Michelle Lesson 01

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Authors note -This is a work of fiction. All persons are 18 years of age or older.


My little girl, Michelle, grew up so quickly. It seemed like yesterday that she was a clumsy preteen with braces and crushes on boy bands. Now she was eighteen and graduating high school. In three months she would be leaving for college. She is our only child. Giving birth to her nearly killed Valerie, my wife. The damage was so severe that she needed a hysterectomy. The only child we could have become the focus of our whole world. We gave her every opportunity we could but we were by no means rich. I struggled in the restaurant business for years until I was able to open my own place. Then we struggled even more. The business finally took off and we lived more comfortably so that by the time Michelle entered high school we had our own house and saved some money for her college. I was even able to buy a used car for her sixteenth birthday.

After her eighteenth birthday I started to see changes in Michelle’s actions. She started to dress more provocatively at home. She stopped wearing bras around the house and her tiny little half shirts did little to hide her 36C tits. All Val ever said to her was “Honey, you’re hanging out.” She was never told to change her clothes or put on a bra. I started to see my baby as a woman and not a little girl. Still, she never dressed this way in public. Very rarely did she show cleavage outside the house, even in the desert heat.

Michelle was a great student but not the greatest athlete. However, she had managed to make the varsity soccer and softball teams for two years. She enjoyed leg massages after practices and games. I was sitting in bed watching a ball game on TV when I heard her come home from practice and hit the shower. She tried to shower at home whenever she could. After she finished, she bounced into the bedroom and hopped on the bed. “Who’s winning?” she asked. I barely heard her. Her long brown hair was still wet and hung loosely over her shoulders. Her dark nipples showed clearly through her thin, white half tank top. There was a tiny dolphin hanging from a chain at her belly button. The piercing was a present for her birthday. Her gray athletic shorts rode high on her hips.

“Oh… um… Dodgers 3-2.” I finally managed to answer.

“Cool. Can I get a leg rub? I’ve got the oil.”

“Sure thing, Baby. Slide over here.”

She scooted over facing me. She put her right foot in my lap, nearly touching my hardening cock. I took the oil from her and coated my hands. I started by massaging her foot. I had done this many times and was still focused on the game as I worked her muscles. I raised her knee and moved it to the side to get access to her calf. I looked at her during a commercial between innings and realized I could see up her shorts. There was no underwear to be seen, just her bald snatch with her pink pussy lips and young clit poking out. I had forgotten how wonderful teenage pussies were. I continued her massage, moving her legs so I could see that wonderful pussy. When I finished she said “Thanks, Daddy.” With a mischievous grin, she jumped off the bed and headed to her room.

As soon as she left I grabbed my dick with my oil coated hand. I lasted three strokes before I shot my load. It arced into the air landing on my stomach. “You sick pervert.” I thought. “That’s your daughter. You can’t think about her this way.” But that was all I could think about. She was a beautiful young woman and I wanted her.

Val came home from seeing her sister about an hour later and crawled into bed. We chatted about the morning at the restaurant and her sister’s scumbag boyfriend. The whole time I was stroking her thigh , getting closer and closer to the promised land. I leaned over and kissed her magnificent tit. She was blessed with 38DD boobs that were still firm and stood proudly, despite her 42 years. Her big brown nipples rode high. After a few gentle kisses I began to suck on her nipple. Letting my hand slowly stroke her shaved pussy.

We were enjoying a slow easy screw when Val whispered, “Don’t look, but Michelle is watching us.” It was all I could do to keep from turning around. Apparently, Val had left the door slightly open and Michelle took the opportunity to peek. My rhythm increased and I began to pound Val hard. She wrapped her legs around my back yelling, “Fuck me!” I was so turned on that I came quickly and loudly, filling her with my seed. It had been years since I came that hard twice in one day.

I rolled off Val and looked at the door but Michelle was gone. I snuggled next to Val and held her, cupping her breast. “What was that about?” I whispered.

“I don’t know but it made me hot.”

“God, yes it did. She’s becoming an awful tease around here.”

“I know. I don’t know what has gotten into her.”

“Think she has started having sex?”

“We’ve been talking about that. She’s concerned about going to off school never having had a boyfriend, so I don’t think so. You know she doesn’t date much. She says the pendik escort girls in the locker room all talk about sex and how rough their boyfriends are. She’s afraid guys will push themselves on her at college. I wonder if she’s trying to learn?”

“I don’t know but she just got one hell of a lesson. Are you going to talk to her about this?”

“Yea, I should. I’ll find a way to bring it up. Good night, Hun.” Val kissed me gently and rolled over to sleep. I cuddled against her, both of us still naked.

Thoughts were racing through my mind. Michelle had no problem letting us see her breasts and tonight she had shown me her pussy. Then we caught her watching us make love. What was going on? Just as I started to doze off there was a gentle rap on the door. “Mom? Dad? Can I get in bed with you?” She was still wearing the white tank top but now had on panties, no shorts.

“Sure baby. What’s wrong?” my wife said.

“I’m just nervous about graduation and college. I can’t sleep. Just need a hug, I guess.”

Michelle did this on occasion. She doubted herself sometimes and sought reassurance from us. There were many days I would wake up to find her in bed with us, cuddled up to her mom. Did Val forget we were naked or didn’t she care? Michelle had just seen everything we’ve got so I let it go. I scooted over expecting Val to move with me to give Michelle some extra space on that side of the bed. Before Val could move Michelle crawled in between us.

She spooned against Val and that meant I was spooned against her. I should have rolled over but I didn’t. I just laid my hand on her shoulder and tried to keep my cock away from her. It was no use. I was out of space on the bed and she wiggled her tight round ass right up against me. I couldn’t help myself and reached around her and found her breast. It was warm and firm. Her young nipples poked through her shirt. The gentle rocking of her hips and the feel of her nipple were enough to get me hard again. I could feel Val’s back against my hand. She knew exactly where my hand was and what I was doing.

Michelle had put her arm around Val. I could tell from the motion and change in Val’s breathing that Michelle was playing with Val’s tits. This was getting insane. I’m playing with my daughter’s breast. She is grinding her ass on my cock and feeling up Mom. How did this happen? How far would it go?

After just a few minutes Val spoke up. “OK young lady, you need to got to your room.”

“But Mom, I…”

“Enough.” Val said in a stern voice. “Go now! And close the door behind you.”

“Fine.” Michelle sighed in a dejected voice. “I’ll see you in the morning. Love you.” She got out of the bed but not before sneaking a peek at my hard on.

“Love you too, ‘Chelle.” said Val.

As soon as the door closed Val looked at me. “Wow, that was crazy. What’s gotten into her?” Without waiting for an answer she rolled over and took my cock in her mouth. She almost never does that. She has a bad gag reflex and it is hard for her to give a blow job. She licked and sucked the top of my dick while she stroked my shaft. It only took a couple of minutes before I came in her mouth. She choked on the sudden explosion of cum but swallowed what she could. She wiped the rest from her face then licked her fingers clean.

After my third orgasm in a matter of hours I collapsed into a deep sleep. Only the blaring of the alarm woke me. Even then I had slept an extra 20 minutes. I jumped out of bed and hurried to get to work. When you are the owner, chef and manager, all at the same time, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I was hoping that busing myself at work would keep my mind off the events of last night. A text from Val changed that.

‘I talked to Chelle’


‘I think we should tan topless’


‘and we won’t close the bedroom door anymore’


Then there was nothing. It wasn’t making sense. Was my wife encouraging our daughter to show off her tits? And watch us have sex? Why? After last night I was confused. Val knew I had felt up Michelle and now she seemed to be encouraging things. I had to get away from work. I couldn’t focus. My sous chef even asked what was wrong. I simply told her there were issues at home. She said she could handle things and I should go deal with it. After a quick assessment I decided she was right and turned over the restaurant to her for the day.

I sent Val a text when I got to the car.

‘coming home. need to talk’

‘k. sry. I had to get myself off’

‘whats going on’

‘I’ll explain when you get here’

I raced home as fast as I could. I didn’t know where this would end but I had to find out. Val was sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee in her hands. A glass of bourbon was beside her. We just looked at each other for a few moments before I spoke. “This must be serious if you’re chasing coffee with Jack.”

“The Jack is for you. I’ve got Baileys in the coffee. tuzla escort And yes, it’s serious.”

I sat down and took a sip. The bourbon burned a little on the way down, but in the good way I loved.

“OK. Talk.”

“First I drove ‘chelle to school so we could talk. So, we need to pick her up. I thought now that you’re home we could all grab something to eat.”

“OK. So what did you talk about?”

“I asked her if she was alright with what happened last night. I wanted to avoid any trouble there. She said yes, she really enjoyed it, no one had ever played with her boobs before.”

“Are you alright with it?”

“Just listen. I’ll get to that. I asked her about her lack of modesty around the house. She said that she wanted to dress like the other girls so she would be accepted at college and figured that if she could get comfortable around us she would be comfortable in public.”

“I’m not sure I want my baby flashing the whole world. She needs to be her own person and not cave to the pressure to fit in.”

“I know. I need to help her learn how to show off with out showing everything. So I’m taking her shopping. Don’t worry I wont break the bank, and I’m sure you will like the results.”

“So you are good with me looking at her?”

“Of course. I’m enjoying the show too. Didn’t you notice I let her play with my tits?

“Yea but…”

“But nothing. She’s turning me on, too. Listen, she told me that she flashed her pussy while you massaged her legs, and she saw you get hard under your shorts. So here’s the deal. I suggested that she and I start tanning topless. I haven’t done that in years and I really enjoy it.”

“So do I.”

“And I told her that it doesn’t matter what she wears at home but she needs to be dressed properly in public and around company but her clothes can be more revealing.”

“Well, we never told her to dress like she does.”

“I know, but she was not comfortable wearing revealing clothes and now she wants too.”

“OK, so what about sex? If no one ever touched her tits then I guess she’s still a virgin?”

“Yes she is. So here’s my plan. If she is going to be more open at home, so are we. We are not closing the bedroom door anymore. If she wants to watch, we will let her. We give her the privacy she wants but if she wants to show off you are free to look.”

“What if she wants to join us?”

“We let her.”

“Does that mean you want us to have sex with her?”

“If that’s what she wants then yes.”

“I think I need another drink.”

“We won’t push her but we won’t stop her. I want her to learn that sex is enjoyable, fun and normal.”

I was pouring my drink and decided to make this one bigger. I took a big gulp and sat back down.

“Are you sure you want this Val?”

“Yes I am. I want a piece of that young ass as much as you do.”

“So now what?”

“First thing you do is take me to bed and fuck me. I’m soaked.”

I got up and took Val’s hand and led her to the bedroom. I proceeded to strip her of the few clothes she was wearing and pound her to a series of orgasms that ended with me filling her her with cum. As turned on as we were, we only lasted a few minutes. I rolled off her and dozed off. Val woke me up with a kiss and said, “Come on Daddy. We need to go get your little girl.”

I pulled Val to me and stuck my tongue down her throat. She pushed me away and said, “We don’t have time for that.” We got dressed and set off for the high school. Not much was said on the trip. I became more nervous the closer we got. Our relationship with our daughter was about to change forever, and I was not sure any of us knew were it would be going. We got to the school and waited in the student pick up lot for Michelle. She emerged from the throng of students and got in the car. I noticed that she was about the only one not showing legs, cleavage or both. That would be changing.

“Am I in trouble Dad?” Michelle asked nervously as she buckled her belt.

“No Sweetie. Why”

“You usually don’t pick me up. Did some thing bad happen?”

“Well… something happened, but I don’t think it’s bad. Your mom told me about your talk this morning.”

“I”m sorry Daddy. I didn’t want to upset you. Don’t be mad at me. I’ll be a good girl.” She was sobbing now.

“You didn’t upset me baby, far from it. Mom and I have talked about it and what happens now is totally up to you. You can be the person you want to be. You can dress however you wish. In fact, you and Mom are going shopping tomorrow for new clothes. Consider it part of your graduation present.”

“Really! You’re not mad?”

“Not at all. You’ve been getting your old man turned on, and your mom too.”

“I’ve been turning you on?”

“Yes. Mom says you noticed my hard-on last night.”

“How could I miss it. You were poking me in the back.”

“That was all your fault. You have become a very sexy young lady. Val, do you want to explain the new rules to Michelle?”

“Sure maltepe escort thing, Honey. First, where do we want to go for dinner?”

“How about that Italian place around the corner?” suggested Michelle.

“Sounds good.” agreed Val. “Now for the first rule. This is the most important one. You can’t tell anyone about this. Nobody. Ever. Not friends. Not teachers. Nobody. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do. Not a problem.”

“Good, so here’s the rest of the deal. Anyone can wear whatever they want around the house, as long as we don’t have company. I’m going to tan topless. You can join me. You can do whatever you want sexually but ‘no’ means ‘no’ for everyone. Your father and I will be completely open to answer questions and help you learn. Got it?”

“I think so.”

“If you want to watch us have sex and learn what it’s about, that’s fine. You don’t have to hide behind the door. Just come on in the room.”

“You are going to let me do that?”

“Yes we are. If I’m using a vibrator you can come in and join me, too. I bet your dad would love for you to watch him jack off.”

“Val!” I reacted without thinking. Yes, I wanted Michelle to see me cum. I just wasn’t ready for it to be out in the open like that.

“We said we are going to be open with her, so hush.” Val scolded

“Dad jacks off? I thought only boys did that.”

“Everyone masturbates. It’s perfectly natural.”

“I always feel dirty when I do it.”

“Well you shouldn’t. The idea is to feel good.”

“So I can come in your room anytime?”

“As long as we have the door open, yes you can.”

“I think I like this idea.”

“Great. Let’s eat.” I interrupted as we pulled into the restaurant parking lot.

It was only 3:30 in the afternoon and the dinner crowd had not yet arrived. We got a quiet table and enjoyed a wonderful early dinner. We talked about Michelle’s graduation tomorrow and her college plans, nothing that would give away what had been discussed in the car. On the trip home I listened to the two of them discussing how they planned on maxing out my credit cards the next day.

When we arrived home I took the time to call my restaurant and check how things were going. My sous chef, Christie, had everything under control and even had the produce order called in. I needed to give that girl a raise. Just as I hung up the phone Michelle came out of her room wearing only a pair of bright orange bikini bottoms and carrying a towel. I was instantly hard. She gave me a kiss. “Going out to tan, Daddy.” I kissed her back, slid my tongue in her mouth. I reached up, grabbed her left breast and thumbed her hard little nipple. She pushed my hand away and headed out the back door, wiggling her tight little ass.

I was still looking at the door when Val came in the room. “What was that?” she asked,

“Michelle went out to tan.” I replied.

“Think she will take her top off?”

“I don’t think she can. She wasn’t wearing one.”

“Wow, that didn’t take long. I gotta run to my sister’s. Her asshole boyfriend is at it again. Think you two can behave?”

“I doubt it.”

“Well try.” she said giving me a kiss. I felt her grab my dick. “She got you that hard? I should help you with that but I don’t have time. Maybe later.” She gave me another quick peck on the cheek and headed out the front door.

I went to the back window and looked out toward the pool. Michelle was laying on the chaise getting sun on her tits for the first time. Knowing what the Arizona sun can do to unprotected flesh, I went outside to remind her to use sunscreen. I took a few moments to admire my daughter before I spoke.

“Baby, did you use sunscreen?”

“Sure did, Daddy. I don’t want to burn.”

“Good girl. Now don’t stay out too long the first time.”


I went back in the house, slipped on a pair of comfortable shorts and turned on the hockey game. My Blackhawks were still in the playoffs and I was taking every chance to enjoy the extended season. After about 20 minutes I heard Michelle come in and go to her room. She came out just a few minutes later wearing a pair of loose shorts, still topless, carrying a bottle of lotion.

“I think I got a little too much sun. Can you rub some aloe on me?”

“Sure baby girl. Have a seat.” I could tell from looking at her that she wasn’t burnt. I expected her to sit beside me but I was surprised when she handed me the bottle and sat on my lap. Once again my cock rose to the occasion. She squirmed a little to get settled, putting my cock right between her ass cheeks.

“Start with my shoulders.”

She jumped a little when the cold lotion hit her skin. I rubbed it in slowly and lightly, enjoying the feel of her young smooth skin under my fingers. I let my fingers drift around to her sides and touched the edges of her breasts. Then, with more aloe applied to my hands, I did her upper arms and moved to the front of her shoulders. She leaned back against me giving me better access to her front side. I ran my hands down her chest, across her boobs and nipples, then cupped both breasts lifting them and squeezing them together.

“Do you like my boobies, Daddy?”

“I love them sweetheart. They are beautiful.” My thumbs were drawing circles on her nipples, making them even harder than before

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