Naughty Evening at the Movies

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You and i go to a movie theatre thats two thirds of the way empty and we sit near the back. A good but old movie is showing we have both seen. You get bored thirty minutes into it. Then your hand is on my thigh teasing me; goosebumps rise on my flesh and i gasp softly. I wrap my hand around your arm hoping for more friction. A scene in the film you really enjoy is coming to an end. I continue to grasp your arm and then press my breasts against your body and reach for you. My lips brush light, touching your ear. You hear need in my soft murmur and then a desperate whisper, “pleassse,”my hand over yours on my leg asking. Turning to me you feign innocence. “i thought you liked this movie?” Your eyes shine, sly smile on your face before turning back to face the screen again.

Your hand moves painfully little on my inner thigh, leaving me craving more friction. My lips feather over your ear again, “please please” i bite your ear lobe softly and kiss your neck, trailing my finger tips over your nipples and belly. I open my legs a bit. “feel me, please. Make me cum” my breath is warm and sweet on you as i plead. Your cock swells. But you continue to istanbul escort stare at the screen. I watch your profile carefully, trailing my index finger and thumb down the length of your hard on, over your jeans, using my finger nails. Then i see your head dip back and eyes close for a moment, enjoying my touch. When you begin moving your hand further up my thigh i shudder, and open my legs wide. I push the arm rest between us up. And rest my back on your chest. I’m almost in your lap.

You slide your arm around my hips and i watch your hand slip under my short skirt. I’m moaning and i thrust my pelvis up to meet your hand. I find myself unbuttoning your shirt. I need to touch you now. I slip my hands inside to feel your skin. Tasting the skin on your neck and chest, biting and flicking your nipples with my tongue. Your hand traces circles over my panties, my wet pussy lips and clit swelling with your rhythm and ragged breathing. I feel your grow impatient now; hike the sodden material between my legs to one side, deftly using your fingers slip into my slick warm lips. I gasp and shutter avcılar escort with this welcome new invading touch. My attempts at remaining quiet unsuccessful now. I’m so fucking turned on.

When i open my eyes i find you smiling at me, enjoying my pleasure. I’m not wearing a bra and my erect nipples form small points in the cotton of my dress. Using the palm of your hand you caress and graze them. You lean in and suck my nipple hard thru the thin cotton, drenching it. It feels cool now. Your tongue is teasing it and i feel sudden jolts from my nipple to my pussy. You’re flicking my clit and watching me squirm.

Then you get down between my legs. My expression of need softens slightly in happy surprise watching you spread my legs spread wide sinking down in front of me. Everything but your eyes is covered by the hem of my dress. When i feel your breath on my thighs and pussy i tighten involuntarily. My head dips back, and i moan, anticipating. Juices begin leaking freely from me when i feel your mouth. I can’t prevent my hips from rising to meet your tongue and teeth and lips. I know i won’t last long. Your şirinevler escort mouth is heaven. You lap at me with the flat of your tongue, and slowly push a finger inside me. When i open my eyes i notice a guy with his arm around a woman about four rows down watching our exchange intently. Staring at my hands on your head, my hips gyrating over your face. When he glances up to my face, i hear you, soft moaning and your mouth creating wet sounds of desire bring me to the edge, my hands grab you harder, rocking my pussy up and down on your tongue, i spasm and cry out, the climax lasting and lasting, reverberating. You reach up and put your hand over my mouth to muffle me. Afterward i pull you to your feet and grab your hand, leading you out of the darkened room. Your face is wet and shiny and i kiss your cheeks affectionately. You follow close behind me.

Go to into the huge immaculately clean women’s room and check it. Clear! When i pull you inside you are behind me pushing me toward a wide counter with a huge mirror. I’m against the counter, and we are staring at each other in the glass. My hands behind my back rubbing your cock agonizingly slow and grinding my ass on you in tiny little circular motions, waiting for you.

Then your pants are down and i feel your cock grinding bare against my ass. I dip my fingers between my legs and use my slick hand to stroke you slowly, leaning back and kissing you deep and long. My pussy aching to be filled by you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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