Miss You

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I stared miserably at the screen, not watching the DVR’d program I had playing. Instead my mind was on Courtney. The tall blonde beauty who I had done everything in my power to keep as my girlfriend, but who had broken up with me anyway. “You’re sweet and gentle and caring and kind, Jimmy. But I don’t want to settle. I want my life to be exciting.”

There wasn’t anything I could say to that. My life was stable (a 40-hour-a week job, a small apartment that the landlord said I could live in as long as I was alive and had money to pay the rent, enough money for food and TV and cable/internet) but certainly not “exciting” by any means.

My phone buzzed. It was Courtney, texting me.

“Jimmy, I miss the way you make love to me. I don’t want to get back together, but I want you to come over to my apartment at 7 p.m. on Saturday for a strictly physical bedroom session. Don’t bring your hopes and emotions with you, just your dick.”

Courtney definitely had a hot body. I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to fuck her.


“K. C U then.”

I put my phone away and turned off the DVR’d program I hadn’t been watching.


It was 6:58 p.m. on Saturday. I rang Courtney’s doorbell.

She opened it dressed in only a robe. “Get your dick in here, Jimmy.” She pulled me inside, locked the door behind her, and practically dragged me to the bedroom. I hastily stripped and climbed onto the bed. Courtney had pulled off her robe and was already lying naked on the bed, one hand rubbing her firm C-cup breasts and the other teasing her slit.

“I haven’t gotten laid since we broke up.”

“You canlı bahis mean since you broke up with me. I certainly didn’t -“

“What did I tell you about feelings? Anyway, I did get one guy in here, but as soon as I told him my deal-breaker was that I had to have total control, he told me to go fuck myself. So I gave him one minute to get dressed, threw him out the front door, locked it behind me, went back to the bedroom and broke out my vibrating dildo. Then I did exactly what he suggested and fucked myself.”

I ran my eyes over Courtney’s long, muscular legs, perfectly toned stomach, firm breasts, and stunning face. Her lips were curled in a half-smile. “You always were a sexy and sex-craved vixen.”

“Enough talking, Jimmy,” Courtney chuckled. “Let’s get on with the fucking.”

With that, she placed her hands on my chest – I was already lying on my back, so she didn’t have to adjust that – and lifted her body upwards, positioning herself over me. She lowered her head and seized my lips with hers in a crushing kiss. I opened my mouth and let her tongue inside. She twined tongues with me and then jammed hers halfway down my throat as I struggled for air.

When she broke the kiss, I gulped in oxygen as she pinned my wrists to the bed. She lowered her chest to my mouth and I obediently suckled her nipple. She made me switch back and forth between her nipples a few times.

“Good boy, Jimmy.”

“You know I can’t resist you, Courtney.”

“I like that you make no attempt to do so.”

Courtney swung her body around and lowered her slit to my face. I ran my tongue along it, tasting her honey.

“Mmmmm. bahis siteleri Very sweet.”

Courtney pressed her body downwards, and my tongue slipped inside her. I swirled it around, exploring every crevice of her folds, trying to collect every drop of her nectar. She moaned appreciatively.

Her hand reached down to my cock and began stroking me. My own body shivered as she slipped her other hand to my balls and teased them gently with her long, sharp fingernails.

I sped the motions of my tongue, driving it deeper inside my gorgeous ex. She quivered with delight. Her hands continued to stimulate my cock and balls. Then her legs locked in place around my skull, and I nearly blacked out as she tightened her grip. Thankfully, they relaxed when she squirted her ambrosia into my mouth and onto my face.

“Good. And you’re ready.”

Courtney swung around again, this time impaling her dripping box on my pole. I panted with desire as she squeezed me with her internal muscles.

“Ready is an understatement. You’re magnificent.”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Courtney emphasized this by pressing her hands firmly on my chest and sliding herself up and down on my hard pole. I moved my hips in the same rhythm as she was moving her own.

She again leaned forward to kiss me, and our tongues twined again, this time swirling around each other’s mouths at the same pace as Courtney bounced on my cock.

When she broke the kiss, she let me have a few seconds to gulp in air before thrusting her marvelous chest at me. Her first climax came as I took a nipple in my mouth, but she didn’t so much as slow down. bahis şirketleri

“You feel good inside me.” She started squeezing my pole on every downstroke, as if she was trying to milk the cum out of my balls. I reflected that she’d had her five-year shot just two months before, so there was no reason for her not to drain me.

That was the last coherent thought I had for a while, as Courtney sped up her rhythm and locked her perfect legs around my hips, virtually immobilizing me. I just lay back and let the waves of pleasure buffet me as Courtney climaxed a second time, then a third.

“You know what I want. Give me every drop of your cum. Make no attempt to hold back.”

“Yes, dear.” My voice was muffled by her nipple in my mouth.

“Good boy.”

Courtney moved even faster. I was surprised smoke wasn’t rising from her pussy. Her milking on each downstroke grew more powerful and insistent. And when she climaxed yet again, this time my cum burst forth. I shot jet after jet into her thirsting box.

When I finally finished, Courtney collapsed onto me momentarily, both of us trying to recover from the violent climax. I was as spent as she was.

After we recovered enough to move and speak again, Courtney climbed off me and lay next to me in the bed. I started to reach for her, wanting to hold her and cuddle her. She shoved me away.

“Get dressed and get out. No feelings! I warned you not to bring those! And I’ll expect you here every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 to function only as my cum-producer.”

She knew me well enough to know I couldn’t turn her down.

“All right, Courtney.”

“Well, don’t look like you just swallowed a lemon, Jimmy. You get to be fucked twice a week by a hot babe. Most men would kill for that chance.”

I had finished dressing. I sighed. “See you Wednesday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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