Morning Sex with Tenant Housewife Ch. 07

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In next 15 days things gone like this only. My wife again planned to see her mother. I was Alone again without any women around me.

This gave me and Sujata some more privacy.

One day we are watching tv on my sofa the things moved further.

Sujata’s version of our sexual encounter…

Finally sitting cautiously at the other end of the sofa Jitu watched me, his eyes flicking from my breasts to my thighs before meeting mine.

“You’re as bad as the bellboy,”

I giggled nervously, knowing the next few minutes were so vital to me.

He moved towards me, and wrapping his arm around my shoulder and tucking me against his warm body, started to talk

“Oh Sujata, I love you so much honey. But…I don’t think of you like that Sujata,”

He finished, but his tentative words seemed said more to convince himself more than me.

“You don’t want to love me?” I demanded.

“No sweetie… not like that,” he replied hesitantly, the bulge rising in his robe.

“So why haven’t you…?”


“You used to…” I insisted.

“But I …,” he stammered before I cut him off.

“How come you always get an erection every time I’m around you?”

I continued exposing myself fully to his nervous looks.

“But Sujata,” he protested.

“Yes even now,” I insisted

My hand sliding under his robe and grasping his thick cock.

“Fuck me Jitu, please fuck me,” I cried as I moved on top of him.

Straddling him as he sat, his cock is now leaping upwards as I spread his robe.

“Honey, we can’t,” he moaned, “its wrong sweetie. I don’t want to hurt you Sujata. You have…” he groaned as his arms engulfed me, desperately holding me as he rejected me.

“Bullshit Jitu,”

I said as I moved my lips against his, burying my tongue deep in his mouth.

“If it’s so wrong Jitu,” I finally gasped, “If it’s so unusual, so how come people are sleeping with their sister in laws tonight? How come Jitu, I am even not your own sister in law” I asked, almost yelling now, urging, demanding, stroking him.

“GOD Sujata,” he finally roared.

A primeval sexual scream bursting from his lips as he stood, effortlessly lifting me and then carrying me towards the bedroom.

Watching his eyes as he carried me, I had a moment of fear, as I saw the raw male lust burning deep inside him, unleashed now, and wondered, too late maybe. If I had made a mistake, if we weren’t about to cross some inviolate line.

He pulled my gaping robe off my shoulders as he walked, letting it slip to the floor even before we reached the bed. Throwing me on top of the sheets. I fell back spread-eagled, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. He almost tore his robe as he fumbled urgently to get it off.

Finally he stood naked between my legs, his angry cock now thrusting upward, pulsing in its eagerness to be buried deep in my pink, moist sheathe.

“Jitu!…auch…” I pled.

I was scared now, convinced now it’d never fit, that it would split me. God, it’s double the size as I thought, and even it may hurt me the first time.

He grabbed my rear cheeks and easily lifted me up, carrying me backwards up the bed as he crawled between my legs, his thick organ now bouncing between my thighs as he lowered his lips onto mine.

“Oh Jitu yesssss,” I moaned.

He left my lips and moved his tongue over my chin and down onto an aching nipple, swallowing it as his teeth pulled and stretched it.

“ohhh my god…Jitu,” I screamed.

When I felt first one and then a second finger slip inside me, my hips arching upward in lust.

“Oh Sujata, you feel so good, so perfect,” Jitu groaned.

He pumped his two fingers in and out of me, finally bringing them to his mouth where he tasted his daughter for the first time.

My hand stole to his penis as he inhaled my aroma and tasted my sticky sex, and now fear gone, I grasped him and tried to pull him into my waiting pussy, already open and awash with my juices, urgently needing to canlı bahis be filled, to be impaled.

“Jitu… PLEASE,” I wailed, begging him.

“We have all night honey,”

The strong, confident, sexy Jitu I’d always known now back in control, all need for further artifice on my part now gone, I was finally going to be made love to by the only man I’d ever love.

I didn’t need any more foreplay; I was already shaking in anticipation, moist, lubricated for the penetration I craved. As he ran his hands from my hair down over my breasts, stopping just for a second to tease my already puffy nipples, and then down to my hips and my butt, I stared transfixed at the pole that seemed to rise from between my legs.

Suddenly worried again at its size, I trembled when his hands moved over my ass and pulled my thighs apart, positioning me so his incredibly large cockhead rested lightly against my distended clit.

“You want more?” he whispered to me as I pulled him in close and kissed

“UH…OHGOD…” I moaned softly

“That’s gonna be inside you soon, We can stop any time Sujata,” he told me.

He teased me as I looked it over, wrapping him in my arms and making out with him as he lined his dick up with my pussy and ran it over my cunt lips.

“Beg me for it,” he whispered to me.

“Come on baby. I assume that if you are as innocent as you say that you’ve never begged for cock before, so beg me for it,” he whispered to me again.

He kissed my neck and sucked on my tits. My back arching and legs starting to wrap tightly around him.

“G-give m-me y-your hhhard c-cock…” I whispered, turning him more and more.

“Where do you want me to put it baby?” he teased me again.

“M-my p-pussy. I want your cock in my pussy,deep inside” I whispered again.

He thrust his hips forward and slid his dick into me, feeling the tightness of my pussy after a few thrusts into me.

“Ask and you shall receive. And someone’s about to lose her innocence” he whispered to me as he pushed back inside of me.

“Jitu,ahhhhh…” I moaned as he moved his cock so that it was perfectly aligned with my opening and gently pushed, steadily forcing the head into me.

“JITU,ohhhh…aghhhhhh” I cried again, now convinced he’d never fit, my nether lips stretched wide, seemingly incapable of accepting him. “He’s too big Jitu,” I whimpered as he continued his assault.

“Aaaaaaaahh Jitu,” I groaned as I felt the head pop through, and as I felt my cunt close behind the thick head and tighten on the shaft. He worked slowly now, first feeding me three more inches before retreating, gradually working more of himself into me as I adjusted to him, to his thickness, to his length.

And then he was completely in, bottomed out at the gate to my womb, and then watched as kneeling between my legs, his hands lifting and separating my legs, he started a steady rhythm of long, deep strokes, each stroke igniting a million nerve endings the length of my cunt. He was slamming my pussy and grunting as it slid all the way inside of me.

“FUCK…YES…” I softly hissed.

He started thrusting in and out of me, My tight pussy lips clinging to it and stretching out to give him access to my deepest areas.

“Fuck me…fuck my pussy…Ohhhhh…GOD…I finally feel like a woman…” I purred

“Cum for me Sujata…” he told me.

He kissed me deeply on the lips, calling me by name. He arched my back and pushed my hips back into him. His mouth was going back to my tits and sucking on them as I came for him, painting his dick in my juices.

I could feel my body stretching with each stroke, endlessly opening and closing on him, lubricating him as he pumped, coating the long shaft with my juice, welcoming this alien intruder into my centre.

Faster and faster he fucked, each deep penetration now producing an equal response from my pussy. As he lay on top of me and seized my lips in his, his tongue penetrating me, his hips started to relentlessly move over me, pushing his now throbbing bahis siteleri shaft even deeper.

So this is what a real man is, what sex is, I groaned silently as my first spasm shuddered through my body, as my insides throbbed as they awaited the first burning jet of sperm to flood them. I locked my legs around his back and met every thrust as the feeling crashed through me, the liquid melting at my core.

“OH…GOD…OH…GOD…Ohhhhhh…GOD…OH…GOD…OH…GOD…YES…Cumming…” I purred as I came.

He started picking up the pace of his thrusts.

“Gonna cum Sujata… Want it inside you?” he asked me as he sped up his pace even more.

Being met with nothing but moans I shook my head yes. I squeezed my thighs even tighter, trapping him deep inside of my cunt.

“OH Jitu,” I groaned or maybe screamed as I felt his big penis jerk inside of me, followed by a liquid explosion, then again, and again, each ejaculation met by a pulsing opening in my depths, an acceptance of his seed.

“SUJATA, OH GOD SUJATA, UH…OH…GOD…feels so good…” Jitu moaned softly as he shot his cum into my pussy, spraying it over my cunt walls. I arched my back and pushed my hips back into his, milking every last drop out of him until he finished filling me the last liquid spasm of his cock.

I was sweating, whimpering, trembling when he finally pulled his still semi-hard spear from me, its wet head wearing our orgasmic juices like a proud cloak. I slid down Jitu’s body, unable to resist the urge to taste him, engulfing his cock head hungrily as I milked the last drops of cum from its one eye and testing our combined juice.

“Ohhhh baby, gently,” Jitu ordered, still panting, as one of my hands continued to pump him relentlessly while the other found and squeezed his tightened sack and balls, all the while trying to stuff even more of him into my mouth.

As I gulped him in, he twirled me around and seconds later felt his tongue on my gash, licking, probing, sucking, nibbling, before he finally found my throbbing clitoris, his soft lips instantly restarting the liquid oozing, the prelude to my inevitable orgasm.

I thought I’d go crazy as he worked me, writhing and thrashing on his mouth, and even attempted to lift away from his face before he grasped my butt and pulled me back, holding me spread to his lips, a finger deep in my ass. I could only swallow five or six inches of Jitu but my two hands continued to work him as I sucked him in and soon felt the first twitching of his cock.

I was shouting incoherently as I came, my voice garbled by the fat penis spurting urgently in my mouth, almost gagging on the thick, ropy sauce Jitu continued to pump into me.

“Ohhh god… Jitu,” I finally gasped and with cum oozing from my lips moved up his body and kissed him. I could taste my cunt as our tongues met, as he licked some of his sperm from deep within my mouth.

We finally fell apart and lay for minutes side by side, the silence of the night broken only by our rasping breathing.

“I didn’t know, Jitu,” I finally gasped, “Is it always like that Jitu?”

“Oh sweetie, it’s never been like that before, never, never, never,” he laughed as he turned and pulled me to him.

“You mean I was okay Jitu,” I asked coyly, knowing that we’d always be together.

“Pretty good sweetie,” he allowed, “but maybe we better try it again just to make sure.”

“You mean you can do it agaaaain Jitu?” I asked doubtfully, but even as I teased I grabbed his hard shaft and rolled on top of him. I sat astride him, riding his hard cock, pretending I was in control.

“I think it needs to be sucked back to life baby,” he told me as we made out on the bed, running his cock along my cunt lips again to let me know he wanted to give me some more of it after I revived it for him.

“MMM…I’ll do anything for you if you promise to stick it in me again Jitu…” I whispered as I hit my knees in front of him and wrapped my hands around it, slowly leading it to my mouth and wrapping my lips bahis şirketleri around it as I went to work on it.

“FUCK…you may not have had a dick in you before, but clearly you have sucked a few before now…” he told me as I worked him over, his hands running through my hair as I bobbed my head back and forth on it, my eyes closing as I focused on getting him off.

“Yeah…like that baby…you’re gonna deserve a reward later if you keep sucking it like that…” he told me as I cupped his balls with my hands and dragged my nails along his ball sack, causing him to jump a little and bury his dick at the back of my throat as I sucked away on it.

“Cumming…” he whispered to me as he buried himself at the back of my throat and came, spilling his seed into my warm mouth and feeling me continue to suck his dick dry as I swallowed his cum down, finally sliding off of it when there was nothing else left for me to force out of him.

“We should continue this once more…” he told me as we made out, not sure when I was going to wear off but wanting to enjoy myself as much as he could before it did.

“MMM…whatever you say…” I softly replied, still playing with his dick.

He picked me up and carried me upstairs to the bedroom, my gaze transfixed on the balcony that overlooked the city view once we got there.

“That’s quite a view you have there,” I told him as I walked over to the edge of the balcony, not seeing him come up behind me and run his dick along my pussy lips and ass cheeks.

“Why don’t you enjoy the scenery while I enjoy your other hole?” he told me as he kissed my neck and pushed his dick into my tight ass crack. I was moaning out in pain as he was trying to thrust inside my back door.

“Not my ass! It hurts! Put it in my pussy again!” I begged him as I hung my head over the rail, trying to focus on the view of the city in balcony.

“I have other plans for how I want to fuck your pussy…” he told me as he withdrew himself from my anal ring, slapping my ass. I cried out a few minutes more holding the railing of the balcony.

“OOOHHHH…GGGGOOOOODDDD…” I moaned breathlessly as he pulled out of my ass. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, making out with me for a few minutes before coming up with an idea.

“Why don’t you ride my dick if you want it inside you again so badly? ” he told me.

“Sounds hot. Let me give it a shot,” I giggled and landed my pussy right on top of his dick.

“FUCK YEAH,” we both groaned as he grabbed my hips and pulled them into him, my tight pussy swallowing up his dick as I started swinging my hips.

“So hot…” I whispered as I arched my back and rode his cock, moving my hips back and forth with ever stab of his dick up into me.

“Ride me baby… A little longer and I’ll be Cumming in you again,” he told me as I closed my eyes and threw my head back. His hands, reaching out and grabbing a hold of my tits to help take me over the edge.

“FUCK…fuck me…make me cum…” I hissed as I spread my legs out on either side of him, doing the splits on his dick as I threw my head back one last time and let him spear my pussy into submission.

“OH…GOD…YES… hold those fucking splits…gonna cum…” he moaned as I let out a low, loud moan, my cum showering his dick as I pushed her hips into him, keeping my legs in the splits position and looking at him with lust in my eyes as he gave me one last thrust and came in me.

“Cumming,” he whispered softly.

He filled me again, globs of his thick, sticky seed shooting into me. I held myself on top of him, finally getting out of the splits when I was sure that the last drop of his cum had entered me.

“I wish we both had the energy to fuck again,” he whispered to me.

He held me in his arms, kissing me softly on the lips every now and then.

“I think you’ve done plenty mister Jitu,” I teased him,

I gave him another kiss, my legs still hooked around his as we started unwinding, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

And I left his house by the time he woke up the next morning, having slipped out some time before he awoke, namely a note on the bedside table thanking him for the good time he showed me and the panties I had been wearing…

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