Mother’s Red Shoes Ch. 02

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Katherine looked at the clock by her bed… it was past one am. Sleep was eluding her, she couldn’t stop reflecting on the past few days. Following the new red stilettos being brought home, an event that had propelled her and her Son, Alex to explosive masturbatory sessions, she had done her best to calm the situation down. The shoes had stayed in their box in her bedroom, still powerful, an aura around the box… an aura she couldn’t help noticing each time she entered the room. She was well aware that if she put them on, an incredible climax wouldn’t be far behind. She didn’t dare rush things, the sexual excitement she had felt wearing them that first evening was still resonating through her body! Days later, it was intense as when she had worn them. The temptation to put them on was so strong that Katherine – not wanting to become an addict, had to keep on repeating to herself that too much of a good thing could be bad for her. Of course, she knew well from experience that shopping for shoes WAS the best way to cure a woman’s depression! But she hadnt been aware that wearing shoes really could become a drug.

In the meantime, Alex had been spending most of the past few days in his room. He would come down for meals, but during them he seemed somehow distant, seemingly in some other place. Katherine suspected why; she had heard his loud moaning whenever he was masturbating in his room! And it been happening night after night. It kept her awake, it made her feel weak between her legs. Each one of his moans making her feel more and more wet between her legs, making her… oh my god, making her touch herself between her legs. Every night, following the sounds from his room, Katherine would fight and lose a battle with herself. Each time allowing her hand to slide down, hesitantly start touching her pussy, only to end up moaning herself as her hand became insufficient and as she stopped to fish out her trusty dildo from the chest of drawers by her bed. It was realistically shaped, like a strong, young cock. She couldn’t understand why the word “young” always popped up when she took the dildo with her fingers, leading it to her neck, chin, lips, sucking on it like a woman possessed. Sliding the wet tip between her breasts and down to her pussy. No, not this evening. I cant. I shouldn’t. I need to figure out what to do!

Shaking her head, Katherine wondered what in heavens name she ought to do with herself, with her son. She could hardly sit the poor lad down for a ‘chat’, but then she couldn’t also allow him to spend all his time in his room brooding.

Those past few days Alex had spent his time in a cycle of eating, sleeping, wanking and swimming. The lithe young man still made sure he was getting his regular number of lengths in at the pool, however there was something that started to bother him simply because he couldn’t understand it. His cock had definitely grown. Not “maybe”, not “probably”. It didn’t “appear to have grown”. It HAD grown! He hadn’t bothered measuring it, he was beyond such teenage pastimes, but weighing it in his hands he was able to see that, yes, it was thicker and longer and not only that! He also knew what made it grow, incredible though it seemed! It had all happened with those few days since he had seen his Mother in those tight jeans and red stilettos. That sight was forever lodged in his brain, he simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even in the water, doing his laps he would remember the sight and could feel his cock pulsing as the water rushed past it, his front crawl gaining pace as he thought about holding his Mother in his arms, those long legs wrapped around him, her generous breasts crushed against his chest as he thrust deep inside.

As Alex climbed out of the public pool he realised with some embarrassment that his cock was clearly outlined in the tight swimming shorts. A male lifeguard, standing by the pool, looked down at Alex’s package, raised his eyebrows and smiled. Alex grew red in face and he rushed to the showers. As he let the cold water drip down his body, Alex considered his fantasies. He knew it wasn’t normal, thinking about his Mother in such a way, but then the feeling he got from such thoughts was simply incredible. He knew it was wrong, he knew it was socially unnaceptable, the “mother of all taboos”! But he also knew innovia escort that tryng not to think of his mother as a woman, as a sexually desirable woman, was a battle he had already lost. Each night, as he took his hard, young cock with his hand, it was his mother he was thinking about. The valley between her breasts, her legs, those incredible red shoes, the way she crossed her legs, the way she swept her hair back with her hand… The crimson layer of lipstick on her lips as she smiled at him. Even now under the cold shower, he was getting an erection! He dared not to talk to her properly, frightened he might blurt something out, about how sexy she looked. Those legs, those shoes. Shutting off the shower, Alex went to change.

Coming home, Alex walked up the stairs to find a white plastic sheet placed on the floor outside his room. Puzzled he opened the door to his room to see all his belongings, his desk, chair and bed all covered with white sheets. In the centre of the room was a ladder and half way up it was his Mother, his beautiful mother dressed in an old shirt tied just below her bust, and a pair of tight blue navy shorts, on her feet a pair of white ballet pumps. Hearing the door open, Katherine turned around and smiled at her Son.

“Daaaaahling! A cup of tea for mummy pleeeeeaseeee!”

Her voice was soft, loving, flirty, demanding, cajoling, seducing.

As he put the kettle on, Alex’s mind could think of nothing but his mother’s bum and legs in those incredibly tight shorts. His hands were making the tea, his mind was caressing Katherine’s smooth legs! His cock had begin to harden again as he attended to the tea. He heard soft footsteps and turned to see his mother coming down the stairs, wiping flecks of white paint from her hands. She smiled at Alex again as she sat at the kitchen table.

“I decided to redecorate.”

“So I see,” replied Alex placing the tea mug in front of his Mother. He sat down at the table, right opposite her, hiding the fact but aware that his erection had already grown once more.

“I’m afraid it’s going to take several days. So you’ll have to sleep in the living room. I’m sorry son, I had meant to have it done before you returned from travelling, but you know how it is.”

“Um, yes, Mum, sure.”

“Your spare clothes are in my room, so if you need something… a..ny… thing… then just go for it.”

Alex nearly choked on his tea. Shaking his head he put his hand to his mouth and coughed twice. The way his mother paused and pronounced the word “anything” had made his cock hurt!

“Sorry mother, it went down the wrong way.”

Katherine nodded and smiled at her son once again.

“That is all right, Mummy understands. Oh, are you going out this evening Alex? No? Wonderful. I just thought that after a tiring day and all this decorating, I might enjoy a hot bath and some quality time with my handsome son.”

Handsome… Why in heavens name did she say that, thought Alex. Sure, he was good looking, but why was his mother saying it?

Upstairs in Katherine’s room later, Alex found himself looking for his clothes. They were in a pile stacked by her wardrobe. The young man crouched to pick up some clean underwear when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. Tucked in under his Mother’s nightstand was a wooden chest, Alex frowned. He hadn’t seen anything like that before in her bedroom. He paused, should he go looking through his Mother’s things? Surely that would be wrong, especially the way he had been feeling and thinking about his mother lately. But something was drawing him to the box. Taking a deep breath, Alex decided to take a peek, comforting his conscience with the thought that the chest would probably be locked and that no harm could therefore happen anyway! He lifted the box out from under the nightstand and easily opened the wooden lid. He gasped. Inside were those shiny, sexy shoes his Mother had worn the other night. Glinting in the dim light of the bedroom, the shoes seemed to have an ethereal quality, almost as if they had a soft glow to them. Alex bit his lip and then slowly traced his finger along the leather. The touch, the feeling of his finger sliding along the smooth leather was electric.

Shaking his head, Alex swiftly closed istanbul escort the box and replaced it with his trembling hands. His cock pressed rigid against his shorts and he scurried out of his Mother’s bedroom.

Katherine, meanwhile, was delighted with her plan! After much soulsearching and a clear decision on what she wanted, she’d managed to turf Alex out of his room and into her space. This evening she wanted to talk to him or rather have him talk to her. She decided to wear a red summer dress with a hibiscus design that fell down to her ankles, but with a lengthy split that ended at her mid thigh. And the deep cut at the front showed off her cleavage to the best advantage. She had bought the dress for a holiday she’d never been on. She decided to wear black strappy sandals with a modest heel. Testing the split in her dress by pushing her leg out, Katherine smiled, delighted she would have this evening with her Son.

Alex was very impressed with his Mum as she served the supper for the two of them. It was just another dinner at home, but somehow it wasn’t “just another dinner”. He couldn’t pinpoint why. He just felt it. She suggested they eat in the living room and he readily agreed, knowing that she would sprawl out on the sofa as he sat in the chair opposite. For his part, he’d worn the loosest shorts he had, knowing that his prick was likely to get hard during their meal.

The Mother had dimmed the lights in the living room, saying that she wanted it ‘cosy’. Adding that there is “no light like candlelight” she also lit a dozen candles all around the room. Candles that either hadn’t been there before or that Alex never noticed. As she leaned back on the sofa with her bowl, Alex sat cross-legged on the floor delighted with his Mother’s bare legs that had emerged as her dress parted, her pretty toes encased in the black sandals. Her toenails, as always, in complete match with the fingernails, a deep scarlet red this evening.

Alex did his best to keep up with the conversation, making sure he wasn’t glancing at his Mother’s legs too much, but as the meal went on he kept feeling there was something missing. By the time Alex had cleared their bowls away, he returned to the living room, palms sweating. Was he really going to ask her this? What would she say? She might think he was mad, or a pervert!

“What is it, Alex?”

Alex looked at the floor, gathered his strength, found his voice and then looked up at his Mother.

“Mum, I think your dress looks great… but it’s like, it’s missing something?”

Katherine’s curiosity suddenly piqued. She leaned up on one elbow, her breasts coming together and forming that “oh so perfect valley”.

“Oh yes?”

“Well, it’s such a pretty red dress… it’s a shame you don’t have some red shoes to go with it.”

Katherine’s eyes widened with shock. Oh my god! He’s talking about the shoes!

“Well, Alex, you know I do. Don’t you remember the ones I was wearing the other night?”

Alex looked down at the floor once more, his heart was beating fast.

“Oh yes… of course, I do… remember them, they were… ahem, very beautiful, very elegant!”

“Well, if my son thinks they are beautiful and elegant then I guess that mummy will just have to go up and get them, all right son?”

As Alex just silently managed to nod his head once, his Mother stood up and brushed past her Son, putting her hand on his chest as she did so. Alex’s whole body stiffened.

As he heard his Mother go up the stairs, Alex walked over to one of the armchairs and sat down. His erection was rigid making a tent even though his shorts were loose, his fingers dug into his knees. This was insane! Why had he asked? Why had he pushed it further? How long would he last, especially since he couldn’t go and wank in his bedroom. That left the bathroom… he bit his lip as he waited. He first heard the sound. The unmistakeble click clack of high heels on the parquette of the staircase.

And it was a slow click clack. Katherine took her time as she walked back down the stairs. Alex looked up at the clock fighting the urge to jump up and just stare, he looked up slowly and felt the air punched out of his lungs. Katherine stood in the doorway, both hands on hips, holding one kadıköy escort leg in front of the other pushing it right through the slit. The leg was darker in colour and shiny and Alex realised that his Mother was wearing nylons! Her long, beautiful leg tapered into the delicious red stilettos that he had fantasised about. His cock stood harder than before.

“Oh my god, Mum, you look…. amazing! Stunning!”

“Aww thank you, sweetie. Compliments will always get you far with a lady.”

She giggled taking another step forward in his directon.

“I… actually DO feel amazing…”

It was no lie, thought Katherine. She walked towards Alex and slowly gave him a sauntering twirl. Her whole pussy glowed with need and desire. The feeling started the moment she took the shoes out of the wooden chest and was now only amplified by her son’s presence! Underneath the dress she wore the skimpiest of red silk panties and above that a red silk and lace suspender belt. Her light tan stockings were delicately clipped to the suspender belt straps. She knew that as she walked and turned Alex could see the subtle hint of the dark band of the stockingtops. She knew it would drive him wild. In fact, the only thing she didn’t know was would he also be able to see the straps of her suspender belt from his vantage point!

Alex’s heart rate got faster and faster. His hands were now clenched into fists as he saw his Mother turn back around to face him. A single bead of sweat trickled from his temple.

“So, my handsome son approves?” asked Katherine.

“Oh yes! Yes mother, very… very much… the shoes, make the whole outfit…”

Alex’s cock throbbed, he needed to masturbate and soon!

“I hope you don’t mind that I decided to wear the stockings as well, I thought they were a nice touch, Son. That they somehow just go with these red shoes, do you agree daaaahling?”

“Ohh, ohh yes, Mum…”

Kathrine giggled. Stopping in front of her Son, her fingers reached down the split and pulled it up over her leg, exposing the stockingtop. She then pulled on the nylon of the stocking as Alex sat there mouth open.

“Sometimes I have to pull these up…”


Alex’s head was swimming, the blood was raging in his ears, he needed to cum and cum now!

“It is actually the only downside to wearing stockings son, you see, as you walk..sometimes they slip down a bit and mummy has to…”

It was as if he was in a slow-motion movie, his eyes glued down to his mother’s fingers as the pulled the nylon stocking up and reattached the lace top of the stocking to the suspender belt strap. Sure… he had seen the famous scene from “The Graduate” seen and wanked to it a thousand times, but this was his mother and if anything, she looked so much better than “Mrs Robinson”.

“To pull up the stocking, like this and then attach it once again. Then, it stays up making Mummy’s legs look so smooth and shiny, no?”

Standing up, Alex skirted around his Mother and rushed for the door and bolted up the stairs. Katherine turned and followed him slowly.

The young man ran for the bathroom, fingers urgently fiddling with the flies on his shorts. His shoulder careered with the doorway and he stumbled. However his throbbing, aching cock was now free. Steadying himself on the towel rail, Alex began to pump his cock with all his might. He was dizzy now and the room was spinning, the sight of his mother’s fingers on her stocking top replaying itself in a loop in his mind.

“Mum! Mum! Fuck yes! Muuum!” Alex wanked as fast as he could desperate for the relief, the pressure was building, his balls boiling. He was going to cum!


The Son whirled around to see his Mother standing in the doorway striking the same pose she had when she walked into the living room. One leg in front of the other, the dress partly open, the smooth nylon covered leg sensuously pushed forward. Her eyes were on his huge, raging cock, her lips partly parted, her right hand on her throat.

“MUUUUUM!” Alex screamed as his cock pulsed and cum started to spray out. Katherine stood mouth agape as the semen landed on her dress, her legs, her shoes, all over the bathroom floor. Alex moaned with intense pleasure as he felt his immense relief. Then, looking up with shock and surprise and what he had done, Alex’s fingers slipped from the towel rail and he fell forward. Katherine quickly stepped to catch her son as he fainted, catching her boy in her arms. He was unconscious. Katherine pulled him towards her bosom.

“Oh my god. What have I done?”

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