Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 – Agreeing to Strip Naked

“So, how do we go about me striping naked for you?”

She looked at him and he couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited. Always so hard to read, in the way of a sexual Dexter, instead of a murderous one, she was a magician at hiding her feelings from him. Her lack of emotions made him wonder, if she had been sexually abused by her father. Always so unemotional, even when, especially when, she found his collection of incestuous short stories about her, he wondered if her real feelings about anything had been severed so long ago.

Only, not wanting to ruin seeing her naked by upsetting her in bringing up her past, not wanting to run the risk of her changing her mind of not stripping off her clothes, he didn’t dare ask her about her father. Maybe, once she was naked, maybe, after they had sex, if that was ever to happen, when lying in bed sharing the afterglow of mutual orgasms, he’d ask if her father is his father, too, but not now. He didn’t want to ruin his excitement of seeing his mother naked.

When she agreed to remove her clothes in front of him and parade around him naked, he wondered how she could still have her look of innocence on her face. About to turn her into an incestuous slut, someone who lived in a trailer in a trailer park, instead of a nice house in suburbia, she was still his mother. Even though he had talked her into stripping naked, the fact that he was her son, this prelude to incest not only soured his stomach but also hardened his cock.

He looked at her with excited nervousness, as if he was asking her, when he could open his Christmas gifts. By all measures, unwrapping his mother of her clothes, her naked body just may be the best gift that she’s ever given him. As excited over the arrival of Santa Claus, he was even more excited by the anticipation of his mother showing him her tits, her ass, and her pussy. Still, it bothered him that his mother was no longer as troubled over getting naked, as he was still excited about seeing her naked.

Being that it was so easy, too easy, to get her to agree to strip off her clothes, he couldn’t help himself from being suspicious. Was this whole thing a ruse? Maybe she knew he wrote erotic, incestuous stories about her. Maybe she knew how to access his computer and read his stories. Maybe she knew he hid his book of stories beneath his mattress. Whatever the game, her or his, the fact that he was finally going to see his mother canlı bahis naked was all that matter to him now.

“Well, in the same way they do a nude scene in the movies in Hollywood, I imagine,” she said. “We begin with flowers, soft lighting, candles perhaps, soothingly relaxing, romantic music, and lots of wine,” she said with a laugh. “Especially the wine. We can’t forget the wine,” she said laughing again.

“Being that you’re my movie star, I’d rather see you in bright lights,” he said imagining seeing the sexual splendor of every little detail of his mother’s naked body in revealing bright lighting.

“Sorry, but it’s enough that I agreed to strip naked and it’s enough that I’d have to be drunk for you to see me naked,” she looked at him and smiled. “I couldn’t get drunk enough for you to see my naked body in bright lights. Candlelight is the best that I can do for you, Jason,” she said with a sexy laugh. “At 39-years-old, I don’t have the body that I used to have. I have a lot of flaws,” she said looking down at herself with a laugh.

“Oh, Mother, don’t be so modest. You have a beautiful body,” he said wanting to run to her, hold her, kiss her, and caress her.

“Only, now that I think more about stripping naked, I do have one condition,” she said putting a fingertip to her lips with a sly look.

“You name it, Mom. Anything,” said Jason. So excited that his mother just agreed to strip naked and show him her naked body, he’d willingly agree to any condition she had from doing his own laundry to cleaning the whole house. “I’m at your disposal. Your whim is my pleasure. As you servant, your desire is my–“

“Don’t be so cocky, Jason. I haven’t told you my condition, yet.”

“Okay, I’m listening. What is it?”

As if they were about to embark on a date, Jason figured she wanted him to treat her to Chinese food, or to a movie first. He tried thinking of all the new movie releases, while wondering they should go see. Perhaps, instead of Chinese food and a movie or in addition to Chinese food and a movie, she wants him to pay for the alcohol that she needed to remove her clothes. No matter what it was, whatever it was, he didn’t care what the condition was, so long as he saw his MILF of a mother naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn’t believe he was going to see his mother naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn’t wait to see his mother naked.

“If I’m going through the embarrassment of posing naked for my son to write bahis siteleri his Nude Day story, in the honor of Nude Day, as my condition to strip naked in front of you,” she said looking at him with a victorious, little smile. “You must strip naked in front of me, too,” she said laughing.


It would be one thing to see his mother naked and quite another for his mother to see him naked, too. Something that he could agree to, he couldn’t believe that was her one and only condition.

“It would be less embarrassing for me, if both of us were naked,” she said glancing down at the bulge his cock made in his jeans.

“Oh, my God.”

Not even having the time to wrap his brain around his mother stripping naked, he was on incestuous overload with the thoughts of stripping off his clothes and showing his mother his cock. Cunt for cock. It only seemed fair. If he’d get to see his mother without her clothes, then she should see him naked, too.

“There’s a logical reason to my voyeurism of your nude body,” she said. “Later, should you decide to break your promise and tell someone about me stripping naked for you and embarrassing me, as my way to embarrass you, I’ll tell someone, your future girlfriend, future wife, and/or future mother-in-law, perhaps, that you stripped naked for me, too.” She looked at him, as if waiting for him to respond. “Think of my condition as my way to guarantee your discretion, my reputation, and my honor.”

He liked that his mother was using her reputation and honor as her ploy to see him naked. Even though he’d be sexually excited, an understatement, even though he’d, no doubt, have an erection, he was more than happy, another understatement, to meet her one condition. She could have asked him for anything and he would have obliged and met her demand, just to see her naked body.

“Oh, my God, Mother, I never figured you for extortion, but I like it,” he said with a laugh. “Having me strip naked, too, is quite a condition but one that gives me a bit of insight in what I’m asking you to do. Just as you’ll be embarrassed stripping naked for me, I’ll be embarrassed being naked in front of you, too,” he said, while thinking just the opposite and how excited he’d be to strip naked in front of his mother. “It’s only fair that if I’m seeing you naked that you see me naked, too.” As if she was already sitting there naked, he looked at her and smiled. “Okay, so long as we’re both respectful of one another’s naked bahis şirketleri bodies, I agree to your condition.”

“Good,” she said leaning forward with her hands on her knees. “My nude posing has suddenly turned into a Nude Day naked celebration. If my girlfriends only knew that I was about to get naked in front of my son, they’d think that I was the insane one,” she said with a laugh. “Then, again, some of my friends may be envious of me,” she said with another laugh. “Not everyone is as morally modest, as I am, when it comes to nudity, especially nudity in front of their sons. A few of my friends have spoken openly that having sex with their sons is their sexual fantasies.”

“Really,” said Jason. “Which of your friends fantasizes about having sex with their sons?” He ran the list of the faces of her friends through his horny mind.

“Never mind that. Knowing you, you’d be knocking on their door on the pretense of writing an erotic story and wanting to interview them,” she said with a laugh.

Filled with incestuous excitement, thinking about all that just happened, Jason fell silent, while looking at his mother and imagining her nude. Forget about him writing his Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day story, too excited over the prospect of seeing his mother naked and of her seeing him naked, he couldn’t even think about writing a Nude Day story now. Instead, he thought of her friends lusting over their sons. Just as he wondered, if she lusted over him, in the way that their friends lusted over their sons, he wondered, if his mother lusted over him, in the way that he lusted over her.

His sexual fantasy come true, his mother just agreed to strip naked. His mother just agree to allow him to see her naked, beautiful body. He still couldn’t believe it. Moreover, as her one condition for her to strip naked, she wants him to strip naked in front of her, too.

Honestly, if he had made the condition himself, her asking him to strip naked couldn’t be a better condition to make. He couldn’t wait to show her his cock. He couldn’t wait to show her his erection. He wondered, when she was naked, if she’d allow him to touch her. He wondered, when he was naked, if she’d reach out and touch him. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn’t believe that they were both going to be naked soon.

“Only, I’ll need some wine, lots of wine, too, Mom, and don’t be surprised if I have an erection, when I strip off my clothes, after you strip off your clothes,” he said with a nervous laugh, while blushing.

“With your excitement of me seeing you naked, I’d be disappointed, if you didn’t have an erection, when seeing me naked,” she said with a dirty laugh.

To be continued…

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