My Boyfriend’s Sister

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I was enjoying a cup of Latte with my good friend Juliette when she bought up a subject for the third time in the last month.

Julie and I had been friends for about six months since she left high school.

I met Jules after I began dating her very dishy brother Heath, about 8 months ago.

But recently I seemed to spend more time with Jules than him as he was often away supervising building crews interstate during set-up stages when his company won contracts for new building projects.

To me, it meant we would have a few days together and a few days apart, which made me make the most of our time together. After a drought of up to a week away, I would inevitably get very horny and we would be at it for days at a time, then he would be away again.

But back to my boyfriend’s sister, Juliette. Apparently, her boyfriend had been putting gentle pressure on her to go down on him. She wanted to please him but could not get used to the idea of having someone’s penis inside her mouth.

‘How could anyone do that Maddy? and how can anyone ask someone else to do it in the first place?’ she had asked me for the ninth time that week.

But this time I had an answer for her.

‘I have an idea that might appeal to you Jules. What would you say to a lesson in the fine art of a B.J. from a bona-fide expert?’

‘Yeah Right! How could anyone teach that; and anyway, who would teach something like that?’

‘A very close acquaintance of ours by the name of Yours Truly. What do you say?’

‘Oh! My! God, Madeline. Whatever has got into you?’

‘All we do is find a man who would be willing to be a passive participant in the education of a willing student, swear him to anonymity, spend one night with him, or two, or three, however long it takes you to get good at it. Then you can make decisions based on your own feelings at the time.’

‘I could never do that with a stranger.What would he think of me.?’

‘Well if he didn’t know you, it wouldn’t matter, and he would think very highly of you in any event. It seems to be one of those situations where it is a win, win, win situation all round.’

‘You’re mad Maddy. Absolutely Not! No Way! End of ridiculous story.’

I thought for a moment, then said to Juliette, ‘Hear me out for a minute Jules.’

‘Let me guess. Is this right?’

I began counting off on my fingers.

‘One, You wouldn’t want anyone to know it was you who was learning.

So it would need to be anonymous. We would blindfold him so he could feel everything but not see anything you included. Any man would love that. In fact, you would both be sworn to secrecy. No one speaks during this lesson, but me.

Two. The whole idea is hideous to you. So you wouldn’t be obliged to do anything you don’t want to do. That would be agreed by the man beforehand. I believe you would move at a slow rate so nothing would be a shock and as each new stage happens, you’re ready for it. You learn slowly, in small stages. Normal teaching method.

Three. You believe you would hate the taste of a man’s cock. So we flavor it with your favorite flavor. Chocolate, Ice-cream, Honey; Whatever you like.’

She began to look doubtful. That was a big step. She was no longer shouting me down.

I said, ‘Imagine the look on Jackson’s face when you finally agree to give him what he’s begging for and probably gagging for? You will be a Goddess to him, and he’ll be like a dog on a leash, ready to follow you anywhere and do all your bidding.’

She looked at me in silence for a long moment.

I finally said, ‘Think about it. Jules. I would demonstrate and you would copy what I do. You would do nothing but shake your head or nod your agreement to my instructions. He would never see you or hear you and never know who you are or ever find out afterwards. Not Ever! What he probably would do is fantasize about you for the rest of his life.’

Julie seemed to be imagining what could go wrong.

She said, ‘How would you find someone?’

‘That would be the easiest thing in the world. You just say what kind of man you would like to practice on, what sort of equipment you would like him to be endowed with, and I could have chosen someone within a week. It would then take no longer to get started than it would to explain your rules to him.’

‘Where could we do that?’

‘At my place while Heath is away. We could both work on what you’d like to have with you on the day, or night, or nights.’


Julie thought about it for a moment and I answered all her questions one by one as she expressed her doubts. Most guys I knew would jump at an opportunity like this.

Her biggest taboo was the idea of swallowing semen.

I asked her, ‘Do you remember what your first glass of beer tasted like? Was it horrible for you like it was for me?’

She agreed with me that she initially hated the taste.

‘You seem to enjoy a beer after work with me sometimes these days Jules. You’ve acquired the taste. It’s surprising what you maltepe escort do to be accepted isn’t it? Well I guarantee you will be more than accepted when you acquire THAT taste.’

‘Honey sounds OK,’ she said.

Hearing her say that, I knew she was considering it as a real possibility.

We finished our drinks and left the diner. I left her to her own thoughts as we strolled back to the car. We were to see each other after work that Friday, which would give her three days to process the new idea buzzing around in her mind.


We met in a wine bar after work a few days later and we spoke about work, the new clothes she bought, a few scandalous news items it the paper that day, movies and TV series we were following.

Eventually she said, ‘I’ve been thinking about your absurd idea, one that I would never EVER conceive of such an notion…’


There was a long moment of silence before she said, ‘The notion that it would please Jack is making me seriously re-consider it. The poor love is showing signs of frustration and I hate to do what I’m doing to him. If only we could use him, but I don’t want the complications of a best friend having too close encounters with my boyfriend.’

‘Don’t worry Jules. It would freak me out too. Jackson’s a good guy. I wouldn’t want to get into all that ugly stuff and spoil your chances of it going the distance.’

‘So how do we start?’

‘Well tell me what you would like him to be like, and I’ll see what I can come up with. Incidentally, Jules, you’ll be making two very lucky guys live their boyhood fantasies and be remembered forever.’

She smiled at the idea of being remembered by her intimate partner as well as a completely anonymous stranger. . .

I said, ‘So let me guess. No fat guys? ‘

‘Check! Definitely NOOO fat guys.’

She was accepting the idea. It had come down to attending to the details.

‘Does size matter?’

‘How will you know size?’

‘I’ve got a few ideas. Maybe one of my exes, or one of my girlfriend’s exes. Or maybe one of Heath’s colleagues. That’s all I can say at the moment. Give me an answer, not another question. Does size matter or not?’

‘I’ll leave that to you. Just nothing extreme.’


That night, after dinner, Heath was reading the newspaper as I was finishing the dishes when I started a conversation and put an idea to him.

‘Darling, do you like the way I go down on you. Is there ever anything you wish I’d do, but couldn’t ask? I want you to try and think. This is your chance to get what you want.’

‘Well I love what you do. You drive me up the wall. But there is one thing you could try. If you don’t mind.’

‘Wow! Whatever it is, tell me. We’ll try it right now.’

I moved up to him and stood on my toes and kissed him long and lightly on his lips and said, ‘Tell me!’

‘You know how I always get hard when you play with my feet?’ Well I would like you to move up my legs very slowly and play lightly with the creases behind my knees and at the top of my legs. This would be intense. Hold my balls the way you do, Then kiss and lick your way slowly up the full length of my cock, leaving the head til the very last moment.. Wow! I’m getting hard just thinking about it.’

‘And I’m getting wet.’

I took his hand and led him out of the kitchen and said, ‘Would you mind if we try it now Eefy?’

We disrobed one another and on the bed I said, ‘Tell me everything so I get it right. And I’d love you to come in my mouth this time if you don’t mind. Is that OK Sweetie?’

‘Yes! that’s very OK.’

I followed his instructions to the letter. Even his shaky voice instructing me was a primal turn-on. I had never experienced anything so erotic prior to that moment in my entire life.

I was soon on my knees at an angle to his supine body so I could get full oral access to his soft and hard bits. He reached between my legs and began to lightly massage my dewy slit.

At this point, he was swollen to his full dimension but as always, it was his hardness that always had me swooning. I very lightly screwed my hand around the hardened head of his six inch pleasure tool for a few moments, then when he began gasping quietly, I placed his cock in my mouth and breathed lightly licking the underside of his cock, not increasing the pace while I felt his cock swell a little before he was ready to come. I continued to do this as he elicited a long guttural strained gasp.

I imagined watching the lurid details while he ejaculated into his unsuspecting sisters beautiful wet mouth. I was so aroused that I climaxed as I felt the rewarding feel and taste of the copious gush of his semen in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to watch Juliette sucking my boyfriend’s cock. The fact that it was also her brother’s cock made the whole thing deliciously wicked.


Some time after we had fallen asleep in one another’s arms, I stirred again, rose from the bed and went naked to the kitchen and made mecidiyeköy escort a pot of coffee, Heath joined me a few moments later.

We sat and drank coffee in the afterglow of our session in bed.

I said, ‘You’re a very good lover Heath.’

‘Did you call me Heath, Maddie? There’s something going on behind those large brown eyes. You never call me Heath unless there’s something on you mind.

‘Really! Is that right?’ I asked disclosing my alarm. ‘My God. You know me far too well.’

‘Yes. Well that only confirms it. So what’s going on?’

‘I might as well just come out with it. One of my girlfriends has this situation, and she’s stressing about it. Her boyfriend is trying to get her to give him a BJ and she’s embarrassed about her ignorance of such things. She’s completely uptight about it and also probably scared of doing it for the first time anyway. I guess lots of things are a bit scary the first time, now that I think about it.’

‘So what’s on your mind this time Mad Woman?’ he said parodying my name.

‘I thought we might give her a bit of help. I thought I might show her what to do with you as the teaching aid.’

His mouth was open in shock. I couldn’t read whether is was a “What an Opportunity” shock, or an “Are you out of your mind” shock, so I blundered on disregarding either possibility.

‘Before you pounce on me with an emphatic “yes”, there are a few conditions. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s doing this, and that would include you my darling. You will need to be blindfolded very effectively so you wont see her at all. The only thing you’ll ever know about her is what she feels like arousing you and eventually sucking your cock with my full approval and cooperation. If you cant cope with that, we won’t go ahead. No pressure, just a condition.’

‘Go ahead.’

Was he playing along to see how serious I was or was he really actually considering it? It was time to find out which one. His “Go ahead” was not clear.

‘I’m serious now Heath. This is not hypothetical. This is a real proposal with a real girl in a real common situation. I’m not saying another word until you can convince me you’re truly considering it, you trust me completely and can tell me you know I’m serious.’

After a long silence, he said in a quiet voice, ‘OK. I believe you. But I have a lot of questions I need answered to before I agree.’

I reached for him and kissed him hard and hugged him tight.

‘What was that for?’ he said with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

I knew this was no longer a game. My suggestion shocked him and his wanting more information confirmed his sincerity.

‘For your sincerity and trust. I wasn’t sure until you expressed your uncertainty.’

I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. After a moment, it was back to the business at hand.

‘How do you feel about honoring her anonymity? A mask and all that?’

‘I guess I could manage to do that.’

‘Sorry Sweetie. “I Guess” is not quite good enough. It’s either a firm “Yes’ or “No”.’

‘I meant “Yes”. It could be fun doing it in the dark.’

‘Another thing, she expressed a liking for tattoos.’

‘Well That’s asking a bit much.’

‘Of course it is. But I’m thinking a temporary one on your chest or stomach, where she can get a good look at it. That might even be fun.’

‘I agree,’ He said after a few seconds thought. ‘You can choose a picture. You’ve obviously been thinking about this. What would you like it to be Maddy?’

‘Well my friend likes animals. I thing something ready to strike. An eagle or a snake or a venomous spider or something. They last about 2 weeks. Someone at work knows a theatrical make-up artist who could do something.

We soon retired to bed and spoke long into the night, and attended to details of our plan with a few possibilities, and other details to be worked out and agreed upon.

Before we fell asleep, he said to me, ‘I’m your Project Lover. Just tell me what you want and need and I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m all yours.


Over the next few days, I arranged for Heath to get a snarling wolf image in the style of a tattoo, printed on his chest a few days before his next assignment would take him away. I arranged a date with Juliette to visit me at my house, and spent some time reassuring her that my ‘ex’ would be gentle and discreet and absolutely hygienic, and remain almost as anonymous as would she.

The fact that they are brother and sister would be my secret that I would probably take to the grave with me.

I assured her he would never see or hear her and, and we prepared to practice together with me instructing her and she would comply without making a sound.

After work during the next week, I bought a small vibrator in the shape of an erect penis and we practiced using our mouths and hands and she told me she was quite turned on imagining our approaching lesson.

I wound say. ‘Hold his cock like this,’ holding merter escort the vibrator under the crown with just my fingertips

She would reply, ‘Like this?’ and I slapped her shoulder to shut her up.

The temporary tattoo would prevent Juliette from recognizing her brother’s body and also be a complete turn-on for me, and probably for Juliette

She became practiced at silently following orders, after a few more questions when I slapped her, stinging her a few times as she began to speak. After a few nights, she was ready. It was time to make it happen.

I told Heath to get his temporary tattoo and to be ready at 7pm the next night. Being very well organized, he spent the next morning at the home of the artist and he returned to show me.

It was a picture of a large blue/grey wolf with the menacing teeth baring snarl with the mouth at the bottom end of the picture

I tried the blindfold to satisfy myself that it was ‘secure’. It was perfect It let in a certain amount of light but with no chance of any details of anything present revealed through the fabric.

We had a light dinner and he showered and applied his blindfold. Juliette called me from her cellphone and announced she was ‘at the door’.


As we had prearranged, Heath went to the bed room and sat on the bed wearing a T shirt and a pair of shorts and beneath the blindfold there was an obvious smile on his face.

As we entered the bedroom to join her unaware waiting brother, I held my finger in front of my mouth and looked intensely at Juliette, and then declared , ‘My friend’s here. Now no talking either of you or we stop this project and my friend goes home.’

They both nodded obediently.

‘This is a teaching situation so I will speak of course. You will both follow my instructions. To protect identities you will all have ‘M’ names like me. You are Michael,’ I said touching his upper leg, ‘and you are Mary.

‘Now, not a word. Remove his shirt for him Mary.’

I placed a small jar of honey on the bedside dresser as I watched Juliette remove her brother’s T shirt. It completely turned me on to watch it. I watched the look on her face as she looked at the very tattoo like wolf image inked onto his toned torso.

‘Now stand up Michael so Mary can remove your shorts. Take his shorts down Mary. Be careful. He will be nervous and his cock will be sensitive.’

It is the wickedest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I wondered where I found the nerve to even think up this outrageous idea.

His cock was already swollen to almost its full dimension, but not yet standing erect. He stepped out of his shorts and kicked them away.

‘Now, stand still Michael, feet apart.’

He did as instructed.

‘Mary, I want you to watch what I do and play with his foot, then watch what happens to his cock.’

She nodded as I bent down and began to lightly touch his ankle with my fingertips. Juliette followed likewise on his other foot. I watched her as she observed his cock transform to its full size hanging low, and gradually rise slowly away from his leg and through a wide arc to horizontal. It took all my self control not to swoop on his six inches of hardening flesh.

I ran my fingers slowly up his left leg, and Juliette copied likewise on his right. The closer we got to the top of his legs, the higher his instrument of all my pleasure climbed, completing the arc of his arousal to stand throbbing vertically.

‘Lie on the bed Michael.’

He sat on the bed and lowered himself slowly to the mattress and his cock was pulsing, hovering above his stomach, just where the snarling wolf inked onto his torso looked ready to take an angry predatory bite, tearing the sensitive head away from his cock. .

I quickly perished the thought and continued my instructions for Juliette.

‘We’ll swap sides and get on the bed on your hands and knees.’

She nodded and we took up our positions. This was where the serious part of Juliette’s education was about to start.

‘Kiss his cock and lick very lightly right here where the seam disappears into his pubes, Just like this.’

I demonstrated for 5 seconds, then moved away indicating Juliette lightly give his turgid cock the same treatment.

She bent to the task a little tentatively at first then began to increase her effort, enjoying the experience, but reluctant to proceed.

I encouraged her with another suggestion., ‘Now wait a minute Mary.’

I carefully dropped a large drop of honey on the seam near the base of my unsuspecting boyfriends gorgeous cock and licked a drop off for my own pleasure, then instructed his unsuspecting sister to, ‘Slowly and thoroughly remove all the honey from his cock until you can’t taste it. Be prepared for him to come. He’s already very excited, and not far off now, but he’ll come as soon as you take the end of his cock into your mouth.’

She took over willingly and gradually licked, kissed and sucked the honey from his urgently throbbing cock.

‘Very nice Mary. Now a little further up like this.’

I nibbled and licked about half way along his pulsing hardened swollen six inch cock for about five seconds, then adding another large drop of honey to encourage and indicate where she should lick and suck the honey from Heath’s cock.

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