Memories of Times Past

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We meet Robbie, a voyeur in his own right. He never thought of himself as a voyeur, just a guy who didn’t pass up a chance to sneak a peak at a pretty woman while she’s bending over, showing off her ass cheeks. Or maybe a curvy thigh! When he graduated from high school, he thought about his future. Maybe he’d join the Navy and see what’s left of the world. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Robbie decided college was for sissies so he decided to wait for a good opportunity to present itself, and just sort of ‘hung out’. Now nineteen, he worked part time at a McDonald’s, in the kitchen flipping — you guessed it — burgers! The job had it’s perks. The girls in the kitchen were pretty and had big tits!

Robbie was like most young men. He liked baseball, worked out at the YMCA, and read magazines about running. His mind wasn’t on women; the only woman he knew intimately was his mother. He had a paper route and this required him to make collections weekly. It was a few years before you could pay on line with a credit card.

He collected on Monday nights after dinner when people were home from work. It’s important to note that people got their news from reading the paper — stock market quotes, sports pages, and people cut out clippings for scrapbooks. Not of this internet bullshit. Social media meant going to church for a bean supper!

He was exposed to women via his paper route. Morning route, evening route, and Sundays. Women would come to the door wearing a house dress, or a slip, and sometimes fresh out of the shower, sporting only a towel. Women considered him only the ‘paperboy’, a nonentity who had seen it all. In effect, he’d seen very little, just glimpses of flesh, a thigh, too much bosom. Picture the 70’s.

He went to church on Sundays with his mother. Her skirts were always tight on her, so he was torn between checking out the ladies in the choir, or leaving his hand on his mother’s thigh, and pulling her skirt up to her panty limit. She never stopped him because she obviously didn’t want to create a distraction, and sometimes he made her so hot she felt her juices trickling down her thighs.

Analyzing the women in the choir was his idea of fun. Imagine the women’s lips wrapped around a stiff cock, while they sang. Could a woman sing while she’s nibbling on a cock? Why not? Notice the heaving of their bosoms under the choir gowns. Although they looked like saints when they sang ‘how great Thou art!’ every woman in that choir loved having their pussy licked. There was no doubt in his mind about that!

Robbie didn’t believe in discrimination. He enjoyed watching any activity you could call salacious. Two dogs fucking was as good to him, as watching two spinsters engaged in cunnilingus. The best thing about a dog fucking was, once it’s over, it’s over! No wedding vows and no husband getting bored and having to look for new talent. A dog wasn’t selective. What makes Robbie special is he’s not tattooed and he doesn’t use drugs. Other than being a mother fucker, he’s a model citizen!

He found himself one day cutting across Mrs. Cipriani ‘s back yard, looking for targets of opportunity. No, he didn’t have a military mind, but the idea made sense to him!

Silvia Cipriani was a forty-three-year-old widow who lived alone except for her son and two cats. Her husband was killed by a drunk driver over ten years ago, and she was left with a son, a 22 year-old jazz musician. Since he travelled with a show band, he was on the road most of the time.

Because of her position as a teacher, she dressed plainly and wore her hair in a bun like someone’s immigrant grandmother. She certainly didn’t feel old and, beneath what amounted to a disguise, she didn’t look old. Silvia was a high school teacher, and a bisexual lesbian. She taught biology and sex-ed, which was appropriate for her state of mind. Sex education in the 60’s was minimal and so he learned about life from his buddies in the pool hall.

Checking herself in the bathroom mirror after an early lunch, Silvia assured herself again that she was one hot female. She stood with her feet parted, looking down. This was something she had devised after she bought herself a hand held vanity mirror. This had always excited her, because on the floor she could see the way her panties fitted her crotch. She could see the noticeable bulge of her cunt, the little indentation as they pulled into the split of her rounded, swelling ass.

She didn’t know why she was so fascinated with looking at herself in this unusual way. Maybe it was a kind of voyeurism, because it was not only herself she enjoyed looking at; she enjoyed looking at others too — especially other women!

Today, her body was as firm and voluptuous as any sex symbol you saw on TV. But because of her position and age, it was generally overlooked that she was really quite attractive. Subsequently, for the past ten years nothing had parted the thick, hairy lips of her hungry pussy but her own fingers and an occasional vegetable.

Being kozyatağı escort a high school teacher, she was always alert and had an observant mind. She had already noticed Robbie rummaging in her back yard, pretending to be looking for snakes, or frogs, or whatever it was that teenagers look for. She knew him from school.

This was her lucky day! She’d give that snoop an eyeful — something he’d remember for the rest of his life! She wasn’t worried that she’d get in trouble. It wasn’t likely Robbie would tell anyone he’d been peeking, and there were no houses within view of her back yard.

Quickly stripping to her bra and panties, the hot-cunted widow opened her window and turned her back. The curtains were parted and, if the noise attracted his attention, he’d have a nice view of her plump thighs and firm, pear-shaped ass.

Robbie’s eyes went wide as he crouched down with his mouth open, drinking in the unbelievable sight of Mrs. Cipriani ‘s meaty ass-cheeks quivering and wobbling under her stretched panties. She bent down as if to pick something up, and Robbie choked back a cry of delight. Her panties were so thin he could see the shadow of her thick, dark pussy hair!

His fingers itched to know the feel of a real cunt, and his eyes strained to see more than just the shadow. He felt his cock lengthening and hardening, and looked about. Maybe he could jerk off while watching Mrs. Cipriani!

Silvia shivered with a lust she hadn’t felt in years. Her cheeks were hot and her mouth was dry, but she was determined to continue. She wished she could turn to see what Robbie was doing, but knew it was too soon. He’d just be terribly embarrassed and frightened off.

“C’mon, sonny,” she whispered. “Come closer. Get a good look at a real set of boobs!”

The teenage voyeur was still squatting, but when the half-naked older woman turned and unhooked her bra, he almost fell over. He’d never seen such massive tits, not even in the girlie magazines his friends had! Mrs. Cipriani ‘s fleshy tits fell free, bobbing loosely on her chest.

“Oh, shit!” Robbie breathed, awestruck by the gorgeous sight. They were snow-white and heavy and looked like watermelons! And her huge nipples, dark and slightly off-center, pointed a bit downward.

Silvia stretched, pretending to yawn, and Robbie watched her heavy tits lift and slowly sway from side to side. Then she turned again, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her thin panties and slowly peeled them from the plump cheeks of her ass. Thinking of how much she was showing the lad was really turning her on.

Silvia rubbed her bare rump vigorously with both hands, loosening up her ass muscles; Robbie gulped and fished out his hard prick. He stroked his shaft almost without thinking while he watched the widow’s soft flesh moving as if she were performing a bump and grind. It gradually turned light pink from the friction, and he wished it were his hands heating it up. She farted loudly but she doubted he heard it.

Silvia spread her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, then bent again and again, touching alternate toes as if she were doing stretches. Her knees felt weak from nervous anticipation, but her cunt was so hot she knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop with just exhibitionism. She needed to get herself off.

Robbie froze when Mrs. Cipriani bent again. Only this time her creamy butt was bare. The twin ovals of her wide ass parted, exposing both of her hairy holes. For the first time in his life Robbie saw a real, live cunt –a red, juicy-looking gash surrounded by a dense mass of tight black curls. And below that gaping, mouth-watering visual, he saw her pouting rose bud, a brown ring of puckered membrane nestled deep in the valley between her curving ass cheeks.

Robbie suddenly realized that Mrs. Cipriani , although a few years older, was built very much like his mother. Not that he’d ever been so lucky as to catch a glimpse of his mother naked, but she wasn’t a teacher, and she could wear more fashionable clothes. Robbie always checked out her figure, peeking into her bedroom while she was getting dressed.

Robbie had, until viewing Mrs. Cipriani ‘s huge tits and firm ass, considered both the widow and his mother too old. But now he saw how wrong he’d been, and he began to visualize his mother as his eyes bored into Mrs. Cipriani ‘s hanging cunt flaps.

Silvia couldn’t wait a moment longer. Ducking out of sight, she grabbed a robe and hurried to the back door. Holding the loose material at the belt line, she managed to expose most of her swinging, bobbing tits as she walked.

Robbie jumped when the door suddenly opened and Mrs. Cipriani caught him jerking off in front of her bedroom window. His limb was drooling over his fist and he made a frenzied effort to hide it, and to stuff it inside his jeans. But by the time he’d steadied his hands, she was standing in front of him.

Robbie turned pale, hung his head, and küçükyalı escort stared at her bare feet. His hands were cupped in front of his semi-erect pecker, trying to hide its slickened length from her seeing it.

“Hello, Robbie!” Silvia said, her voice seductive for a teacher. “How’re you doing? Or should I say, what are you doing?”

Robbie didn’t reply at first. Silvia stood there in her luscious curves, looking down at him. Finally, the silence became unendurable and he first fidgeted, then lifted his eyes. They rose no higher than the trembling mountains of her hanging tits, which were almost totally bare.

“Uh, hello …” Robbie stammered, afraid to look her in the eye.

“Don’t be afraid,” Silvia said kindly. “I don’t mind a good looking guy like you looking at me. In fact, I’m flattered! I’d been feeling sorry for myself because I’m kinda plain and don’t have much of a social life — until you came along and make me feel good about myself again.” She said all this while leering at him, but trying not to scare him.

Robbie’s initial terror dissolved, but he was still greatly embarrassed to have his semi-erect prick dangling from his open fly. Even if Mrs. Cipriani couldn’t see it, she had to know what he’d been doing.

“Y-you’re not upset?” he asked disbelievingly. Then his eyes darted downward as the robe parted momentarily and he caught a flash of pussy.

“Not a bit!” Silvia laughed. “Unless you didn’t like what you saw …”

“Oh, no! It was OK!” he quickly protested, then blushed.

Silvia smiled. “Thanks. What I saw wasn’t bad, either. That was a nice, hard cock you were playing with a few minutes ago.”

Robbie was speechless; he considered himself a cool guy. He’d never heard an adult female talk like that — as if she didn’t mind, as if she’d liked seeing him wanking! She had to repeat herself twice before he realized she was telling him to follow her into the house.

He watched her ass cheeks rolling under the thin robe as she preceded him. He even forgot to put his cock away. Mrs. Cipriani led him into the living room and told him to sit on the sofa, then stood before him and dropped her robe.

“Oh, fuck!” Robbie whispered.

“Isn’t this better than peeking from outside?” Silvia asked, arching her back and giving the wide-eyed lad a good view of her hairy, gaping cunt. Her dark curls glistened with pussy juice, and her puffy labia protruded with blood-filled redness, just like a hungry, toothless mouth begging to be fed.

“Uhhhh …” Robbie groaned. She was standing so near he could not only smell the overpowering musk of her hairy cunt, but could feel its heat bathing his face. And his snake was coming alive again!

Silvia smiled luridly and stuck her finger between the fat, dripping lips of her oozing pussy. She wiggled the finger vigorously, then pulled it out all wet and shiny with her cunt juice, and showed it to the slack-jawed gawker.

Robbie’s eyes bulged and nearly crossed as she brought the finger closer to his nose. Slowly, she touched the tip of his nose, then slid the finger down to brush his upper lips. Teasingly, she worked her finger over his full bottom lip, then pushed the tip inside before he could protest.

“Mmmmmm!” he jerked back, then stopped himself and looked up at her. Bent over him like that, her air bags were hanging heavily, the nipples hard and spiked. Robbie knew about cunt-licking, but had never thought about putting it on his priority list. How could putting your lips and tongue between a woman’s legs be more exciting than jerking off?

Here was Silvia, standing with her oily pussy only inches from his face and her slick finger sliding back and forth between his lips, giving him a taste of an early dessert.

His hands went up and around her hips to cup the curve of her buttocks. Her bulbous butt felt like squishy putty, as his fingers played with her curves. Her hands settled on the top of his head, ruffling his hair.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured urgently, “kiss my pussy!”

Robbie was ambivalent about his first cunt-lapping experience. The hot, spicy aroma made his mouth water, but it was difficult for him to overcome years of pussy aversion. There aren’t too many guys anxious to eat a mature cunt! As it were, he felt the soft, slippery pussylips pressing warmly against his cheeks; his nose and lips were glistening from the juice oozing out of the center of that slit.

The sensations involved with having his face in a pussy for the first time made a deep impression on his immature mind. He memorized the tickling of her damp curls, the heat of her belly on his forehead, the squishy, squirmy folds of flesh trapping his nose, and the continuous flow of warm, slightly salty cunt-juice trickling over his extended tongue. He licked upward.

“Ahhhhh!” Silvia mewed as he flicked his tongue over the top of her stubby clit.

She pulled away. “That’s enough for now,” she said breathlessly. “I don’t anadolu yakası escort want to come that way, not when I haven’t been fucked by a human being in over ten years!”

Robbie moistened his lips as she climbed over his lap, a knee on each side of his hips, and lowered her ass onto the head of his swollen limb. Silvia reached down and took his pulsing pecker in a tight grip, then shifted her ass until his stiff standard plugged the greasy hole at the base of her perineum.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed, impaling herself upon his thick tool and squatting down to force it completely into her narrow, gripping vulva.

Robbie felt his burning cock enveloped by a liquid heat, and then her vaginal muscles tightened on him, seeming to suck and nibble away on his affair. He arched his head and neck back against the sofa and lifted his ass, driving the last inch into Mrs. Cipriani ‘s receptive lunch box.

The widow was riding him with all her burning energy, the plump cheeks of her ass bouncing, her enormous balloons punching their stiff nipples against the top of each shoulder as he pressed his face between them. His cock was tingling as it had never tingled before, and for a moment he was scared she might give him the clap! Thinking about it caused his dick to soften as if he wanted to run and hide somewhere. He’d never heard of a high school teacher giving anyone the clap, so telling himself to keep going, his shaft re-stiffened and he hammered his hips against her lower belly.

Mrs. Cipriani had a big clit from years of chronic masturbation and it was a wonder she had the time to correct homework papers. Her clit had a knob over two inches long, sensitive as all hell. She could climax by flicking it, tugging on it, whacking it with a hair brush or dousing it with warm oil. She could get off by rolling her big nipples, or jamming two fingers up her ass. She was thinking of becoming a full time lesbian, but the problem was, she had a reputation to uphold. It was better to keep a low profile and not get a reputation of being a predatory dyke.

“Ahhhh,” Silvia sighed blissfully, tears forming in the corners of her eyes with the ecstasy of the moment. Until now she hadn’t realized just how wonderful a real fuck could be. She’d been using cucumbers so long that the memory of a warm cock had been nearly erased. She swore never to let such a thing happen again. She had to join a dating service, or better still, a stud service. Moreover, she could be a cam girl! There must be lots of guys who whacked off to masturbating MILF’s. It was better than teaching!

Robbie grabbed a fat, spongy tit in each hand as they rubbed his ears. He dug in, not too gently, and felt the tender flesh give, like water-filled balloons. Then he pulled back a bit and crammed one into his mouth. He felt the huge, hard nipple hot and rough against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, and he pulled his teeth back to the pink areola.

“Gahhhh, hunhhhh!” she groaned, then settled down and began rolling her wide hips from side to side.

Robbie dropped his hands from her tits down to the slightly flattened cheeks of her ass where they rested on his thighs. He grabbed her plump ass cheeks and dragged them apart, allowing cool air to strike her exposed asshole. His fingers stroked and scratched up and down the raw furrow of her ass mercilessly, their passage eased by sweat and cunt juice. Every time a fingernail scraped over the raised edges of her rose hole, Silvia jerked and groaned, and the ring whistled. Robbie humped his hips, sliding his lathered weapon in and out quickly. His plump balls were coated by her thick, foamy juices. Wild sucking, gurgling noises filled the air as he battered her spasming cunt with his jerking, expanding cock. The room smelled of cunt.

“Wawwwwww!” Silvia cried as her orgasm struck. “Ohhhhhhhhhh! I’m coming!!”

The widow’s vaginal muscles held Robbie’s cock captive. He wasn’t ready to release yet, he kept hammering at her pussy, as she came again and again. She seemed to be climbing Mt Everest towards pussy heaven, expelling years of frustration, coming endlessly it seemed to him. She was becoming hysterical, clawing at his back, grabbing at his hair, raking her nails across his ass. After what seemed like an endless orgasm, and a loud scream sounding like she was being murdered, she came with an explosive ejection of juices which soaked him from the waist down. Only then did his swollen testicles ejaculate, spewing ropes of thick, hot white seed into what seemed to him, the bottomless pit of her hungry vulva.

Robbie grunted out the last few drops of his donation. It was a strongest orgasm he’d ever had, not surprisingly due to her exhibition worthy of the World’s Fair. He threw his arms around her back and buried his face in her sweaty, fleshy boobs.

“Oh, jeez, Mrs. Cipriani!” he cried. “I love you! I love you!” His palms ran down to her ass and gave her plump bottom a soft squeeze.

“Ohhhhhhh …” Silvia sighed, still coming down from her orgasm. She could feel his cum warming her belly, and she sighed again. Another tiny spasm shook her body. She felt some of his thick white cream run out and trickle down her thighs. She was amazed at the output teenagers are capable of, and she was sure he’d be ready to go again in ten minutes!

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