Midnight Swim

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This is my first story


It was nearing midnight. One last swim in the pool wouldn’t hurt anyone. She really needed it. It was hot and humid. Stifling inside the hotel room, even with the air conditioner running full blast. She wished he would come soon, she wanted him.

With one last glance at the door, she went into the sterile white bathroom and pulled her nearly dry bikini down from the shower rod. Pinning her hair up on her head, with a silent promise that she wouldn’t get it wet this time. The chlorine in the pool was really strong. A few tendrils brushed against her neck as she tied the halter style top. She donned the bottoms of her bikini.

She stood back in the mirror for a few minutes, looking at herself. The high cut of her bottoms made her legs look longer, the halter pulled her breasts up showing just a shadow of cleavage. The air conditioner was blowing cold air on her, goosebumps rose on her skin, making her nipples press against the clammy inside of her top.

Biting her lip softly to fight the chatter of her teeth, she grabbed a to small towel from the shelf over the toilet in the bathroom, then her red vinyl bag off of the table top containing her key and other items stowed in there for every occasion that may arise. Slipping out the door, she heard the automatic lock click when she shut it.

A blast of humidity hit her in the face She rubbed her eye with the heel of her hand and walked the short pathway to the elevator. It whirred slowly as she rode it to the roof.

A soft ding announced her arrival, breaking the silence in the car.

She left the car and walked toward the fenced area where the large pool was. Her hand pulled on the white gate, the padlocked clanked against it. She frowned, slightly perturbed that anyone would lock the pool.

She pulled a pin out of her hair and opened the lock. With a small laugh of triumph she went inside. Dropping her things upon the deck, she slid into the pool. The water was cold despite the heat outside. She sighed, beginning to feel relaxed.

The only sound was the smooth strokes of her arms cutting through the water. He saw her glide across the water her head kept carefully above.

She stopped in the middle of the pool. In the deepest part, treading the water to stay afloat. Her senses were alert to another presence. Her lover? Hope swelled in her breast, her heart beat a little faster.

“Are you going to join me?” she broke the silence between them.

“I don’t have a suit,” he called back his voice was muffled by the darkness.

The moon was shining high overhead. High and full. If only he would step closer then she could see his face. canlı bahis

“Why do you need a suit? There’s no one here but you and I,” she sent him a challenge.

He chuckled from deep in his chest. “Do you have your suit on?” he asked.

“I think that you already know the answer to that,” she started to swim again, staying still in the water was making her shiver.

“Stop swimming,” he said.

“Oh but its to cold for me not to move, I’ll surely freeze since you aren’t coming in,” she was pouting.

He could hear it in her voice and in his mind he could see her mouth contorting into the pout he loved so much.

She was swimming again, this time away from him.

“All right, I’ll join you.” He gave in.

Easily, she thought. Most definitely to easily. “You will?” she asked.

“On one condition,” he nodded even though she couldn’t see it.

“Well,” she took a breath, a loud splash as her hand slapped the water.

She was treading water again, he listened to her breathing.

“What condition?” she demanded, itching with curiosity now. He was teasing her.

“I’ll swim with you if you’ll throw your suit on deck,” he finally said.

She mulled over this for a few seconds. Of course she would do it and he knew it.

“But what if someone comes?” she feigned timidness.

He laughed at her mock modesty. His zipper rasped as it slid down.

“You first,” she said, slowly tugging at the strings of her halter top.

In her minds eyes she could see his pants, jeans…no not jeans, khakis maybe hitting the deck with a small clack as the button bounced on to the cement. He would pick them up and fold them nicely over the back of a chair. Then his shirt. Buttoned to nearly the top, letting some of the crisp blonde hairs on his chest poke free. He’d start with cuffs, pulling them open. Then with the buttons on the front of his shirt.

She liked undressing him. She liked to run her fingers down his chest, to dart her tongue over his nipples. To move her mouth down his neck and over his lips, never quite letting him catch her. She liked kissing down his stomach further and further until she kneeled in front of him, her hands stopped on the fasten of his pants. He would look down and watch her. Watch her fingers move slowly over his erection, pressing hard against the zipper. Straining to be free and in her. In her mouth, with her tongue sliding back and forth up and down the shaft. In her hot moist pussy, that fit him a like a velvet glove.

“Your turn,” he broke into her thoughts bringing her back to her swim.

The top of her bikini hit the deck with a wet slap and the bottoms were bahis siteleri slingshot to his feet.

“All ready,” she started swimming again.

She heard his feet across the deck to the deep end of the pool. She saw him pose for a dive, his hands over his head, pointed slightly down. His erection standing straight out.

He dove. Gliding under the surface deeper into the shadowy depths until she couldn’t see him any more. All was quiet. She held her breath, waiting for him to come up for air.

A sharp tug on her ankle made her scream in surprise. Her pulse fluttering beneath her skin like a trapped butterfly.

He came up in front of her. His hands floating behind her. One move and she would be pressed against him, her legs tangled with his as they struggled to keep them both afloat.

His tongue moved over her neck swiftly. She tasted of chlorine and something else. Something that was uniquely her.

She propelled her arms to take her back, out of his grasp. She laughed in surprise and secret delight when he grabbed her ankle pulling her to him. Pressed against him, she tread her arms as he tread his legs. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, his arms around hers.

He moved a little. His cock grazing against her slit. Her laugh turned to a moan. She rested her lips against his shoulder. He moved again. Her mouth opened, and her moan was warm against his skin. He felt her tongue slide over the droplets of water within its reach.

Gently he pushed her away, then pulled her arm. A silent signal to follow him.

She followed him until she saw he was standing easily. Her feet touched the slightly rough bottom. The water just barely covering her breasts.

He reached out, touching one of her nipples. It beaded even tighter under his caressing thumb. He sought out the other with his mouth.

She gasped at the contrast of his mouth and the water. Hot and cold. Her hands held tightly to his elbows as he pushed her further onto her back.

He stopped. Pulling her so she was nearer to him. He directed her arms around his neck. His mouth met hers with demands. His tongue demanded, as it pushed through the seal of her lips. He stroked her tongue with his.

Her fingers twined themselves in his hair. Pushing him closer to her.

He turned, pressing her against the wall. Pushing her legs apart and himself into her. She moaned, squeezing the walls of her tight entrance around him. He moved against her. Tiny pockets of air popping between them, breaking against her lit.

She squeezed his cock again, inside of her. He groaned from deep within his throat. She felt it against her mouth. She wiggled a little, bahis şirketleri situating herself more comfortably against him. He groaned again and she couldn’t stifle a small moan.

“Yes,” she whispered as he thrust harder into her, making her bump against the wall.

He was beginning to spiral, she knew it. She was controlling it. He thrust into her again.

“Yes, more yes … yes,” her sighs and moans were coming out fast. Her breathing was turning more shallow. “Oh yes.”

Faster. She always did this to him. Never allowing him to take his time to make it last for her. He was under her control. He knew it.

She was beginning to come. Strong spasms rocked her body against his. She felt as though she were flying. Her eyes opened, finding him staring at her. Absorbing her climax.

He felt a burst of cum through him into her. Her muscles squeezing him tightly in climax.

Still coming. His was like molten lava inside of her. Making her shiver as she indulged in it. Liking it inside of her. She sighed softly as the last of her spasms ended.

One more thrust, one more burst and it would be over for him. She was beginning to relax around him.

She tensed feeling one last burst from him.

He was breathing slowly. Catching his breath.

She felt his breath on her neck as she closed her eyes and laid her cheek against his shoulder.

He slid his arms under her, walking her to the steps in the shallow end. She snuggled tightly against him as the night air brushed her bare skin. He walked the deck to her towel. Rubbing it lightly over her skin as she sleepily held onto him for balance. He slipped her arms into his shirt, it hung open to her thighs. He buttoned it enough for her to be covered. Not bothering with the towel he pulled on his khakis. Zipping them, forgoing the button.

Her arms slid around his neck as his arms caught her up against his chest. She yawned and lay against him. Her bag hanging from the crook of his elbow.

She could hear the soft whirring of the elevator as they rode down to their floor. Her eyes stayed closed.

He liked her when she was sleeping. Especially in his arms. She could never be close enough.

He unlocked the door and carried her to the bed. It had been turned down. She slid willing under the covers, turning for a minute from her back to her side then to her other side. Curled into a tight ball.

He folded his pants over the back of the chair, near her bag. Staring at her in his bed.

She felt the bed dip slightly as he slipped in beside her. She uncurled and pressed herself against him, sighing softly as his arms slid automatically around her and his head onto the pillow she lay upon.

“I love you,” he whispered in her hair.

She shifted closer, murmuring back. “I love you too.”


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