Nerds Love Me

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I’ve written papers for my courses, but I’ve never written anything about myself before, just for the enjoyment of it. I hope you like it! I’m 22-years-old and a student at a Canadian university. I’ve been studying Economics and working toward, hopefully, getting into Law School. I guess I’ll describe my appearance, since it might help people generate visuals for my story. I have long black hair that falls in curls down a few inches past my shoulders. I’m 5-2, I weigh about 100 lbs, and my breasts are size 34B. My skin is on the paler side of pink, since I am afraid of damaging it with tanning, but I think that the contrast with my dark hair is pretty. I hope that description gives you a good enough idea. Oh, also, my eyes are bright green. For the purpose of broadcasting this story, my phony, made-up name is Claire.

Now, some background to my story. I had been dating a 34-year-old man for just over a year. It’s been fun, because he was tall, dark, handsome, and wealthy. We went on some beautiful vacations together to places like Paris and the Caribbean. The sex with him was fantastic. I guess the biggest problem was that he traveled very often and I hardly got to spend any time with him while my classes were in session. Often, several weeks would go by with me feeling like I’d joined a convent. Of course, whenever he came back into town from a long trip, it meant a sex binge for the two of us. Unfortunately, the memory of those reunions only last me so long before I start fantasizing about tearing clothes off of random strangers. I suppose I started to resent all of the stops and starts in our love affair.

Back in November, Brent was away again and would be away for another three weeks on some business trip in Texas. I was tired from studying all week, so I called up my friend Marcie and we decided to get together and go to a dance club. Marcie is about my age, but she is quite a bit taller than me; she’s about 5-8. Her breasts are bigger than mine are, too, I’m jealous to say. She’s about a D, if not a DD. She’s incredibly fit, however, from working part-time as a spinning class instructor. She has straight, shoulder-length, natural blonde hair and a pair of the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s so pretty it’s ridiculous.

She brought a change of clothes and some other essentials over to my place, so that she could stay over night, and we took a cab over to the club. By about 10:30, we were so bored, we decided to leave and go back to my place. At least we had enough time to get a little buzzed. Back at my place, we hung out in my living room for about an hour, chatting and drinking wine.

When it was almost midnight, I remembered that I had promised to Skype Brent in his hotel room before I went to bed. Skyping was our one way to share some sexual release during his long trips. I was feeling a little tipsy, or I would have probably never even thought to connect with him that night, since I was supposed to be entertaining Marcie. I told her, “Oh shit, I am supposed to Skype Brent tonight. Marcie, do you mind? I should warn you that it could get a little X-rated between us. He’ll be mad if I don’t connect with him tonight. Would you mind if I did?”

She was cool about it and said that she understood. She told me that she knew how hard it was for a girl to have her man away and she wouldn’t be offended if I did whatever I needed to do. She said, “It’s ok with me if you just pretend that I’m not here. You’ll probably have more fun talking to him that way.”

I thanked her and said, “Yes, I don’t want him to know you’re here, so just be very quiet. Maybe it will be entertaining for you to watch us.”

My apartment is small, so my living room needs to double as an office space. My computer is set up on a desk in a corner on the side of the room with large windows. The windows provide a view of the street and the apartment building on the other side of the road. That way, I can look out at something other than the wall while I do my work. Marcie sat in my couch on the opposite wall, well outside of the area captured by my webcam. Just for your visuals, on top I was wearing a red cardigan over a silver satin camisole and a black mini-skirt on the bottom. Marcie was wearing a very tight-fitting red and black striped sweater and skin-tight blue jeans.

I connected to Brent’s Skype account and, right away, he seemed grumpy. He said, “Hey, I thought you weren’t going to Skype me today. I’ve been waiting for you.”

I replied, “Hi, babe! Of course, I was going to Skype you! I miss you so much. How was your day?”

“I don’t really want to talk about that,” he said. “I just need you to take that top layer off and show me what’s underneath.”

As I peeled off my cardigan, I said, smiling, “Ok, wow, you seem in a hurry tonight!”

He said, “Shhh, no more talking. Mmmm. No bra. You’re little top is so tight against your tits, I can see your nipples right through it.”

He moved back from his monitor, showing me that he was already pants-less and that his hard cock was poking through the front opening of his boxers. He was staring at my chest and stroking anadolu yakası escort his shaft. I looked over at Marcie on the couch and covertly mouthed, “sorry…”, but her attention was too focused on watching Brent stroke himself to really notice my apology. It didn’t look at all as though she was uncomfortable.

Brent continued, “Take your little top off. I want to see those tits of yours.”

I pulled the top over my head and smiled cutely back at him, cradling my breasts with my arms. He told me, “Squish them together for me. Let me watch your nipples touch. Oh, yeaaah. I like that. Now, lick one of them. Just pull it up and flick it with your tongue. Come on, baby. Yeah, that’s right. Oh, you’re making my cock so hard.”

Just then, I happened to glance over in Marcie’s direction. She was desperately gesturing toward the window beside me. I turned to my left and saw five male faces pressed up against the glass of one of the apartments across the road. I often don’t think about closing my curtains, so it occurred to me that these guys had probably seen me walk around naked dozens of times. For all I know, they’d probably even seen me dirty Skype with Brent before. This time, however, Marcie tipped me off to it. They saw me look over at them peeking at my tittie show and they scattered away from the window. I wasn’t surprised.

The two guys who live in the apartment are just barely 20-years-old and are complete science nerds. I knew those two guys from a few conversations I’ve had with them, since they live in my neighborhood and they are university students, like me. I’ve chatted with them briefly when I’ve seen them on campus. Brent had met them once before, as well. They are super nice guys and funny, but they both have a look that tends to repel all of the girls. It isn’t that they are very ugly, but they both have a certain geekiness factor that female undergrads find unattractive. One of them (Carl) has thick glasses and is ridiculously skinny given his height, which is about 5-11. The other one (Frank) is much shorter (5-6), and is a bit on the chubby side. Their wardrobe was strictly limited to jeans and/or khaki pants and t-shirts. Neither of them ever wore anything except running shoes. They don’t dress disgusting. It’s just that they don’t seem to put any thought into their looks at all.

I wasn’t familiar with the three other guys that were over there that night, but they were easily as nerdy looking. Two of them were short with little puny bodies and another one was tall and fat. Not surprisingly, all three of those guys wore glasses. That would be fine, but they all seemed to choose the least fashionable ones that money can buy. On all five of my peepers’ heads, there was an unruly mess of hair that was more or less the same boring shade of brown.

I turned to look at Brent through my computer screen and grinned. “Hey, you’re not the only one who thinks I’m sexy. I just caught the guys across the street watching my show.”

Brent just laughed and said, “Those stupid nerds are looking! They’re such losers. That’s so funny. I want you to mess with them. Are they still watching?”

I reported, “No, I scared them away with one look.”

He suggested, “Well, just keep the curtain open and I bet they’ll come back, especially if you keep massaging those perky tits of yours.”

I smiled and shrugged. Sure enough, as I played at squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, I could see my audience gathering again on the other side of the road, although now they were trying to be sneakier by peeking from below the windowsill. I told Brent, “Those guys are back watching me again.”

Brent replied, “Oh, yeeaaahh,” as he rubbed the end of his cock.

It had been several minutes since I had looked over at Marcie. Glancing at her now, I noticed that she had one of her hands in the front of her jeans, which were now unbuttoned and unzipped, but were otherwise still up around her waist. Let’s just say that adorable Marcie was not the shyest girl around.

Breaking my attention away from Marcie, Brent suggested, “Ok, baby, now you know what to do. You need to take off that little skirt you’re wearing and show us all what’s underneath.”

Pretending not to notice my watchers across the road, I faced the window, sitting sideways up on my knees in the chair. I unzipped my skirt from the back and wiggled my butt free as I bunched it down to my knees and pulled it off the rest of the way. My legs were bare, so that move left me wearing only my lacy pink g-string panties. I posed so that my webcam could take in my butt, thighs, and crotch in profile and so that my nerds could take me in from the front. Then, I faced the back of my chair and bent over with my legs spread slightly apart so that the cam could get a view of my little rear end and the folds of my pussy lips, just barely visible underneath my slightly-transparent panties.

Brent responded, “Oh, yes, baby. You’re so hot. Are they still watching?”

Still kneeling, I turned around to face him on the chair and silently confirmed that they were still ataköy escort watching me with a nod. I was starting to feel bad for playing with them. I did think they were nice and I thought that there was a good chance that Brent was just trying to torture them somehow.

Brent ordered, “Ok, now take your panties off and present your body to them in front of the window. Then, wave them over. Try not to scare them off.”

I got up off of the chair and faced away from the window, so that the guys could watch me bend over, keeping my legs crossed and straight, as I lowered my panties to the floor. I then stood up slowly and turned my head to look back at them. I flashed my most adorable smile and I gave them a little wave. They froze for a moment, but then they realized I wasn’t angry. They all smiled and waved back. I turned and tapped my hand against my shaved pussy a couple of times as I beckoned for them to come over. I watched them engage in a brief discussion and then they all raced around getting their coats and rushing out the door.

I looked over at Marcie and shrugged, as if to say, “What should I do?” Marcie wasn’t a big help, since her pants were fully off, now, and she was gently rubbing the front material of her panties, seemingly in rhythm with my boyfriend’s stroking. She just grinned at me and put a finger to her lips to remind me that I was supposed to be alone. I decided that Marcie would just have to be another of the many surprising things that happened to my nerds that night.

Soon, there was a knock at the door. I informed Brent and he said, “Good, I bet those geeks think that at least one of them will be getting laid tonight, probably for the first time. Go let them in and have them follow you into view on the webcam.”

I got up and answered the door, still nude. On the other side was a huddle of my five nerds, breathless and a bit sweaty from their speedy run down and up stairs. I smiled and said, very quietly, “Come in. I’m Skyping with my boyfriend right now, but if you’re good, you might have some fun with us. My friend Marcie is here, but don’t say anything about it to Brent. He doesn’t know she’s here and it’s kind of a fun secret for us.” I wasn’t sure whether they actually processed anything I said. They all seemed distracted by having trouble figuring out which part of me to stare at. I decided to help them by stepping back for a moment into my apartment and spinning around slowly. I told them, whispering, “Yes, I’m a hot naked woman. A real one! Plus, there’s another one in here with me. Tell me when you think you’ve stared at my tits, ass, and pussy for long enough.”

They did spend a couple of minutes eating me alive with their eyes, but then Frank said, “Ok, come on guys. Be cool. Let’s go inside, before someone walks by.”

I nodded, approvingly, at Frank and I instructed them, “Please follow me over to the computer.”

The five guys filed into the room and followed a couple of steps behind me until I reached my desk. I sat in the chair and the guys crowded around me. On the screen, Brent had hidden his cock under the desk he was sitting at. The screen showed only his face staring back at us. He said, “Hey, geeks. The hot naked girl you were staring at is my girlfriend. I have convinced her to give you all lap dances, if you do exactly what I say.”

After pausing, he added, “Wow, you are some ugly motherfuckers! This must be the closest you’ve ever been to a naked woman before. None of you have even had sex, have you?” All of them shook their heads to indicate that Brent was correct. He continued, “Have any of you even kissed a woman before?” In response, only Carl muttered, “There was one time at camp…”

Brent shook his head in disgust. He said, pointing to Frank, “You, short, chubby one. Claire is going to give you a lap dance. The rest of you, find a place to sit and patiently wait for your turn.” The other four guys sort of mulled around confused until Marcie patted the seats on the couch on either side of her. They were probably nervous about sitting down beside her without her pants being on, but her welcoming expression convinced Carl and one of the other small nerds to sit down. The other two guys found seats at my little dining table, which kept them within just a few feet of where I was sitting. The dining area in my tiny apartment is basically in the same space as my living room; it’s like a little nook off to the side of my apartment opposite from the window that I was sitting beside.

I turned and saw Frank nervously shaking behind me. I smiled broadly at him to try to make him more at ease and then I stood up and moved the chair back a few feet. I gently told him, “Please, sit here,” gesturing to the chair. I waited for him to settle into the chair. I couldn’t believe how much his hands were trembling. I hoped that his nervous energy didn’t bounce me off, once I began.

When Frank sat down, Brent said, “Ok, don’t you want the full effect? Take your shirt off, fatty. Let me see what you’ve got.” Frank reluctantly pulled his shirt off and Brent started laughing, ataşehir escort hysterically. Brent taunted, “Frank, have you ever heard of exercise? Look at those tits. They’re bigger than Claire’s! I don’t think you’re ever going to get laid. This is the closest you’re ever going to get, so you’d better enjoy not quite fucking.”

I was getting annoyed at Brent, because of his ordering me around like he owned me and because he was being so cruel to the guys. I could only imagine what he was going to do to humiliate the others. From behind the chair, I massaged Frank’s shoulders, hoping that I could get him to relax. It seemed to help a bit. In any case, my massage was cut short by Brent’s order, “Come on, bitch! Lap dance time! It will be like girl-on-fat-girl from my perspective, given the size of Frank’s tits.”

I got between Frank and my desk. Smiling at him, I got up on his lap by straddling his legs. Brent commented, “I bet it wasn’t easy to straddle those chubby thighs of his.” I pressed my crotch into his stomach and wrapped my legs around the back of the chair. He really wasn’t all that chubby; he just seemed rounder because he was so short. Brent was just being a dick. I could feel his hard erection against my ass as I pushed against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned forward to push his face between my breasts. Then, I started rolling my middle so that my pussy rubbed against his belly and my ass rubbed against the crotch of his pants. As I did so, I could hear Brent say, “Oh, yeah. Isn’t that nice, fatty? Remember, don’t put your hands on my girlfriend, geek.”

I tilted my head down and whispered in Frank’s ear. I said, “Frank, just ignore that asshole. When I finish your lap dance, please go over and take your clothes off out of sight of the webcam. Tell the others to get naked, too.”

Looking over Frank’s shoulder as I grinded him, I heard Marcie say to the guys sitting on either side of her, “The first one who has the balls to remove my sweater gets to feel my tits. Who’s it going to be?” Marcie loves cock more than almost any woman I’ve met, other than me, and it was clear that she was particularly horny tonight. I knew that the appearance of these guys wouldn’t discourage her, since they were the best options available at the moment. I caught a glimpse of Carl get to the waist band of her sweater first. He helped her pull it off and then tentatively began sliding one finger over them. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. She said, “No, I need you to squeeze them. Come on, you need to learn how to grope, buddy.” With that, he became more assertive and started squeezing them and, with some prodding from Marcie, pinching her nipples. Before I was done with my position on Frank’s lap, I saw Carl kneeling on the couch, poised to start using his mouth on Marcie’s tits.

Satisfied that I had done the forward straddling portion of my lap dance for long enough, I stood up and turned around to point my ass in Frank’s direction. I leaned forward and backed up, spreading my legs. I gently pressed my ass against his bare chest. Rubbing it up and down, I could feel his chest hair tickling my rear end. I continued ass-rubbing him, gradually making my way down to his belly until I was sitting on his lap, facing in the direction of the desk. I put my hand between his legs on the chair for leverage and balance, so that I could grind my pussy on his crotch. Frank’s cock was straining for freedom against the zipper of his pants and my rubbing must have made things even worse for him. As for me, all of this rubbing had made my pussy very slippery and I left some evidence of it on the front of Frank’s pants.

Brent was stroking while he watched me ride Frank, but he stopped to say, “Ok, Claire, that’s enough fun for Frank. I don’t want him to cum. He can go masturbate on his own, later. I don’t want to disrupt his daily routine of making love to his hand.”

I climbed off of Frank and stepped aside. As he walked out of the view of the webcam, Brent said, “One of the little guys. You’re next. Come on up.” I watched as Frank took his clothes off out of the camera’s view and as he quietly instructed the others to take theirs off. Carl had his lips attached to Marcie’s tits and a hand down the front of her panties. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. The other guy beside her was staring at the two of them with a pained expression on his face, no doubt regretting having been too slow to help Marcie with her top. Frank interrupted the action on the couch and Marcie had an expression of sheer joy on her face as she realized all of the guys were getting naked. She hurriedly ripped off her own panties, presumably not wanting to be an oddball.

I sat back down at the chair and smiled sweetly at Brent. I said, “Having fun, baby? Before I do another lap dance, I just realized that I wasn’t finished the first one for Frank.” Frank was now standing naked, facing me off toward the kitchen area. His fat hard cock was pointing directly at me. I thought to myself, “Chubbiness is a very good thing in some contexts.” I motioned for him to come over and, as the image of his body from waist to thigh came into view of my webcam, I said, “Oh, will you look at this cock, Brent? I think that this is destiny, don’t you? I mean, who would’ve thought that someone you said would never get laid would have his cock literally inches away from my lips.” Then, I smacked my lips to taunt him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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