My Mom Ch. 07

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Christmas was over for another year, and boy did I get a couple of unexpected Christmas presents, I thought. To think that I am gonna be the dad of mom and Anne’s baby and maybe even Julie’s; my mind was working overtime wondering what I was going to do now.

New Year was fast approaching, mom and I were going to spend it at Cathy’s, what would Cathy say to the news? It was now Dec 28th, 2 days since I was given the news from mom and Anne, mom was being very quiet and keeping herself busy and keeping out of my way. Anne had also not shown herself, but I wanted to find out how she thought it was my baby she was pregnant with.

It was just past lunchtime when I decided to go and confront Anne. I knocked on her door and she answered it almost immediately.

“Hello Alan, what brings you here?”

“As if she didn’t already know,” I thought!

“I got your note that you put through the letterbox on Boxing Day.”

She looked at him blankly.

“What note are you talking about Alan?” She asked.

“This note Anne.”

I said pushing it into her hand.

“I think you should come in honey, I am on my own so don’t worry.”

I stepped in and she closed the door behind him.

“Alan I didn’t write this note to you, it’s not my writing and I am not pregnant.”

“Are you sure?”

“Listen honey, I think I would know if I was pregnant or not. I just had my period yesterday, this must be someone playing a joke on you.” Anne replied.

I was now lost, if it wasn’t Anne his neighbor that was pregnant then who the hell was it? “Oh my god it couldn’t be her,” I almost fainted face, I must have turned a whiter shade of pale, because of the worried look on Anne’s face.

“I got to go Anne, if I don’t see you before it I hope you have a good New Year.”

I said as I gave her a quick kiss and bolted out the door.

I got to my front door and wondered what I would say to mom after I found out if I was right or not this time. Mom was upstairs, so I took the phone from the kitchen into the living room and dialed the number I had in my little black book.

“Hi is Anne there.”

I asked the person on the other side of the phone.

“Hold on please I’ll go get her for you”

After a minute I could hear her,

“Did you put a note through the letterbox the other day?”

“The note is from me Alan but I had a friend deliver it as I am still in University.” She answered.

“You are sure you are pregnant and that I am the father?”

“Yes Alan it’s yours and in 3 months time you will be a dad.”

“What are you gonna tell mom?” My sister Anne asked.

Anne is my older sister at, 21, with blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair and 32d tits. She stood at 5’4″, and was a little on the chunky side but she had a pretty face and a smile that was intoxicating. She had left for University following a shouting match with mom, over what I never found out.

I thought back to the summer, to the night that I had cum inside my sister. Anne and I had gotten really close during that summer before she left to go back to University. One night when mom and Anne had been out at one of mom’s works parties they had come home a bit worse for wear. Mom was able to get herself upstairs to bed, but Anne still wanted to party and had gone into the living room to get another drink.

I had been watching a porn video and had been drinking, there were about 8 cans lying empty on the floor where I had dropped them and had fallen asleep while masturbating. I was still lying there with my cock out as my sister walked into the room. She saw me lying there asleep and it wasn’t until she was half way across the room that she noticed that my manhood was still on show.

Anne stood there looking at her younger brother’s cock, with a wicked smile beginning to break all over her face. She opened the bottle of Vodka that was sitting in the drinks cabinet and poured herself a little glass. She then walked over to where I was sleeping on the sofa and finished off her drink as she knelt down beside the sofa and put the glass on the floor.

She felt a familiar tingle between her thighs as wicked thoughts ran through fulya escort her head. She ran her fingers across my dick ever so lightly with her fingernails tracing from the base to the tip. My cock began to twitch a little as she wrapped her fingers around my man meat as it began to grow in her hand.

“Mmmm very nice little brother, your not so little now.” She whispered.

As my cock grew to its full 8 inches Anne began to stroke my cock up and down as I dreamed that it was the big titted blond from the video stroking my cock. Anne had stripped off her clothes and was now straddling her my cock, as she aimed my cock at her now dripping cunt she sank down onto me and took my full length deep inside her.

As Anne began to rock back and forth on my big dick I began to stir. Anne began to quicken her rocking and I let out a

“Ohhhh yesssssss!”

Anne moaned out her own pleasures. It was then that I realized it was not the blond from the video and that I wasn’t dreaming. When I finally focused I found it was my sister fucking me.

“Oh my god sis, I’m gonna shoot my load. Get off quick!”

But all Anne did was fuck me harder. I came a moment later deep inside my sister’s pussy and sent her over the edge as she had her own screaming orgasm, as she came over his embedded cock.

“Alan are you still there?”

She shouted down the phone at me.

“Yes I am still here but I need to go mom is standing in front of me and I think she just heard what I said to you.”

“Will see you at New Year at Aunt Cathy’s.”

It was all I could say before I put the phone down and looked my mom in the face. “So you were talking to Anne?” Mom asked.

“Yes I was talking to Anne but not the Anne I thought was pregnant. I was talking to my sister; she is the one that is pregnant with my baby.”

I finally spat it out.

Mom turned and walked back up the stairs to her bedroom, now I knew why they had fought just before Anne went back to University. Mom had found out that Anne was pregnant but she didn’t know who the father was until now.

The next couple of days went by uneventful and finally it was New Years Eve. Mom and I got ready and went to Aunt Cathy’s early in the morning to celebrate the end of a year that had been very eventful for them all. But I was in for one more surprise before the old year had ended and the New Year had begun.

When we got mom’s sisters around 9:30am, Cathy had been in the bathroom being sick.

“She has been like this ever since we got back home from yours at Christmas.” Julie told mom.

Cathy finally came out of the bathroom and both her and mom went into the kitchen, Julie pulled me aside.

“Alan we have to talk, I have something to tell you.”

“Uh oh.” Was all I could muster.

“Don’t be like that Alan, its good news.” She smiled at me.

“I’m ok I’m not pregnant, I had my period last night.” She beamed.

Twenty minutes later mom and Cathy came into the living room and they told me to sit down. I did as I was told and finally I was told the last shock of the year.

“Alan I have something to tell you honey, you see I found out that I am pregnant and there has only been one man in my life the past 4 months.”

I looked at them both and I knew what was coming.

“So the only one that could put me in the pudding club honey is you.”

She told him with a little smile on her face.

Mom handed me a stiff drink.

“I think your going to need this.”

So now not only had I gotten mom and my sister pregnant but I had also gotten Cathy pregnant too. Finally, all the family were here under one roof including my sis Anne and they were telling who was pregnant and who the father was. Louise looked at her sister’s and smirked.

“I wonder who will be next to be knocked up by this stud of a cousin.”

As New Year got nearer the neighbors began to filter into Cathy’s home, the music was loud and there was plenty booze to go around. When the bells began to chime out the old and bring in the New Year Louise was the first to kiss me as she groped the front of my pants to feel my hard on straining gebze escort against her hand. By the end of the night I had also been with mom, Cathy, Tina, and Julie and even had a few of the female neighbors after my cock. All to soon the party was over and next morning mom and I were off home.

A couple of days later Anne was in the living room watching a video as she had the house to herself. She had found a tape that had been sitting under the small table in the middle of the living room as she was tidying up as she was getting into that nesting period. But thought she would have a little rest and see what was on this blank tape. As it began to play she realized it was one of Alan’s porn tapes, as she sat watching the action she was getting more and more aroused.

Absently she has reached up and began massaging her big tits while not taking her eyes of the video. She never heard me come in the door and as I got to the living room I could hear moaning like someone was having sex. As I looked around the corner into the living room I saw sis sitting on the sofa tit in hand and her other hand was under her short skirt obviously masturbating herself watching my video.

I stood there watching her as my cock hardened in my pants. I unzipped them and took out my dick and began masturbating watching her. Anne loosened the buttons on her top and pushed her bra up to get to her now huge nipples. The milk was leaking out of them and running down her 7 month old pregnant belly and down onto the waistband of her short skirt.

I moved closer to the sofa and watched Anne as she stimulated her nipples causing more and more milk to leak out. I had always wanted to taste a mother’s milk and now I thought this would be the chance. As I got right up to the back of the sofa I put his arms around my sister and took her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed her swollen tits.

Anne let out a soft moan as he caressed her breasts and flung her head back. Alan leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck, as the breast milk began to fill his mouth he started swallowing as much of the sweet liquid as possible. Some of the milk began to leak out the sides of his mouth dribbling down to her lovely big bosom.

“Oh yes Alan, suck my tits. Drink my milk, let me feed you like a baby.” She moaned to him.

As I lay across her lap suckling her tits my cock began to throb and didn’t go unnoticed. Anne began to fondle my semi hard cock. Mom had cam home early and was passing the room and as she heard the moans and screams of her daughter Anne she peered inside and saw her son sucking the milk from her daughters massive jugs as her daughter jerk her sons cock at the same time.

Mom was now almost four months pregnant and was getting hornier and hornier. And the site in front of her proved to be to good to pass up. She entered the room and took her clothes off and joined them on the sofa. Mom took over the jerking of my cock while sucking on Anne’s other nipple and drank the milk that was flooding out of it. This was to much for Anne and she started bucking against my arm which had fell between her thighs.

Mom was now desperate to have my prick deep inside her cunt and straddled me. She sank herself on to my 8 inches of rock hard meat. As she fucked me while I still sucked on Anne’s right breast the milk from her left breast began to flow down her body and on to my belly running down to my pubic area and mingling with my cock and mom’s sticky juices.

“Stick your fingers inside my cunt!” Anne cried out me.

I obliged her by sticking 2 fingers inside her dripping twat.

“Oh fuck yes shove them deeper you little motherfucker!”

“Make me cum over your fingers while mom cums over that wonderful cock of yours!”

And no sooner had the words came out her mouth than mom exploded over my cock.

“Oh fuck I’mmm cummmmiiiinnnnggggg, yesss, yessss,yesssssssss!” She moaned out filling the room with noise.

Anne’s fingers were a blur as she strummed her clit while being finger fucked by me. Mom had collapsed onto the floor as she came down from her orgasm, Anne now took my glistening cock in her mouth licking gültepe escort off mom’s juices and swallowing them. Sucking faster and harder on my throbbing cock as my fingers fucked her soaking pussy faster and faster. As I started to feel my sap rise from my balls into the shaft I called out.

“I’m gonna cum now!”

And with that came in my sister’s mouth which in turn set off her orgasm.

Spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat and she almost swallowed all of it. Some squirted out the corners of her mouth which mom leaping up and licking from her face. Anne’s pussy contracted around my fingers almost breaking them as she came over my fingers and hand with such a force that she passed out. A few moments later Anne came back round and lay there contented along with her mom. I got up, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up before coming back downstairs to find something to eat.

I enjoyed feeding from Anne’s breast more and more and as she became bigger and was getting to childbirth she got horny at the least sign of anything that looked like a cock I also enjoyed fucking my sister and mother every chance I got separate and together and with the milk leaking from them I would lay under them and swallow their sweet fluids.

It was now mid March and while I was in the middle of fucking Anne her waters burst and she went into labor. I pulled out of her and called my mother who came running in at hearing the screams of pain from her daughter. I called the Ambulance and Anne was taken to hospital where several hours later she gave birth to a 8lb 1oz daughter whom she named Jessica.

I doted on little Jessica doing everything I could to make life easier for Anne. By the time Jessica was 6 months old it was the beginning of September, mom had gone into labor and after five hours of pushing gave birth to a 7lb 12oz baby boy and named him John. Three days later Cathy went into labor and also had a boy who weighed in at 8lb 8oz and he was called Jason. Cathy’s girls adored Jason and took great delight in helping Cathy bring him up.

After the birth of Cathy’s child she moved to the other side of the country, and is now married to a great guy called Henry who has 18 yr old twin daughters of his own. Jason and Henry keep them all happy in all departments. The only time that they get altogether is at Christmas and New Year when everyone comes round to Jades and Cathy’s for the holidays. Louise lives with her boyfriend and is 4 months pregnant, Tina and Julie had married and both have a son and daughter.

John and Jessica grew up playing together and were best friends all through school. Even now at the age of 18 they are still best friends. Anne, Jade, and I are still lovers and still live in the same house. Their neighbor Anne still comes round and joins in on their fun from time to time.

And just the other day Jessica was in the bathroom having her shower, then she sat on the side of the bathtub shaving her pussy. When all of a sudden she heard a creek at the bathroom door, when she looked up to see who it was spunk flew in the door and hit her on the foot. It was John who had been spying on her and seeing her shaving her pussy got too much for him and he shot his load in the door.

Only this time he didn’t run away like I had done when I had been spying on my mom. John went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

“Jess you look so good sitting there that I could eat you out.” He grinned as he got closer to her.

Jessica just washed her pussy clean of soapsuds and beckoned him to her.

“Ok stud, on your knees and lick my clean shaved pussy.”

Jess commanded as she opened her legs wide for her lover.

“You know Jess, your pussy is as bald as your mom’s.”

He grinned at her before pushing his face deep into her set cunt and bringing her to orgasm. John and Jess heard the doorknob turn and both looked up as the door opened and in stepped her mom Anne.

“I see you have gotten to know each other better.”

Anne said with a smile across her face and a glint in her eye as she saw that John was sporting a hard on as big as Alan’s.

Anne dropped her robe to the floor and walked over to where Jess and John were sitting.

“So you like the look of my bald cunt?”

She asked him as she pulled his head back from Jessica by the hair.

“Yes ma’am, I love both your pussy’s.” He smiled back.

And so it begins all over again!

The End.

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