My Sister My Love

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Chapter 1: Exposed

I was relieved to finally take a break from the hectic tourist schedule. It had been almost a week into the trip and it seemed like we have been moving non-stop. My sister and I had come to Europe to see all the sites and we still had a ton of locations on our must-see lists. However, today was a chance to recuperate and take a while to soak in the atmosphere of the city. Our hostel was on the edge of Le Bois de Boulogne Park and it was Vani’s idea to leave for the park’s lake. We grabbed our day packs and headed down to the corner market. Some bottled water and sandwiches filled the order as we headed into the expansive park. Finding a nice partially secluded spot near some bushes, we laid out our blanket and sat for lunch by the water.

Vani had taken the opportunity the summer sun provided, Vani had on her white tank top. When sitting down I had such an amazing view of her 36D breasts that I literally gasped. My sister seemed not to notice and settled back on the blanket. I sad down next to Vani and pulled our sack lunches from my day pack. We sat there on the grass, chewing our food like a pair of mute cows. Taking the last bite from her sandwich, Vani reached into her pack and pulled out a tube of sunscreen. She handed it to me and said, “Do you mind? I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my hands…” I obliged and squirted some sunscreen into my hands.

I started applying the sunscreen onto her back and shoulders, slightly behind her; I had the opportunity to see right down her tank top again. I completely missed what my sister said next and she was forced to repeat herself to get my attention. “Michael, I think my shoulders are good now.”

“oh, yes of course.”, I replied in a meek response. I moved to her side as she lay back onto the blanket. I squirted some more sunscreen into my hands and for the first time since I could remember, I had my hands on my sister’s chest. To be fair, it was her collarbone region but for a brother who is obsessed with his sister, it’s an accomplishment. She had her eyes closed and I was now feeling brave enough to test the unspoken sibling boundaries. My left hand slid slowly down her neck and into the cleft between her breasts. There was still plausible deniability if she protested but I had a hint to the softness that her breasts offered on either side of my fingers. Vani did not stir.

Again I pressed down into the cleft while my right hand spread lotion across the top of her right breast above the tank top. No movement from my sister but what was obvious at this point was a pair of hardening nipples underneath her shirt and bra. I was so horny by now that I had to find out just how willing she was to let her older brother spread sunscreen across her breasts. I moved closer to her and felt the skin of her arm against the skin of my short-covered knees. Adding another glob of sunscreen, for the first time, I ran my hand underneath the fabric of her tank top. The tips of my fingers brushed across her breasts and were stopped from reaching her nipples by her bra. Vani let out a small sigh as I slipped my fingers underneath her bra and across her rock hard nipples.

Tweaking the skin between my fingers, my sister began to squirm under my touch. Her eyes slowly opened and I felt her arm move. I felt her hand against the back of my bare leg. Slowly she moved her hand up under my shorts and her fingers brushed against my balls. Vani smiled with the reaction that created in my face. Due to the angle, she couldn’t reach my cock so she moved her hand around to my front and slowly tugged at my belt buckle. By now my hands were thoroughly kneading her breasts and I took the liberty of pulling them out of the cups of her bra and out of her shirt. The sight was breathtaking and she knew it. Arching her back, she tugged down my zipper and for the first time, touched the shaft of my cock. A small smile appeared on her face as my shorts fell to the ground.

I leaned forward and slowly licked her hard nipples. The action brought a slight moan of approval and I continued. My sister slipped her fingers around the shaft of my cock and stroked its length slowly. It was at that moment that there was a sound in the nearby bushes. We both looked up in fear that we were caught but it was just a squirrel. Laughing, I said, “I guess being this bad will make a pair of siblings nervous.”

Vani smiled as she cupped my balls… “Well, it is kind of wrong for my brother to have had such a nice cock all this time when it could have been deep inside me for the past decade.” Her finger passed across the tip of my cock and I moved up to her face. Kissing my sister for the first time was amazing. It was a mixture of passion, lust, and a feeling that you were doing something really wrong. Cupping her breast in my hand, I replied, “We’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

There we were, sister and brother, lying together on the grass in a secluded part of Le Bois de Boulogne Park. Her tank top hiked up around etiler bdsm escort her neck and my shorts and boxers on the ground beside us. Our lips pressed together with a passion that only years of pent-up lust can manufacture. All those times we caught glimpses of each other exiting the bathroom after a shower. The time she wore that hot little red bikini at the water park and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tight little ass. The time she wore that dress to a dance and I could’ve sworn she bent over on purpose to show off her beautiful rack. All of those memories created an electricity which passed between our tongues as they intermingled. The wet warmth of her mouth stands as one of the best memories of this event.

Sliding my hand slowly down her tight little stomach, I press my fingers down under the buttons of her pants. Pop… Pop… Pop… the buttons release and my hand traveled further down towards the warmth of her sex. By now, Vani was making slight moaning sounds as we continued to kiss. My fingers now rested across her panty-covered pussy and with the other hand, I tugged at her pants. She lifted her ass from the ground to make the process easier and before too long the pants joined my shorts on the ground. Pulling her thong to the side, I for the first time since puberty, saw my sister’s beautiful pussy. The small curly brown hairs in her nicely trimmed bush slid between my fingers.

Her pussy was so warm to the touch that I was momentarily shocked. My cold-in-comparison fingers brought another moan of delight from Vani’s mouth. Pressing into her wetness, I penetrated her forbidden inlet. I pushed deep, as deep as I could with my fingers. Now wasn’t a time to hold back or be meek. I had to take her; I had to feel every bit of her. I felt like at any moment the feeling would end and the world would come crashing down on us for being so evil.

Vani’s fingers slipped across my length. Between two of her fingers, the head of my cock released some pre-cum which she promptly rubbed into the skin. Stroking it gently she made my eyes roll back in my head. Eventually our mutual manipulation became too much and I moved in-between her legs. Holding both legs up over my shoulders, I slipped close and began to rub her clit with the head of my cock. She gave me a sad puppy look as I continued to tease her. Vani bit her lower lip and I pressed into her for the first time.

It wasn’t the first sex that either of us had but it was definitely more significant and enjoyable. My cock seemed to fit perfectly into her warm pussy. Almost as if the two of us were designed for that eventuality. It wasn’t too tight, and it wasn’t at all loose against me. Our bodies were one, in the middle of this urban park. Surrounded by God knows how many people who were oblivious to the fact that a brother and sister were fucking like jackrabbits behind some bushes. It was without a doubt the best feeling I’ve ever had.

I pumped quickly, She moaned each time I pressed into her. So deep; so fast; Vani cried out, “God, yes fuck me… fuck me hard… I need this… I’ve needed it for so long. Fuck your baby sister.” I felt obligated to follow that command. I have no idea how much time had passed but my sister’s cries became louder as she approached her peak. With a few more pumps, Vani hit her climax. Her arched back pushed her breasts up into the air and her leg muscles contracted against my body. After a few more motions I too hit my point of no return and cried out, “Fuck yes Vani!” As I remember it, that climax was one of my most powerful. I could feel each burst of cum jet from my cock. The increased wetness filled her body as I collapsed upon my sister’s naked form. Together on that grass we laid. My head cradled between her breasts I listened to her still quickly beating heart. I knew there was no going back; Even if I had wanted to.

Chapter 2: Continued Love

On the way home from the park, Vani and I held hands. We were a couple surrounded by people who had no idea that we were a brother and sister who just committed incest in the city park. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. We visited the British Museum, but instead of being blown away by the amazing artifacts inside, I couldn’t help but think about the next opportunity to slide my cock back into its new home in my sister’s cunt. Vani seemed oblivious to my condition as we walked from display to display. When we came upon a set of Ancient Greek armor, I slid up right behind her and pressed against her ass. She responded by sliding her hand up my leg and resting it on my now very hard member. She responded in a hushed voice, “Should we find somewhere to release this?” I signaled my approval by pulling her hair back away from her shoulders and sucking on her neck.

We quickly walked to the largely deserted stairs behind the North American exhibits. Vani glanced to see if anyone was coming from upstairs then bent over the hand railing. I slid my hand up her shirt and etiler elit escort played with her breast while I tugged at the buttons on her jeans. My little sister then wiggled her cute little ass out of her thong underwear and with a quick unzip, I too was free. Guiding my cock from behind her, I rubbed the head against her glistening slit. The contact with her clit caused some moans, though muted as to not garner too much attention. I pressed into her sex. Much like the first time, the feeling was incredible.

Penetrating as far as possible, I could feel every inch of her squeezing down on my cock. Vani pushed back from the railing as a signal for me to move and I did so by slowly drawing my length out, then pressing in again. My sister then reached back with her right hand and cupped my balls. I increased the pace and veracity of my thrusting as her tight pussy lubricated my shaft. One hand resting on her mount, rubbing her clit with my index finger while groping her tits through her shirt with the other hand. Our grunts filled the staircase. After dropping another load of cum into my little sister’s pussy, we quickly reassembled our outfits and calmly returned to our tour of the museum.

When we returned to the hostel, we negotiated with the front desk to switch us from a 6 person room to a two person room so that we could have a little privacy. It took a little bit of monetary compensation but they relented. We moved our bags and Vani took the opportunity to pull off her clothes. It was the first time I’d had the opportunity to stand back and take a look at her naked form. I swear it was perfect. Cute little tummy, the right width hips, great rack that just begged to be played with… and her lips… how can I possibly describe her lips in any way to do them justice. I just cannot find the words.

She noticed my staring and turned with her hands on her hips, “Bro, wake up. Naked hottie in-front of you and you’re standing there with the bags and a goofy look on your face.” I took the hint, dropped the bags, and walked over to where she was standing in front of the mirror. Moving behind her I cupped her breasts while she watched in the mirror.

I whispered, “Do you like the idea that your brother gets all hot and bothered while looking at you tits?”

She replied, “God yes…” while closing her eyes and leaning back slightly. Sliding my hand from her breast and down her stomach, she breathed in and held it. Slowly my fingers traced through her soft brown pubic hair an across the soft lips of her pussy.

“And you liked getting fucked in that stairwell where we could be caught at any moment?”, I said while rubbing her clit.

“Oh yes.” She replied… now grinding her ass against me.

“And now you want to be fucked in-front of this mirror so you can watch your brother’s cock?”

“Oh yes…” She replied while slipping her hand behind and unhooking my belt. Sliding my pants and boxers down, I pressed my length into her. Reaching back she felt each inch as it passed into her sex. The warmth of our bodies as they intertwined was incommunicable. The whole day had been a blur of released passion and every moment that my dick was inside my baby sister, I felt a weight being lifted. It is a terrible burden to live with the pent up sexual frustration. Now this frustration was releasing just as Vani’s pussy was being filled by my cum.

Chapter 3: Home

The return from Europe seemed like waking from a dream. My sister and I had left home as two siblings and had returned in the euphoria of two new lovers. We had crossed Europe and laid waste to years of sexual taboos. We were frantic to make up for lost time, and our lack of tourist visits and extended times in motel rooms testified to that fact. As the jet landed in Portland, I looked over at Vani’s young face. She looked back with her beautiful green eyes and we took simultaneous deep breaths as the plane’s wheels hit the ground.

Waiting for us at the airport was our older brother Matt. He was nice enough to take time from his work schedule to pick us up in the middle of the day and we greeted him warmly. Vani and I grabbed our bags and we headed for the parking lot. We were chatty and interested in sharing some of the stories of interesting sights during our travels but my mind was consumed by what we were going to do when we got home. Hiding our relationship wasn’t going to be easy during the summer when we were living at home. Even more distressing was the question of what would happen when school started in the fall and I had to return to college. Vani was slated to attend college out of state and we would be apart for months.

I shook the though out of my head as I caught Vani’s glance in the car mirror. She looked at me with the intensity of a ravenous creature as she prattled on about some painting she saw in Berlin to Matt. He seemed entirely consumed by the task of navigating the airport traffic and barely recognized that she etiler escort was talking let alone looking at her other brother like a harlot.

Matt pulled into the curved driveway of our parent’s house and parked. We lugged our bags inside and the three of us settled down at the kitchen table with a round of beers. We shared stories and before long, Matt said that he needed to return to work. Vani hugged him good bye and suddenly she and I were left alone. Vani ran up to me and leapt into my arms. Her lips firmly planted against mine as she ran her hands through my hair. Our tongues were intertwined as I held her up. She ran her legs around my body and pulled her body against mine. Her white skirt was pushed up and my fingers easily ran up and down her soft legs and ass.

I carried her to the kitchen table and sat her down upon its dark oak surface. With a tug she pulled at my belt and unhooked the buttons of my jeans. I tugged her little green thong off down her legs and once released from it’s confines, she spread her legs across the table’s edge until she was doing the splits. She smirked at my shocked reaction and said, “Well, it pays to be flexible…”

I smiled and kneeled before her wide open position. Sliding my fingers across her soft pussy lips, Vani leaned back slightly. I ran my tongue across the lips, then slowly explored the folds until I hit her clit. With a slight yelp, my baby sister signaled her approval. I had eaten her out several times on our trip and I was fascinated by how good her pussy juices tasted. Normally I wasn’t too keen on giving girls oral sex but with Vani it was a pleasure. Slowly I ran my fingers down her legs, then pressed my fingers against the skin just below her cunt. Without objection, I started to massage her pink asshole.

The realization that she enjoyed anal stimulation was a recent discovery for both of us. Near the end of our trip, during one of our fucking sessions, my hand found itself resting against her asshole as I rubbed her cunt. Her reaction was notable and we’ve been slowly experimenting ever since.

With a tug, Vani pulled my head up from my work and uttered passionately, “I need you now! Fuck me hard!” Not one to disobey such a command, I promptly pulled myself up and pushed into her pussy. The lubrication of my oral work made the entry quite smooth and very quickly I began to pound away at my baby sister. The harder and faster I pressed into her sex, the louder she moaned and thrashed around the dinner table. We were so into the act that neither of us noticed that peeking around the doorway was Matt. Of course neither of us would know that he had discovered our secret until later. Reaching a frantic rhythm, we fucked on that table until we were both red and covered in sweat. Vani’s orgasms drove me to the brink where I shut my eyes in ecstasy as rope after rope of cum jetted deep into her pussy.

We cleaned up quickly as our parents would be home in the next few hours. It would have been hard to explain why their kitchen smelled of sweat and sex when they walked in. Vani hopped into the shower as I began to unpack my baggage. This all seemed like a dream. Would any of this have happened had I not been adventurous with the sun tan lotion? God, that seemed like so long ago.

Chapter 4: Caught

Dinner with the parents that night was fun. We chatted about our trip and the whole time, Vani was giving me those “fuck me” eyes. I was sure our parents would notice but they seemed far too concerned with their own drama. Our parents were on the tail end of a very long marriage and seemed to be so embittered about everything that they were practically strangers. It would have been a depressing sight but Vani seemed determined to make me squirm at the thought of fucking her sweet little pussy.

Following dinner, Vani volunteered us to do the dishes and I gladly gathered up the plates and silverware. Walking into the kitchen which was separated by a wall with the living room where my parents both were watching television, Vani was waiting for me. She was bent over the sink, soccer shorts pulled to her ankles, with three fingers jammed into her cunt. I walked over to her and whispered in her ear, “What if I had been Dad?”

Vani replied, “Then he’d have gotten quite a show from his baby girl.”

“You are dirty, aren’t you?” I responded.

” What can I say? I’m horny all the time thinking about how bad we’re being. A brother and sister are fucking. People would think we were sick.” She said as she reached back and put her index finger against her asshole. Pressing in, she slowly inserted the finger and licked her lips at me.

The discussion was over. Plus, the sooner I could fuck her, the less likely we would be caught. I slipped up behind my sister and pulled my now hard dick from my shorts. With a slight moan, I slid into her well lubed pussy and enjoyed the touch of her fingers on the shaft. She continued to rub her pussy as I increased the pace of my strokes. The sight of the two of us fucking in the kitchen was not hidden from all eyes. Though we could not see it, in the darkness of night, Matt stood outside watching the whole act. It was only as I reached climax and filled my baby sister with my seed did he get close enough to the window that both Vani and I saw him.

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