My Slutty Step-Daughter Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the first installment of “My slutty step-daughter”. Once again I am appealing to the readers not to comment on if this is or isn’t incest. If it isn’t then let’s call it taboo…thanks in advance for any and all comments.

Several weeks have passed since I found out just how slutty my step-daughter was. As you recall I got caught, well red dicked! She caught me peeking in her bedroom window as she masturbated using my hair brush handle as a dildo. Then when I tried to sneak back into the house, she caught me walking down the hall with my zipper down. Man I thought I was in deep shit, to say the least! Luckily she was either horny enough or slutty enough to let it slide as she decided to have a go at my cock and gave me a great blow job! Of course I rewarded her efforts by licking her tight, tasty pussy in return for her oral efforts.

At first things were a little tense to say the least. I had no idea how to react to her after her mind blowing blow job. I think she decided to help me out after I walked on shells for a week, being very reserved around her; I wouldn’t talk to her and pretty well avoided her totally.

The Monday of the second week began pretty much the same, I would try to keep far from her, leaving the room if she walked in or trying not to be at home alone with her. I think she felt bad, knowing it was her actions that caused me to become so reserved around her.

I was leaving for work, around 2 in the afternoon, and walked down the hallway past her bedroom. I didn’t turn my head to peek in as I used to, just walked on by. Returning from my bedroom, I couldn’t help but glance into her room as I walked by again. I was rewarded for my look to see her standing by her bed, her back to me, wearing just a black and red thong and nothing else. My heart skipped a beat, thinking of her tits hanging free. At her young age I knew her tits defied gravity and stood straight out, maybe sticking up a little, kind of like a Barbie doll. I stopped momentarily, and enjoyed the view quietly. The silence was broken by Christy asking me if I was enjoying looking at her. I nodded and quietly said yes, I was enjoying the view.

Christy turned to me and smiled, saying thank you, I’m glad you approve. Her tits stood straight out, her nipples hard and long, just as I remembered them. My cock once again hardened from the sight of her sexy body. Christy moved toward the doorway and reached out and fondled my cock through my jeans. I shuddered as her hand moved slowly over my now throbbing cock, her grip tightening and loosening as she worked my hardness with almost no effort.

I moved closer to her and without thinking, unsnapped my jeans, allowing her access to my hard tool. Christy’s eyes brightened and she slid her hand inside my underwear, finally grasping my cock. She slowly stroked my meat, teasing me with every stroke. My cock had never been this hard before. Christy seemed to know my cock better than myself, knowing just how to manipulate it to make it grow almost uncomfortably hard. Precum leaked in a stream from my cock head and Christy used her thumb to smear it around my sensitive cock head before bringing her thumb to her mouth for a taste.

“That is yummy Jack!” she exclaimed, as she sucked then licked her thumb clean of my juice. “Would you mind if I took a taste from the source?”

Well, who was I to deny her what she seemed to crave. I answered her question by bringing my hands to her shoulders and pushing her down, gently yet firmly.

A smile crossed Christy’s face as she dropped to her knees, all the while staring me in the eyes. She began to take my cock into her mouth, and moaned as my meat entered her wet, warm mouth. She was deliberately taking her time, enjoying the length and girth of my meat. Christy set herself into a gentle rhythm of sucking my cock. Slowly she would take my cock all the way into her mouth then slowly suck back to the sensitive head.

I could feel the passion rising from her motions. My cock seemed ready to explode several times, only to have her slow her sucking and allow me to calm down. She was enjoying torturing me!

I reached out and grabbed a handful of her thick red hair. This caused her to moan loudly around my cock. I knew she was a slut, she had proven it to me before, but now I assumed that she had a submissive nature during, but definitely not before sexual relations. She was too forward to be considered a total submissive.

I faced fucked her mouth, rapidly thrusting my cock into and out of her warm mouth. She seemed to get more and more turned on the harder I used her mouth. She was taking my 7 inch plus cock without the slightest problem, no matter how hard I face fucked her. Christy’s oral skills totally impressed me. She had no gag reflex that I could see and loved to be force fed cock.

I continued my assault for what seemed like hours, but knew it had been only ten minutes when ortaköy escort my load began to rise. Christy sensed it and sucked harder, trying to coax my juice into her wanting mouth.

My toes curled as my load squirted into her mouth. I released her hair allowing her to control my cock as it spurted its juices. Christy backed off a little as the first spurt erupted into her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could, but my load was too big and shot too fast for her to swallow it all. Some leaked from her mouth and ran down her chin, dripping off her chin to land on her tight tits.

Finally my climax subsided and I pulled back from her. She looked so sexy with my cum glistening on her face and tits. Christy took her fore finger and swiped at the spunk on her tit. She first rubbed some on her hard nipple, then brought the rest to her mouth and smiled, enjoying the taste of my cum. She then gently replaced my cock into my underwear and pulled my jeans back up. I buttoned them and she slid the zipper up and added, “Now we can’t have that getting cold can we?” I just smiled, remembering that our first encounter really began from my forgetting to zip up after watching her masturbate.

Christy stood up and patted my deflated cock.

“I hope we can continue this sometime Daddy.” She said smiling.

My knees weakened, she had never called me Dad or Daddy before, and now her she is, her face still shining from my cum and calling me Daddy.

“You better go now, hate for you to be late to work.” Christy said as she pushed me out her door and closed it.

All day my mind raced thinking of my slutty step-daughter. Her oral skills were above compare and I could only imagine what it was like to fuck her. My cock hardened and softened all day thinking about Christy. At quitting time I raced out of the parking lot and quickly made my way home. I was hoping for another blow or at least a chance to peek in her window. I had plans of tapping on her window, hoping for a show.

Her room was dark when I got home and I looked around and noticed her car was gone. I walked into the house more than a little depressed. Much to my surprise my wife, Debbie, was still up and sat on the couch wearing a robe. She seemed to be wearing makeup and asked me to sit beside her on the couch. I sat down and she noticed my demeanor and asked if I was feeling down. I made up a story about a rough day at work to cover my true feelings about Christy being gone. Debbie said she would love to make me feel better and stood up and undid her robe, allowing it to slide off and pile at her feet. I was surprised to find that she was naked beneath it.

She knelt in front of me and undid my jeans; she had my cock out and began blowing me. Her oral skills paled in comparison to her daughter’s, but the fact was that I was a man and when a man’s cock is being sucked, he gets hard. Debbie was concentrating on sucking me so she didn’t notice the lights of Christy’s car pull into the drive.

I moaned a little and my wife stopped her sucking to ask if I enjoyed the treatment. I told her yes and asked about the girls, trying to be subtle. She told me that Tammy, the younger one, was spending the night at a friends and that she had a fought with Christy earlier that evening and doubted if she would be home at all. I placed my hand on the back of her head to encourage her to continue her sucking.

In the back of my mind I was hoping that Christy would see the front light on and would glance in as she walked by. As a matter of fact I was looking out the window when she looked in. Once her eyes adjusted her smile turned to a look of disappointment. I just shook my head gently and gave an uncertain look back. To my surprise Christy continued looking in as her mom sucked my cock. My cock got harder when Christy slid her hand under her shirt and began playing with her own nipples. My wife noticed my hardening cock and asked if we should go to the bedroom. I agreed and motioned to Christy to move to my bedroom window, hoping she would come to watch.

My wife led me down the dark hall to our bedroom. Debbie got into bed and under the covers as I undressed. I hung my jacket on a hanger in the closet and left the closet light on, hoping Debbie wouldn’t notice or object.

My cock stood straight out, throbbing from the combination of Debbie’s blow job and seeing Christy standing at the window watching. I glanced out the open window and noticed Christy standing just far enough away to watch without being noticed. I jacked my cock a couple times, mostly for Christy but smiled at Debbie as I did it. Debbie just muttered something about hurrying up, adding that she was tired.

I climbed into bed to find Debbie in her usual boring sexual position of just lying there with her legs spread. Nothing more boring than plain old missionary position, as far as I was concerned. I wanted passion and desire, Debbie was happy and otele gelen escort thought it enough just to allow me to fuck her.

I pulled the sheets back and positioned myself between Debbie’s legs. My cock strained a little as I placed it at the entrance to her hunny hole. I glanced out the window and noticed Christy had moved closer. I smiled slightly and slid my cock into Debbie’s pussy.

Debbie moaned a little and encouraged me to fuck her faster. She didn’t want sex I thought to myself, she was just fulfilling her wifely duties, or at least thought she was.

I held her legs up and stroked deeper into her, my mind on christy. With every thrust I thought of Christy’s pussy, how I longed to sink my cock deep inside her. After 5 minutes Debbie moaned louder and said she was close to cumming, I increased my tempo and tried to cum with her, just wanting release. Finally Debbie cried out from climax and pushed me off her. My cock bobbed free of her pussy. Debbie rolled over to her side and said she was too sore to continue, she also told me that my cock was too uncomfortable for her. That bitch was denying my cum because she had gotten hers. No matter how much I pleaded to be allowed to finish, Debbie wouldn’t allow it. She finally told me that I should take care of it myself.

I got up from the bed disgustedly. I pulled my underwear on and looked out the window; to my surprise Christy was still there and motioned me to move to the bathroom.

I walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Turning on the light I could see Christy standing outside, right beside the window. I quietly opened it and heard Christy ask me to jack off and let her watch. I smiled at her and slowly began to jack my own cock. My hard on had gone down a little but it didn’t take long to get the feeling of impending orgasm back. Quickly my hand flew up and down my engorged shaft, slowing occasionally to squeeze the head of my cock. I was trying to make Christy hot as she watched my show. After several minutes I felt the cum again rising through my shaft. Christy moved closer, now standing just outside the window and opened her mouth. I aimed my cock out the window and watched in amazement as my cum shot out with such intensity that it landed in Christy’s mouth and on her cheek.

Christy smiled and licked her lips as my load continued to spurt out. She swallowed every drop, cleaned herself off and then quietly thanked me for the cum. She added that she had gotten home at that time hoping to catch me before I walked in. I told her I thought about her all day and was more than surprised to find her Mom waiting up for me. Christy nodded and added that her Mom didn’t know anything about us, and as far as she was concerned never would. Christy also said she enjoyed the show and couldn’t wait for her own chance to ride my cock. All I could do was nod and smile as I closed the window and returned to the bedroom.

Several more weeks passed and I thought I would never get the chance to taste and fuck Christy’s pussy again. She put on several shows for me, and once even brought my brush to me after using it for her own satisfaction. The aroma that lingered on the handle was the only thing that kept my hopes up. Debbie in the mean time seemed happy that she had allowed me to fuck her and she didn’t have to endure that again for several months.

Everything changed for the better when one Thursday night I came home to find my wife waiting on me at the door, with bags packed. My heart sank, thinking she had discovered something between Christy and me. I was relieved when she told me that she had to visit her sister, she had taken ill and needed Debbie to help her for a few days. I offered to take her to the airport, but Debbie told me that she had called a cab. She also told me that she had talked to Christy and Tammy and told them she wouldn’t be home for a few days. Both girls were ok with this and told their Mom that they would stay with friends. My heart sank thinking of a missed opportunity with Christy.

The cab arrived and I walked my wife out, telling her to take as much time as she needed to help her sister. I leaned over and gave her the obligatory kiss on the cheek and told her to be careful and I would somehow manage to make it on my own. Debbie looked at me and gave me an apologetic look; I reassured her that I would be ok. Just as she was about to get into the cab Christy’s car pulled up and she got out. She walked over to her Mom and said something to her. I couldn’t hear what was said because I had already started to walk back to the house. Debbie motioned me over and I passed Christy on my way back to the cab. Debbie then told me that Christy would be home over the weekend due to a fight that she had with her friend. She also added that she made Christy promise not to cause me any trouble while I was gone. I nodded and again gave her a little peck on her cheek, helping her into the cab. otele gelen escort I stood there at the curb, waving like the doting husband until the cab was out of sight.

I walked back to the house a little lighter on my feet. My mind was swimming from the thoughts of a weekend alone with Christy. I opened the door and noticed the light had been turned out. I also noticed the flicker of a candle in the front room and walked that way expecting to find Christy there. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, Christy was sitting on the couch, her legs spread sexily.

“Well, well Daddy, what are we going to do for an entire weekend?” she hissed. “I would hate to cause you any trouble; you might have to discipline me.”

Her hair was pulled into pony tails on either side of her head and she wore deep, rich red lipstick. She was naked except for the sexy barely there bra. She had my hair brush in one hand and was slowly moving it along her wet slit.

My cock swelled immediately.

Christy motioned me over to the couch. She licked her red lips and she moaned little. I was speechless as I stood before her. My cock continued swelling and my mouth went dry from desire.

She reached out with her free hand and felt up my expanding meat through my pants. Her breathing was heavy and fast, almost throaty. My breathing was ragged at best and my heart felt like it was ready to explode from my chest.

Christy slid the brush handle into her pussy and gasped loudly. My mouth got drier and my cock almost ripped through my pants.

“Damn girl,” I said, “Your Mom isn’t even gone yet, what if she returns home because she forgot something?”

“Well then I guess she will see just how to fuck someone, I could tell from the other night that she isn’t very good at fucking.” She said, smiling.

I smiled back at her and heard her again moan loudly as she slid the brush handle into her wet mound. Enough was enough, I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down and off at the same time. I almost tripped taking them off; I had forgotten to remove my shoes. Christy laughed a sexy laugh that made me feel like a 17 year old having sex for the first time. I regained my composure and removed my shoes and everything else around my ankles. I then pulled my shirt over my head and stood before Christy naked, my cock bouncing along with my heartbeat.

Christy removed the brush handle from her pussy and rubbed her clit lightly with a free hand.

“What do you think Daddy, does being naked make me a bad little girl?”

“Yes it does,” I remarked, “You are very naughty and need a serious tongue lashing!”

“Please Daddy,” she begged, “Give me a tongue lashing that I deserve!”

I moved between her widening legs and inhaled the beautiful scent rising from her pussy. My mouth watered as I got closer to her wetness. Christy took her hands and placed them on my head and brought my lips and mouth closer to her sex. I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue over her engorged pussy lips and throbbing clit. She tasted wonderful as I licked at her juices. Her legs opened and allowed me more and better access to her wet mound. I licked at her like a man without a drink in weeks. In a few minutes I was rewarded for my efforts as Christy squirted into my waiting mouth. I drank down most of her sex juices, holding the last few squirts for a special purpose.

Christy pushed me away, saying she needed time to recover. I stood up and sat down beside her and leaned in to kiss her. She opened her mouth and I shared her juices with her. She was shocked at first, then enjoyed the taste and flavor with me. She reached over and stroked my cock while we made out on the couch. She is an amazing kisser and loved kissing me.

My cock was throbbing harder than ever and I moved to my knees again between her legs. Without touching my cock I slid right into her unbelievably tight pussy. Christy moaned louder as I began to fuck her slowly, trying to drive her to orgasm from just my shaft inside her. I stroked slowly and deliberately into her. After about five minutes of this I couldn’t hold back any longer and began thrusting into her with greater passion and desire. Christy moaned louder and more forceful. She pulled at my shoulders and begged me to fuck her harder. I was more than will to. I plowed my cock in to her with such force that the couch began tipping back from the force of my thrusts.

Christy finally let out a loud yell and her pussy tightened around my cock. I couldn’t believe it but her snatch got tighter and tighter. My load raced up the shaft and I came deep in her pussy. Christy’s pussy milked my cock of every drop and I shuddered as my climax subsided.

My cock popped from her tight hole as I moved to sit beside her on the couch. The entire room smelled of sex and I loved the feeling I had from finally fucking Christy.

I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 11:30 at night, Christy was sitting beside me with a satisfied look on her face. She looked at me and smiled that dirty, little smile.

“Daddy, ” she began, “I think you need to take tomorrow off, just to make sure that I don’t misbehave while you are at work.” she said, smiling, as she handed me the phone.

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