My Aunt Vicki Ch. 01

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When I was 18 and had just graduated high school, my mother thought it would be nice for me to stay with my aunt Vicki for the summer. I didn’t have a job and was just waiting for college to start in the fall. My aunt Vicki had lost her husband a year ago to a tragic accident on the job. He was a construction foreman and the floor on a building had collapsed, killing him and two coworkers. She had won a huge settlement over his death and now lived very well off but she was alone and my mother thought it would be great to have me keep her company for the summer. Now, she lived in Arizona and we lived in North Carolina. So to me, I would be spending my summer away from all my friends and the parties that would be going on. I think this was the main reason the whole idea had been put forward in the first place. When my mom decided on something it was going to happen. Aunt Vicki was only 29 at the time, so I thought she might be young enough to still have some fun with for the summer. I hadn’t seen her since I was 12 and can remember she was a lot of fun to be around. I can remember she was smoking hot too, she was an athlete in college and kept in great shape.

I flew out on a Monday morning and got in to phoenix around 2:00. Vicki was standing at the terminal waiting when I got off the plane. She was gorgeous with long red hair and green eyes. She was about 5’8 and was in great shape with d cup breasts. She was really tan and was wearing a nice halter top and some shorts. Now I was 6′ tall with short brown hair and weighed about 160 pounds. I played soccer in high school and that kept me in pretty good shape as well. She smiled as she saw me and waved me over.

Aunt Vicky started to hug me but just asked “Hey John, how was the flight? Everything okay?”

I was still looking her over and told her, “Everything was fine. It’s great to see you! It’s been a long time.”

Aunt Vicky laughed and said, ” Yeah, I know, You’ve grown into a stud! I can’t believe how good looking you turned out!”

I kind of blushed at her ogling me, but it did make me feel good. So I returned the compliments, ” Yeah, I didn’t know I had an aunt as hot as you! You could be a model!”

She kind of laughed and said “Well, let’s get out of here and get back to my house where you can unwind from the flight.”

She had a nice little sports car that was decked out with all the accessories you could imagine. We got to the house in a little under 20 minutes. It was a very nice two story house that had a very large pool in the back that was fenced in. When we got home she showed me around the house and gave me a spare key. I dropped my bags off in my room and met her in the den. She had a huge plasma t.v. and DVD player, With a wall of movies to choose from.

She asked me with a smile on her face. “So are you excited to be here? We are going to have a great time this summer! There’s a pool out back and plenty of events going on around here, in fact I already got two tickets to the Pink Floyd concert next week.”

“Yeah, I think it will be real fun, the pool looks awesome and Floyd tickets already! That’s gonna be great!” I replied.

Aunt Vicky put on a pout and said, “I thought you might not want to come considering it is the summer after high school. Most kids want to party down with friends before college. I know I did!” Then she had a big smile and said, “But I am really glad you came, it gets kind of lonely here by myself.”

I wasn’t ;looking right at her when I said, ” Yeah I had some thoughts of a little partying this summer, just a few. But I think it will still be cool just hanging out with you.”

She sensed my mixture of disappointment and excitement and said, “Well, I am no prude so you can party all you want here. Speaking of which, There is beer in the fridge and a full bar over there on the other side of the den. I have to go run an errand and will be back later. Help yourself to whatever you want and we can hit the pool when I get back, okay?”

Things were looking up and I turned to her and said, “Wow, I never would have thought you could be so cool Aunt Vicki!”

“Enough with the aunt stuff, It makes me feel old!” she joked. ” I’ll back in a couple of hours, Don’t get to drunk. I want to hang out tonight.” With that she turned and headed for the door.

I went got a beer from the fridge and plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V.

I surfed channels for a while, sipping the beer. I got up to look through the DVD’s and was kind of browsing them when I noticed a drawer on the bottom that could be pulled out. I opened it to discover a large amount of porn dads. Wow I thought, she definitely was no prude! I pulled one out and put it in the player and sat down on the couch to watch.

Well, I was horny all the time and jerked off at least three times a day, so I might as well take the opportunity while I have bakırköy escort it. One thing I have not told you is I possessed a huge cock. I knew from showering after soccer practice that I was larger than all the other kids on the team. I was 10″ long and 3.5″ around. I had thought of it as a curse so far, the only girlfriend I had hated sex with me because of my size. In fact she wouldn’t even give me a blowjob, saying it wouldn’t fit in her mouth. But I was horny all the time so I was quite skilled at jerking off. I pulled my shorts down and began stroking it and watching the porn. The movie was all about anal sex and some guy or guys were pounding this hot chicks in the ass. I had been stroking for about five minutes when I heard an “oh my god!”

I turned to see Vicki looking right at me, or my cock to be specific. “I am so sorry Vicki” I stammered as I tried to pull my shorts back up.

Still looking at my cock I was trying to hide she said, ” No I am not mad, everybody jerks off. I am just amazed at the size of it! My god kid, when I said you were a stud, I had no idea.” As she dropped to her knees in front of me she asked,. can I see it?”

“Well I guess” I said bewildered that she wasn’t mad and she wanted to see it some more. I pulled my pants down and pulled out my dwindling erection.

“My god Eric, you were blessed huh!” she said as she looked it over.

With the memories of my ill-fated sex life I sadly said, ” Not really, My last girlfriend wouldn’t even want to have sex with me because it was so big. She wouldn’t even give me head.”

” What, are you kidding me?” she said as she reached out and began stroking it. She knew what she was doing as I began to get stiff again. ” Can I suck it?” She said as she leaned forward and began to suck on the tip of my cock. She would lick up and down the sides of my dick. She was rolling my balls around in her hand and seeming to weigh them. She stopped for a second and said “Your balls are even big, I bet you can shot a big load. How does it feel to have a girl give you head?”

“Fucking incredible!” I replied through heavy breathing.

“Wait till I really get going!” she grinned up at me. She kept eye contact almost the entire time with me. She then started to suck more and more cock in her mouth. She would go down three inches then four and so on. Then she stopped and looked up at me and said ” Now for something you thought would never happen. She then began to deep throat my cock. I couldn’t believe it, but somehow she was going all the way down. I could feel the head of my cock sliding into her throat. She had her lips on my balls and her head against my groin. She kept this up for about five minutes and I could feel the pressure building up.

I let her know I going to come soon and she just nodded. I asked “where should I come?”

“In my mouth silly? That’s the reward for a job well done!” She resumed her blowjob with vigor, knowing I was near orgasm. Two minutes later I cold feel my balls start to explode. Vicki pulled back so just the tip was in her mouth and I started shooting. She took my load with ease, swallowing it all down. When I was finished shooting she deep throated my cock and sucked as hard as she could. I almost fainted I never had such a powerful orgasm.

“Jesus Christ, that was the biggest load I have swallowed. I almost couldn’t keep up!” “Did that feel good Eric?” She asked as she held my cock by the base.

“Are you kidding, that was incredible. Thank you so much Vicki. Where did you learn to deep throat like that?” I asked.

“Well my husband had eight inches and he loved to get a blowjob. So practice enough and you learn to deep throat. I will admit, I am happy I got the whole thing down. I impressed myself.” She said as she was still stroking my cock. “I hope your cool with this, I haven’t had a cock to play with since last year. As you can tell from my porn collection, I am a very horny girl.”

“I won’t tell mom if you won’t” I laughed and then she laughed.

“So you are cool with whatever we do right? You won’t get freaked out with having sex with me?” She said as she began stroking my cock harder.

I was totally surprised and said, ” You want to have sex with me too? Hell yeah, I’ll do whatever you want Vicki!”

“Well then, let’s go up to my room and we can have a nice slow fuck. I can’t wait to feel that thing in my pussy for the first time.” she said as she stood up still holding my cock and leading the way by holding it.

I followed her up the stairs, staring at that wonderful ass. As we passed the bathroom I told her I needed to pee before we started. I used the bathroom and then met her in her room. She was naked already and what a sight. She had no tan lines, one nipple was pierced with a small hoop and she was bald as a baby. The words just flew out of my mouth, başakşehir escort “wow, you look amazing! When did you pierce the nipple?”

As she played with them, lightly pinching the nipples she said, “A couple of months ago, I thought it accented my breasts and look no sag at all.”

“Are you always bald down there?” I asked as I started running my hands over her crotch.

Aunt Vicky looked down where I was running my hand and said, “Yeah, I can’t stand pubic hair. Gets in your mouth and shit, and it keeps it cleaner.” Then she looked over at my cock and said, “So I am going to take you to get yours waxed tomorrow. I’ll take you to the girl that does mine. I wonder what her reaction to your cock will be.”

She got on the bed and pulled her knees up to chest and said “how would you like to snack on that?”

I got on the bed and started to eat her out. One thing I had gotten good at with my girlfriend was eating pussy . I gave her head all the time but she never gave it back. That was one of the main reasons we broke up. So I started to lick and suck her pussy, and slid a finger in there as well. After about 5 minutes my aunt was moaning real hard and started to shake a little. Finally she said, “Wow can you eat pussy! That was awesome!”

I got up on my knees and put the tip of my cock to her pussy lips. “Hold on big boy, we are going to need some help getting that monster in me.” She reached over on the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted some on my cock. She stroked me for awhile and then pulled her knees back up to her chest.

I slid my cock in a couple of inches at first and said, “Oh my god that’s tight! You’re pussy is so hot!” I started sliding it in and out going a little deeper each time. After a couple of minutes I felt myself getting closer to getting it all in and thought to myself, “oh wow, its all in. It feels so fucking good!” Then I really started to pick up the pace and was really giving it to her good.

I was getting close to cumming and Vicki sensed it and said, “Stop, lets change positions. Do me doggie style”

I got off her and I sat with my ass on my heals. Vicki sat up and sucked on my cock for a little bit. ” I love to taste my pussy on your dick, I taste so good.”

“I agree, I love for you to taste yourself on my cock.” I said as I watched her sucking my cock.

She giggled and said “well get used to it, I love sucking this baby! But right now I want you to do me doggie style.” She turned around and stuck her ass up in the air. I got up to her and slid my cock deep in her snatch. I grabbed both her hips and really started pounding her from behind. You could hear the sound of our bodies slapping together. I noticed a small tattoo right above her ass. It was the word “love” shaped in a small arch. I would have ask her about that later I thought, I was to much into fucking right now to talk.

We fucked for a good 10 minutes before I felt like I was going to blow my load. I said “Vicki I am going to cum soon. Do you want to change positions again?”

breathing hard Vicky said, “yeah, let me get on top for awhile.”

I pulled out and laid on the bed and she turned around and mounted me. I watched as my cock slowly went up her snatch. She rode at a slow pace to keep me from cuming to soon.

I asked her about the tattoo and as she panted she replied ” I tell most people it’s just a tattoo and I picked the word love. But it really means I love it in the ass!”

“You like anal sex?” I asked very surprised.

“Oh yeah, my husband made me get the tattoo because he used to fuck my ass so much.” she said as she was sliding up and down on my dick much faster now.

With my cock I had never dine that and asked excitedly, “Do you want to do that now?”

“No, save it for tomorrow. I will have a butt plug in all day getting ready for this monster. I need to stretch my asshole for a while before I can take your cock. But yeah, you will be fucking my ass a lot, especially when I get used to it’s size.” she said with a wicked grin.

I think my cock got even harder after hearing that, I was going to be fucking her ass a lot. We fucked for little longer with her on top. Then she said ” I imagine your getting pretty close again, huh?”

“yeah” I replied ” I’m getting close.”

“Well lets roll over so you can fuck me really hard again and blow that big load of yours” she said as she rolled over onto her back and pulled her knees back to her chest. I got up and slid my cock back in and began to really fuck her hard. I asked her if I could cum in her.

She was yelling now and said, “Anywhere you want baby, in my pussy or my mouth or you could cum on my face and tits where ever you want.”

That idea really excited me and I said, ” I’ve never cum on a girls face before I would like to try that.”

I bebek escort was really close now as I was slamming it hard and fast in her. “I’m cumming!” I yelled as I pulled out and got on my knees and began to jerk my cock. Vicki kept her legs pulled up as I began to shoot cum on her face, her tits and I even pulled back a little and shot some on her pussy.

“Wow, that was fucking hot. I can’t believe how much you shoot.” she said as she began to wipe it off with her fingers and suck the cum off them. Her face and tit’s were covered in cum. I laid next to her panting and trying to catch my breath. We rested for awhile before getting up and taking a shower together.

After we got out of the shower and dried off , we headed down to the kitchen and grabbed some beer and put it in a cooler. Then we went out by the pool to go sunbathing in the nude. Vicki put sun block lotion on me and even stroking my cock with it. Then I rubbed it all over her, paying special attention to her tits and ass. I even started to slide a finger into her asshole when she told me, “Stop, I have a better idea, I will be right back”.

I laid down on a recliner and cracked a beer. Vicki was back in a couple of minutes with a small towel and a butt plug. She handed me the butt plug and turned around displaying her ass for me. She pulled her ass cheeks apart and said, “Now slide in the butt plug, we can start getting me ready tonight. I want to be good and stretched by tomorrow.”

I put some more lotion on my finger and started to really lube up her ass. I put some on the butt plug and started to push it into her asshole. I had it sliding in her asshole in a minute and god damn it was hot to watch her asshole stretch like that. I told Vicki that and she just smiled and said, “Wait till you see your cock going in and out of there.”

Then she handed me the towel and said drape this over your cock. I put it over my crotch, and she said, “Not like that, like this” and reached down and put my cock between my legs and put the towel over it.

“why?” I asked not having any idea what she was doing.

“I don’t want you to sunburn your cock but I want your groin tan.” She replied as she laid out on the recliner.

We sat there drinking beer and sunbathing for about an hour. I kept looking over at her tits and started to get horny again. My dick started to get hard again and the towel started to tent up. Vicki looked over at me and laughed. She said “My god, your horny again already? I guess we should take care of that. Come over here.”

I got up and walked over and pulled the towel off. I stood over Vicki’s face and she started sucking my cock. She did this for a few minutes and I asked her if I could fuck her tits. She smiled and said, “no problem and they are already lubed for you.”

I settled down over chest and put my cock in the valley between her tits. She pushed her tits together and I started sliding my cock between them. Every time my cock poked out between her tits she would lick and suck the tip. We did this for about fifteen minutes and I knew I was going to come again. I asked her if I could do something really kinky with my cum.

She just smiled that wicked smile and said, “Sure, what do have in mind?”

I pulled my cock away from her tits and stood up. I told her to get on her hands and knees. She did and I walked up behind her. I stroked my cock really fast and knew I was about to cum. I pulled the butt plug out and stuck the tip of my cock in her ass and kept stroking until I came into her asshole. Then I put the butt plug back in and asked, “Did you like that?”.

She had this look on her face like she couldn’t believe it and said, “God that was so fucking kinky, I loved it. Now I have your cum in my ass already and you haven’t fucked it yet.”

We went inside and showered again and sat down to some pizza. We watched a movie and drank some more beers. Then we went upstairs to go to sleep. I laid down on the bed and Vicki asked me if I could do it one more time and I said, “sure.”

She kneeled between my legs and began to suck my cock. It was limp so she could deep throat it easily. It took about five minutes but soon my cock began to get hard again and then Vicki applied some lube on my cock.. I asked what position she wanted to try and she just laid on the bed. She rolled onto her right side and lifted left leg up. I moved over between her legs. I was on my knees so my cock slid into her from the side. I slid my cock into her pussy and started pumping. Vicki told me to go real slow as she wanted this fuck to last awhile.

I probably fucked her for over 45 minutes before I felt the need to cum. This time I came in her pussy, driving as deep as I could go before blowing my load. With my cock totally empty I looked down at Vicky and aid, “That’s a nice position, I liked watching my cock going in and out of your pussy”.

She reached down and felt my cock in her pussy and said, “Thank you baby, now lay on your side and keep your cock in me while we sleep” I rolled over so I was to her back keeping my cock in her the whole time. We snuggled up together and that was how we slept our first night together.

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