My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 05

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Alli Rae

With an exhausted groan, Tony went to the front of the room and handed in his last final exam. He had taken his calculus final earlier in the day, and now handed in his history exam. Mr. Sizemore, his government teacher, accepted his exam with a warm smile and then said, “Have a good holiday, Tony.”

Walking out of the school, Tony felt suddenly elated. He had made it through his finals! Two whole weeks of vacation! No school for two weeks!

Best of all, he’d be able to spend a ton of time with Ms. Miller, with no responsibilities and no schoolwork hanging over his head. After their study break, he had only seen her at the calculus final, but they had not been able to talk.

He called up Ms. Miller on her cell, and left a message: “Hey Ms. Miller, it’s me. Hope you’re free and looking forward to break like I am. Maybe we can watch a movie some time?”

He didn’t hear from her until that evening, when she texted him:

Ms. Miller had gone home to South Carolina for the holiday.

Damn it! Tony thought. She told me that that she was going to spend the holiday with her parents, but I totally forgot! He knew that she had a life outside of school of course, with a family and friends and a world that he knew basically nothing about.

But he had been mostly thinking about his finals, and it didn’t connect with him that they would be apart during the two weeks until she was already gone.

I was totally looking forward to hanging out with Ms. Miller, Tony thought. What I am going to do this break?


The next day, Tony’s family got into their beat-up sedan drove the two hours to the house of his relatives. His family was going to a Christmas get-together with the family of his cousin Caitlin. They were planning to stay there four days, including Christmas.

Tony’s family arrived there just in time for dinner. The two families sat around a large rectangular table with a white table cloth, porcelain china plates, and a full set of silverware.

There were six of them at the table: Tony’s parents and Tony, along with Caitlin’s parents and Caitlin. Caitlin’s sister Samantha, who had already graduated college and now worked in an accounting firm, was out of town. She was spending Christmas with her boyfriend. This was the first Christmas that Samantha hadn’t spent with her sister, and their relationship was a main topic of conversation.

The meal started with a beautiful salad, replete with ripe tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. The main course was a piping hot lasagna made with Italian sausage, ham, and mozzarella. They mopped up the excellent food with a loaf of fresh-baked bread. Caitlin’s parents were excellent cooks, and they took pride in hosting others.

Tony ate until he was totally stuffed, and than ate a little more for good measure.

Caitlin sat next to Tony, of course, as the youngest members of the gathering. The redhead gossiped that Samantha hoped to get an engagement ring during her holiday trip. Tony smiled and enjoyed the warm gathering of family.

He hadn’t seen or really even talked to Caitlin since the Winter Ball at her high school. The Ball was one of the first times he had been out with Ms. Miller publicly. He had told Caitlin that he wanted to invite a girl to a dance that he couldn’t be seen with publicly. It had been Caitlin’s idea for him to invite Ms. Miller to the dance, reasoning that the two of them wouldn’t be recognized in a school two hours away.

After the evening, he had tried to call Caitlin a few times to thank her, but she hadn’t returned his messages or e-mails.

As they sat together, largely ignored by the adults at the table, Tony noticed again how attractive his cousin was.

Caitlin had flaming red hair that came down just below her shoulder. These were set off by her large, sparkling green eyes, which were shaped like almonds. She had high cheekbones and an almost elfin chin that made her face look elegant. Despite her delicate features, Caitlin didn’t seem to notice how beautiful she was. She was friendly and warm, and tended to touch people when she talked.

All of that would have made Caitlin a delightfully cute teenager. But she had just turned 18, and, in the past few years, she had also managed to develop an amazingly curvy body, with large breasts and a tight ass.

Tony was eighteen too, and took every chance to covertly watch her out of the corner of his eye. He knew that she was just his cousin, but there was no harm in just looking, right?

After their family dinner, he and Caitlin helped clean the table and wash the dishes while the grownups settled in for a boring board game. Standing next to her, with their arms covered in suds, Tony decided to ask Caitlin if she wanted to watch a movie. With her hands still soapy, she threw her arms around him and said yes.

“I just gotta go upstairs and change, okay?” Caitlin said.

“Hurry up, okay? I like to watch the previews,” Tony said.

Tony dried the dishes, got his things together, and went to the door taksim üniversiteli escort to wait. After a few minutes, he had to restrain his impatience. The movie starts in 15 minutes, and the theater is like 20 minutes away!

After what felt like an eternity, Caitlin came down the stairs. She was wearing a grey flannel button down shirt with a pair of blue jeans. She kissed her parents to let them know where they were going, and she and Tony drove to the theater.

They went out to an Adam Sandler movie. Both of them loved stupid humor and gross out jokes, and Tony liked going to movies with Caitlin because they had the same sense of humor and would both laugh loudly.

Caitlin hugged his arm as they walked from the car to the movie theater, and waited in line to purchase tickets. Tony offered to pay, and as he dug out his wallet, an elderly couple standing in line behind them said, “You two sure are a cute couple.”

“Thanks!” Caitlin said, holding Tony’s arm tightly.

As they walked away, Tony said with bemusement, “Cute couple?”

Caitlin stuck out her tongue at him and said, “I didn’t want to disappoint them. We could be a couple.”

They walked into the theater together, and bought a tub of popcorn and a soda to share.

“Hey, I gotta use the bathroom,” Caitlin said. “Can you grab us some seats?”

Tony went into the theater. It was nearly full because of the holiday crowd, and Tony finally found two seats in the second to last row of the theater.

Most of the previews were already over, Tony noticed with annoyance as he settled into his seat. After a few minutes, Caitlin found him and sat in the seat next to him.

As Caitlin settled into the seat next to him, Tony stopped to stare at her. Has she had changed her clothes? He thought. No, he corrected himself. She hasn’t changed. She just looks… wow!

Caitlin had put on some makeup in the bathroom. Now she was wearing a something on her eyes, and had applied a bright red shade of lipstick. Caitlin had also taken off her flannel shirt, and was carrying it on her arm. Underneath was a lacy halter top. The halter top was very skimpy; it was made out of a dark sheer material that outlined Caitlin’s ample chest. The lacy spaghetti straps of her top left Caitlin’s shoulders and arms bare. It was trimmed with lace along the upper edge, which highlighted Caitlin’s breasts.

Tony tried not to stare, but he found himself sneaking looks at Caitlin’s chest throughout the movie. Her creamy mounds were amazing: they were the size of grapefruit, and were delightfully rounded on top.

During one romantic moment of the movie, Caitlin leaned her head on Tony’s shoulder and snaked her hand into his. From this perspective, he could see down her ample cleavage. To Tony, her breasts looked like they were actually shining in the dim light.

When Caitlin laughed at comedic moments of the movie, Tony’s eyes popped at the shaking and rippling of her breasts. As the movie wound down, Tony found himself wondering what it would be like to titfuck his well-endowed cousin. I bet those magnificent breasts would feel amazing wrapped around my cock, he thought.

Tony was suddenly aware that he had a very large erection. He snapped himself out of his fantasy and shifted in his seat uncomfortably. This was his cousin, and he tried very hard to keep thinking of her as a family member rather than a very sexy woman, dressed in skimpy clothes.

When they got back to Caitlin’s house, she stopped him at the doorstep. She flung her hands around the back of his neck, pulled him in, and gave him a slow kiss right on the mouth. Her mouth was intensely hot, almost like a little fire burned in her throat. Tony was surprised, but returned the kiss.

“I had a wonderful time, Tony.”

“Me too, Cat.”

“Do you want to come inside?” she gave him a deep look with her deep green eyes. She was holding each of his hands in her own.

“Sounds like you’re inviting me in for sex,” he laughed. Of course he would come inside; their family was sleeping over with Caitlin’s family.

“Heh. Sounds like I am,” Caitlin replied softly, squeezing his hands.

After a long pause, Tony shifted his feet uncomfortably and said, “Ha ha. You got me.”

Caitlin put on her flannel shirt, concealing her skimpy tanktop from her parents. They both went inside and got ready for bed. Tony’s parents were sleeping in Samantha’s room, and Tony had to sleep on the couch.

After Tony had brushed his teeth, he laid down on the couch. The couch had a dark yellow checkered pattern. It was uncomfortable, but Tony had slept on it before. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Just as he closed his eyes, he heard someone sit down in the couch next to his. It was Caitlin. She had changed into a simple grey cotton nightgown. It was much more modest than the outfit she had worn out, although the hem of the dress did not cover much of her legs.

Caitlin curled up in the chair, and they stayed tophane escort up late, talking about life and school and dating. It was just like old times. After Caitlin questioned him closely, Tony admitted to her that he was in a relationship. When Caitlin pressed him, he admitted that it was with the girl he had brought to her winter formal.

Caitlin wasn’t dating anybody, she said. But she did like a special someone. Someone very close to her, who she was working up the courage to tell. Tony had no idea who Caitlin was talking about.

When he finally slept that night, Tony’s last thought was to be glad to have such a warm and understanding cousin. *************************************

That night, Tony had an unsettling night of sleep. He dreamed that he was fucking Ms. Miller, first from the front, then from behind. But as he fucked her, she turned her head, and Tony realized that her hair was red, not blond. And it was Caitlin who was screaming his name, not Ms. Miller.

He awoke with a start. It was morning. Tony had a full erection, and his pulse was pounding.

I can’t do this! He thought. She’s my cousin!

He reached for his phone, on the table next to him, and typed out a simple text to Ms. Miller: **U THERE?**

But there was no response. So Tony went to take a shower and get ready for the day.


Tony decided to play some video games to pass the day. After his dream, he wanted to stay away from Caitlin.

But his mother kept nagging him to do something else for the day.

Eventually, the nattering grew tiresome, and Tony threw down his controller with disgust. What could he do today? He was in a foreign town and didn’t even have his car with him.

He tried calling Ms. Miller again and didn’t get a response. Without leaving a message, he hung up.

Tony realized he was hungry and grabbed some leftovers out of the kitchen. As he was halfway through his meal, Caitlin padded into the room. She was still wearing her grey night dress.

“Are you just now getting up?” Tony asked. It was almost one in the afternoon.

“Yeah. I had a rough night.” Caitlin responded. Her voice was raspy, and she poured herself a glass of water.

“How come?” Tony asked.

Caitlin glanced over at him and quickly looked away. Did she just blush? Tony thought

“Weird dreams,” Caitlin responded.

She looks like she’s hiding something, Tony thought.

“How’d you sleep?” she said to him.

“Yeah, I had funny dreams too,” Tony said. Now it was his turn to look away.

“So what are you doing today?” Caitlin asked.

“I dunno. The plan was to play Call of Duty, but mom doesn’t want me to.”

Caitlin thought for a moment. “Why don’t we go for a hike? Pike’s Place is perfect this time of year.”

Tony had nothing better to do, so he agreed and they got ready to go.


While gasping for breath and pretending to look at a poinsettia, Tony thought back with regret on his decision to go on the hike. Caitlin was a workout fiend who was in phenomenal shape. She quickly pushed the pace and he was left gasping trying to stay within sight distance of her. He thought of himself as decently fit, but he found himself trying to make excuses to rest for a spell. The second problem was that Tony was trying to stay true to Ms. Miller. He had made his mind up to stay away from any sexual situations, stay away from sexual situations. And Caitlin wasn’t making it easy.

Caitlin was wearing a thin, light-blue sports bra and grey sweatpants. Both items were skin-tight, and as Tony followed her, he could see her ass ripple with every step she took.

It’s just my cousin, he told himself doggedly. I already have a girlfriend. A really hot girlfriend. It’s just my cousin.


When they were finally home, Caitlin gave him an enthusiastic high-five, then jumped into the shower.

They shared a bathroom, so Tony had to wait for her to come out. Tony sat on the floor in Caitlin’s bedroom, stretching.

While he was waiting, his phone buzzed, and he noticed that he had a text message.

Checking it, he saw that it was from his teacher Ms. Miller.

That was it.

Tony slammed his phone on the table.

“Everything okay?” It was his cousin, standing behind him. She was wrapped in an enormous white towel.

“Yeah, just got some bad news is all,” Tony said.

“Something you want to talk about?” Caitlin said, sliding next to him.

“No,” Tony said with a dark look on his face. He tore his shirt off and went into the bathroom for his shower.

When he emerged, he emerged to find Caitlin sitting in the same spot with her back to him. She was still wearing just her towel. When he went up to her, she started, and, with a guilty look, tried to hide what she was doing.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked her.

She didn’t answer, but replied, “Who’s Ms. Miller?”

Tony topkapı escort suddenly felt sick inside. In Caitlin’s hand was his cell phone. He realized that Caitlin had read his text messages. What did she know?

“Nobody,” Tony lied.

“I don’t think she’s nobody, Tony. That’s gotta be your girlfriend. You guys text each other all the time.”

“Gimme my phone. You shouldn’t be looking at that!” Tony grabbed it out of her hand.

“Tell me the truth, Tony. Why would your girlfriend joke about giving you a calculus test?”

Her words hung in the air. Tony felt like throwing up. How could he be so stupid? If anybody found out about them, Ms. Miller could lose his job. She could lose everything. And there was no way that they could be together if she had to leave his high school.

Desperately, Tony said, “OK, Caitlin, okay. You have to promise to keep this a secret, okay?”

Caitlin gave him a long look, and said, “I’m not promising anything until you tell me what’s going on.”

Tony looked at Caitlin, and saw that she had already put the pieces together.

“Ms. Miller is my calculus teacher,” he said, trying his best to remain calm.

Caitlin paused a moment, and then nodded. “I couldn’t believe it until it came out of your mouth. That hottie at the winter formal. That was your calculus teacher?”


“I’m impressed. And mortified. How are you so stupid?” Caitlin said, with anger in her voice.

“What do you mean?” Tony felt slow.

Caitlin paused and said, “And you really like her.” That was what he had said during their talk after the movie last night.

“Yeah I guess so.”

They were both quiet. Both of them still had damp hair.

“So now you know why you can’t tell anyone. If anyone finds out, she’s going to lose her job, her career, everything. You would screw up someone’s real life!” Tony said desperately.

“Tony, you’re the one who put your teacher’s ‘real life’ at risk here.” She made quote marks to sarcastically indicate what she thought about his words.

Tony felt awful at that last statement.

“I’ll make you a deal, Tony,” said Caitlin, finally.

“Anything,” Tony said desperately.

“I’ll keep quiet for you. But you have to sleep with me.”

“What?” Tony wasn’t sure he had heard correctly. “You want to have sex with me?”

“No, just sleep together. Like lay in the same bed together. Just for this trip,” Caitlin said quietly.

“Why do you want that?” Tony said.

“I just do,” said Caitlin, with wet eyes.

Tony was totally flabbergasted. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll do it. And you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“I promise,” said Caitlin.


They were both quiet for dinner, but their parents didn’t notice.

When it was time to go to bed, he said goodnight to his parents, and went to the couch. After the house was quiet, he quietly crept into Caitlin’s bedroom, as they had agreed.

Her lights were still on, and she was reading on her bed. She was wearing the same short grey cotton nightgown that she had worn the night before, and Caitlin’s long bare legs were stretched out in front of her. Her hair was undone for the night, so she was attired very simply, but Tony felt that Caitlin still looked really good.

“How should we do this?” Tony said hesitantly.

“You’re on that side,” Caitlin said, pointing to her right. She flipped the left side of the covers over and hopped in. Her blankets were white and had small pink dots on them. Tony got in on the right side of the bed.

“And don’t try any funny business!” Caitlin said in a mock serious voice.

“Why would I try any funny business with an old bag like you?” Tony shot back.

“That’s not funny, buster!” Caitlin said, and whomped him on the head with a large pillow. Tony tried to defend himself, and ended up tickling Caitlin on her bed to get her to stop. They were both still giggling when they settled down to sleep. It felt good to laugh with her again, Tony thought.

Caitlin’s bed was really too small for both of them. They flopped around trying one position, and then another.

“This is totally not going to work, Caitlin! This bed is just too small.”

“No way you’re getting out of our deal that easily, buster. Here, try this.”

And she lay on her side and turned away from him. Even with her on the edge of the bed, there wasn’t a lot of room remaining, and Tony finally lay down on his side directly behind her. He draped one arm so that it wrapped around her, and lay on the other arm. Tony felt himself falling off of the bed, and he reluctantly pushed himself forward until his crotch was actually touching her behind.

Now he was spooning her delicious rear. Tony was wearing only his boxers, and his cousin only her thin night dress. He felt her firm breasts on his forearm, and realized that she was wearing no bra.

I wonder if anything is going to happen tonight, Tony thought.

Laying like that, they both fell asleep and spent two dreamless nights of rest.


When Tony woke up the next morning, they were lying in the same position. Their blankets had fallen off the bed, leaving both of them exposed. It didn’t feel cold though, because their bodies were still huddled closely together.

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