his dick, and started bobbing up and down.

Melvin’s hands were by his side. I don’t know if it was deliberate, but the message seemed clear. Unlike yesterday, he wasn’t making me do anything. This was all me. All he’d done was ask, all he’d done was pull out his dick and present it to me.

I’d done the rest.

I gagged slightly as my brother’s dick hit the back of my throat. It already felt like he was several inches past where Keenan’s cock ended, but my entire hand was still wrapped around his base.

His cock was just so damn big.

Melvin moaned as I reached down and began playing with his balls. A flush passed over my entire body, knowing that I was making him moan. Knowing that I was probably the first woman to ever do this for him.

How many times had he played with this enormous cock, imagining a girl on her knees in front of him?

How many times had he played with himself imagining me on my knees in front of him?

My eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure at the thought, and I forced myself to overcome my gag reflex. My tongue was swirling around his shaft – all I wanted to do was pleasure him.

Every inch of me was tingling.

Yesterday, my brother had fucked my face. Today, I did the work for him – after taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, I repeatedly slammed my head back and forth, fucking my mouth against his erection. My brother moaned again as I jacked off the length of his shaft that wouldn’t fit down my throat.

The hand playing with his balls moved between my legs. Even through the pajama shorts, even through the panties I’d put on, I could feel my own heat. I rubbed myself through the two layers of fabric – the sensation was rough, clumsy…but it was all that I needed.

As Melvin reached down and grabbed my hair with both hands – those magical hands of his! – I felt my orgasm approaching.

“Cum on me,” I moaned, pulling my head back and ripping off my shirt. Buttons flew everywhere as my huge tits were exposed to Melvin’s hungry gaze. “Cum on me…”

I watched, transfixed, as Melvin’s cock pulsed in my hand. I aimed it at my chest as he spurted his glorious seed – one, two, three shots of semen were fired, landing on my exposed boobs.

As soon as I felt his warm semen hit my chest, I came. I moaned – louder than I probably should have – and fell against my bed as my pelvis thrust uncontrollably against my own hand.

There was a long silence as I sat there, panting, Melvin looking down at me.

“Thanks, sis,” he finally said, pulling up his slacks.

“No worries,” I murmured in response.

As Melvin casually strolled out of the room, I could feel his semen slowly sliding down my chest.

What the hell had I become?

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