My Birthday Gift

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I have been long absent from the site and I apologize. My submissive submission today brings me back to my birthday party last year. It had been a difficult year and I won’t bore you with details, so some of my closest friends decided that we needed to do it big and get me out. They rented out several rooms in a little cabin just outside of Cherokee.

Settling into our rooms, I came out of mine first and met, hands down, the most gorgeous masculine being I had ever seen. I will try to paint the best picture I can for you but I swear I will not be able to do him justice. He was 6’2″ at least, several inches taller than me that is for sure. He had shortly cropped blond hair. It had natural curls that forced it to do the bro-fro thing. His face was very defined. Chiseled. Piercing blue eyes. Intense is the best way to describe them. His arms were cut from granite. I could almost lick his washboard abs from across the room. He wasn’t your overly muscular body builder type. If I had to describe his overall body tone, I would say Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth when they buff up for their Marvel roles. Maybe in his late 20’s to mid 30’s.

As his paperwork was getting processed, he looked over at me, nodded then smiled. I smiled back and winked. His smile widened. The attendant coughed to get his attention and I chuckled inside. I still had my touch, I told myself.

Contemplating waiting for him to be free to see if he might make his way over to me, I waited too long for the magic to happen because a group of men and women made their way over to him. Apparently he wasn’t here alone.

I had just enough time to feel the sudden pang of disappointment as my friends came through and literally pulled me with them to begin a day of adventure. Oh boy?

We found ourselves at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. What can I say? Living near DC for so long, I grew to love museums.

Fate would place that young hunk before me again. He actually whistled at me and I waved. He strode over and introduced himself. His name was Chris. I won’t go into what he did for a living, but turns out he was in Cherokee for his friend’s wedding. The entire group he was with were either old college buddies or work colleagues as they all stayed close after graduation.

As the afternoon progressed, our two groups merged into one. We ended up at the casino, blew a lot of cash. Had a blast and as the sun set, we returned to the lodge for dinner.

I should have known that at dinner, my friends had planned a birthday party. Chris and his friends were invited to dinner for some good food and conversation. The day had seen both Chris and I spending a lot of time together. We flirted heavily.

Shared stories. He was surprised I was as old as I was. Flattery and that body were gonna get him anywhere with me.

He fed me my birthday cake and even took a lathering of it on his finger and I sucked it off. He smiled and made a remark about having a masterful tongue. I playfully told him he had no idea.

He responded he would like to find out. I laughed and touched his muscular arm, Pulling him to dance, as the song playing was slow. More tailored for the engaged couple, but took advantage to get him near me. I felt the pang of want shoot straight to my clit. I had no idea where this night was going but I hoped I could have him by the time the clock hit midnight.

So he pulled me closer. The crevices and swells of our bodies melted together perfectly, I felt every one of his muscles tighten with need. My pillowy breasts laid on his chest and my slightly curved belly warm against his and unashamedly my hips filled his hands.

He had told me that there was something about me that flipped on every switch in his body and now that he had me close, desire exploded within him and he wanted to strip me bare, taste every inch of my skin, and lay his scent on me to make my body his.

Across the room, his friend emerged from the bathroom, grabbed another bottle of beer and watched us with a glassy, puzzled stare before heading off to talk to his fiance. Guess they had left the floor after the Journey song ended. I cursed him in my mind, for a moment. Shame on him for interrupting my concentration on this Adonis before me. I shivered as I ran my hands up his arms, then clasped then together behind his neck.

I’d love to please you, he told me as he bent and nuzzled against my throat. His voice sent chills of plenty to my ear. I swear he could have felt my nipples harden at that instant. If he were a betting man, he would have been right that I was wet with growing agitation. His need pressed against me, I could almost feel it tightening his balls. He proved my thoughts right when he forced back his impatience and I marveled in his restraint.

I circled my hips against him. A rush of tingles spiked down his flesh and I felt his cock pulse against me. I stared at him, my glare singing with challenge.

Calling me a vixen, he told me he wasn’t always the easiest canlı bahis man to get along with. I laughed, deep and heartily and placed a finger over his lip. “All I need from you,” I trailed my finger down his throat and over his chest until I reached the buckle of his jeans, “is the equipment you have hidden here.”

He grinned and told me that he liked the way I think as he swayed against me, palming my nape and brushed his lips over my cheeks… all the way to my ear. I sighed and slipped my hand under his t-shirt and scratched my nails down his back. The effect it had on him was like lightning. He was growing more impatient with every growing second.

Whispering his lips across my neck, he was trying to tease me. I gasped and tilted my head back, exposing the graceful arch of my throat to him. I gave him this small sign of surrender in hopes that everyone could see his cock tightening and throbbing for me.

I purred contently as he thrust his erection directly against me. I went completely lifeless as I felt it push against me. My lips parted as I moaned my delight.

I am going to fuck you now, he exclaimed.

I met his stare and with every ounce of daring I had in my body told him that it was nice that he had plans but shouldn’t be wondering what mine were?

I pressed my mouth over his, kissing him. My pouty lips molding into his, incredibly soft yet demanding. A hard brush of flesh. I eased back, a tease, leaving a hint of my flavor to intoxicate him more. I sensed the fire raging within him, the heat of his flesh and he grabbed me tighter.

Rising on my tiptoes I feathered my mouth over his again. Grabbing his arms, I deepened the kiss, my tongue darting, fleeting, flitting, and elusive. I hoped I tasted of cherries, a hint of liquor, and pure sin.

When I broke away, he looked up. He cast a glance to his friend who was scowling and everyone else who was smiling from ear to ear. Dancing me further away from them all, closer to the windows he thrust both hands into the long, dark hair twisting down my back and tugged gently until my neck arched for him.

“You’re playing games with me, aren’t you?”

A confident, sexual smile curled my lips, “What gave it away?”

He stared right into my eyes and took in the pulse beating at my neck.

Taking control, he unleashed the force of his kiss on me, past my lips, into my cherry-liquor mouth, and tangled his tongue with mine in a sensuous dance. He demanded. Took. He was smart enough to take the clues I gave him, all those little gasps and shivers that told him what I wanted. Then he delivered that pleasure.

Still eating at my mouth, he grabbed my wrists and clasped them together with one unyielding hand at the small of my back. He bracketed my thighs with his own and pressed against me. Urging me back to the wall, he held me completely immobile.

I gasped my pleasure and surprise. It was on now.

His body shook with the undeniable need to strip me bare, fuck me senseless, and master my body like none before. Quite a tall order, if he only knew, as a dozen sexy images flooded my mind of the things I wanted him to do to me. I was becoming as intoxicated with want as I had been with alcohol.

I wiggled one hand free and slipped it between us, down and under his clothing. My fingers instinctively knew where to go and I wrapped them around his cock. Then I gripped him firmly. He gritted his teeth, swallowed back a hiss and shoved my hand behind my back once more.

His voice vibrated within my soul as he pursed his lips against my ear, “I want you alone. Now.”

What more can a man say to inspire a woman’s dramatic exit, right?

Probably not a lot more but then again, have I ever played fair?

My friends had rotten timing. Our sexual exploration would have to wait as my friends pulled me away to dance with them. Tonight would be filled with good music, plenty of drinks, and a gorgeous man sitting at the edge of it all with a look of hunger and possession on his face. My body swooned and I set in to really celebrate and let so much of the past few months disappear. I chatted, danced, drank, and ached with the knowledge of what was to come.

As with all things, the music eventually faded. The food and drink were all gone.

Worse, the cake was decimated. The revelers had gone back to their rooms or set back out into the streets of Cherokee to gamble and cause trouble. Well, nearly everyone.

As I took stock of my gifts, the scraps of cake left, and the last bit of wine in the bottle I felt a presence near me. Chris stood very close behind me. His hand slung onto my hip. His body heat permeated my sweater and black skirt all the while his stiff cock pressed into my ass. Everything about his stance screamed possession. Of need.

Since our dance, I had found it difficult to focus on anything other than him, that hard body and finding out just how capable he was. Hell, from the moment I had seen him, he made my insides tremble. bahis siteleri He was intense. Nearly crossed a line into forceful as I remember him pushing me back against the wall as we danced.

He had been waiting for everyone to leave so that he could fuck me. I giggled at his boldness. It tickled my pussy. I took a few steps down the hall to my bedroom and simply told him I was game.

Rolling up to me like a quiet storm, he might have looked cool but I saw the fire in his eyes. He bounced me to the room like a pinball, his hot palm at my back.

I bit my lip as I cast my gaze at him. My breathing hitched as he sent me a slow smile that dripped sex. I was looking forward to him. I knew he couldn’t wait as well.

Inside the bedroom, against the light of the autumn moon, I drew the flimsy drapes and Chris took my cue and lit the candle on the wall. My clit throbbed as he told me to come to him.

His voice vibrated inside of me and I quivered as every syllable crashed through my system, I reached for him and folded my palm into his hand. With my other, I pushed my red pink sweater up a bit, then guided his hand right over my breast. Even through the lace of my cups, his touch was electric. His fingers scorched my flesh and I couldn’t stifle the sharp gasp of air as I melted against him.

Chris cupped my breast, testing its weight, thumbing my nipple through the lace. My head fell back on his shoulder and my gasp had become a full throated moan.

He kissed his way across my shoulder, one hand cradling my hip. I barely had time to process how good his touched felt before he smoothed his palm up my waist and swept it across my back then pushed the sweater over my head and threw it at the door.

Caressing my shoulders, then lower, before he eased the bra from my body. My breasts hung heavy, aching, my nipples tight and sensitive. His palms were beneath them, lifting, thumbing, creating a new scattering of tingles every where his touch went. The ache between my legs had been a dull throb since our dance, but now? It had become a needy, demanding want that was made worse as Chris pinched my nipples.

I was panting. Wet. On edge. As I looked into his eyes, I could see the same desire manifesting itself like a wild animal about to turn on its owner.

“Does your dick ache?” I asked through panted breaths.

You have no idea, he responded. I felt him smile against my neck just as he raked his thumbs across my nipples again. He had grabbed my wrist and led it behind me, right over his cock. He was hard and I knew his length from our dance earlier and my breath was stolen as I felt it throb against my touch. My stomach tightened and rolled. I moaned his name.

Off with the skirt, he demanded against the back of my neck.

I nearly protested when he nudged my hand from his cock, but he set to work on my zipper. The light rasp of little teeth filled the room, along with the sound of my erratic breathing.

With a little tap on each leg, Chris prompted me to step out of the skirt. “Lets get you out of your panties too,” he whispered against my ear as he felt his way across my hip.

His fingers crept slowly, ever closer to the juncture of my thighs. My knees went weak. God, how I wanted him to touch me.

He didn’t.

I’m waiting he told me. His fingers hovered a fraction of inch above my mound, the heat from his flesh burned me and the absence of his caress was killing me.

“Me, too.” I pressed my hips forward, but he evaded me giving the promise of a touch but never delivering.

Anticipation pinged through me like a live wire as his hovering hand teased me while his hips ground between the cheeks of my ass, forcing me to feel the heat of his cock. I whimpered against his touch. God how I was enjoying this. Enjoying him.

Please I begged.

Finally he dipped his fingers under the elastic of my panties and brushed his fingers over my clit. My breath stopped, literally, and my heart drummed madly as he rubbed a teasing circle at the top of my pussy, right where I needed him but not hard enough to send me over the edge. My clit swelled. It pulsed. I sucked in a hard breath as the ache pierced my belly. His fingers feathered over my clit, again and again.

The warning bells began to go off in my head, even as I melted against him. The sensation washed over me like hot rain. I looked for an anchor in the midst of the storm and I reached for him, clung to this thigh as my back back tightened against his chest.

This was insane. His touch, his possession on the hard, swollen nub as he delved deeper into me was blinding, magical, and as damn necessary as my next breath.

My flesh tingled. Then burned. Orgasm was right there. THERE. The only thing between it and me were his fingers, I gritted my teeth against the building explosion within me and I shivered again.

Before I came, he lifted me, cradling me in his arms. Shock tumbled through me. He raised me as my lips rose to his. bahis şirketleri Before I could hardly argue, he kissed me and I linked my hands around his neck, clinging on to dear life. Soon I felt the cool sheets of the bed on my back.

No sooner had I wondered why he wouldn’t let me cum, I felt the bed dip at my feet. Two warm hands clutched my panties and dragged them down my legs. His fingers curled around my ankles and urged them to part.

My stomach tightened and I offered no resistance as he crawled between my thighs and breathed over my slick folds. His thumbs brushed my clit and I sucked in as much air as my lungs would allow and I fisted the sheets. Chris dragged two fingers through my slick valley and then pressed them deep within me. Instantly he found that magically sensitive spot and rubbed. Arousal mule kicked me in the gut. I gushed. Cried. Spread my legs wider. Lifted my hips. Silently pleaded for more.

Settling his tongue over my clit, he lathered it slow and sweet, like he had all night to do it. I lost my voice and could only whimper as pleasure bombarded me. The need within went from ache to desperation. His talented lips wrapped around my little bundle of raw nerves and pulled it into the heat of his mouth.

His touch seemed an unending wave of pleasure. He toyed and explored, wringing gasps and whimpers from me, driving me up higher but always kept my orgasm just beyond reach. I don’t know what words escaped my lips at that moment, but I raised my hips.

He hesitated for only a moment and my breath caught. His palm caressed my breast, the curve of my waist, before settling inside my thigh. I couldn’t arch any closer to him. His fingers tightened on my thighs as his lips left me. He pried my thighs apart a bit wider then wriggled down my body. His mouth loomed closer to the ache I desperately needed him to sate and I moaned his name.

Honey, he whispered against my thigh.

The way he said it made me shiver and as he trailed his fingers through my very wet pussy, my knees instinctively went limp and my thighs widened for him. Before I knew it, he slid those strong, still slick fingers inside me, his thumb grazing my clit just before his mouth took over.

It was glorious. Slowly, Chris sucked on me. It so gentle, it was more a tease than anything else and I loved it. This man oozed confidence and was very knowledgeable about how to please a woman. As he pressed firm fingers to my spot, I arched into him; silently pleading for him to end this torment and give me the freedom so long denied me. His licks made me dizzy and it sent me reeling.

He was good at this. Really good. Whenever I tightened or gasped, he did more of whatever it was that had provoked the response. What drives me crazy in desire, even right now as I write this, he found unpredictable ways to make it even better. A light scrape of fingernails into the overly excitable nerves in my channel, teeth grazing tenderly at my my clit, and sliding the pad of his thumb through my slick flesh. Downward he moved until he pressed in at my back entrance.

Yes, I exclaimed as he clenched my inner thigh. Deeper and deeper he eased his thumb into my backside, parting my flesh in a sharp sting of pleasure that made me gasp.

“I take it you enjoy this?”

I gave him a shaky nod as I closed my eyes. One hand pulled at the sheets and the other began to touch my breasts. That pleasure wasn’t enough so I took a nipple between two fingers before proceeding to squeeze and pull at it. It hurt and felt so damn good at the same time.

Satisfied with my response, he settled his mouth back over my clit and ragged his fingers relentlessly over the responsive spot inside me and swiveled his thumb inside my depths.

Chris was blowing my mind in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

My heart pounded.

It galloped so hard and long, I couldn’t hear anything but its roar. My moans echoed in my ears.

My fingernails dug into my palms as the sheer bliss he gave me rushed through me like a violent storm. It was going to drown me but I couldn’t stop wanting it, needing it, and crying out for it. I felt like I was going to pass out; realizing it was because I been breathing for some time. For fuck sake, I was in such dire need that something as simple as breathing had been lost.

Pressure tightened and burned under his fingers; multiplying exponentially with each passing moment and it rocked me to my soul until I felt as if my body would burst.

My back arched.

Hips lifted.

I screamed his name as the spirit-bending force of my orgasm was finally freed from its shackles. My vision became awash with sparkling stars as ecstasy crashed over me. His unrelenting focus on me… his every touch, the flick of his tongue…

drove me deeper into an abyss of a pleasure overwhelming and long denied to me.

Finally, my breathing evened and my heartbeat slowed. Only then did Chris rise from the bed. Before I could stop myself, I whimpered at his loss.

He stood and admired his work. The reddening flush of my cheeks, my swollen nipples, and my drenched pussy. I was satisfied; I know my heavily lidded eyes betrayed my state.

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