Mom’s New Job Ch. 05

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As always let me know if you want to see something and I’ll try to work it in. This story contains incest, which is the direction I’m planning to take subsequent works in this series.

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!

I wake up, still tired from work last night. Groping for my phone, I finally find it and check the time. 12:30. I slowly stretch, thinking about the events of the previous night. Images of Mom and I working together fill my mind, creating mixed emotions while I feel my pussy grow wet. I take a shower and think about the previous night. Watching Mom and then when Mom fingered me… I was really turned on… I think, trying to process everything that happened and make sense of it all. Stepping out of the shower, only one thought remains in my head, Mom and I need to confront this.

After I dry myself off and dress in a tee shirt and gym shorts, I make my way to Mom’s room and knock on her door. She calls for me to come inside. Feeling butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I slowly open the door and enter the room. Mom is laying on her bed dressed in a very similar manner as me. Her laptop is open, but facing away from me. Mom quickly closes it and places it on her nightstand.

“Can…” I start to say, feeling the embarrassment burning in my cheeks.

Mom, red with embarrassment as well, immediately cuts me off, as if reading my mind “We need to talk about last night.”

I nod, “That’s why I came in here. I ummm…”

I pause, unsure of how to continue, leaving a very heavy silence in the air. After a minute Mom says, “I want to apologize about everything. I had no idea Stella would make us do that to each other and I was really turned on… I’m your mother and that’s not an excuse…” Mom trails off before giving a loud, uncertain sigh. There is another pause, while we both try to figure out what to say next. Mom looks down at my feet, clearly ashamed of how she acted.

“I didn’t mind that much.” I quickly and quietly say, feeling my face burning and the butterflies in my stomach renewing their fluttering.

Mom looks up at me, looking slightly less ashamed, “What was that?”

I almost choke on the words as they come out, feeling more uncertain than ever, “I didn’t mind it that much.” I say loud enough for Mom to hear.

Mom gets a strange expression on her face, not one of anger, but a mix of emotions. “Me either… Can I be honest with you?” Mom ask, almost sounding nervous.

“At this point I think we both should be.” I answer.

Mom nods, “Watching Stella eat you out and her fucking you with the strap on… that made me really wet.”

I let out a nervous laugh, “And making me cum didn’t?”

Mom gives me a small smile, “It did…”

I sigh, “Watching you and Stella really turned me on too. Does that make us fucked up or something?”

Mom is silent for a second thinking, “Here’s the thing… in our job this kind of thing is almost certain to happen. Amy warned me about that before you started working there. I was just hoping that… nothing would actually happen between us.”

“And now that it has?” I ask, almost feeling too nervous to ask.

Mom looks me up and down, “That’s just something the two of us need to work through.”

“How would you say we do that? Just pretend nothing ever happened?” I ask.

Mom shakes her head, “That would only make the problem worse I think. Look… maybe we should try to…” Mom struggles to find the words she wants. “Watch porn or something together…”

I let out a nervous laugh, “And what would that accomplish?”

Mom shrugs, “Well there’s a lot of incest porn online. Maybe find some mother daughter stuff and just see what happens?”

I resist the urge to roll my eyes, “If you think that would help.” I say, fighting to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

Mom sighs, “It’s the only thing I can think of. Now we doing this or what?” She asks as she opens her laptop and looks at me.

I climb onto the bed next to her and sit on top of her covers while Mom begins to type into her laptop. A few clicks later, she is on a porn website, she then clicks on the search bar and types Mother daughter sex.

I can’t believe I’m about to watch incest porn with my mother! I think, despite the fact that I am beginning to feel a slight dampness in between my thighs. Mom clicks the first video titled Mother and Daughter share a cock. Mom presses full screen before making the video play. The scene starts with the ‘mom’ and her ‘daughter’ talking about what the daughter has done with her boyfriend. The mom then begins to touch the daughter and in no time the two of them are passionately kissing on a couch. The two of them begin to undress avcılar rus escort each other, making sure to spend plenty of time playing with each other’s ample breasts.

I roll my eyes at the shitty acting and then turn to look at Mom. She notices me looking and pauses the video. She asks, “Answer honestly… how does this make you feel?”

The dampness between my legs has grown, so I honestly answer, “I’m a bit turned on right now…” I feel the redness of embarrassment come to my cheeks as I answer.

Mom nods as if this is what she was expecting me to say. She pulls her hand out from under her blanket and her index, middle and ring fingers are all coated with a layer of her fluids. “As you can probably tell…” Mom starts to say, her face turning slightly red.

I cut mom off, “Look… it’s pretty clear we’re both enjoying this so maybe… um… we could try masturbating together?”

Mom nods, “That might help. How do you do it?”

“Either my fingers or I have a small vibrator.” I answer.

Mom raises an eyebrow, “Just one toy? When I was your age… Well that doesn’t really matter. I have a fair amount.” Mom gets out of bed, revealing she is wearing a pair of shorts that allow her ass to hang out of the bottom slightly. It sways side to side as we cross her room and go into her closet. Mom opens a moderately sized box and I gasp. Inside are five toys, a clear double headed dildo about 2.5 inches wide and 18 inches long, two blue dildos, each one 2 inches wide and 8 inches long and two red dildos, each 9 inches long and 2.5 inches across. Also inside is a partially empty bottle of lube.

Mom picks up the whole box and brings it out into the main bedroom, “I’ll let you have first pick.” She says, stepping back. I bend over and reach for one of the blue dildos and before I can stand, I feel a hand slap my ass. I straighten up, holding the dildo and see Mom has already stripped naked, her large breasts bouncing up and down as she steps toward the box. I look down her body, and see that her pussy is dripping fluids onto her inner thighs. Damn… she wasn’t kidding about being horny I think.

I watch as Mom bends over looking into the box. Her bending over spreads her ass slightly, allowing me to see her pussy mound better than before. I try to tear my eyes away from the forbidden sight. I feel my own pussy become wet at the sight of Mom’s naked body.

Mom straightens up and turns around, holding the other blue dildo. She frowns at me. “Something wrong?” I ask.

“Need help taking off your clothes?” Mom asks me sarcastically.

I scowl at her and pull my shirt over my head, while I feel her pull my panties and shorts down with one quick motion. Wearing only my bra, I look at Mom, feeling more nervous and excited with each second as I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I step out of my clothes and climb up on the bed, spreading my legs. Mom climbs up too, taking her place next to me, putting her one thigh over my own.

I shudder at the contact and look over at Mom who gives me a small smile and grabs my one arm holding my dildo and guides it to my pussy. Before I can say something, Mom gives my hand a small push and the tip of the toy slips inside me. I feel the room temperature part my pussy lips and I let out a soft moan as the toy becomes coated in my juices. I begin to gently slide the toy in and out of my pussy, slowly, enjoying the sensation of being filled over and over again. I moan softly as I play with myself.

While I slowly work my pussy, I look over at Mom, who has taken a much different approach. She furiously works her pussy, pounding the dildo in and out of herself, grunting and breathing heavily as she does so. The motion of her arms causes her breasts to wildly flop around and her pussy makes a wet slurping noise each time she pulls the toy out of herself.

Just watching her makes me even wetter. I begin to pick up speed, thrusting the dildo in and out of my pussy fairly rapidly, but not as fast as Mom. Mom gasps loudly as she begins to cum, causing me to stop working my own pussy. Mom thrusts the dildo about 6 inches deep inside her and holds it there, eyes closed and her mouth hanging slightly open. I feel her toes curl up against my feet. Enjoying the view, I feel my juices begin to flow from the sight of Mom cumming. Mom’s orgasm is short and she opens her eyes and sees me watching.

We both blush and before I can turn away, Mom gives me a small smile, “Enjoying the view?” She asks, noting how my dildo is slowly dripping my juices onto the bed, only about half of it inside me.

“Well it’s not every day I watch you cum…” I say.

Mom smiles, “I could say the same. How are you liking this?”

I shrug, gently pulling my dildo from my pussy avcılar türbanlı escort and cleaning my juices off of it with my mouth. Mom smiles at me, “Well maybe I can help you like this a bit more…” She sinks her dildo to the base inside her pussy before pulling it out. It is covered with her juices and cum, some of which drip off of the base of the toy and flow down her fingers. Mom then shifts to between my legs and moves close to my pussy. I try to get used to the feeling of being so intimate with her, but I have a hard time coming to terms with it. Mom moves her mouth over my mound and gives it a lick, letting her tongue sink between my outer lips. I shudder as I feel her tongue enter me.

Just as quickly as it entered me, Mom pulls it out, enjoying the taste of my flowing juices. Before I can protest, Mom takes her dripping dildo and pushes it inside me, causing me to groan. I look down my body as Mom begins to slide it in and out of me, some of her cum coating my outer lips as it slops off of the dildo. I feel an orgasm brewing as Mom works my pussy with the toy, picking up speed. As the dildo slides in and out of me faster and faster, my moans become louder and my breathing heavier.

As I near orgasm, Mom begins to rub my clit, pushing me over the edge. I throw my head back as I cum, my pussy clamping down on the already wet dildo buried inside me. I feel Mom’s one hand continuing to gently play with my clit while her other hand begins to fondle my breasts.

As my orgasm subsides, I pick my head up and open my eyes, seeing Mom’s hands exploring my breasts and pussy causes a mixture of emotions, but the strongest emotion is arousal. Mom slowly slides the dildo out of me, it dripping some of my cum off on my lips and the bed. Mom puts it in her mouth, sucking it clean while I catch my breath. Beginning to control my breathing I sigh, “That was amazing!”

Mom smiles at me, “I’m glad you liked it. Now I think I have something else we should try…” She says, sliding off the side of the bed and going back to her box of toys.

“Sure. I don’t see why not.” I reply, actually beginning to enjoy Mom and I playing together. Mom smiles at my answer and turns her back to me, bending over at the waist, giving me another peek at her ass and mound from behind. I move to the edge of the bed, watching her.

After several seconds, Mom straightens back up an asks, “Want to try this out?” She holds up the double headed dildo, about 2.5 inches wide and 18 inches long.

“In what way?” I ask, worrying that she would want to do anal.

“Like this!” Mom says, getting back up on the bed and getting on her knees. I take the hint at what she’s about to do and get on my hands and knees. “That’s it Jess.” Mom says, slipping the tip into my drooling pussy. I let out a soft sigh as I take a small portion of the toy. Mom then puts the other head inside her pussy, letting out a low groan as she does so. Looking back at me, Mom begins to grind on the dildo, slowly taking more of it inside her. I begin to do the same, trying to fuck the other end of the dildo. It is slow progress, but soon, the two of us both have most of it in our pussies unable to take any more of it.

Mom begins to grind her ass against mine, moving the dildo around inside me, making me moan in pleasure as I feel it brush against my g-spot. Fuck… this is hot… I think, beginning to enjoy the sensation of Mom’s ass rubbing against mine while the flexible dildo slides in and out of me slightly and rubs against my g-spot over and over again. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I squeak, feeling another orgasm building.

I use one of my hands to rub my clit while the dildo fills me and almost instantly, I feel myself get pushed over the edge. My arms give out and I collapse face down onto the bed, grabbing the blanket in both of my fists. I feel my toes curl up as my pussy squeezes the dildo inside of me. I feel my hot cum drool off of the toy and begin to drip down the back of my thighs and off of my mound. Mom once again begins to grind on my, rubbing my cum onto both of our thighs, adding to the sensual experience.

I recover from my orgasm and push myself up onto my hands, just as Mom is nearing orgasm. “Can you rub… my clit?” Mom asks, almost begging. I don’t answer instead reaching down my body, past my own drooling pussy and the equally messy toy to Mom’s wet pussy. I begin to rub her engorged clit, slowly and awkwardly at first. However, I quickly get used to it and begin to pick up speed, the juices and cum from Mom’s pussy and the double headed dildo covering my hand.

Several seconds pass, and finally with a loud moan, Mom cums. She stops grinding on me and just enjoys her orgasm, this one seeming much louder and more intense than her previous one. While she avcılar ucuz escort cums, I continue to slowly work her clit, feeling some of her cum rub off onto my hand under her.

After Mom recovers a second later, she slides the dildo out of herself with a wet slurp from her pussy and a soft sigh from her mouth. I then feel Mom pull the toy from me, with a very similar wet slurp coming from my pussy. Mom then lays back on the bed, dropping the cum covered toy next to her, “Are you liking this?” Mom asks tentatively.

I smile and nod, “I’m so horny right now!”

Mom smiles and spreads her legs, then come let me feel how wet you are.” I position my pussy in front of hers’ with only an inch or so of room between us. Both Mom and I are sweaty and our well stimulated vagina’s drip cum and fluids. Without giving me a chance to prepare, Mom slides forward, causing our mounds to touch. This new and forbidden feeling causes a shudder to run through my body.

I can’t believe this is happening! I think through the intense feelings of pleasure. Mom pulls away from me and gives me a small teasing smile before gently putting a hand between my breasts and pushing me back on the bed. I lay back, making sure to spread my legs, while Mom straddles me head, before lowering her mouth to my mound. I let out a groan as I feel her spread my lips and give my slit a tentative lick, before Mom begins to work my mound with her tongue, making sure to taste my juices.

I look up at Mom’s drooling vagina and give it a tentative lick. I shudder at the thought of pleasuring my own Mom, but find a dark pleasure in doing so. I begin to lap at Mom’s pussy, enjoying the taste of her forbidden juices as she enjoys mine. I then begin to slip my tongue inside of her pussy, making sure to work it around inside her. Mom bucks her hips, clearly enjoying the feeling.

Soon the room is full of the sound of Mom and I slurping at each other, with the occasional groan and moan mixed in. I feel Mom’s pussy begin to grow wet as she nears orgasm. As she gets closer to cumming, she sits up straight and begins to rub her clit. A second later, she pushes herself over the edge with my tongue still on her mound. She lets out a loud groan and almost instantly, I can taste her cum. It tastes very good, and I enjoy the warm feeling on my tongue. Some of it drips out of my mouth and down my lips, to my chin.

Mom recovers from her orgasm, and stands up away from my face. As she catches her breath, Mom says, “Wow… that was intense!”

I smile, “I’m glad you liked it.”

Mom motions to the pillows at the head of the bed, “Lean back against these. I owe you.”

I smile, actually looking forward to letting Mom play with me. I do as she instructs, laying back and spreading my legs. Mom crawls between them and lowers her mouth to my pussy. She begins to lap greedily at me, while also using her fingers to rub my engorged clit. I moan loudly in pleasure, feeling my own orgasm growing.

Mom pulls her mouth away from me and begins to finger me, sliding three of her fingers in and out of me very quickly. I groan, not expecting this, but after a minute, it makes me cum. I close my eyes and feel Mom pull her fingers out of me. This is one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced. My pussy squeezes and contracts, as my own warm, white cum begins to leak out of my entrance. As I shudder in pleasure, I feel Mom’s tongue lap up my cum as it drools out of me.

Breathing heavily, I sit up and open my eyes. I see Mom meeting my gaze as she pulls her head away from in between my legs. She smiles as some of my cum rolls off of her chin onto her breasts.

“Well? How was that?” Mom asks.

“Really good! You really got some practice at work.” I answer with a smile.

Mom laughs, “Well it’s pretty obvious that you have too. Did you… um… enjoy this?”

Rather than give her a verbal answer, I lean forward and lick the cum that dripped onto her breasts. It had fallen in between them, so I fondle them as I lick it up, Mom letting out a soft sigh.

“I’ll assume that’s a yes!” She laughs. I pull away and smile at her, excited and nervous about everything that’s happened in the past hour.

“So what now?” I ask.

Mom sighs, “We can tell Amy and see what happens but for now, let’s just enjoy this time together. Mom and daughter bonding time.”

I nod as Mom lays down on the bed, motioning for me to do the same right next to her. I reply, “I like the sound of that… just the two of us laying here for a little while…”

Mom and I lay facing each other, our breasts pressing into each other and legs intertwining as we talk and simply enjoy the company of the other. Occasionally, one of us feels the other’s wet and slightly sore vagina but for the most part, we just kiss and touch each other’s breasts. Is this wrong? I ask myself, before thinking, No… we both enjoy it so there’s no harm…

Finally, Mom and I both smell like pussy and sweat so we decide to take a bath together. Mom fills up her tub with warm, soapy water and the two of us wash off, enjoying our new relationship and talking about how we will tell Amy.

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