Meeting Daddy in the Past

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I’ve been volunteering at the science lab during summer time.

I work for Dr. Samuel, helping her in the lab, helping her with whatever experiment she’s passionate about. It’s a great learning experience for me.

I’m nineteen and in college.

My dad has no problem with me staying with him over the summer, and he’s proud of my achievements.

Dad’s a good guy. It’s been about five years since he and my mom split up. She wanted to travel and he was happy where he was at. So was I.

He’s still a partner at his dad’s law firm and I’m studying physics. Last I heard, Mom was headed for Bermuda.

So, there’s a break from school and I’m heading back to the lab.

It’s my first stop.

Dr. Samuel is even more excited than usual and she leads me into the lab.

I peer around her at the large, metal sphere in the middle of her laboratory.

“Have you ever wanted to go back in time?”

I shrug. “I’ve thought about it. Sure.”

She’s less than impressed with my meager enthusiasm.

“Don’t tell me, Doctor. You’ve created a time machine?”

“Well… yes. So far it only goes backward in time. It transports a physical shape back twenty years. It lasts for about four hours and then, the shape rematerializes in the present.”

“Why twenty years?”

“It just seems to be the easiest number,” she says, waving away my concerns. “Unfortunately for me, I was already working here at the lab. I was about your age twenty years ago. If I travel back in time, I run the risk of seeing myself and creating a time paradox.”

“So you haven’t tried it?”

“No. I’m afraid it will have catastrophic repercussions on our current dimension in reality.”

I sigh. I know where she’s going with this. “Let me guess. You want me to be the first to try it.”

Immediately she tries to coax me. “It’s already been successful. I sent Mina back and she returned, completely unharmed.” Mina is her little, white, lab rat.

“What do I do once I’m back in the mid-nineties?”

“Well. You can’t do much but look around. If you interact with people you know, the outcome could be catastrophic. I want you to observe only. In three or four hours, you’ll be right back in this lab. Mere moments will pass for me.”

“Alright,” I agree.

Without further ado, she thrusts a back pack into my hands, ushers me into the metal sphere and closes the hatch. “Don’t worry about returning,” she says, her voice muffled by the thick glass. “You will automatically be returned to this time in space in less than four hours.”

“Four hours,” I repeat. Maybe I should be a little more hesitant, but I trust Dr. Samuels. She would never put me in danger.

And honestly, I don’t think this will work.

The doctor gives me a thumbs up and starts pressing panels.

I take the time to check the contents of the back pack.

There’s a funny outfit inside, a stack of hundred dollar bills—each dated before 1995, a bulky cell phone and a fake ID. It says my name is Huntra Jackson. I start to ask Dr. Samuels about the name, but a flash of light stuns me.

I shake my head to clear it.

When I can see again, I’m sitting on a park bench.

I look around.

Behind me is the lab. It’s much smaller than it used to be.

Or… will be.

It worked? I’m in 1995?

Everything seems pretty much the same. Maybe a little cleaner.

I look down at my high-school class of 2013 t-shirt and realize I need to change. I’m sure anyone who notices will think it’s a joke.

I know the area. This is where I grew up. Or where I will grow up.

I make my way to the hotel two blocks down. I’ll need a place to set up anyway. I grin when I get the total for my room. Cheap!

In the room, I shower and change into the outfit. Inside is a sketch from the doctor showing how the clothes are meant to be worn.

I’m now wearing a red plaid skirt and a black t-shirt with ruffles on the front. I scowl at a red headband, but I want to follow the Doc’s directions, so I slide it onto my head.

I look into the mirror. I have long, curly black hair, so the outfit matches me, but headbands are way out of style.

Shrugging, I pick up the tiny, black bag and slip my fake ID into it, along with a few hundred dollars.

Huntra Jackson. I’m Huntra Jackson for now.

The lady at the front desk gives me snaps on my outfit.

I wander into the street feeling devious. What should I do? I know I’m not supposed to interact with anyone I know, but there should be no problem if I just spy a little.

None of my friends have been born yet.

My mom and dad haven’t even met yet.

I wonder what dad was like—or is like now.

He’s been so rigid and proper for all the years I’ve known him. He’s gotta be, like, nineteen in this time period. Twenty?

But where would he be? It’s summer, so he’d probably already be home for summer.

I head to his dad’s law firm. It looks practically the same. The sign is different. Instead of McArthur and McArthur, it says, McArthur and Chase.

Of course Dad wouldn’t be partner yet.

I feel excited staring at the revolving doors of the business kozyatağı escort building. I shouldn’t be here.

Suddenly, a scene takes my attention.

A security guard is ushering some guy in a leather jacket out onto the street to my left.

“Your dad doesn’t want you in here,” the guard says firmly.

“Hey, don’t tell me what to do, ya fuckin’ rent-a-cop.”

The guard swells but the guy holds his ground with a jerk of his head.

The guard scoffs and heads back to the building.

The guy spits and murmurs, “Like I care what the old man thinks.” He tugs on his leather jacket and starts walking away.

I have trouble moving.

That tough guy.

That’s my dad.

He’s young. A little older than me.

I want to approach him but I look down at my outfit. I look like such a goody goody. I wish the Doctor had slipped me a leather jacket instead. I don’t want him to think I’m… square or whatever the lingo is back—now.

My dad turns the corner and I hurry to catch up.

I can’t believe I found him so easily.

I turn the corner and rush on, but double back. I saw my dad down an alleyway.

I don’t see him anymore, so I cautiously walk down the alley. There are other alleys branching from the one I’m on in both directions.

Suddenly, someone snaps their fingers and I find each of my arms being held by smelly thugs.

My dad steps out in front of me, smirking dangerously. A line of lackeys follow close behind him.

He looks so different. So young. His black hair has always been thick, but now it’s a little longer, hanging in his eyes. His brown eyes narrow, watching me.

He looks like he’s found a toy.

The thug on my left squeezes too tightly and I yelp.

“Easy,” my dad says. “She’s got delicate skin.”

Of course my daddy wouldn’t hurt a girl, no matter his age. I sigh with relief.

He steps forward and stares down into my eyes. He smells much better than any of these thugs. “Hi daddy,” I say with a happy smile.

His eyes narrow. “What?”

Oh shit. I got too excited, felt too comfortable and I let the wrong thing slip.

“I mean. Hi, um, guy.”

He inspects me closely, reaching out his hand to lift my chin, turning my face this way and that. “Did Hugo send you?”


My dad snaps again and my purse is ripped off my shoulder. Most of them grin over the few hundred dollar bills but my dad focuses on the ID.

“Huntra Jackson,” he scoffs. He looks at me.

I smile back, still happily. I’m glad that he’s the one in charge. I know he’s a good man and won’t hurt me.

He turns to a thug. “She’s from Hugo, don’t you think?”

The thug nods. “Seems like something he would do. She’s almost too good to believe, though.”

Dad laughs. “Hugo doesn’t work with amateurs. She looks good ’cause she’s supposed to.”

I don’t understand what they’re talking about, but I feel I should make something clear. “I don’t know any Hugo.”

All their eyes are on me.

My dad licks his lips and snaps again. “Give her money back, then everybody fuck off.”

I sigh as my arms are released, my purse is returned, and the thugs slink off into the shadows.

My dad steps closer to me and I smile warmly. “Hi.”

One corner of his lip curls, as though he can’t help himself. “Hi.”

“I was worried there,” I say. “You hang out with some scary people.”

He raises an eyebrow. “They’re scary?”

I nod.

“But I’m not?”

I shake my head.

That makes him grin again. “Well, why not?”

“I know you’re a good person.”

He scoffs. His smile vanishes. “Why on earth would you think that?”

I examine my dad. Much younger than normal, but he’s still my dad. The man I’ve known for nineteen years. “Because I know you,” I say with a smile. Then I remember the Doctor’s words. I don’t want to destroy my time in reality. “I should probably go,” I tell him, regretfully.

He steps forward and takes my hand. He lifts it to his mouth and kisses it.

I let out a surprised giggle. Who knew dad was so charming back in the day?

“Don’t go,” he says, trailing the back of my hand from his lips down his stubbly chin. “Stay here with me a while.”

“Well… I promised that I wouldn’t talk to you.”

His eyes flash and he grabs my waist with his free hand. “Who did you promise?”

“Well, you probably don’t know her yet…”


I need to shut my mouth. “I’m sorry. I can’t tell you, daddy.”

His jaw drops open for a moment, then he snaps it shut. “Why do you keep calling me that?”

Damn it. I might feel comfortable with him, but he doesn’t know me yet. I can’t forget that.

“Just an accident. Um. What’s your name?”

His eyebrow goes up again and he doesn’t remove his hand from my waist. He rubs it gently, comforting me. “My name’s Cole.”

I frown at him, feeling a bit hurt. “Tell the truth.”

His eyes snap to mine. “So you know my name?”

I swallow. “Yes.”

His hand tightens around my wrist. “Who are you?”

I swallow again. He’s kinda scaring me. “I can’t küçükçekmece escort tell you.”

He backs me up against the alley wall. “If you know who I am, you know what I’m capable of,” he growls. “Now tell me who you are.”

The change is frightening in him. I’ve never seen my dad look this way. He stares down into my eyes as if he can force the truth out of me. He probably can. And now I’ve really messed with Dr. Samuel’s rules.

Thinking fast, I say, “Okay. Hugo sent me.”

His eyebrows lower slowly. His eyelids droop low, making his eyes look black. A grin forms on his lips.

This is definitely a face I’ve never seen on him.

“I thought so,” he says. His hand releases my wrist and his fingers trail down my cheek.

I shiver.

“Yeah,” he says, pushing me more firmly against the wall. “Hugo knows what I like.” He runs his fingers through my curly black hair.

“Um,” I say. “Wait.”

His hand trails down my neck, over the frills on my top. “Why should I wait?” he asks playfully.

“Well…” I swallow thickly and shake my head to clear it. “Well, I think you’re going to do something you’ll regret.”

I hear his breath escape. “You mean like fucking you.”

That breath soared right past my ear. His body’s pushed up against mine, he’s practically my age now, and I can tell he wants me.

My dad wants me.

“Oh,” I moan. This is not good. “You have to stop, daddy.”

His breath escapes across my ear again. His hand wanders across my breast, flicking my nipple with his thumb. “If you want me to stop, you’ll have to tell me why.”

His other hand leaves my waist, runs over my hip and down my thigh. When he brings it back up, it’s on my inner thigh. Up it goes, trailing over my skirt, right over my most sensitive place. I gasp. “Wait, please,” I moan weakly.

But he doesn’t wait.

My strength fails as his hands both fondle my breasts and his hips grind into mine.

He’s hard.

“Um, daddy, please,” I murmur. I’m not even sure what I’m asking.

“Mmm,” he hums into my ear. “I actually like that. I never thought I’d like being called that.”

“No, you don’t understand,” I beg. “You don’t want to do this, daddy.”

“Oh, but I do.” His hand runs under my shirt.

“But… But, I’m someone you can’t do this to.”

“Oh?” He shudders and his hand runs under my bra over my breast. “Mmm,” he murmurs. “Actually big. No padding.”

I shudder. His hand is on my breast! I should fight him. I should try to escape even though he’s really cute and my age… “I’m… your daughter.”

He chuckles. “Oh really?” His other hand slides up my back and undoes my bra. His fingers glide down my back. “We should really be doing this inside.”

I gulp. “Doing what?”

He looks into my eyes. “You know what.”

“Oh,” I whimper. This is bad. I’m really getting turned on. I have to stop him. Now. “Daddy, I’m your daughter. You can’t fuck me.”

He rams his hips into me. “Holy shit, that’s hot.”

“Oh, daddy, please,” I beg.

His lips come down hard on mine.

My eyes fly open. This is no innocent kiss. His tongue forces its way into my mouth, warm and wet, enticing my tongue to play. He tastes good. Like cinnamon. So he’s been chewing that same gum for all these years?

He pulls away from the kiss, leaving me dazed.

“You’re a naughty daughter,” he teases darkly.

“Oh, daddy, I’m sorry. I should be resisting you better.”

“Damn. You’re really good. How many guys have you done this for?”

“Um, french kissed? That was my first one.” The fact embarrasses me and I cover my mouth with my hand. His tongue was so warm.

He licks his lips. “No. Not french kissed. Seduced like this. Called a guy daddy.”

“I’ve only ever called you that, dad.”

“I don’t know why, but I believe that. Come on.”

“What? Where?”

“Something this good has to be savored. I’m taking you to a hotel room.”

“Um,” I murmur, fixing my bra. “I have a hotel room.”

He smiles at me. “Let’s go, then.”

We have plenty of time until we get to the hotel, and now that he’s not groping me, I have a clearer head. Maybe I should just run away. But he’s so cool, I want to get to know him a little. I can’t believe my straight-laced dad has this kind of past. “So, you don’t want to be a lawyer yet?”

He shoots me a curious grin. “You sure seem to know a lot about me.”

“Of course.”

“Because you’re my daughter,” he supplies.

I nod, smiling, glad he gets it finally. “Exactly.”

“Well, tell me something about you, then,” he says.

“I’m studying Physics and I’ve just traveled back in time from 2015.”

He laughs. “Twenty years back in time. What, just to see me?”

“Well, no. I’m actually supposed to be observing only. But I was curious what you were like back then. I mean now. So I popped over to your law firm and—”

“My law firm?”

“Well, okay, just grandpa’s law firm for now. Anyway, I saw you get tossed out and I just had to follow you.”

He watches me. “You’re pretty creative.”

“Not at all. That’s one kurtköy escort of the reasons I’m a science major.” I smile at him.

“So, keep going. You followed me.”

“Yeah, and then your goons grabbed me in the alley and then you started, well…”

He licks his teeth. “Touching you?”

“Um, yes.”

“What’s your name?”

“You mean Huntra Jackson?”

“Is that your real name?”

“No, daddy.” I bite my lip.

He watches my teeth on my lip with fire in his eyes. My daddy would never do that in the future. I feel a thrill.

“Tell me your real name.”

“Danielle McArthur. I was born in 1996.”

“Right,” he says, looking at my chest.

We arrive at the hotel and take the elevator up to my room.

“Why aren’t you scared?” he asks once the elevator doors close. “Don’t you know that people fear me?”

I look into his eyes. “I know you, daddy. You would never hurt me.” When we reach my door I say, “Can we talk for a while? I probably have less than an hour until I jump back to my time.”

“Sure,” he says with a grin. “We can talk.”

I unlock my door and smile warmly, holding it open for my dad.

He walks in and waits for me to close the door behind me and then he grabs my arm.

He pulls me into him and falls backward onto the bed.

“Dad!” I squeal. “Don’t start that again, please. You said we could talk.”

“Talk after,” he grunts, then presses his lips to mine.

Electricity shoots through my mouth, down into my tits and clit. It feels sublime. “Daddy,” I whisper when he moves to kiss my neck.

“Yes, baby,” he murmurs into my skin.

I gasp. Now that sounds like my dad. “We really can’t do this,” I whine. “I told you earlier. I thought you believed me.”

He works my bra open again and starts pushing it up along with my shirt.

I squirm, resisting. “You can’t take my shirt off, daddy!”

“Yes,” he says roughly. “Listen to daddy.”

This time when he tries to push my shirt and bra over my head, I resist less. “You’re going to feel bad later,” I tell him, managing to keep my breasts covered a few seconds more. “You’re gonna feel bad later and it’ll be my fault!”

When he finally gets my shirt over my head, he moans. “God, your tits are perfect.” He licks from the bottom of my breast across my nipple. “Uh. I wanna put my dick on ’em.”

I gasp. “You can’t!”

“Oh, you’ll love it. I know you will.” He moves to my other nipple and sucks it into his mouth.

“Daddy,” I whine. “Please!”

“Holy shit. If you keep calling me that I’m not gonna make it into your pants.”

Into…my pants?

He pushes me onto my back and climbs above me. My daddy looks so handsome like this, but I can’t say so.

He shrugs off his leather jacket and pulls off his black t-shirt. I suck in a breath, allowing myself to run a hand over his chest. I know this is wrong, but I feel kind of happy. My daddy would never let me touch him like this.

“Naughty girl,” he says, reading my mind. “Are you supposed to be touching your dad this way?”

I whimper and turn my head. I know I’m blushing fiercely. “I’m sorry, daddy.”

He grins playfully. “It’s alright. Just this once, baby.”

He doesn’t know what he’s saying! He doesn’t really believe I’m his daughter, he’s just playing.

I know my face is burning. Oh, no. Daddy’s really trying to fuck me.

A thrill runs through me and my nipples harden further. I squirm.

He leans down and puts his mouth by my ear. “Tell me. Tell me what’s happening in that naughty little brain, baby.”

“Oh, daddy. You’re being bad, you know. You’re trying to fuck your daughter.”

“Yeah,” he moans. “My slutty little daughter.”

“But I’m not,” I protest weakly as his lips find my nipple again. “I’m not slutty. You taught me to only fuck the one you love.”

“Mmm. So you’re a virgin, then,” he murmurs with a chuckle.

I whimper as his hand runs up my inner thigh. “Yes, daddy.”

He pushes my panties aside and swipes a finger up my slit. It feels tremendously good.

“Good God, you’re wet.” He grins devilishly. “Wet for your own father.”

“Uh! No, daddy!” I cry, utterly embarrassed.

“Don’t you lie to daddy,” he croons, running his finger along my clit, making me shiver.

“You have to stop,” I moan, not at all forcefully. “You can’t do this.”

“Oh, I think you want to do this,” he says. He yanks his pants open. “How many times have you thought about daddy’s hard cock inside you?”

I watch with my mouth open, waiting for him to pull his dick out of his fly. I’ve never seen daddy’s dick before.

“Answer me,” he says firmly, exactly the way he will a thousand times in the future. It shocks me.

“Never. I swear!”

He pushes his pants down and his long, hard cock springs free. I swallow harshly. I can’t seem to breathe. I try to squirm away from him but he grabs my hip firmly with one hand. “Don’t lie,” he warns, taking his dick in his other hand. “You lie and I’ll slap your pussy with my cock. How many times have you thought of me fucking you?”

I lick my dry lips. “Never, daddy,” I whisper.

He slaps his fat cock head against my wet slit. “Oh!” I cry.

“Be honest, baby.” He yanks my panties away. “You’re not even resisting anymore. You must have thought about it.” He leans forward, his mouth at my ear, his throbbing, leaking cock, pressed against my clit. “How many times did you think of me while you rubbed at your hot, wet pussy?”

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