Meeting Violet

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Pure fantasy, although I did have a conversation with a hot lady on lit two years ago that inspired this story. Jay


“Violet? Hello..?” I called out as I knocked gently on the hotel room door. I felt odd, unsure; I’d never actually done anything remotely like this before. I’d spoken about doing it with Sally, actually it was her idea, to meet in New York and hopefully have the hot excitement we’d had for each other in our e-mails and photos we’d shared. But Sally was falling in love with a guy in Oklahoma and although she pleaded with me to meet, I declined, not wanting her to ever regret meeting me before she committed to him. We spoke of all the eating, sucking and fucking we were going to do. She’d had a Brazilian wax on her entire body for me and sent me the photo. I jerked off just from that alone. We’d spoken of how I would lick her from end to end, hole to hole as she quivered and came on my face.

Now though, the situation was different I met Violet, also on Lit, but she offered less intimacy and perhaps a little more kinkiness. She described herself as a hand-job expert, a cock stroker who loved cock and teasing. She would jerk me off until I screamed she said and I believed her. All I’d seen so far was a photo of her pussy, very nice, and one of her large breasts in a fishnet top. They looked like breasts that would hang and sway over my face as I sucked and licked, and she would jerk me while I licked and ate her cunt.

That was the fantasy. Reality always holds a different surprise and as I knocked on the door I hoped that the surprise wouldn’t be that Violet was not going to show, or go through with her big talk. I could only hope.

“Jay?” I heard her from the other side of the door. “Is that you?” My heart pounded, she showed up.

“Yes, hi.” May I come in, or would you prefer to meet in the lounge? If you don’t like what you see, I’ll understand.

“And if you don’t like what you see?”

“Ha, I know I already do. Your pictures were very hot.” I said, wondering if we were going to have an extended conversation in the hall. “Tell you what; I’ll go to the lounge. See if you can pick me out. Five minutes.”

“Ok, a drink sounds good. Meet you there.” She whispered. Actually I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that when we were e-mailing. I’m such a jerk, no matter what a woman says-she wants you to go slow. I got back on the elevator and went down to the lobby, turned left and straight into the ‘Commodore’ lounge. Great, drinks here are probably $20 I thought.

I ordered two martini’s and took a booth The waitress brought them and a bowl of pretzels. I should say that I’m grey haired five ten, a hundred ninety pounds I wore a tan blazer over navy slacks. My hair brushed and parted, clean shaven, I’ve been told I look a little like Steve Martin, although I think more like Richard Dreyfus. I took a sip while I watched the door, and then, there she was. She was gorgeous, five three porcelain skin and auburn hair. She had a nervous look, but confident. I watched as she gazed the men at the bar, then across the room to me. In a few seconds she broke into a gorgeous smile. I smiled back and raised my glass, she walked to me. So far so good; she didn’t run away.

“I remembered you said you liked martinis, dry with a twist.” I said as I reached out to hug her. Her hug was welcoming, and close, not put-off-ish as if she were having doubts. Her hair and neck smelled of something wonderful that made my head spin. She felt good for a brief moment.

“Good memory,” she said with a smile of gorgeous teeth and red lips. She sat opposite me and placed her bag on the table. “And thank you, this was thoughtful.”

“You’re welcome. I apologize for not thinking sooner that we might want to relax first like normal people- not rush into the main event as it were.”

She took a long sip, “Mmmmm so good.”

“I’m glad. Look I hope you’re not disappointed… I might be less than you’d hoped. I…”

“Stop, forget that. I like you; I’ve grown to like you over these months. I knew what you looked like, you’re a good looking man, why do you put yourself down like canlı bahis that Jay? Believe me I would not have come if I didn’t feel an attraction.”

I looked into her brown eyes as she spoke and I felt warm and cozy with this woman.

“You are gorgeous you know, I’m not just saying that, you are.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls you meet online.” She said with a laugh.

“No seriously. I’ve never met anyone. There was Sally, but I declined to meet her. She was starting to see a guy and she really cared for him, so I called it off. She was upset at first, but I persisted. I said we’d meant a lot to each other and now that she had a real flesh & blood fella I was not going to allow her to screw it up. Anyway, I hope…I mean I’d like to spend time with you.”

“Yes, I’d like that too.” She grinned.

“I have to tell you, I’ve thought of nothing else for weeks, I actually dreamed about this.” I said.

“Oh, and what happened in your dream.” She took a big sip.

“Well there was a lot of licking and nibbling, there was stroking and sucking there was moaning and screaming…and that was all before I got here.” I laughed at my own joke. She got it and laughed with me.

I drained my martini and put down the glass. She sipped hers but had not finished. “Should I order two more?” I asked.

“Yes, but make them to go.” She said, then… “I thought about you too. And in my thoughts there was wet probing and hot stroking and jell cock fucking. I was touching my open wet pussy Jay, and pleasuring myself- wishing it was your mouth on me, your mouth licking and sucking me in my dream. And all the while as I was cumming in your mouth I was stroking your hard cock and teasing your full balls.”

I swallowed hard just imagining the scene that she described. “I better order those martinis.” I said.

“Oh yes, I think you should.”

I flagged the waitress and asked for the drinks to go in styro-foam cups. She took the order and left.

“You told me you make videos, of yourself.” I said.

“Yes, I self fuck. I pleasure myself and send my videos to friends who self pleasure and send videos to me as well.”

“So you have many Lit friends…”

“Yes, but don’t get me wrong- I don’t meet people. You were special. I wanted to be with you. I am not seeing anyone regularly. I was with my last boyfriend a few months ago. I once made him squirt two feet.”

“Two feet? Holy cow what did you do to the guy?”

“Hmmmm….you’ll see.” She said slyly. Just then the drinks came. I paid, left a tip and we rose to go to the elevator.

As the door closed she turned to me “There are rules.”

“Ok.” I said

“I set the pace, I decide what I do and don’t do. You may not cum in my mouth, but I can cum in yours.” The door opened and we stepped into the hall. “You may not cum in me in any way, even with a condom.”

“Uh, ok.” I said again as we walked to the room.

“I read your stories; we may have to live out some of your fantasies.”

“Such as?”

“Such as in your story ‘Found Out’ and “Midnight Stroke’, and others, you licked your wife from her taint to her asshole.”

“Well yes but that was…..”

“And in your story “Having a Taste’, and ‘Feed Me’ you ate your cum off of her nipples and out of her open pussy.”

“Well again it was…”

“Fantasy, is that what you were going to say?”

“Yes bu…”

“If we enter this room Jay, it is going to happen. You are going to lick me there, you might squirt cum there, and if you do you will be required to eat your cum from my pussy or my nipples. Do you understand that these are the rules?” We had reached the room and she was holding the magnetic key card in her manicured fingers. I knew she would not swipe the card if I said no. Strangely I was excited to say yes, I wanted to lick her asshole and her open cunt. I knew I would eat my cum out of her if she desired it.

“You see Jay, fantasies are what the heart wants. You wrote about these things in all of your stories. It is something that you do want. And that is why I chose you Jay. You were very clear about your desires.”

“Yes, I will do those things.” I said.

She bahis siteleri swiped the card.

The room was large with a king sized bed. The bathroom had an over-sized shower.

“Jay, do you know what CFNM is?” she said as she closed the door.

“Yes, clothed female, nude male.” I answered.

“Well we are going to do that now. I want you to go into the bathroom, and come out and present yourself for my pleasure. I want to see your cock and swaying balls, while I remain clothed. You can then serve me my martini.”

I hesitated a moment and realized that this too was a fantasy from my story “The Conversation”. I turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I undressed and used the facility. I washed myself with the hotel soap and splashed a little of the complimentary after shave. I had waxed my cock and ball hair the day before. I was clean as a whistle. I took a deep breath and walked into the bedroom. Violet was sitting in a chair fully dressed, legs crossed as I stepped into the room. My penis was at full erection, my balls swayed. A drop of pre-cum appeared from my slit.

“Nice, very clean and nice Jay, Your balls sway when you walk, like a bull. I want to watch you for a while. Turn around and display your nakedness for me.”

I turned slowly showing her my naked ass, my heavy balls and my throbbing erection.

“W…would you like your drink now?” I asked, my heart pounding from my excitement.

“Yes please, and make sure show me how your hard cock sways when you walk. I love to see your swaying cock and your big swinging balls.”

I stepped to the dresser where I had placed the two cups. I opened them and poured the contents into the glasses that were provided by the hotel. I turned back to her, holding the drinks and walked to her my cock bobbing, my balls swaying. I stopped in front of her, displaying my heavy balls and handed her a cup.

“Very nice Jay, you are enjoying this, I’m glad. Your balls are large; your cock is so pretty. Step closer.”

I stepped so that my balls hung over her. My cock pointed at her face. She reached out to cup my balls in her hand. “Mmmm nice and smooth and so hot.” My cock pulsed, another drop of pre-cum appeared. She traced my shaft and the corona of the tip as I shuddered, standing in my erect nakedness. She scooped the pre-cum with her fingertip, “Open your mouth,” she said as she reached up and I leaned forward and sucked the pre-cum from her finger. “Yes, just like you did in your story ‘Together Again.’ Do you like the taste?”

“Yes, I like the taste.”

“Maybe I’ll just stroke you here, and never even get undressed, would you like that Jay?”

“No, please Vi, I want to eat your c…cunt, I want so badly to bury my face in your open hot cunt and lick and suck you like I dreamed.”

“Yes, and I want you to do that Jay, and believe me you will.” She stroked my cock as I stood next to her chair; her hand was firm and demanding. My cock throbbed and ached to be pumped harder.

“You’re doing very good Jay, I’ll admit this was all part of my test. You’ve exceeded my expectations. Now I want to show you your surprise.” She raised her feet, slipped off her 3 inch platform shoes, then rested the heels of her feet on the sides of the chair, and raised her skirt while opening her legs. Her position now was nothing short of lewd, and she displayed to me her bare smooth vagina. She wore no panties; her vaginal lips were slightly parted with a prominent clitoral hood. She opened her legs wider. There was no hair anywhere, from her pussy to her ass. “This is for you today Jay, I want you to worship my cunt with your mouth and tongue now, while I stay dressed.”

I stepped in front of her, then lowered myself to my knees. I leaned closer, and ran my hands up the sides of her legs. Her skin was perfect, smooth and unblemished. She inhaled deeply and moaned slightly. She pushed her pelvic area closer to the edge of the seat as I lowered my face to her hot open womanhood. My excitement was so, that pre-cum dripped to the floor.

Violet gasped as I blew cool air on her mons I leaned in closer, and kissed the soft skin below her navel, then bahis şirketleri kissed lower to the area just above her clitoral hood. I nuzzled my nose there and kissed the area between her vagina and her thigh, then nudged her opening again with my nose. I used my thumbs to pry her vaginal mouth open and blew cool breath all over her opening. She was wet and urgent. Her womanly scent was intoxicating. She was dripping. I stuck out my tongue and licked her entire opening with a broad stroke. She pushed down and moaned.

“I want to see your tits,” I said, “show them to me now.” She opened the front of her blouse quickly and shunned it off, then opened the center clasp. Her breasts spilled out, her breathing came quicker, her nipples hard and pointed. I reached up and held her pillowy breasts as I licked the length of her slit from bottom to top, stopping to probe her clitoris. Now her hips and breathing were more urgent. I engulfed her vagina into my mouth licking and sucking her clitoris. Her ass came off the seat cushion humping my face. I began to fuck her hole with my stiffened tongue. My cock was throbbing now, I raised my face from her vagina and smiled. “Would you be more comfortable if I continued this on the bed?” I said.

“Yes, god yesss.” I stood, and lifted her from the chair. She held my face and came in for a kiss. I assaulted her mouth and tongue with my mouth, “lick the cunt juice from my face,” I said as I kissed her. She licked my chin and my lips savoring her taste. We fell back on the bed. She raised her hips as I slid the skirt off. Now she was totally as nude as I, her skin like alabaster, hard nipples, open vaginal lips pouting for my sucking. My cock was dripping. I crawled higher in the bed and smeared my pre cum onto her nipples, she moaned as I licked the pre cum off of her.

“Eat me jay, turn around. I am going to pump you as you suck me. Remember our bargain, if you cum on me you have to eat it.”

“Then I want to cum on you Violet, but only after you cum on my face.” I kissed her again, our kiss was the kind that passion brings, unencumbered lustful passion. We kissed for a long time, our tongues dueled the duel of lust. Licking and sucking each other’s mouth. She pulled on my cock, aiming my dripping pre-cum to her nipples again, first one then the other. Finally she smeared pre-cum around the head of my penis, the feeling was exquisite. I leaned forward and sucked one nipple then the other, savoring the taste of my pre-cum. I lay down beside her and rolled to her. She held my cock as she turned toward me opening her legs again. “Suck me Jay, suck me now,” she urged. I engulfed her again, this time devouring her vagina with the same lust I kissed her mouth with a moment before. She opened to me and began to hump fuck my mouth and my face. She stroked my cock with long purposeful strokes. “You are going to squirt hot cum Jay, and then you are going to lick it off of my nipples. Say it.”

“I will Vi, I will…I will lick my cum off of you.” I said as I breathlessly licked her opening all the way to her pink asshole. She squealed as she felt my tongue there. “Ummmm, I love the taste of your pussy¸I love it Vi. And your ass is so tight. My tongue wants to lick you there.” Then I felt her vaginal muscles begin to spasm. She pressed down hard on my face and quivered. Warm cream flooded my face and chin. She had cum on my face like I had dreamed. “Oh god oh god oh god I’m cumminnnngggggg Jayyyyyyyy.” She pumped my cock as I sucked her. I was past the point of no return and I began to shoot streams of creamy cum onto her hanging breasts.

After a few moments of deep breathing she spun around and presented her cum dripping breasts to my face. “Eat it ,lick it, suck it from my hot nipples. Eat your cum from me Jay.” She lowered her cummy breasts to my mouth as she humped her wet vagina on my bent knee. The sound was wet and sucking. I lifted my face and opened my mouth. I sucked half her right cummmy breast into my mouth as she swooned and orgasm’d on my leg. “Oh god, I can’t believe you’re eating your cum off of me. It is so fucking hot.”

“I promised I would.” I said breathlessly, “Feed me the other one.”

Vi lifted up and presented her left nipple to my mouth. I licked and sucked her hard hot nipple.

“There’s going to be a lot of fucking today Jay.” She said lowering her open vagina on my hardening cock.

And yes, there was.

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