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He ran his fingers over it again and enjoyed the strange feel of it. Even though she was bucking her hips at him already, he resisted the urge to go missionary just yet. His fingers poised over her mons, he ran his eyes over this marvelous sight. He tried to bring the word mutilated into association with this sight, but just wouldnt fit. The mound looked like any other he had set eyes upon, lips pouting just the same way. It was when he forced them to smile by pulling them apart that the difference became apparent. Instead of the upturned V he was accustomed to with its legs slightly wobbly, covering the hard nub he was used to tickling until the owner, amid strange high-pitched animal noises, would flood the whole cavity and cover his fingers with come juice, here the skin seemed a little darker and shiny as if tightly stretched. Despite that rite of coming into womanhood called circumcision, it still looked whole and he could not place that word in this situation. As he lowered his face nearer the wide open vagina, she let out a low moan, as if she knew what to expect, though she could not have known his special prowess in licking and sucking a woman to delirious orgasm.


Ever since he had been a teenager, he had looked upon her as one of the most beautiful women he knew. His aunt would seem to acknowledge his awkward moves though they would never have recognized them as such. The older woman was also in a strange situation. She thought the young man had become very manly from a very early age. As his aunt, such a subject would never have been broached; there was no forum for that. ucuz escort Indeed it was taboo, unthinkable. Of course, every time they saw each other it would be at occasions when his father, her brother, would bring the whole family visiting to her home, or else she had gone to visit with them. In either situation, a safety valve was that the boys parents were present and no opportunity for the middle-aged woman and the adolescent to be alone together. In any case if that happened, they would hardly have known what to do with each other!

This three-way game of hide and seek went on through his early adulthood years and once, he had gone to pay her a visit and she was, unexpectedly, all alone in the house. The usual greeting hug was exchanged this time without witnesses.

Good evening Aunt! with his arms roaming her back.

Good evening! You have come to see me again. You are so good to me!

Neither of them could later tell who had started making the hug more meaningful, but they had clung to one another rather more closely than family obligations would dictate. When they had pulled away, they could both feel the electricity that had flowed through their bodies in that brief moment. Nothing more than a look had crossed between them that first time.

Some months later, on his way home one evening on an errand for his mother he had gone to her house to pick up something. Again by mere chance no-one else was at home with her and the hug became much warmer and lasted much longer. By this time they were ready to acknowledge their mutual feelings of attraction. He left her ümraniye escort house almost three hours later, during which they had sat and talked of those events of many years before when he had been little more than a child, yet had enjoyed watching her bent over her work. I admired your legs as the dress would work itself up to reveal more of the backs of your thighs.”

You looked at your aunt like a man looks at a woman! She was aware of how she had admired his youthfully mature looks. Even though you are yourself now a middle-aged father of three teenagers, you have not lost your looks.”

They had sat on the sofa holding each others hands as they went down memory lane. Thus had began the love affair of the elderly woman with a man who was her own blood-relation. Whenever the word incest would pass between them, a frisson of fear at being found out would run through them. They tried not to make their encounters too frequent so that family members would not have the slightest suspicion. Their wanting to be near each other at family functions went largely unnoticed as these were wedding or funerals at which everyone was completely wrapped up in the emotions of the present. At church it had been remarked how often they were to be seen together and the love of a man for his aunt mentioned. But here no family intruded so such remarks were never to be taken seriously. Only the two of them would know close to the bone they came.


His hot breath on her cunt, his tongue darted out and flicked her lips for just an instant. She responded with a jump.

How üniversiteli öğrenci escort lovely your vagina is, my love! He placed his tongue right where the clitoris had been and licked slowly, up and down. As if to prove the nerves were still present, he felt a shudder go through his aunts body. Running south he narrowed the tongue and inserted it into her hole. In and out like a miniature penis he mimicked the fucking motion. By now he was dying to feel her folds enveloping his shaft in their warm embrace. Covering her whole cunt with his mouth he sucked her into a delicious delirium and felt the first waves of pleasure shake and rumble through her frame like she was still adolescent. A warm fluid gushed out of her innards and flooded his mouth, which he opened, trying to suck in all her juices. For a few moments they lay like that with his mouth gently massaging here.

Now you must give me your tool, She was ravenous for it. Gently he stretched himself over her and placed the head of his cock right at her entrance, holding still.

You enjoy torturing and punishing me,” she moaned. With these words she lifted her hips right off the bed and met her nephew in the air thereby plunging his cock deep into herself. Neither of them could remember such feelings as they went through at that moment. Slowly they started moving against each other. Age, experience, shame fear of discovery flew out of the window, locked though it was. They were lost to this world as thrust was met with thrust, the joy of fucking someone they each had loved for many years engulfing them. They held each other tightly as they felt the other approach the height of pleasure. Simultaneously, they exploded with the wildest cries ever heard in that neighbourhood. They came for what seemed like ages.

Kissing deeply they lay in that posture luxuriating the afterglow of the best loving that either nephew or aunt could remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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