Mike , Andrea Ch. 04

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To the readers.

Well it looks like this must be said out loud and clear. This story is going to include bisexuality between both women and men. Now this has to be spoken because one reader objected to the male side of the bisexuality equation. His objection also sighted a statistic that clamed 95% of the population did not find stories, in his words, “going gay” erotic. Further he suggested if I dare to write stories with these themes I have to be ready to, again his words, ‘suffer… flames and low scores. So be it!

Now for a touch of sanity,

While he claims a 95% erotic rejection rate for bisexual and gay stories the reality is much different… The facts are these; The Kinsey Study from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s found that 46% of the male population engaged in both heterosexual and homosexual activities. More recent studies suggest that the percentage of men who engage with men to orgasm is now around 64% of the male population.

While the following quote from Alfredy Kinsey was about men the statement applies to women too…

He wrote: Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats…The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.”

Therefore, I will proudly continue to write stories with characters that engage in same sex activities. My only request is the tolerance an enlighten community should allow. Dear reader it is not my intention to offend. Instead it is to entertain. If I fail you then please remove my name from your favorite writer lists. I will respect your decisions please allow me the same courtesy and creativity due any artist.

Thank You.


Chapter IV — Work First, Then Lunch

“Oh no you don’t get to cum tonight. Come back tomorrow around 10. I have a job for you before we meet Eric… A job you’re going to love and don’t you dare show up if you get yourself off tonight.”

Those words kept echoing through Mike’s head as he made his way back to Andrea’s place the next morning. With a knock he unlocked the door and let himself in calling out to Andrea.

“I’m here.”

Standing silently he wait for a reply but when he heard nothing he wandered back towards her bedroom and as he got close he heard her shower running. Popping the bathroom door open he called out again.

“I’m here.” And began to strip so he could join Andrea.

Knowing Mike well she smirked to herself watching him from behind the frosted glass of the shower. He was just a mass of color and movement but it was clear from the appearance of all the flesh tones he was getting naked. She waited until he was completely undressed and then wickedly shouted over the sound of the shower.

“You don’t think your joining me in here do you? Now be a good boy hand me a towel and wait for me in the other room. None of what’s in here is yours until after… Eric.”

Mike’s mind spun between denial and arousal. Andrea had never chased him away like this before and the let down was acute. In the same breath she also reminded him that this lunch was his idea. From their first moments together he had exposed one of his deepest fantasies, his desire to see a lover with another guy. When he told Andrea of the fantasy he had expected her to cast him away as the dirty pervert he thought he was. Instead his fantasy had aroused her. So today was the day she was meeting their first candidate for the job… Eric. The mix of worry and lust was also acute.

Confusion rained around him as he sheepishly grabbed his clothes and headed into her bedroom to wait for her to finish. Grumbling as he redressed he looked up and realized Andrea’s outfit for today was laid out over her bed. Curious he wandered over to see what she was wearing.

A bra? She hardly ever wore a bra. From the first time he saw her she was braless and that remained one of her constants. He quickly learned that she loved showing her boobs and really got off on how her nipples would pop up and become visible under the tissue thin tees she liked to wear. Sure enough there was a tissue top right beside the bra. The bra thing was something new and a bit spicy. Mike couldn’t help but wonder if she was wearing that for him or for Eric. That thought hit Mike right in his groin. He felt his cock warm and shift.

Right beside the bra was a matching set of panties in the same pretty open lace weave and a pair of her too tiny shorts. Andrea was slim but seeing those shorts laying there it amazed him that she could slither into them. He began to visualize how her bottom would look in those but his distracted mind kept going back to the bra. Something about it nagged at the back of his mind and with a shift of his head he realized that the damn thing it looked too small to cover her breasts. He wasn’t an expert on those things but really??? Andrea’s tits weren’t big but still that small amount of fabric couldn’t possibly cover them. Then canlı bahis it hit him like a focused electric discharge. That bra was designed to cup only the bottom half of her breast leaving her nipples exposed. And all during lunch he’d know she was wearing that sexy thing and that it didn’t cover her nipples. What a fucking amazing turn on.

“It’s called a demi half-cup.” Andrea said as she entered the room pulling a brush through her strawberry hair.

Mike’s preoccupation with her bra instantly forgotten as he turned her way,

“Oh my god you’ve shaved your pussy.”

“Yeah, I know silly so what do you think?” she asked as she threw her arms into the air and did a little twirl for him.

“It’s hot and you look completely delicious.”

Mike took a few steps towards her and the look in his eyes told her all she needed to know.

“Ah Ah, Ah cowboy slow down remember you’ve a job to do.”

Shut down again!! Disappointment, flooded over Mike but her next words lit every single burner in his body.

“You’re here to make sure my shave job is perfect for Eric. You’re going to run your hands all over my pussy to make sure I haven’t missed a spot. After all I have to be nice and smooth for him.”

She was looking forward to this every bit as much as Mike and thrilled watching how her words hammered him. His kink had aroused her from his first embarrassed confessions of what turned him on. Using what she knew she decided to tease him mercilessly knowing it was going to drive him nuts. She planned to love every second of this wicked foreplay.

Taking a dry towel she laid it on the bed smoothing it out and planted her butt on it. She shot Mike a smoldering look then laid back and spread her legs. Mike’s hungered gaze heated her insides and she felt her sex moisten.

Following her directions he retrieved an electric groomer from the cupboard along with a tin of honey powder and a large soft brush. Over the next seconds Mike carefully coated the area she had shaved with a light dusting of the powder and then almost shaking began to run his hand over her nether region. With a quick admonishment she reminded him this wasn’t his playtime but instead it was the last bit of his punishment for making the lunch date without asking her first.

His hands slid gently over the area around her mons, the last resting spot of her missing pubes and almost at once found a tiny rough patch. He mimicked how he pulled his cheek tight while shaving and did the same to the warm flesh around the rough spot. Mike’s body quaked, his cock rigid in his pants and his desire off the charts for this woman but he also did his best to play his role. Carefully, very carefully he turned the razor on and went over that patch then rechecked it again. The honey powder did its job by protecting and providing a dry slick buffer between the razors’ humming blades and her luscious skin. It turned out this was a very enjoyable job and he continued his clinical exploration of her sex finding and smoothing out rough sections here and there.

He took his time with the task and at the same time became more familiar with his lover. Caressing her pussy sensually instead of sexually was a new wild first for him. He ran his fingers and palm over her closed slit, let his fingers trace and test the area between her sex and legs. He’d press or stroke this spot or that. He’d shift or raise a leg letting it rest on his shoulder as he inspected. The trouble was in this position he was looking right into her cleft. Taking liberty and on the pretext of checking for those rough spots her reached out and pulled her pussy slightly open running his fingers over the pink area his motions exposed.

Andrea enjoyed this gentle touching and massage. Never before had a guy touched her there in such a sustained, caressing, manner without trying to engage her in sex. This was it’s own unique sensual pleasure. Hell she had never spent this much exploring her own body this way and she loved it.

Mike did his best to keep the moment from becoming overtly sexual but his insides were on fire. He brought up his other hand and pulled the lips on her other side open. He had her pussy wide right in front of his eyes. Every other time he’d been here he had dove right into her with either his mouth, fingers or cock. Now he just held her open as he languidly tracked the defined lips of her labia. He wasn’t in any hurry and gazed at how those lips softly outlined her opening. Following the line with his finger he traced its way up as those lips merged with the cover to her clit.

Suddenly, he thought all men should have a chance to do something like this. They’d be better lovers for it. The tip of his finger tested the soft compliance of the clit’s hood. This wasn’t sex it was something more and learning he rolled her clit as it remained captured within its hood. He teased it one way then the other testing its range of motion. Running over the top he traced his finger along the upper edge of the hood bahis siteleri feeling the root of her clit. It had perhaps a half-inch shaft buried deep. That too, he gently, pushed at registering its stiff resistance.

Still curious he looked up at Andrea noting she was lying there calm and breathing evenly. He looked to her nipples to see how aroused she was and found them slightly puffed. Then while watching her face and boobs he pushed the hood away from her clit. She arched slightly and let out a soft moan.

The nub of her clit shyly appeared pink and shiny. Using two fingers to push the hood down he did his best to expose more of her clit. This way he could expose quite a bit of it. The more he looked the more it reminded him of a slim tiny penis. More than anything he wanted to lean in lick and suck it but now wasn’t the right time. Instead he released the hood he was holding back and watched as it covered all but the tip of her clit a very attractive image.

Unable to keep himself from it he did give it one gentle parting lick and felt Andrea stir at his touch. Before she could shoo him away he pulled back on his own and lifted his hands from her releasing the lips he had prized open.

This whole morning an exotic adventure and as those lips closed he noticed one other thing. She was soaking wet. That changed everything a split second before it was sensual now it was sexual and he wanted to take her. If they only had the time.

He tried to gain control of himself but failed miserably when Andrea rolled over and in a breathy whisper said.

“Hold on you’re not done yet. You haven’t checked my ass to see if it’s smooth too.”

Mike visibly twitched at those words as they reminded him that this whole afternoon was his idea. He was the one who invited Eric to lunch hoping he’d be the one he’d watch Andrea have sex with. Raw passion burned through his veins looking down and seeing her holding her bottom in the air for his inspection. It took all the control he could muster not to take her right there. Now on the knife’s edge he traveled his hands over her the cheeks of her ass prying them apart as his thumbs ran the edges of her butt hole checking. His insides rocketed him to higher levels and forgetting his task he used his thumbs to pull her little rosebud open. He had yet to fuck her here but she was asking him to check it for Eric. Was she going to let him fuck her there?

His last thought as he slapped her bottom a bit too hard was… “Wow I’d like to see that.”

If he didn’t move away from her now they would never make the lunch.

In a passioned yet controlled tone he left her room saying.

“You better get dressed. It’s almost time to leave.”

She watched him retreat wondering if she had tortured him too much. If her state of arousal was a barometer of his mood then yes she might have pushed him too far. This was a learning experience for her too and she wanted to recreate this whole feeling with him again but this time with a happy ending for both of ’em.

She dressed and seconds later took him by the arm as they left her place.

The two walked clinging to each other in a very good mental place. The mornings “job” and left them highly aroused but it also left them on a plateau where the stresses of the world seem oh so far away. Andrea’s body warmed Mike’s arm one of her nipples pressed to his tricep as the other left a seductive bump in her tee. Stopped at a cross walk they took a moment to kiss and hug waiting for the light to change. Right across this street lay their destination. A trendy little eatery called Alley Noir.

This little college town restaurant used deep shadows to create an intimate secluded spot where lovers could come to hide. Each booth had high backs and was twisted so the views into another booth were restricted. That way the patrons could almost feel as if they dined alone. Walking in Mike and Andrea waited a moment for their eyes to adjust from bright sunlight to the dim shadows.

The hostess looked up as Mike said,

“We have a reservation for three under the name “Mike”

The hostess looked Mike over then Andrea lingering a fraction too long as her eyes traveled over Andrea’s breast. Her eyebrows actually pumped then gaining her composure she said in her best hostess voice.

“Welcome my name is Helen and oh yes of course your reservation is right here. Is this your first time visiting us?”

The both shook their heads no.

“Very good your friend is already seated and he asked for a booth along the wall. I hope that is Okay?”

Mike and Andrea smiled at each other knowing the true meaning of what she was asking. For the booths along the wall offered the most privacy and were the ones often requested by young lovers. The fact that Eric had requested it pleased both of them.

Nodding their acceptance they followed Helen to their booth. The second Mike and Andrea arrived Eric stood gave Andrea a gentle hug and a chaste kiss on her cheek bahis şirketleri then reached out and shook hands with Mike.

“What a kiss for me and a cold handshake for Mike?” Andrea mischievously teased while looking directly into Eric’s eyes.

Both boys let out a little self-conscious laugh but rising to the challenge Eric gave Mike a shit-eating grin enjoying how her words made Mike squirm. He leaned in placing his hands on Mike’s arms and kissed him on the cheek. Then backed away.

Mike blushed openly first at Helen who shaking her head as she turned to leave and then at Andrea and Eric. Now, those two just looked at him and waited. Their expressions saying to Mike what their lips did not.

“Well? What? Do you need an invitation to greet a friend properly?”

The humor and challenge of the moment trapped him and he knew he could not ignore or get out of this spot without giving Eric a kiss on the cheek. Something not too bad was it? After all the French and Italians did this all the time didn’t they? So in a like manner he too placed his hands on Eric’s arms and kissed his cheek.

It wasn’t at all what he expected. Eric had come with a couple days growth of beard giving him a bit of a rugged look. It was with that kiss Mike realized kissing a guy was worlds different that kissing a smooth soft girl. Eric’s cheek was both more muscular and interestingly a bit scratchy too. Plus he had to look up to kiss Eric since he was slightly taller. Mike found these thoughts to be strangely arousing and concerning in the same breath. One thing for sure having Andrea tease him into doing it sent tingles through his body.

Andrea hid it well but seeing her guy kiss Eric sent her blood racing. It was during that kiss she took the time to look Eric over. He was handsome, a bit taller than Mike nicely tan, in the face anyway, and well proportioned, fairly slim and interesting he smelled of vanilla soap. A pleasant homey smell that she found very inviting.

Eric had already checked out both Andrea and Mike. Noting of course her easy grace and casual approach to her obvious exhibitionism. His eyes caught and followed the seductive bounce of her nipples as she approached the booth. Then her teasing Mike into kissing his cheek wasn’t lost on him nor was her response to that kiss.

As for Mike he had checked him out many times before. Once or twice at the beginning of the semester and then quite often after he had caught Andrea and Mike naked and screwing behind the hedge surrounding the ‘Ol Professor Olive tree. He still remembered how boldly Mike had turned to the window he was watching from and showed off his body. With a little shiver he also visualized how sexy Mike’s cock was. The time he had seen it, it was hard, upright, with a sweet sexy banana curve, it’s full soft mushroom head, pale compared to Mike’s tanned chest and legs.

That image reminded him Andrea was there too and naked. Cocking his head he glanced at her comparing that memory to the gal who stood in front of him. Pulled out of his sudden reverie he turned towards Mike catching him asking.

“So how do we sit?

“Well mostly we start bending at the knees until we’re close to falling backwards and then if we planned well our butts will collide with a bench or cushion.” Eric added smartly.

“Duh, very funny.” Mike said as Andrea giggled musically.

“I meant”

Mike tried to explain but Andrea had already pushed Eric into the booth. Following him she reached out taking Mike’s hand and pulling him in behind her. Andrea managed to seat herself between Mike and Eric. The table a hemisphere so each of them could see and talk to each other without being obscured.

With a sultry smile she looked at her lover sitting on her right side leaned in and gave him a big kiss. Then she turned to Eric noting that he looked nice, had a great sense of humor and felt her attraction for the man peak. Eric would be the perfect partner for both her and Mike

Her head spun with the possibilities. She warmed thinking about the boy’s kiss and stretched towards Eric. He reached out rested his hand on the exposed flesh of her leg as she kissed his lips for the first time. Glancing up she was overwhelmed by the startling blue of his eyes losing herself to the obvious wanton desire they displayed.

Mike watched the kiss trying to keep his balance because his heart seemed to stop working. He held his breath, his head felt dizzy and reason had departed from this world. This was better than anything he had dreamt of in his wildest fantasies. Not wanting to break the mood or interrupt them he tried to melt into the high backs of the booth. He thrilled seeing the line of Andrea’s neck stretch upwards as Eric’s hand reached into her hair.

Eric soon lost himself in Andrea’s kiss and when his hand slipped into the thick sumptuous waves of her strawberry hair he used the lightest of touches to steer her kiss. His fingers stretched out letting the strands of her hair run between them and with the middle of just one finger he touched it to the nape of her neck. The touch electric, her skin contracted and turned into a mass of goose bumps as her head tilted allowing their kiss to deepen.

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