Merry Christmas

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It’s late in the afternoon and I’m doing my Christmas shopping. I see the line up for photos with Santa Claus and decide that I want to sit on Santa’s lap too.

When the Santa photos close for the today I approach the man playing Santa Claus and ask if I could sit on his lap in private. He looks me up and down and says that he would be happy to allow a sweet young lady to sit on his lap and tell him what she wishes for Christmas.

We go to the private room that Santa has and he sits down on a chair. “Come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas, little girl.”

I walk over to him and lower myself onto his lap. “Well, Santa, I would love to have you deliver a nice hard piece of meat to my hungry pussy.”

“I just might be able to help you with your gift right now,” he replies.

He slides an arm around my waist and turns me so I straddle his legs. I reach up and pull off his hat and white wig. I go to pull off his beard but he stops me. He slides his hands down my sides and down my legs. I lower my mouth to his and we kiss deeply. As we kiss I feel his hands slide up under my skirt and he slowly pushes my skirt up over my thighs and bum to my hips. I moan against his mouth as he runs his hands and fingers gently over my thighs towards my pussy. Just before he touches it he stops and lifts his hands to my breasts. I arch my back as I feel his fingers lightly brush against my nipples.

I lift my arms up and he slides my shirt up over my head. He then reaches behind me and undoes my bra. It drops to the ground and leaves my breasts exposed. Santa drops his head and takes a nipples into his mouth and I moan out load as I hold his head to my breast. He swirls his tongue around my nipple and then bites it gently. He then changes breasts and repeats the actions. My fingers drift from his hair down to grip his shoulders as pleasure surges through my body.

I illegal bahis slide my hands down over his chest and undo his jacket and slide it off his shoulders and down his arms. I throw the pillow out of the way and slide my hands under his shirt and lift it up to take it off him. As I slide the shirt over his head I take his beard with it. I gasp as the cloths clear his face. Santa isn’t a stranger to me. It’s you. I kiss you deeply again. Moaning when your hands squeeze my breasts.

I slide my hands over your chest, down your stomach to your pants and under the waist band. I touch your hard cock softly. I stand up breaking the kiss and drop to my knees between your spread legs. I grab hold of the pants and start to slide them down. You raise your hips so I can slide the pants down your legs.

I reach out and touch your hard cock, running my fingers softly over the whole length until I come to the wet tip. I rub my thumb over it and spread your precum all over the head. I lean forward and flick my tongue out and taste you, running my tongue around the whole head before closing my lips over the knob and sucking. While I suck your knob I cup your balls and squeeze gently before I slide my hand down and press a finger against your arse.

I slide my mouth lower onto your cock and press my finger into your arse. Mmmmmmmmm, you taste so good. I start to slide my mouth up and down on your cock and I feel your fingers bury themselves in my hair to hold me there. You start to raise your hips and thrust into my mouth. You almost touch the back of my throat with every thrust. I feel your balls start to tighten against my hand as I finger your arse. Suddenly you groan as you squirt your hot cum into my mouth. Your fingers hold me there to make sure I get every drop.

I pull away with my mouth full of cum and I swallow it but a little bit escapes my mouth. I flick my tongue out to catch the illegal bahis siteleri drop. Tastes sweet, I think Santa has been stealing lollies.

I stand up and lean over and kiss you. You stand up and grab your discarded Santa suit and spread it on the floor. You grab me around the waist and pull me to you and we kiss deeply. You can taste your cum on my lips. You drop us to the floor and lay me on my back while still kissing me. You move your mouth from mine and bite my neck making me moan softly. You lick down my neck to my shoulders and then down to my breasts. Your hands are running over my soft belly making the muscles there jump.

Your lips close over a nipple and I arch up against you, wanting more. You bite my nipple and hear me whimper so you bite me again, a little harder until I moan. You run your tongue over my nipple before changing to the other one. I feel your hand drifting lower on my belly and brushing against my skirt. You take your mouth from my breast and shift to take my skirt off me. I raise my hips and you slide it off and down my legs. Your mouth comes back to my breasts as your hands drifts to my pussy and softly parts my lips.

I moan as I feel your fingers gently touch me and then you slide a finger into me. You start to move it in and out of me and then you add another. I raise my hips off the ground to press against your hand. Your mouth moves down to my belly and you bite my gently then suck on the spot, leaving a love bite. As your fingers are moving in and out of me you press your thumb against my clit and you hear me sigh.

You shift down between my spread legs and I feel your mouth against my inner thighs. I spread my legs further in askance for your mouth on me. With your other hand you part my lips further and run your tongue around my clit but not touch it. I whimper as the pleasure surges through me. You close your lips around my clit canlı bahis siteleri and suck gently. My hands bury in your hair and raise my hips off the ground as I press your face tighter against my throbbing pussy. You start flicking your tongue over my clit as you finger fuck me a little faster. I’m moaning so much now as I get closer to cumming. You can feel me tightening around your fingers so your slide one down to my arse and slide it into my tight hole.

Your mouth is doing magic things to me and I cant hold back anymore. I cum hard enough that I squirt a little as my body shudders from the pleasure you are giving me. You lick up my cum with relish, enjoying my sweet nectar. While I am getting my breath back you shift up onto your knees between my legs. You lean down and kiss me, our tongues touching. I can taste myself on your lips and tongue and it turns me on more. You shift back and slide your hands down my sides to my legs and down to my knees.

You lift my legs and place them on your shoulders. You shift a little closer and rub your cock against my tingling pussy. You press your cock against my entrance and slide into me a little, making me whimper. You pull back and then move forward a bit further. You are driving me crazy and I start to beg for you to bury yourself in me. I reach forward and grab your arse and as I thrust my hips up I pull you towards me and I feel you slide fully into me. We both groan as my pussy muscles tighten around your cock. Ohhhhhh god that feels great. You slide back out and then slam into me, again and again. You grab my arse and lift me higher off the ground. Our thrusts are getting faster and harder and you are driving me crazy. I’m moaning your name, begging you to bring me to orgasm.

I feel the shudders starting deep in me as I tighten around your hard pulsing cock. I scream your name as my orgasm hits me fully and I feel you stiffen as you pour your hot cum deep in me. You collapse on me and I wrap my legs and arms around you. As we lay there catching our breaths I say to you, “Thank you Santa, I really love my present but I think I would like to try it out again very soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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