Mrs. Claus and Her Toys

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Santa was sleeping soundly. He had been working with the reindeer all day, getting ready for their big night. They had been practicing take offs and landings for hours. It was very cold outside and Santa was exhausted.

Mrs. Claus had been in the bakeshop all day and being around all of those sweet desserts always put her in a salty mood.

As she lay in the big sleigh bed, next to Santa, she contemplated getting up to grab her candy cane vibrator, the one Santa had given her last Christmas, but she really didn’t want to play by herself, she wanted to play with Santa.

She had an idea…she got up and tiptoed to the wardrobe and pulled out her box of special toys. As she searched through the box, she discarded one item after another. Finally she found what she was looking for, her candy cane vibrator, red satin blindfold and the red furry handcuffs. This time, she would be in charge.

She crept back to the bed and untied Santa’s red satin robe, he hadn’t even changed into his pajamas after his shower. “Easy access,” she chuckled to herself.

She gently moved his arms and cuffed them at the wrists. She placed the blindfold across his eyes and secured the elastic at the back of his head. He turned onto his back konyaaltı escort and his robe fell open. His cock was partially erect, which made Mrs. Claus salivate even more, she licked her lips knowing there was so much more to come….

She took the candy can vibrator and turned it on low. Holding it by its rounded handle, she placed it gently next to Santa’s nipple. She circled it slowly, with very little pressure. She then leaned forward and bit down on the peak with her sparkling white teeth. She then blew on the erect bud to ease the sting before circling its partner. After a few minutes or so, Santa started to squirm in his sleep.

Moving the vibrator down to his knee, Mrs. Claus placed it on the inside of his leg and slowly stroked up his thigh. Santa’s legs opened and she placed the tip of the red and white striped treat in the sensitive spot between his balls and his forbidden hole. His cock started to grow quickly and Santa was suddenly awake.

“Ho ho ho, what have we here?” he asked, his voice thick with sleep.

“A little midnight snack,” she replied as she began sucking on his balls.

He jumped a little, as she continued to explore his cock with her tongue and the vibrator. She blew lightly kültür escort and on his wet member before taking the head into her mouth.

Without missing a beat, she took the vibrator and stuck it deep into her dripping pussy. She pumped it back and forth to get it nice and wet.

Hearing the sucking noise of the vibrator in her pussy, Santa asked, “Having fun, my love?”

“Oh yes, Santa Baby,” she purred as she removed the dildo from her cunt and pressed the now slippery tip against Santa’s ass. “Relax,” she whispered as he strained against his handcuffs.

She added a bit more pressure and pushed the tip in. She placed her tongue next to tip and licked his hole, as the vibratr gently buzzed. “STOP!” he gasped and tried to move aaway from her.

“Not yet….”

She took his cock deep into her mouth and sucked hard. As she moved her head up and down, she could feel her own juices flowing. Her pussy was throbbing, but she wanted Santa to cum and would worry about herself later…

She nibbled her way down the side of his cock, using her teeth to pull at the oh so sensitive skin. She could feel him start to expand even more as he began panting towards the finish. She let his cock drop from her mouth markantalya escort as she moved her triple D’s into place. She placed his member between her tits and started to squeeze him gently.

“I am going to cum all over your big fucking tits, if you don’t stop!” he panted.

“Cum for me Santa,” she gasped.

“Release my hands!” he demanded, as he moved his head back and forth, trying to move the blindfold.

“Not yet…cum for me Santa…” she purred and bent her head to tease the tip of his cock as she stroked it between her tits. She tasted his precum juices as she licked and sucked.

“Fuck me!” He roared. “Fuck me now!” He strained against the bed.

“Not yet. Cum in my mouth. Cum now!” she whispered as she moved over him and swirled her tongue across his dick and closed her mouth over it. He started fucking her mouth, moving his hips back and forth, faster and faster. She used her little finger and pressed it against his ass and he came in long hot spurts, deep in her throat.

She swallowed it all. Licking his cock, until every drop was gone.

He lay panting on the bed as she chuckled. “Was that good for you, Baby?”

“Let me go and I’ll show you how good it was,” he replied.

She removed the key from her bedside table and undid the cuffs. He pushed up the blindfold and looked at her. She was sitting back against the pillows, nipples erect and pussy glistening.

“Your turn,” he said as his mouth covered hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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