My Uncle Don at Kelunya

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I jumped and ran up the stairs to my uncle’s door. I was a little late for our evening rendezvous. He was project manager at my grandfather’s upcoming residential estate, comprising of 52 blocks each ten floors high. It had taken a long time, to be sure, almost 8 years to the day, in realisation. But my grandfather held tenaciously to the dream even when my dad and his siblings doubted it would ever get off the ground, and at times almost gave up completely. But towards the end of last year Grandfather gave a huge thanksgiving party when all the pieces were in place. I have no idea what those pieces were but I knew there were many experts on it, as well as financiers, bankers and guarantors.

He had always praised my uncle, son to his elder sister, as the one man he could trust to look after his family’s interests on the project, so my uncle had arrived in October to settle down and get everything ready for when construction began in January this year. I had joined the university nearby at which my grandmother was a member of the board, and was on the management team. The site at that time was a wilderness of thorn and bush that had to be cleared before any building could start. I would visit my grandparents and find Uncle Don with teams of men clearing the bush, breaking huge boulders in order to move them from the area that was needed, and building the perimeter fence in concrete. I had always admired him for his height (I am 180cm myself) his wide knowledge and sense of humour. He had taken a two-bedroom house in the estate around the University before any accommodation could be offered him on site. I enjoyed visiting him, making his meals and keeping some modicum of order in his house (I knew he loved tidy spaces, but due to the unusual hours he had to keep sometimes ataşehir escort fell behind). The guys in my class wondered what I found so fascinating about the older man, and adamantly refused to believe he was related to me; they insisted I had fallen in love with him, while they, my male agemates, were ready and willing. If only they knew how close to the bone they came!!

The door opened almost before I had knocked. He was in khaki shorts and evidently had just come from the bath, smelling lavender fresh. I walked into his hug as he held me tight crushing my large boobs to his chest and making my nipples perk up. I turned my face up to him and let him kiss me languidly, expertly. His arms were rubbing my back so sensuously that I was sure none of those boastful boys in my class could never be equal to doing. My uncle excited me from the first sight of him to everything I did with him. We ate in a hurry and retired to the sofa-bed in the sitting room.

He looked deep into my eyes and murmured, Sweetie my angel, how lovely you look this evening! The sound of his voice made my pussy to tingle and I felt the first of my juices begin to run. I was in a long, green dress and I had forgotten to put on my underwear. My large boobs were poking through the thin material, which kept my uncles eyes captive; he loved boobs. I notice that when he speaks to a woman he does not fail to let his eyes roam over her rack. Now his hands followed his eyes and held each globe in the palm, almost worshipfully. Maybe because I had had them for almost half my lifetime I do not appreciate them well enough, but my uncle adores them so deeply that I have come to like them more and take a bit more time in the bathroom, squeezing them and wishing my avcılar escort hands were as large as his when he fondles them

He drove his hand into my dress and pulled one globe into the light, through the V crossover neckline. He bent down and pulled so much of my flesh into his warm mouth I had to moan. A jet of fluid rushed out of my pussy at that instant, and my hand darted out to his zipper, grabbing his hardness. I fumbled with the buttons and zipper, pulling the cock out into the cool evening air. I ran my forefinger and thumb around the stem, feeling the skin sliding over the rigidity underneath. His mouth was working magic on my boobs as I stroked his manhood faster and faster.

All of a sudden I could bear it no more! I rose, pulled my long dress up to my waist and sat on my uncles lap, legs on each side of his hips. I reached for his cock and lined it up to my pussy lips. I looked up to find him looking at me with such tenderness in his eyes that we paused for a second or two. Then as if by mutual agreement he raised his hips just as I thrust mine towards him, causing that lovely tool to part my lips and sink deep inside. We pulled back a little and drove another stroke forcefully. I felt him all the way in my young pussy. We held it there and groaned with deep pleasure. I started pumping my hips ferociously to let my uncle fuck me hard. Faster and faster we went. Before long I felt that familiar ball of fire well up from my loins and engulf my whole body. I let out an insane howl of pleasure as I came the first time. I was sure my uncle would not come now but hold himself until he could give me many more orgasms. I slumped onto his chest, holding him around the neck. Oh, how I loved this man! I spoke to him with my pussy avrupa yakası escort muscles, clenching them around his cock. I felt my excitement mounting again as he moaned loudly.

I felt his buttocks tightening as he restarted our rhythm. Those strokes were pure heaven. I replied with thrusts of my own driving his wonderful cock deep into my love tunnel. He held my hips, pulling me to himself as we fucked each others brains out. I could feel my orgasm coming on again. It roared through me like a hurricane, holding me in its violent grip until I was unaware of anything else. I collapsed onto his chest again panting like a marathon runner. He kept up small movements of his hips, causing his cock to dance inside my clenching pussy, which seemed to excite him more in turn.

Before I could fully catch my breath, he suddenly pushed himself to the edge of the sofa, then stood up still holding me by the hips, not letting the cock out of its cocoon. I was surprised at his power as he paced about the room like a caged tiger all the while driving his rigid manhood violently into my pussy. I heard a roar much like an animal’s escape his throat. His strokes were long, almost pulling out of my pussy before driving hard until he hit my cervix again. Before I knew what was happening, he pinned me against the cool wall and thrust thrice sharply and trembled against me. I toppled over the edge myself at the same instant. We were screaming loudly enough to wake the neighbours but fortunately they were mostly still preparing their meals or else watching TV. Then we calmed down slowly still standing against the wall. I felt his cock shrink and partly slip out of my pussy, vanquished.

He stepped back and, one arm holding me about the shoulders and the other by the hips, he walked us into the bedroom. He knelt by the bed to lower me gently onto the covers and turned me onto my stomach. Asking me to kneel, he thrust his face between my butt cheeks. I felt his tongue seek my pussy and lick up and down. The warmth from his mouth and the softness of the tongue gave me a new pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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