Mom’s Time

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Mark, you have got to get up. I have to get to work and you know I can’t be late today.

Damn, I have her panties around my cock and am jerking hard. I love it when she puts her panties in the bathroom and goes to work in a hurry. I have wanted to fuck my Mom since I was 14 but now that I am 18 all I do is jerk my cock on her panties and wish it was her jerking me.

The door opened and Mom was standing there and she let out a yell, “What are you doing…”

I couldn’t stop and I started cumming and it shot 3 feet in the air and I started moaning “Mom oh Mom” and she just stood there watching me. God I was so embarrassed and I didn’t know what to do but it felt so good to have her watching me cum that I just kept on stroking my cock.

“O’ My God” I am watching my son stroking his cock and calling me. This is not right and it is so bad. I can’t believe this is happening and that I am still watching it. My God his cock is so big, I can’t believe it’s size. My cunt is starting to twitch and get really wet but I know avcılar üniversiteli escort it’s not right to feel this way but my pussy is on fire.

“God, I can’t believe she is still watching me.” I know she is going to kill me for doing this but she is still watching me. My cock is getting harder and she is still watching so I have to go for it.

“Mom, help me please.” I need to talk to you now. I feel so bad and I don’t want you to hate me.

Baby, I don’t hate you. I know how you feel and I love you and want you to know this. Please don’t stop because of me. I know how young boys have needs and I have needs also. “Do it Baby, I want to watch you enjoy yourself.”

God, I want to fuck her so bad and my 9 inch cock it hard as a rock again. What can I do that will make it happen.

She came to the side of the bed and sat down with her legs up and said, “Baby do it some more and hurry, I don’t have much time.”

She spread her legs and pulled her avrupa yakası escort panties to the side and started to slide her finger into her pussy and said, “Baby, jerk it quick, I don’t have much time.”

I couldn’t stand it any more and I pulled her to me and pushed her head down to my cock and shoved it in her mouth.

“No Baby” don’t.” I couldn’t stop and it felt so good and I was finally doing it.

God, his cock was so hard and thick. I know it was wrong but I wanted it so bad. I started sucking on his crown and then he started pushing and I knew what was going to happen. I had never had this size cock in my mouth before but I was going to take this one because it was my beautiful son and I knew he needed it.

I was dying and I was going to cum in my mother’s mouth soon. God, she was taking it all and I never thought it would be my mother’s mouth that was going to do it. I was going over the edge and I screamed, “I’m cumming Mom”, Suck it hard… I blasted her throat bağdat caddesi escort with streams of cum, over and over and she took it all and I almost passed out.

“God, he must have came a pint.” I almost passed out but the hot, sweet cum tasted so good from my boy that I just kept sucking and he moaned and moaned all the time. My pussy was aching and I had 3 fingers deep in me and was finger fucking myself so fast that it was tearing me up.

When he finished I fell back on the bed and tried to catch my breath but he was on me. He pushed my legs up around my shoulders and rammed his still hard cock in me. It felt like a hot steel rod running all the way through my cunt and I loved it. I had never been fucked like this before and I slammed my ass up to meet his every stroke. “Hurry Baby, I am late for work” I told him.

He said, Mom you are going to be late for work a lot from now on.

He was right. We fucked at every available moment. He grabbed me from behind and put his hard 9 inch cock up my ass the next night while his Dad was taking a shower.

“Baby, be careful, he will be out soon”

I don’t care Mom, let him come out and see us because I am going to eat your pussy and fuck your ass anytime I want and you know you love it.

He was right, I do love it and never want it to end.

Hummmmmm… Maybe I can get the three of us together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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