My Nawty Side Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Meet Angel, a vivacious 52 year old full figured female that has just discovered that she has a naughty side. It all started when she decided to leave her husband and live with her sister in Tennessee.

While there, she went out with her best friend Eugene. They have been friends for a while and talked about meeting. They finally decided now was a good time. The met and he held her long into the night while she let go of all her hurt and pain.

Eugene looked into her eyes and said, “Angel, to hell with that hubby of yours. It’s time I stripped you naked and slid my cock into that sexy body of yours and make you feel like a woman again.” He fucked her in every way imaginable for two days.

She was indeed feeling like a woman again, and loved every minute of it. The only problem she had with the situation was that Eugene was on the road a lot, so they could not touch and make love as long as she wanted.

She was discussing things with him one day and decided to tell him she was going to start dating other men. She did not know how he would react to this and was amazed that he thought it was a great idea. He even chuckled and teased her because he knew how sexually hot and horny she always was.

Later on that day, she was chatting with her girlfriend online and telling her the idea was exciting. Adding she was new to the area and just did not know the first thing about meeting available men here.

Her friend suggested one of those dating sites that introduce you to men.

She thought for a moment and then chuckled saying, “Now that’s a great idea. Oh, what the hell, this will certainly be one way to get back at hubby.”

Angel is also a writer. She writes everything from poetry to erotica. After thinking about it, she logged onto her computer, went to an adult dating site and set up a profile. Then she decided to add a few hot sexy pictures, like the ones taken by her hubby on their honeymoon. They were the kind of pictures that were supposed to be for his eyes only.

Then she grinned and said, “Awww I think these and my summary will make more then his eyes big!” After a few edits she realized the wording was perfect and guaranteed not only to make a nun blush, but aggravate hubby.

Soon she had more emails then she knew what to do with. She carefully scanned them and replied to a few. However, one caught her attention. It was a nice email written by Alan.

Alan is a fifty nine year old divorced male who lived within fifty miles of her. He too was looking for some fun and excitement in his life.

Angel pondered for a day or two and then replied to his email. She told him she was new to the area and wanted to get to know a few people here. She was also separated and looking for a few men to date.

If he was interested, she wanted to write him a few time and get to know him. Then added, “Who knows baby, I never say never anymore and we might even meet.” She then went on telling him something nawty-n-nice.

She told him she was a full figured BBW and her best assets were 42D! In addition, she said, “That if the sexual experience was safe and fun, she would do it”. She went on telling him she has yet to meet a man who could satisfy her completely. She loved oral sex, giving and receiving, titty fucking, and even anal fucking. She did not go into detail at this time, but just enough to make Alan drool.

Alan soon replied to her email and said he was willing to write her, as her profile pictures were enough to make any hot-blooded male’s cock hard as steel. Adding that if she would agree to it he would take her to dinner in a couple of weeks and see what happened. He also gave her his cell phone number and told her he would love to talk to her sometime.

Angel replied to that email including her cell phone number along with more descriptive details about her sexual appetites. fethiye escort She knew he would just love the following wording and she typed she was so horny; she had to stop writing and get naked. Then while one hand fingered her wet cunt, the other pecked at the keyboard.

She told Alan she loved reading and watching porn. In addition, one of her favorite fantasies was going to watch a peep show and fuck, suck and play while watching the show. She was also a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved to have sex outdoors naked under the stars. She also loved to sit in her yard swing at night naked and masturbate and she did not care who was watching.

She continued her erotic tale by telling him that at one time she even stripped and sat in the front seat of this man’s truck masturbating while they were driving somewhere. The man got so hot he pulled to the side of the highway and she gave him a blowjob in busy traffic. She ended the email knowing that when he read her words his cock would be rock hard.

Angel lay on the bed that night masturbating thinking about his reply. She wondered if he was the type to fuck her one on one or introduce her to a threesome. She closed her eyes and moaned as she imagined him and another man fucking her.

One would be fucking her mouth and the other ramming her hot cunt with his cock. She even had the two men in mind to fuck her. She spread her legs wide, pinched her clit, and felt her cunt juices running down her ass.

She grabbed her vibrator, shoved it hard into her hole, and shouted, “Oooooooh god, fuck my face Eugene!

“That is it baby! Oh my god, Alan ram my cunt harder! Oh yes just like that, fuck me guys like your own cum slut!”

She shoved the toy all the way into her hot box and yelled, “Ooooh, yessss, aaaaaaah! I’m cumming!”

Angel smiled and uttered, “Welcome to my nawty side boys!”

A few emails later Alan called her. He told her abruptly that he knew they were more then ready to meet. It was time to fuck!

Hot damn, it had been thirty days since anything other then her trusty vibrator had touched her pussy. As she listened to his sexy conversation, Angel’s panties became wetter and her clit throbbed.

In her mind she was screaming, “Oh fuck! I have to have this man deep inside my hot cunt…soon!”

Then she threw all caution to the wind and quickly replied, “Alan, let’s meet for dinner!” She figured the worst thing that could happen was her to find out he was ugly.

Alan replied, “Oh good, I will pick you up at 2pm Monday, but I will have to know how to get to your place. And just in case, bring a bag of goodies; I might just want you for dessert!”

She then told him she would have to get directions from her sister and email them to him. Laughing and saying if she told him how to get there, it would take him a month to find her.

Later that night she emailed him the directions and said she would have her phone on too.

Monday morning her hands were shaking as she packed a small bag. God she was so horny and she knew just how much she loved fucking. Angel was determined to get laid that night, no matter how ugly Alan turned out to be.

An hour later, she was sitting in the yard swing wringing her hands nervously and thinking about her first real date in six years. A million questions ran through her mind. What would he think of her, was she doing the right thing, and just how far would he go?

She almost jumped out of her skin when the phone rang. It was Alan, he told her he was turning onto her street. To look for him he would be driving a tan car.

She swallowed hard when she looked up the street and saw his car coming toward her. She stood up and said, “Well baby, it’s time to put on your sexiest smile!”

In her mind, Angel had conjured up an ugly wrinkled old man who had a hard time dating woman. escort fethiye That was until Alan pulled into the driveway she could not believe her eyes.

Alan was very handsome and when he got out of the car, she liked what she saw. His tall body was just right with padding in all the right places. She wondered if he saw her quiver when she noticed the bulge in his pants.

He kissed her hello, and then told her he knew the city quite well and was going to take her on a tour before dinner. They got into the car and drove away with her heart beating ninety miles an hour.

He looked over at her and told her if she wanted to stop just let him know. Then said, “Honey, are you nervous? There is not need to be around me I will not do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

She smiled and replied, “Oh, just a little. This is all so new to me.”

He pulled off the road into an empty parking lot behind some building and turned off the car. He looked at her and the said, “Come here Angel.” He pulled her close, kissed her deep, and held her.

She trembled when she felt his tongue caress her lips. Then loosened up a bit and returned the kiss letting her lips part and his tongue dance with hers.

It was as if someone had just rekindled the fire deep within her womanhood. She did not resist when his hand went under her blouse to caress her nipple. God it felt so fucking good, and she wanted more.

Alan stopped kissing her and said, “I think that is just what you needed to loosen up baby.”

“Now, you told me in one of your emails that you gave this guy a blowjob on the side of the highway.”

He then unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi hard seven-inch cock and said, “Suck my cock baby, right here, right now!”

Angle licked her lips and felt her mouth water and leaned over and said, “Oh honey, you know what this naughty gal likes don’t you?”

She engulfed his member, sucking it until was long and hard. Then looked up at Alan, he had his head thrown back and was moaning. She continued sucking him until he stopped her.

He said, “Oooh fuck, you were right when you said you love to suck cock! Lets save it for after dinner, this is just an appetizer to get your cunt warmed up!”

She looked at him and said, “You pick the hotel and I will pick the restaurant. After all we might need our nourishment for what’s ahead.”

He winked and said, “Now that’s the best thing I have heard all day.”

He drove to this Mexican place and they ate while telling each other more about themselves. All through dinner, she could not keep her eyes off him. Angel could not wait to get her hands on Alan and do some serious fucking!

After dinner, they drove a mile and acquired a room at a local hotel. Alan unlocked the door and pulled her quickly inside kissing her long and hard.

He then stepped back locked the door and said, “Honey you’re one hot sexy woman, I do not know how your husband could let you go. That is his loss and my gain! Now, let me see some skin, I want you! Let’s get naked and fuck!”

Angel excused herself to go to the bathroom and when she returned was wearing a lacy see through very short nightie. She saw Alan’s naked body and hard cock and climbed on the bed.

He took one look at her and removed her outfit with one quick motion throwing it on the floor. Then he drew her close, placed his lips hard against hers, and ran his hands all over, feeling her shudder under his touch. He only stopped kissing her long enough to move down to her hard nipples. He sucked her nipple into his mouth then bit it gently. Then he bit it harder as she responded to his lips.

Oh god, she loves a titty man! She still could not believe this was really happening. Here she was in bed fucking a stranger and loving it.

Her mind wandered to Eugene, wonder what he would do right now, fethiye escort bayan if he was here. Would he watch us while sitting in a chair naked and jack off. On the other hand, would he climb on the bed and join in the fun!

She quickly put that notion out of her head. Then arched her back and told Alan, “Eat my cunt!”

He pulled her down, spread her legs, and dove into her hot box like a starved puppy eating his first meal. He ran his tongue all over her hair until she begged him to eat her. He then separated her lips and licked from her throbbing clit to her anus, teasing both holes in the process. He held on to her hips as he pulled her clit in his teeth and flicked it with his tongue.

He felt a gush of cunt juice, slid three fingers into her, and finger-fucking her hard as he nibbled her clit. When he bit her clit again she screamed and covered his face and beard with more sweet nectar.

Angel, in a hardly audible breathless voice, told him she wanted him to fuck her pussy hard and deep now.

Alan did not need any more encouragement and he spread her legs as wide as they could go and told her, “Take my cock and put it in your hot cunt! Oh god, I wish I had a camera right now I would love a picture of my cock sliding in and out of your cunt! Hey, if I get a camera, will you post some hot pictures of me fucking you on the adult site?”

Angel told him she would then wink and said, “Guess who has a digital camera lover? And I do need some new hot photos to put in my photo album and on the site where we met.”

Alan almost came immediately and yelled, “Oh my god, would you bring it with you sometime baby, because we will fuck again!”

She nodded her head yes the said, “Enough talking baby, fuck me!”

He then watched her face as he fucked her. He just knew this hottie was as kinky as his was and he was going to find out just how naughty she would be!

After the first round, they chatted about her sexual desires. He told her he liked to hear more about how she wanted to do a threesome.

Would she do it with another woman? One of his favorite fantasies was to see two women get it on, make each other cum, and then do him.

He felt his cock spring to life once more and asked, “Angel, do you like sucking and biting a man’s nipples and watching him jack off?”

She loved his way of thinking, fuck she loved doing a man’s nipples. She looked at Alan and whispered, “Not only do I love doing a guys nipples baby, I love to tease his ass! I want to even wear a strap on and fuck your ass!”

Alan guided her lips to his nipple and started jacking hard and said, “I love my ass played with and fucked baby, if you had a toy with you, I’d let you do my ass too.”

“Baby, there is something I would love for you to know and do. I love to kiss a woman who has just sucked my cock and had my spunk on her lips and tongue.”

“Oh fuck your going to make me cum hard….and you know it too!”

She knew there was something she had not brought with her and stopped sucking long enough to say, “Damn, I knew I forgot something! Guess I will just have to bring them both and we can do each other’s ass next time we meet!

“Baby, your making my clit throb, guess I will just have to let you watch me play with myself as you jack off.”

He smiled and told her that he would love that experience. Oh god, he loved watching her finger her cunt. He closed his eyes and envisioned Eugene eating her or sliding his cock into her right now.

Oh, fuck he wanted that to happen too and shouted, “FUCK, I AM CUMMING!”

Angel moved up to his cock and licked him clean and then pulled his face to hers and shared his cum with him. She felt him tremble and he sucked her tongue and knew he loved what she was doing.

Alan propped himself up on one elbow and ran his fingers lazily around her nipple and uttered, “Think Eugene will do a threesome with us baby?”

She looked into his eyes and exclaimed, “How did you know that was what I was thinking. I have never done that, but I think I have just unleashed my nawty side!”

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