My Sensuous Aunt Madge Ch. 03

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It was getting very late in the afternoon. The day been busy and interesting for both Talana and me thus far, so I suggested we go out for an early dinner.

She said, “I’ll go with you, Sir, but my ass is still burning from my punishment earlier and I’m not sure I will able to sit down without complaining…but I will go with you.”

I got up slipped into my black silk kimono and went downstairs. Talana jumped up following me without bothering to dress herself in anything. When we reached the kitchen, I smiled at her, admiring her amazing resolve to follow through with all of this prompting me to tell her I understood her discomfort and I would just call to have something delivered.

Admittedly, I had gotten far too absorbed in the punishment, which I really did feel bad about over-doing, but not about the act of punishment itself. I knew I would punish her again, but I would not administer it with such brutality. This time she had practically begged for it, but I would exhibit much greater self-control in the future. I was not a sadist nor was she a masochist. She just needed a little erotic pain from time to time. I had given her far too much pain, had gone well beyond what could be deemed erotic, and in this instance, she really had not deserved true punishment.

“Is Chinese OK with you or would you prefer something else,” I asked her.

“Whatever you want is alright. Chinese or pizza are about the only things we can have delivered,” she replied.

“OK, I’ll order a Chinese pizza. I’ll make sure the wanton soup is served on the side as au jus for the pizza,” I laughed, teasing her.

Talana giggled.

I was sure we would not eat all of what I ordered, or if we would even eat any of it, however, I called in orders for both Chinese food and a large Supreme pizza.

I turned to Talana telling her to go upstairs and put on something so sheer it was almost transparent.

“Touch up that beautiful heart on your pubic mound and paint your nipples to match. You will, of course, also wear silk stockings, a garter belt and stiletto heels. I want you to go to door looking like a little whore doll when the food is delivered,” I said to her.

“Yes, Master,” she smiled sexily at me, “just the sound of your voice telling me what to do is making my ass feel better and…”

“And what, Talana?” I asked.

She hesitated before replying shyly, “It’s also making my pussy very wet.”

“I will take care of that later,” I replied. “Now go get ready.”

As she skipped happily toward the stairs, I could only imagine how she would be in bed as an active participant. So far, I had only used and somewhat abused her incredible body, but tonight would be far different. I decided that tonight she would be my lover. She would not be merely a slave girl who served her Master. I had sex with a number of girls during high school, but this would be the first time I actually made love with a woman. Aunt Madge, whom I now called Talana, was most assuredly a woman. I wanted this to be a night we would both remember for many years to come. Somehow, I knew she wanted this just as much as I did.

I opened a beer before going into the living room. A short time later, Talana came downstairs. As she walked slowly into the living room, I saw she was wearing a nearly transparent scarlet red silk kimono, which barely reached the tops of her thighs. Most girls look great in red, but Talana looked awesome. The kimono was tied tightly around her tiny waist with a matching obi. Her firm breasts with their very hard, erect nipples pressed eagerly against the sheer fabric as if they were struggling desperately to be released from the confines of the restraining fabric. Her beautiful shapely legs were encased in pure silk red stockings, the color of which matched perfectly the color of the kimono. Through the sheer fabric I could see the outline of a matching red garter belt which held up the stockings. On her feet, were a pair of red patent leather “fuck me” pump shoes, the heels of which had to be at last five inches in height.

Her long auburn hair was done in cascading coils, which draped down over her left shoulder reaching almost to the top of her left breast. She walked slowly toward me in such a slow, deliberate, and graceful manner it appeared she was actually floating on a cloud. She stopped when she reached a point at which she was standing slightly out of arms reach.

Her makeup was applied to perfection. I noticed she had even included a tiny dark “beauty mark” on her left cheek. Her lips glistened from the scarlet red lip gloss, which matched the color of her clothing. Talana turned around slowly which allowed me to savor the enchanting and radiant beauty of the sensual creative image she had prepared herself to be for me. I could smell the almost intoxicating scent of some yet unrecognized fragrance emanating from her. I learned later the name of the fragrance was Ciara.

As I looked up at her, I was so stunned that my jaw dropped open, my heart seemed to stop beating, and even my last breath just hung in the air. If there was a more beautiful or enchanting woman anywhere on the planet I did şişli üniversiteli escort not want to see her. As if by some unknown force of magic, Talana seemed to morph into something even more beautifully enticing with each blink of my eyes. It seemed as though she became whatever my mind could perceive her to be.

She slowly rotated her body to turn her back to me. Then she leaned slowly, very slowly forward causing both the kimono and my dick to rise as she exposed her naked ass and the glistening vaginal lips of her shaven pussy to my hungry eyes. She straightened her head and shoulders while arching her back downward which caused her hips to lift and jut provocatively toward me. My dick began to throb in anticipation of being engulfed in the depths of the fiery pool of molten lava before me.

She stood fully upright and slowly rotated her body until she was once again facing me. She reached down to seductively untied the obi which surrounded her tiny waist and let it fall gently to the floor. The sheer silk material floated slowly downward as if it was a feather until it lay wistfully at her feet seeming almost to beckon for her to reach down and rescue it from the torture of being unable to surround her sensuous body as if it was her guardian and defender. Talana slowly opened the scarlet kimono revealing the splendor of her feminine treasures allowing it to drift slowly to the floor to join the ever faithful obi.

Again, my jaw dropped to my chest as I gasped in amazement at the beautiful woman standing before me. Her eyes smoldered with both the love and the passion, which churned and burned with the raging fires of primal desire mixed with pure carnal lust, seemingly fueled by the urgency of her need to be embraced and bound. It was as if she was shackled eternally to the man sitting before her.

Talana had touched up the carefully painted scarlet heart on her freshly shaven pubic mound with the same lip gloss which adorned the now puffy and almost swollen lips of her beautiful face. I stared in star-crossed admiration at the near perfect vision before me, as if she was the personification of some mythological female deity.

I could not help but think, ‘Uncle Bob was and is a fucking IDIOT! This woman is goddess. Now she in mine!’ If my incestuous thoughts or actions condemned me to the fires of Hell, then I shall relish in the agony of them for eternity, because I am going to be fucking Talana every day for a very long time.’

I extended my arm out toward her and beckoned for her to come to me. She literally lunged at me as if she was a tigress pouncing onto its unsuspecting prey. Talana slightly misjudged both the height of her leap and the force of landing. She landed high upon my chest, and even though she weighed a mere 110 pounds, the force of her aggressive leap sent all three of us reeling backward onto the floor. The three of us being the sofa, Talana and me. Mere seconds passed, before both Talana and I burst into laughter.

“Oopsie! I guess I overshot the runway,” she said with a grin.

I pulled her face to mine and ravaged her scarlet lips, not caring how badly I smeared her lip gloss. Obviously, she cared even less than did I. She returned my kiss with unbridled passion and fury. Finally, when we broke our kiss and untangled our bodies from each other, we got up and returned the sofa to its original upright position. I sat back down waiting to see what Talana would do next.

The sofa had not been pushed back against a wall, as it usually was in most homes. Talana had told me that she tried to decorate, and arrange the furniture according to the traditions of feng shui. I was not quite sure what that really meant, but since this was her house, I really did not care where she placed anything. Although she had made it very clear this was now our house, she was obviously trying her best to make me feel as if I was the king, and this was my castle.

She looked at me with a very sexy gleam in her eyes and said, “I really do belong to you, Sir, and I love you. It was a little strange in the beginning, but I know that I want to be yours, and to be only with you.”

I sat on the sofa totally engrossed and mesmerized by the vision standing before me. Was she real or was she merely a figment of my youthful imagination? I was almost afraid to exhale my breath, lest the faintest movement of the air, would cause her to vanish like a vaporous dream. She looked at me shyly, “Does my Master approve of his worthless slave?”

Suddenly, I lost all control of my own emotions. I arose from the sofa, walked over to her, pulled her tightly into my arms crushing her lips with a kiss, which flowed from the very depths of my soul. She met my kiss with equal fervor, as our tongues probed back and forth inside our mouths, encircling and entwining each other like two snakes struggling to breed. My cock surged and throbbed upward between her thighs, pressing firmly between the soaking, wet lips of her succulent, luscious pussy.

Talana’s entire body seemed to open for me, while at the same time, enveloping me with its relentless hunger for passionate and taksim anal yapan escort lustful desire, seeking only the ecstatic release of an all-encompassing, never ending, explosion into the rapture of heavenly, orgasmic bliss. When I lowered my hands and cupped the firm, yet soft, globes of the cheeks of her ass, to pull her more tightly to me, she writhed wantonly against my now fully erect cock, displaying not even so much as a hint of her earlier pain. Her only desire was to fully reignite the smoldering embers inside her loins, and fan them into the flames of a roaring inferno. Talana was a whore being consumed by the passion and lust of her own passionate desires.

Our passion was quelled by the most unwelcome ringing of the doorbell, which shocked us both back into the world of reality.

“That must be one of the delivery people, Talana. Put on your kimono, go answer the door, and be sure to put on a show,” I told her slyly.

“You can rest assured that I will, Sir. I am so horny that were I not your slave, I would fall to the floor, on my back with my legs spread wide, and invite whomever is at the door to ravage my cock hungry body. I am desperate in my need to be fucked, but…I belong only to you, and my body is only for your pleasure, Sir,” she replied.

If there was such a thing as a handbook for slaves, I was sure Talana had either written it, or memorized it.

She flicked on the light in the foyer, which completely illuminated her exquisitely sensuous body, turned the door knob very slowly, and opened the door, fully exposing herself to whomever was standing outside. From my vantage point, I could see not one, but two, young delivery drivers standing on the porch just beyond the door.

When they saw Talana, both of them dropped their jaws, and their eyes bulged in disbelief.

“Come in boys while I get my purse,” Talana said, as she slowly turned and walked toward the kitchen, making sure she gave her lovely hips just a little more sway than was necessary.

The guys practically stumbled over each other as they scrambled to get inside the door. Their eyes followed Talana’s magnificent, swaying ass, until she disappeared into the kitchen. Then they stared at each other in utter amazement.

I noticed one of them nudged the other with his elbow, when he noticed me standing silently by the sofa. They both looked at me, and their expressions changed from amazement, to looks of awe.

“Just put the food on the coffee table, guys.” I said, and they did so.

One of them stammered and asked, as he stared at me in disbelief, “Is sh…sh…she your g…g…girlfriend?”

I chuckled and replied, “No, she is considerably more than that. She is my property,” knowing they would not actually comprehend the full implication of my words.

When Talana came back into the living with the money to pay them, their eyes again returned to her.

“Tip them generously, girl,” I said in a commanding voice, which was more, of course, for the benefit the delivery guys than for Talana, as she needed no such instructions.

“Yes, Sir. As you wish, Sir,” Talana replied obediently.

Naturally, they took a little longer with the money exchange than was necessary. Then, reluctantly, they headed back toward the front door, which was still wide open. Talana followed them, pausing long enough to give them a final, long look back at her, before they got into their cars. She made it quite clear to me, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. When they both driven away, she closed and locked the front door. She switched off the light in the foyer and returned to me.

“Oh my God, Sir, I’m glad I teach middle school, and not high school, or college. I would be so embarrassed if one of them had recognized me,” Talana said. I noticed her face was slightly flushed as she continued, “but I do admit it was incredible. I am hornier now, than I was before.

“Your performance was excellent, little one,” I told her approvingly.

“Thank you, Sir. I did it to please you,” she replied.

“Talana, for the remainder of the night, let’s dispense with the Master/slave relationship. Tonight we shall be lovers,” I told her.

“As you wish, S… I mean thank you, Michael. I want so much for us to be lovers, not just for tonight, but forever, I also want to be your slave, too.” she answered, then quickly added, “May I still be Talana tonight, even as your lover? I really like my new name much better than Madge, and certainly far better than Aunt Madge, but it is very erotic and hot, thinking my handsome, sexy nephew will be fucking um…making love with his aunt tonight.”

“I am very happy you like the name I chose for you, and that you wish to keep it,” I told her.

“Please don’t be angry with me, but I really want to flaunt my name in front of my sister, your mother, while she is here. Due the difference in her age and mine, we have never actually been sibling rivals, but you have, somehow, drawn it of from me. I think I am jealous of her for being so beautiful, so sexy and having a perfect marriage and such a wonderful son

You make me feel taksim bdsm escort beautiful and sexy, even powerful, and I love being your slave. In my heart, I feel as if I am much like Xena, The Warrior Princess, and I want my sister, Marsha, not only to see this, but also to understand it,” Talana said. “It is very strange, but as your slave, I finally feel I am a free woman.”

Deciding not to comment on her wish to flaunt her feelings in front of my mother, I said to her, “then tonight show me your true spirit as Talana, my warrior princess. Be a free woman.”

“Oh my God! Yes, Michael, I will! I will!” She almost screamed in her excitement, “I apologize for once again mentioning your Uncle Bob, but he never made me feel the way you do. I don’t know how to explain this, but I want so much to be a perfect slave for you, though I also desperately yearn to be your woman.”

“You will find a way to be both of those. Just give yourself time,” I said to her lovingly.

“Michael, you may regret allowing me to be your lover, and not just your slave, because I am going to get on my knees in front of you and suck your cock until your balls collapse, as you pump your hot seed into my belly. Later, I want you to eat my pussy, until my eyes cross. After that, we can eat dinner before we go to the bedroom, where you can fuck my cock starved body into oblivion.

“You told me to dress like a whore doll. I did it. You wanted me to act like a slut in front of the delivery boys. I did that, as well. You told me to show you my spirit as your warrior princess. Well, get ready, baby, because I want to be fucked like I’ve never been fucked before, and tonight I’m prepared to kick your ass until you do it right, but right now, I am going to show you what a slut I really am,” she said, with bold authority.

“You Go Girl,” I replied. What more could I say? It sure seemed I had grabbed a tiger by its tail.

She stood up, stripped naked before me, like the wanton slut she wanted to be, and displaying her beautiful, hourglass figured, body before my hungry eyes she said, “You may see some other little slut at the university and want to fuck her. You may, in fact, actually fuck her. I don’t care. I am a woman, not a girl. I am your woman, and I am going to raise the bar so damned high that no one can ever come close to reaching it. You own me, Michael, but I am going to possess you,” then she looked into air and continued, “Fuck you, Bob! You had your chance at this, and you couldn’t handle it.”

I laughed to myself suddenly realizing that this crafty little brook trout had netted and landed me, the fisherman. Hell, at that moment, she could have stuffed me and mounted me on her wall as a trophy. I would not have cared, but she didn’t want me as a trophy, she just wanted us to be together. Talana, my aunt, was in love with me and she had simply outsmarted me by enslaving herself to me, while making me think I had enslaved her. She had always wanted to be a slave girl, and with me, she had found a way to make it happen. Oh well, who was I to complain?

‘Yes, this was going to be a very interesting year, but tonight was all that mattered,’ I thought as Talana knelt in front of me, untied the obi around my waist, and tossed open my kimono to reveal her prize, my aching, throbbing turgid cock.

Her eyes smoldered with lust, as she straightened her body while wrapping her arms around my neck to pull me toward her. Talana leaned up to shower my face and neck with kisses from her soft, warm lips as the tip of her tongue danced eagerly over my skin.

She literally wallowed her firm, perky, breasts from side to side over my cock, as she undulated her torso rhythmically back and forth against my own, in a slow, seductive, twisting motion. She finally succeeded in manipulating my fully engorged cock into a position between her marvelous tits and rocked her chest up and down slowly fucking it between them. She raked her long, scarlet painted nails down my chest and across my hardened nipples, before sucking each of them in turn, between her lips, to suck them, and bathe them with her fiery, hot, wet tongue.

Talana raked her nails down my sides and across my stomach, while arching her back, making room for her hands to grasp my throbbing, turgid cock. I felt her fingers slowly encircle it, while one of her thumbs slid over the slit to gather the precum, which was oozing out in a copious amount. She used this to lubricate my cock, as she stroked her hands slowly up and down its entire length. With one hand above the other, her hands stroked down to the base leaving the swollen head still exposed above them. Talana rubbed my cock back and forth across her rigid, spiked nipples, causing me to shiver in anticipation, of what she would do next. I wanted desperately to touch her now soft, smooth, and sensitized skin, but I decided to just try to relax, and let her do whatever she pleased. I was certain she would let me know when she wanted something more. She leaned up to lick and suck my own hardened nipples for a moment, before trailing her soft lips down my lower chest to my stomach, while letting the tip of her tongue glide over my quivering skin. When she reached my swollen cock, she lifted her head, and pulled my cock up to her face. Talana held it steadily in her tiny hands, while she slowly and methodically rubbed her face all over it, like a cat rubbing itself against a person’s legs.

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