Nancy’s Mid-life Awakening Ch. 24

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Chapter 24

Failure to Communicate

Deb suddenly felt odd seeing her husband on the sofa with another woman cuddled up against him and both of them apparently naked under a blanket. With Paul standing nude next to her, she felt like she had just been caught doing something wrong, but from Kyle’s look at her, he didn’t seem concerned at all about the situation. Paul asked if anyone wanted something to drink and with no replies, she watched his bare ass as he wandered back to the kitchen.

She found herself a seat in a nearby chair and tried to think of something to say, but came up blank. Nancy broke the silence and commented in her usual bubbly voice, “I want to thank you again for everything you’ve done for us this evening. Dinner was wonderful and the post-dinner recreation was just as delightful.”

Deb smiled and replied in what she hoped was a casual tone, “I’m so glad you both could come and hope that you enjoyed yourself.”

“Oh, definitely,” Nancy said while exchanging a sideways look with Kyle. “Kyle and I were talking and I think you guys would really enjoy meeting another couple we know, Craig and Jeanne.” Paul entered the room carrying a large glass of ice water and looked around for a place to sit. The remaining chair was on the opposite side of the room, but before he turned to go sit down on it, Deb scooted herself over in her chair and called him to sit next to her. There really wasn’t enough room to sit side-by-side, so after a bit of squirming around, he pulled her up and then sat down with Deb sitting across his lap. She had her arm around his shoulders and felt his strong arm holding her comfortably around her waist.

“So, what’s going on?” he asked.

“I was just telling them that I think they would enjoy meeting Craig and Jeanne,” Nancy said cheerfully.

“Mmm,” Paul said thoughtfully. He remembered what Deb had told him about herself and silently agreed that she could experience some of the things she had thought about. However, he was curious as to his wife’s reasoning. “What makes you say that?”

“Just some things Kyle told me about,” Nancy replied coyly. The couple on the couch exchanged another set of sideways glances and smiles before looking back at their spouses across from them. Changing the topic, Nancy looked at Deb and commented, “You never told me your husband was so attentive in bed.”

“What do you mean?” Deb asked in confusion.

“Oh, he was very concerned with making sure he was pleasing me and was so responsive to what I told him to do,” Nancy replied. “And I know that he cares even more about taking care of your needs.”

Deb looked at Kyle and was still confused. He couldn’t hold her eyes and looked away while his face reddened. She wasn’t exactly sure what Nancy was getting at. Sure, her husband always followed her lead in bed and she knew that he didn’t want to disappoint her or leave her wanting. Was that what her friend was talking bostancı escort about?

However, Paul picked up o Nancy’s meaning and went back to talking about Craig and Jeanne. “You know, the other couple Nancy mentioned has a huge room all set up like a film studio with plenty of clothes and props to use in role-playing. They let other couples use them to create their own fantasy roles and even film it for the couples to watch afterwards. I think you guys might like to have them film you doing your own scene.” He looked at Deb. “You could be the head of a company and Kyle could be a job applicant. You could have him demonstrate for you how much he wanted to work for you. Know what I mean?” he said suggestively as he squeezed her tighter around her waist.

Her eyes went wide with shock. However, when Deb looked over at her husband, he was still red-faced, but clearly interested in the idea. She looked back at Paul trying to think of a response, but nancy chimed in before she could say anything.

“That could be fun,” she agreed. “But I was thinking maybe she won him in a bet with one of her friends and he becomes her sex toy for 24 hours. They wouldn’t even need to stay in the studio room. He would just have to attend to her needs throughout the day as she went about and socialized with Craig and Jeanne. If Deb got bored, she could have him service her friends, too.”

Paul thought once more about what Deb had shared with him in private. “I can see them having fun with that. What about you?” he asked Deb.

Her head was still spinning at the unexpected exchange between Paul and Nancy. She looked at Kyle for help and he just nodded slightly with an expectant smile. Staring back at Paul, she asked, “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. I’m sure they’d enjoy helping you set it up, but you could always try something like it at home by yourselves just to experiment with the idea.”

Deb was used to being in control and making decisions, but she also wanted to make sure her husband was fully on board with this dramatic suggestion. “We’ll talk it over,” was all she would commit.

“Great!” Nancy replied. “I think things will get a lot easier to talk about once you break the ice and you’re only limited by your imagination.”

The conversation shifted to Deb and Kyle asking Paul and Nancy about some of their experiences with other couples and Deb visibly relaxed. She couldn’t help but notice that Nancy appeared to be fondling Kyle’s penis under the blanket and he in turn was either not-so-subtlety playing with her breasts or trying to discreetly finger her pussy. When Paul slipped his hand under her robe and reached toward her pussy, she opened her legs slightly to let his fingers enter her more easily. Sitting on his lap, she wasn’t in a position to do much for him, but he didn’t seem to care.

Paul described more about Craig and Jeanne’s home, including the surveillance büyükçekmece escort cameras in every room. Kyle’s eyebrows rose in interest at that bit of information. They also spoke about the “recreation room” that Dana and Steve had put together. “They had just started on it when we were there, but I hear it has a lot more to offer now,” Paul commented.

Nancy went on to describe the “Love Swing” that she and Paul had and some of the different positions and techniques she had tried on it. “It’s a lot of fun, but honestly, I don’t think you really need something that complex to have fun around the house.”

Kyle noticed Paul glancing up at the wall clock and saw that it was already late. “If you need to leave now, that’s fine, but you’re welcome to stay in a guest room,” he offered their guests. Nancy looked at Paul with concern and then said, “We don’t want to be more of an imposition than we’ve already been.”

Paul agreed, but then Deb joined the fray and suddenly showed her typical assertive self. “Nonsense! There’s no reason for you guys to feel like you have to hurry off and you’re more than welcome to stay here tonight.”

Nancy argues back weakly while Paul and Kyle kept silent to let the women sort things out. Finally, Deb declared, “It’s decided! You’re staying here tonight.”

Once again, Nancy looked at Paul and he just smiled back. It wasn’t the first time they had spent the night with another couple after an evening of fun. They all stayed up for almost another hour before they all began yawning. Deb got up and headed back to change the bedsheets in the room she and Paul had used earlier, but Nancy caught up with her and insisted that there was no need. “If the sheets are messy, I’ll send Paul to get some clean ones,” she told Deb. Paul strolled in moments later and gave Deb a short kiss and a smile of thanks.

Deb waited in the doorway for a few moments to make sure her guests didn’t need anything and as she looked at Nancy, she suddenly felt very good about her own appearance. She knew it was vain to compare herself to her other women, but she couldn’t help but notice how Nancy’s breasts sagged until they were almost flat against her chest and how her friend’s butt also sagged a little and was not very shapely. She noted that like Paul, Nancy had a very good all-over tan, but wrongly surmised it was from a tanning bed. While Deb didn’t feel threatened by Nancy with respect to Kyle, she did feel a twinge of jealousy over their recent intimate encounter. Kyle had looked relaxed and happy which made her wonder if he considered Nancy a better sex partner.

Convinced that her guests were set for the evening, Deb wished them good night and returned to her husband who was already in their bedroom waiting for her.


After their host was gone and she was settled into bed with Paul, Nancy snuggled up to him and whispered, “So how was it? She çatalca escort seemed a bit off when you guys came out.”

Paul responded back in a whisper. “It was nice. She was completely different from last week at your sister’s. It may have been that she was less inhibited then from drinking or from the large group of people doing the same things all around her. This evening, she was more subdued and wanted me to take charge. Afterwards, we talked and I finally got her to tell me what she was looking for. She also told me she was still concerned that Kyle wasn’t really into the swing lifestyle and was only doing it to make her happy. I told her she needed to sit down and have an honest talk with him about her concerns and to also let him know what some of her secret desires and turn-ons are. I think she’s got an exhibitionist streak in her. She told me that she was into cybersex, but didn’t want me to tell him!”

“It’s funny that you say that,” Nancy said in a conspiratorial voice. “Kyle told me that he accidently saw her on the computer masturbating for some guy on the other side. He watched until she was getting ready to shut-down and then he quietly went back to their bedroom. She never said anything about it to him and he’s watched her several times now. He even got the computer when she was out of the house and found the program she was using. He could see from the logs that she’d been doing it a while and had met over two dozen guys that way. He figured out how to set the logs to record all of her sessions and then goes back when she’s out to watch her on the recording. He said he’s even masturbated while watching her videos and said she’s like a different person on them. He’s not upset with her, but wishes she would open up more with him. “

“They really need to talk!” Paul said. “This is getting crazier by the minute.” He then filled her in on the other things that Deb confided she enjoyed or wanted to try sometime and Nancy couldn’t wait to interject.

“They don’t know it, but they are perfect for each other! She likes being in control and he enjoys being told what to do in bed. I figured out that it’s not that Kyle only wants to have boring, conventional sex; he’s just waiting for her to tell him the things she wants him to do. Believe me, I had no problem getting him to play in ways he’d never done before. His problem is he’s just to shy or embarrassed to bring it up and her problem is she doesn’t want to shock him and make him think she’s a crazy sex pervert!. We have to help them to start talking to each other.”

“I know,” Paul replied. “You’re preaching to the choir, but I remember that you were a little slow in getting past your inhibitions to share your deepest sexual desires with me.”

“And you could have been more proactive in telling me things you’d already done so that I didn’t feel like the only girl you met who liked the things I do,” she shot back.

“I know, we were both just thinking of the other and not wanting to make them upset. Just like these two.”

Nancy snuggled in closer and they shared a long passionate kiss. As their lips parted, Nancy’s hand reached down between them searching for him. “Are you interested in make-up sex?” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

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