My Business Trip

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Here I am, 62 years old and feeling like a young girl. In fact, feeling even better about myself than I did when I was in my 20’s.

I had recently lost 35 pounds, had my hair tinted, and had been working out to firm up my body. My husband of 40 years, Bill, couldn’t keep his hands off me. As if he ever could, even when I was fat. Whenever I dressed in front of him he couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits and ass. I was now a full 37-24-36 and didn’t even need to wear a girdle anymore.

Bill and I had tried early retirement but we both got bored with it. He went back to full-time work as a consultant and I, by luck, got a job with a regional company as an administrative assistant and employee trainer. It was a good job with good people, and I was really enjoying it.

One day my boss told me that he was opening a new office in Denver. He asked if I could go up there for a week to hire a new administrative assistant and teach her “the ropes”. It sounded like fun so I said “Sure”. I hadn’t had a break from Bill for some time and this sounded like a good chance to have some time for myself.

During all these years of marriage I have been completely faithful to him. He is a loving husband and very good to me. Our sex life has been okay and, over the years, Bill introduced me to such pleasures as vibrators, cunnilingus and fellatio. He just loves to suck my cunt but I’m not too keen on giving him a blow job. I know he really enjoyed it the few times I did it for him but it just wasn’t for me. Bill’s main problem is that he gets through too early. Often I will fake an orgasm just to make him feel better. He really does enjoy pleasuring me.

The day came for my flight to Denver and I boarded a United flight. As I usually do, I sat on an aisle seat near the front of the plane. Just before the doors closed, a nice looking man asks if the seat next to me is taken. I tell him “No” and he squeezes by me to the window seat. He was really very attractive, about 40 years old with jet black hair and greying temples. As he squeezed by me to get to his seat I couldn’t help but notice that he had a nice, tight ass.

After takeoff we begin some small talk and I really enjoy talking with him. He tells me his name is Jim, and time passes quite quickly. We discuss jobs, families and hobbies. As we talk, I notice him looking at my legs and breasts. I also notice that my blouse has gaped open and he can see right down to my bra and the tops of my full breasts. I feel myself blush and, hoping he doesn’t notice, I discretely shift my position so that my blouse closes. I glance at his lap and notice a slight bulge at his crotch.

As we come in for a landing Jim asks where I’m staying.

“The Holiday Inn.”

“The one near the airport”?


“So am I. Want to have dinner tonight?”

“I’m a happily married woman ”

“It’s just dinner at the hotel.”

“Ok, remember it’s just dinner. Nothing more.”

“Ok, meet me in the lobby at 7:30. Will that be all right?”

“Sure, I’ll see you then.”

When I check into the hotel I go to my room. It is a mini-suite with couch and stuffed armchair, a work desk, and a huge king size bed. I lay down on the bed for a few minutes before getting dressed. Then I got up, stripped off my clothes, and admired my new body in the full length mirror on the wall opposite the bed. “Not bad”, I say to myself. I think I look pretty sexy and I feel good about myself.

I take a bubble bath and pay special attention to my breasts and crotch, thinking back to this afternoon and Jim’s stares. I am wondering if he would like to be here washing them for me. I massage my breasts and move my hand down to my pussy. I begin fantasizing about Jim waiting for me in bed just outside my bathroom door.

“Enough of this”, I murmured to myself, and got out of the bath. I was feeling very sexy. I am looking forward to tonight even though I haven’t had a “date” for 40 years. I decide to dress sexy even though there would be no sex tonight. It has been ages since I tried to turn a man on but I was going to try it tonight.

I put on a charcoal mid-calf length skirt and cream-colored silk blouse. I sit on the bed with my pantyhose in hand about to put them on. Then I pause a second. If I’m really going to be sexy tonight I won’t wear the pantyhose, just a pair of black silk panties. I look at myself in the mirror for a final inspection. I can barely see my bra through the blouse, and a though strikes me. Why not? I take of the blouse and bra and then put the blouse back on. Back to the mirror. My nipples showed through just enough, and now they were firm and extended just with the thought of teasing Jim.

Bill had jokingly(?) suggested a few times that I go braless but I never felt comfortable with that. Tonight is different. I’m in a strange city and will see no one I know. I leave the two top buttons unfastened. This is not like me at all, but it is exhilarating.

I meet Jim in the lobby at 7:30. As I walk towards him I can feel my braless breasts bounce underneath my blouse with every step I take. My walk has a little extra bounce in it tonight and I canlı bahis feel quite risque. I can tell that Jim notices. He is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and a red patterned tie. He looks very distinguished. I figure that Jim is a bit over 6 feet tall and probably weighs about 160 pounds. His face and hands show signs of strength and I wonder what the rest of his body looks like. “Too bad I’ll never know”, I think to myself.

We have a glass of wine before dinner, another during our rare roast beef dinner, and another after. I usually don’t drink more than two and I’m feeling a little tipsy. Jim can’t keep his eyes off my breasts. He makes me feel very alluring.

“They have a live band in the bar here at the hotel”, Jim said. “Would you like to go in for a drink?”

“No”, I answered, “I have to get up early and I’ve already had more drinks than I need.”

“Just one drink and a dance or two”, he pleaded?

“Ok, just one drink. Then I must go to bed.”

We walk to the bar and find a table in the back of the room. The ban is playing oldies, which I love. We order more wine and Jim takes my hand and holds it. I feel like a teenage girl on my first date. I’m having fun and it’s very romantic. The band begins to play a slow song and Jim asks me to dance.

When we get to the floor Jim takes me in his arms and holds me close to him. My breasts press into his chest and I just know he can feel my hard, erect nipples. I lay my head on his shoulder and give in to the sensuous rhythm. He is a wonderful dancer. In a few minutes I feel him getting hard and his erection presses against my belly. His chest is massaging my breasts and I’m really getting turned on. Suddenly I notice that I have pressed my pubic bone against his thigh. I hadn’t been aware that I had done that.

After the dance we return to our table. We finish our wine and he asks me for another dance.

“Just one more, Jim, then I have to go”, I told him.

This time he holds me close to himself and his hand finds its way all around my back and under my arm. He presses it against the edge of my breast. His other hand begins to work its way to my ass.

“Jim”, I say firmly. He moves his hand away from my ass but doesn’t move the one near my breast. Again I can feel his hardness against my thigh and my pubic bone presses against his thigh. I feel a wetness between my legs and, with my head again on his shoulder, I am breathing into his ear. He holds me tighter and our bodies seem to blend together.

After that dance I say “Jim, I have to go now.”

We leave the bar and he offers to walk me to my room. “Just to the door”, I caution him. I can tell he is turned off but, if I let him into my room, it would become a wrestling match. My room is on the fourth floor and, when we get into the elevator, Jim takes me in my arms and kisses me. I break it off and say again, firmly – “Jim, I like you and you are a very nice man. I have had a wonderful time tonight but I will not cheat on my husband.”

The elevator reaches the fourth floor and we walk hand in hand to my room in the middle of the hall. I turn to him.

“Thank you for dinner. I really enjoyed the evening.”

He put his arms around me and kisses me again. This time I can’t resist putting my arms around his neck and returning the kiss. His right hand discovers my braless left breast and very gently squeezes it though the thin silk blouse. I hear myself gasp. Without thinking, I press my breast into the palm of his hand. My breathing accelerates. In 40 years, no man but Bill has put his hand on my breast. I know I must stop him now but it feels so good that I want it to continues for just a few minutes. My panties start getting wet again. It feels sooo gooood the way he gently caresses and fondles my breast. I have not felt this way in a very long time.

His tongue slides into my mouth and his other hand begins to rub and knead my ass. I don’t notice that he is working his hand under my skirt and, soon, only my panties are between his hand and my butt He slides his hand around to the front of my panties to my pubic mound. He presses a finger against my very thin, very wet panties and begins to lightly trace the outlines of my tingling outer lips. I now can’t help myself and I spread my legs slightly. His strong finger presses into the crack between my swollen pussy lips and he finds my throbbing clit. My knees are trembling and I’m quickly approaching the point of no return.

“Oooohhhh …..Nooo….Please stop….someone will see us”, I moaned in his ear. I move my hand down to remove his from between my legs. He gently takes my wrist in his grip and moves my hand to his throbbing bulge. I feel his hardness pulsating with a life of its own and I’m reluctant to let it go.

“Let’s go into your room”, he urges.

“I would love… make love to you…..but I can’t….I have never made love to anyone but my husband”, I managed to say. I can hardly talk I’m so excited. I feel like I can’t breathe.

Jim continues fondling my soft breast making circular motions with his hand, moving my responsive breast in circles. His other hand returns bahis siteleri to my panties and finds its way between my lips and begins to rub my clit. I am losing control. My hand is still rubbing up and down his hard dick. I am astonished at how big it is. I can hardly fit my fingers around it.

His hand slips under the elastic leg band of my panties and finds my hot, well lubricated opening. He gently pushes a finger inside and slides it in and out. I am astonished. Even his finger feels bigger than Bill’s dick. The palm of his hand is gently brushing against my clit.

“Ooooooohhhhhh”, I moan quietly. It feels incredible. My hips rotate back and forth and I am quivering all over. I think maybe I should take him into my room. At that moment a door opens down the hall and brings us immediately back to reality. He quickly removes his hands and I straighten my clothes. A man comes out the door and walks down the hall in our direction. I know I look flushed. I quickly turn, unlock my door, and step inside.

“Thanks again for a wonderful night, Jim.” I close the door before he can answer and before he can enter the room. Safe at last My hands shaking, I put on my yellow shortie nightie, crawl into bed and turn out the light.

“You dummy”, I think to myself, “why didn’t you let him in? I’ll bet he is a great lover You will probably never have a chance like this again.” I am really giving myself a rough time.

The phone rings and shakes me out of my thoughts. Who could be calling at that time of night? I answer. It is Jim.

“Can I come to your room and talk?”

“Only talk?”


“I don’t think so, Jim. I’m too shaky right now. It will just lead to other things.”

“Ok, sorry to bother you. But I just want you to know that I find you to be an incredibly sensuous, sexual woman and I would really like to continue our evening. But, anyway…Good night.”

After he hangs up I begin thinking to myself again. “You are a stupid asshole”, I berate myself. “That was your last chance. You will never see him again.”

With that there was a knock at the door. I put on my robe and looked through the peep hole. It is Jim. I am glad to see him as I open the door.

“Let’s talk”, he said.

“Ok, come on in.”

Jim had changed out of his suit and was now wearing a t-shirt, shorts and loafers with no socks. His body was magnificent A chiseled upper body with wide shoulders dropping into a waist which couldn’t be any more than 30 . I could see the wash board outline of his stomach. His long legs were quite hairless and very well muscled. Through his shorts I could distinctly see the large bulge of his flaccid penis and large balls. I felt my body twitch in longing for him.

We move to the couch and Jim begins to ask about my reasons for not wanting to have sex. I have never had sex with anyone besides Bill. If I did cheat on him, I felt it would have to be with someone I knew and cared for. I had only known Jim less than 12 hours. If we have sex tonight it would not be “making love.” It would be FUCKING. Plain and simple. When I was growing up nice girls didn’t fuck. They only petted with someone they were “going steady” with and loved.

In an attempt to cool Jim’s sexual attracting for me I reminded him of our age difference.

“How old are you, Jim?”

“I’m 42

“Well I’m 62, 20 years your senior. You are such a great looking guy, you could have girls 20 years younger than you wanting your body. Why would you want to fuck a woman almost old enough to be your mother?”

“Well, Judy, I have always had a strong desire for older women. Not old women, mind you, but older women with Rubenesque bodies like yours. My ex-wife was 18 years older than me and she was able to keep up with everything I tried in bed.”

Jim understands my feelings completely. He reminds me that I may never have another chance to have sex with anyone else other than my husband. He tells me that most married men have at least one affair in their lives and that Bill is probably no exception.

“It would only be fair if you had one, too.”

“But, Jim, it would still be FUCKING.”

“That’s right.”

He then puts his arm around me and kisses me gently. I kiss him back, and his tongue again explores the inside of my mouth. Jim pulls me over his lap so that I am laying on the couch with him holding my upper body. He moves his hand inside my robe and begins to tweak the nipple of my right breast with his fingers. He squeezes it gently and we both begin to breathe deeper. He alternates between both breasts, gently squeezing each nipple then pinching it and twisting it. By now my nipples are fully hard and erect.

Jim has me stand up and move to the bed. He removes my robe and then pulls my nightie up and over my head. He looks at my bare breasts and I can tell he likes what he sees. My heart begins to race. Breathing is difficult. I am standing naked before a complete stranger showing him everything I have.

He bends down and takes a nipple in his mouth and begins to suck. Oooohhh, that feels so good His tongue runs circles around my hard brown nipple.

“Oooooohhhhh”, bahis şirketleri I moan out loud. I put my hand into the top of his shorts and find his hard erection. My fingers encircle it. It is HUGE I don’t know if I will be able to take it inside of me. We are still standing at the foot of the bed and I am about a foot in front of him, facing him. He turns me around and backs me up to him and puts his arms around me. He kisses me on the neck. He then cups a hand around each breast and squeezes. I look into the full-length mirror and see this strange, beautiful man kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. My face is flushed. I feel my crotch getting very wet and I am tingling all over.

Then I feel the head of his erect cock touch the small opening where my thighs and crotch join. He slowly pushes his huge erection between my legs, sliding along my pussy. My eyes widen as I see in the mirror the swollen head of his exquisite circumcised dick peek out from between my legs and extend a full few inches in front of me. How long must he be to be able to do that, I think in wonder?

Jim then turns me around and has me sit on the bed. He has removed his t-shirt and now I can see his athlete’s body and incredible dick. His incredible erection is amazing It must be at least 10 and his balls are large and hang down pendulously. Bill is about 5 long, fully erect. I can’t imagine what a prick like Jim’s would feel inside of me, but I now plan to find out.

Jim studies my pussy for a few seconds and I spread my legs slightly to give him a better view. I am now as horny as I’ve ever been and I really like having this gorgeous stranger staring at my cunt. He rubs my legs very slowly and very lightly from my ankles, up to my calves, over my thighs to my pussy lips. I spread my legs a little more and he never takes his eyes off my pulsating pussy. He slides one finger into my slit and slowly moves it around. Hy heart is racing He then slides another finger inside, and then another I can’t catch my breath. His other hand finds my swollen clit and begins massaging it.

“Oooooohhhhhh”, I moan. “Ooooohhhhh.”

Jim says “Open your eyes and look at my face. I want to show you something unusual.”

I do as he commands and he proceeds to stick out his tongue. I can’t believe it He moves it down and it touches his chin. Then he moves it up and he has completely covered his nose. It must be 6 long

I am laying on my back at the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor. Jim kneels down before me and gently spreads my legs with his hands. He moves his head forward and kisses my puffy lips. I reach forward and put my hands on the back of his head, drawing it into me. His huge tongue probes my outer lips and then dips between them. I spread my legs more to give him easier access to my most private area. His tongue gently twirls around my clit and I begin to tremble. Slowly it enters into me, moving back and forth, to and fro, like a snake. My whole body os jerking and my breasts are heaving with each jerk.

“Ooooohhhhh”, I moan and I thrust my pussy as hard as I can against is face. His long, thick tongue is thrusting in and out of me. I’m being fucked by a tongue His tongue swirls around inside of me and I can begin to feel an orgasm coming on. I am breathing and moaning and my stomach begins to tremble as the orgasm begins to take hold and then it is off and running like a runaway freight train. I choke off a scream as a flood of my cum shoots into Jim’s mouth. He continues to probe me with that marvelous tool and swallows repeatedly as I gush into his mouth. Gradually the orgasm weakens and I fall into a semi-faint. I can feel Jim ministering to my drenched cunt with his mouth, sucking me dry.

Jim stands next to the bed and reaches under my shoulders. He gently moves me up onto the bed until I am laid out fully on it, on my back. I have never in my life felt so completely sated.

I said “Jim, that was an incredible orgasm. The strongest I have ever had. Thank you.”

“Oh, that was only the first”, he said. “We have many more ahead of us.”

I laughed. “That’s what you think”, I said. It is rare for me to have even one orgasm. And I’ve never had more than one in a row.”

Jim chuckled. “Well, let’s see about that.”

Jim was standing next to the bed. My hand reaches out and grasps his mighty sword. It is astonishing. It stands fully erect and is about 10 heavily veined inches long. The bulbous head must be 2½” thick and I wonder if I would be able to take it into me. I have not seen many dicks in my life but this one must be the most beautiful in the world. I begin to gently stroke his dick up and down. I realize that I could not contain it all even in a two-handed grip.

I want to take it into my mouth but I am afraid. Sucking dick is not one of my favorite things. But this one is so beautiful, I’ll have to give it a try. Jim puts his hand on my head and moves it closer to this monster. I see a drop of his love juice squeezing out of the hole. I kiss the head lightly and taste that sweet juice. It is like ambrosia I move my mouth down the outside edge of his shaft and kiss the sides of this magnificent tool. Jim uses a little more force with his hands and moves my head back and forth in front of his dick, pushing it between my lips. I open my mouth and he slowly inches it inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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