New Man Pt. 04

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I may have given you the impression life with my ten-year-old son came without complications. Up until this point in the story, I’ve painted a pretty glossy picture of Isaac. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing kid. But he went through a lot of changes between the divorce and the move, and the dam had to break sometime.

That sometime came on one of my rare weekdays off, when I was vigorously fucking the everloving hell out of someone new.

* * *

I had a rare Friday off, so I called Sarah to see if she was around and wanted me to take a look at her rain gutters like we’d talked about at the neighborhood party. She was home too, and told me to come on by. I loaded up my ladder into the back of my truck, feeling pretty good about life in general. That week was intensely busy for a lot of reasons — overtime, mostly, but also I’d taken a couple hours off to take my electrician’s exam and passed with damn near a perfect score. I had planned on working the construction job for six months, but given that my employer was a royally incompetent douchebag who was going to get someone killed, I was thinking sooner rather than later.

But I was in a pretty good spot to go solo. One of my former employers knew my work ethic and success as an electrician in my last city, and let me know he’d be willing to front me whatever I needed to get up and running. I’d probably need it to get myself set back up as far as tools and advertising, but he was a good guy and wasn’t going to dick me over on interest. I was thinking about giving him a call when Jenna, my sexy model friend-with-benefits popped out her front door. I grinned as she jogged over. Even in sweats and a tee shirt, she still made me half-hard.

“Hey you,” she said.

“Hey,” I said. “Just heading on over to Sarah’s to check up on her rain gutters for her.”

“Is that the excuse she came up with?”

I laughed. “I mean, hey, it’s better than her saying she needed me to give her plumbing a good look, right?”

She smiled and I pulled her to me for a good long kiss that left one of her feet kicking backwards. “Mm, wish I could have you to myself, but I’m off too. Photoshoot.” She tugged at her shirt. “Not in this, obviously. But it’s for a pizza place and they have their own clothes they want me to model for an ad.”

“Even if you modeled in that, you’d break hearts,” I said, and squeezed her ass.

“Aw, thanks. You two kids have fun now. Sarah likes to put on an uppity front, but she’s a sweetheart once you get to know her. And she has claaaaws.” Jenna shook her head, smiling. “I broke up with a guy and three hours later he was at her door. She kicked him in the nuts.”

“Good for her,” I said.

“Mm hm.”

A thought struck me, and I said, “Hey. I was going to stop and get condoms, but when you suggested you, me, and Yvonne get tested for STDs so we didn’t have to worry about them, did that include Sarah?” I tried to seem natural about the next part. “And the twins?”

Yes, oh wicked reader of mine, if you missed the previous installment of this batshit crazy story, there were honest-to-God twins on the block who seemed to be into me. Twins. TWINS.

Jenna gave me a sly smile. “Why? Thinking about putting that nice big dick in Sarah’s slutty pussy? Maybe taking that big juicy ass?” Lower, she asked, “What about London and Dakota? Maybe both of them licking your cock? Did you know Yvonne and I have a bet we’re hoping you can settle about them? We want to know if they’ve ever, mm, been together. She says yes. I say no.”

The thought of the gorgeous lithe blonde twins eating each other out made me shiver and harden completely. “Fuck,” I grunted. “Well, now I have to know too.”

Jenna giggled. “To answer your question. I do know who’s been tested on the block in case you come around and who hasn’t. If they have, I’ll tell them to give you a code phrase before you get really into it. Maybe… hm… ‘Give me a taste of that cocksicle.'”

I groaned. “What about… ‘itchy crotch?'”

She pondered that. “Good, good. But I think it’d kill the mood. ‘Plunder my booty?'”

“Speaking of…” I squeezed her ass again. I’d been dreaming of taking it. Yvonne’s too.

“Ooh,” Jenna said. “Naughty boy. How about… ‘wet pussies need creaming cocks?'” I stared at her for a long minute, my mind totally gone to some divine place. She reached down and squeezed my prick. “I think we have a winner.”

“Yeah,” I said. “That’ll do.”

* * *

Sarah’s home was almost reminiscent of some Grecian seaside village in its washed creamy stone exterior and the small balconies. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it had character. I pulled into her driveway next to a crossover. I grabbed my ladder from the truck. Not knowing yet what the damage was to the rain gutters, I left my tools in the truck bed toolbox for the moment. Sarah told me over the phone to just let myself into the backyard. The metal gate was propped open with a brick, so I came in, kicked the obstruction away, and let the gate swing shut halkalı escort and latch before I headed in past two rows of gorgeous flowerbeds.

She rested on a lounger in profile to me, and the air froze inside my lungs. The tie-dyed bikini she wore covered nothing of the sides of her enormous chest, and clung for all it was worth to her nipples. Her auburn hair was done in messy ponytail pigtails. She turned her head just so to look at me through a pair of sleek blue sunglasses. Her bent knee came down, and the other up, putting her thigh and one of her asscheeks on a nice display for me.

“Oh hey,” she said, and flicked a finger up towards the roof of the building. “Just going to do some sunbathing while you’re working.”

“Sure,” I said, playing it casual mostly because I was completely dumbstruck as to what to say. About fifteen fantasies rushed through my mind all at once. Those big tits all oiled up, my cock pumping through them. Her being eaten out by Jenna on her hands and knees. My cock jettisoning all over her round face. Most powerful of all was an image of her riding me, those tits bouncing up and down as she fucked me stupid.

She set aside the sunglasses as I unfolded the ladder and climbed up. The rain gutters were dirty, but mostly fine. I’d have to run some water down them to check for leaks and clean them out, but all in all, I probably wasn’t looking at more than a couple hours’ worth of work.

I glanced down. Sarah was looking sideways, studiously not at me, and sat up to tug her far-too-small top tighter against her tits, making them pillow out even further.

I was done pretending to give a damn about her rain gutters. I knew what she was doing and I wasn’t going to be the beta in our relationship. I did not need her. I had two gorgeous women already willing to suck and fuck me at the drop of a hat. That knowledge gave me all the cards, even if Sarah didn’t know it yet.

I don’t remember coming off the ladder, but I do remember her lounging back, smiling like she’d just won some game. Only we hadn’t really begun to play, and every inch of my body and soul howled to make this slut drop that smirk and become my number one come doll. I didn’t want to get to know Sarah. I didn’t give a shit about her right then. I wanted to use her. And use her. And use her. She would become devoted to my cock, I decided. I was going to break her in ways she’d never been broken until all that was left was my fuck fantasy made real.

I jerked off my shirt and kicked off my shoes as I walked to her. Her smirk widened as she watched me work the button on my jeans and drop them. But when my cock was revealed to her, that smirk faltered, and she glanced up at me, licking her lips.

“Wet pussies need creaming cocks,” she murmured. “Now get on your knees and lick me.”

I stroked my cock and stepped up next to her face. “No,” I said calmly. “You’re going to suck my cock. Then I’ll either come down your throat or on your tits.”

“What?” she asked flatly.

“Your choice, Sarah. You can either get that slutty mouth around my fucking prick right now, or I walk. I don’t really care which. I’m not going to force you, but you’ve talked to Jenna and Yvonne, so you know what it is I’m going to do to you. I will fuck you and make you howl for more. But I am taking everything I want from you. Your mouth to start, and then your pussy, and when I’m good and fucking ready, I am going to bend you over and I am going to fuck your ass. I’m not yours. You are mine. This is either happening or it isn’t.”

She stared up at me, furious, then glanced back down at my hard prick. Then back up at me, and she snarled, “You… you asshole.”

“Yes or no?”

For a moment, I thought I’d gone too far. That she would say no. Then I remembered my earlier thought. A no didn’t matter. I had zero doubt that if this wasn’t happening today, it would happen somewhere down the line. I knew Sarah was mine at the party. This was just negotiating the price she was willing to pay.

And as it turned out, she was willing to pay plenty.

Sarah’s hand rose up and faltered in the air just inches from my dick. Her small ruby lips parted as she inched it closer. When she took it, I fought angels might sing. Sarah was mine.

She pulled me closer to her lips and opened for me. Those dark, beautiful eyes held mine as she brought her lips around my tip, still laying back in her chair. At that angle she could only take a couple inches of my dick, but that was all she needed. I slid into her, taking all the time in the world, now staring blatantly at her tits in the bikini top. I reached down and massaged one. She moaned around my cock when I tweaked her nipple, and began to suckle on me.

Neither one of us was in a rush. I explored Sarah’s big beautiful breast and she savored my dick, barely bathing it with her tongue. Even just the merest touch of her bikini top was enough to slip it free of her nipple, and it popped up over her breast at an angle, leaving her şişli escort tits half naked for my feasting eyes.

“You are fucking stunning,” I said.

She popped off me and held my dick against her cheek. “I know.” She grinned at my chuckle and swallowed me back down.

I traced a finger from her nipple along her collar, then all the way up her neck to her chin. She closed her eyes and moaned at my touch, and I didn’t think it was for show. Sarah was turned on by this. The dominance? Was she into oral? I thought the former, and began to test my theory by taking control of the blowjob by rocking my nips back and forth. Not much more than a sway, but feeding her more of my dick than she’d been taking.

The hand that had guided me to her lips closed around my shaft and gripped me tight. It was her thighs that drew my attention as she rubbed them together as her head bobbed back and forth. Yep. Something here was turning her on, and fast. Her other hand slipped down and began to play with her pussy through the bikini bottom. I reached down and put my hand on hers, moving it away. She glared up at me until I gripped the thin string of her bottoms and snapped it, freeing the fabric from her pussy and her ass.

She moaned as my hand slid further still, cupping her sex and feeling her prominent folds for the first time. As I continued slow-fucking her face, I slipped my middle finger into Sarah’s cunt and found her absolutely drenched in her need for me.

“You’re loving this,” I said. “You like being used, Sarah?”

She glared up at me but sucked me harder, her hips squeezing against my hand.

“Like being my dirty fuck toy?”

She moaned around my dick and her tongue lashed me hard, making my balls tighten. Not yet, I told myself. She’s coming first.

“I think you do,” I said. “I think you’re going to be my come slut.” Her hips bucked at that and her eyes closed, as her mouth bobbed harder and faster along my first few inches. “I think when I call, you’re going to show. And whatever hole I want, you’re going to give me. Isn’t that right?”

“-astard,” she gasped around me.

I slowed my face fucking, and said innocently, “Oh we can stop anytime you want if you don’t like it.” I started to withdraw my middle finger from her pussy but she snatched at my wrist and held me in place. “Whose mouth is this, Sarah?” She opened her eyes and glared up at me as I pumped my finger in and out of her again.

Then I stopped.

“Ut are oo oing?” she gasped. “Uck ee!” What are you doing? Fuck me!

“No,” I said calmly. “Whose mouth is this?”

She tried to hump at me but this time I was the one in control. Her glare turned downright venomous. I pulled out of her mouth but before I could escape her grasp she snatched at my cock.

“It’s yours,” she spat.

I drove my cock back into her mouth. “Sorry, I didn’t hear that?”

“…ors,” she muttered around me, and I began to pump her pussy again.

“One more time, with feeling?”

“Ors! Outh’s ors!”

Yours. Mouth is yours. I grinned.

“Good girl,” I said, and brushed her clit with my thumb.

She gasped and sucked me harder. Her fingers left my cock and traveled her body, touching nothing for long. Her chin, her stomach, her mound. The sight of her squeezing her breast and jerking the material of the other bikini cup down made me want to roar with lust and bury my cock in her throat, but I had the genuine feeling Sarah was taking me about as far as she could. But what she could suck and lick loved what she was doing. I was ready to come at any minute. I had to focus on her pleasure. She would break first every time today, I told myself with a savage internal grin.

And she did. Her hand at her breast dropped to her clit. We rubbed it together and I slipped another finger deep into her pussy. She thrashed, trying to hold my cock in her mouth, but Sarah just couldn’t help coming off me with an explosive, “Oh shit, I’m coming!”

I dropped and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I had to taste one of those breasts. She grabbed my head with her free hand and her thighs spread wide before slapping against my hand at her pussy.

“Ungh, unnnn, mmmm, right there, right fucking there!” she screamed, so loud neighbors must have heard it. Her pussy tightened, throbbed, and liquid warmth coated my fingers. I stopped rubbing her clit and drove four fingers into her pussy, nearly fisting the busy brunette. “Fuck! Nn, fu-fu.. uuuuuuunnnngh!”

I don’t know if it was still her first orgasm or a series of smaller ones but she jerked four or five times as my fingers pounded her. Her hand fell away from her clit and she rolled onto her back, boneless, her cries gone silent as she opened her mouth and arched her back, her whole body short circuiting. Sarah wasn’t as good at blowjobs as Yvonne or Jenna, but holy fuck, watching her come was nearly as arousing. I waited until her pussy convulsed one more time and then I was stepping over the lounge sarıyer escort chair, my balls and my cock thwapping against her forehead. Sarah grabbed me and I shifted down so my cock was at her precious, small lips. I drove into her face this time, and I was right, she really only could take a few inches of me, but that was enough. I fucked her face hard and fast, my ass rising and falling as my cock pistoned in and out. Sarah’s hands fell to her pussy and she fingered herself as fast and frantically as I was drilling her face.

“I’m going to come. Drink it down now, slut.”

Sarah moaned and rocked up and down on her own fingers as I did the work for her this time. My cock thrust in and out five, maybe six more times and my warmth rocketed out, filling her mouth until she was drooling my cream. When I jerked out of her mouth, she made a show of swallowing before running her delicate small tongue around her lips and lapping up what she could reach.

“Flip over,” I growled.

She did, and I loved the way she looked like that, her obscenely big ass on full display, her ponytail pigtails hanging down one either side of her neck. This was how I wanted to fuck her first, I decided. But I wasn’t going to be ready for a minute or two, so I finally got a chance to do something to one of my neighborhood girlfriends I’d been dying to do.

I dropped to my knees, and I pulled her back to me. Not to taste her pussy, but to eat out that magnificent testament to Kegels and lunges – Sarah’s ass.

“Oh… my… fuck!” she gasped as my tongue speared inside her bleached bud. I palmed both her cheeks, allowing myself the visceral pleasure of her body for long minutes while I licked and slurped on her most delicate hole.

Sarah and I lost ourselves in the wildness of that dirty act. Like when Yvonne and I first hooked up, there was a moment of perfect centeredness when I thought, yes, this is me, this is exactly where I’m supposed to be, free and driving this woman crazy. It was humanity at its most simple and pure — allowing ourselves our lusts, our every wicked desire. No guilt. No shame. We simply took from each other.

Sarah rocked back and forth, meeting my tongue with base grunts. Squicking filled my ears and I let go of one cheek to find her hand between her thighs, fingers buried in her cunt. I toyed with her clit again, my tongue still spearing her rim, her cleft. Sarah’s panting reached a crescendo, rhythmic and loud enough to be heard. I thought I heard laughter in the distance but we didn’t care. We were far too gone for that.

Her head shot back and she let out a guttural, “Eat my ass, y-you goddamn… ungh… stud…” Her breath hitched and she shivered once, twice, freezing up before her head shot up and back as hard as she could. I heard her back actually pop from the force of her orgasm as she gushed on my fingers again. Not so much as the first time, but enough.

I had Sarah on her feet in seconds. She stumbled and I caught her around the waist. She kissed my naked chest feverishly, my arm, my shoulder. I guided her towards the open back door to her house. My cock was hard again but I was desperate to kiss her and I couldn’t do that until I’d washed up. I dragged her in through a breakfast nook into her kitchen and hefted her up onto the counter. She drew ragged breaths and pointed when I asked where the closest bathroom was. I ran in there and found a packaged toothbrush in a cup. As I brushed, I stroked my cock, keeping it hard for her, my newest… what? Girlfriend? Fuck buddy? I didn’t care, but more than Jenna, more than Yvonne, I wanted Sarah to myself. Not in some relationship sort of way. The thought of another man fucking my big-assed, big-titted slut made me actually physically angry until I was spitting out toothpaste, gargling, and marching back to her, my cock as hard as a log.

Sarah licked her lips as I approached, and I snarled, “This cunt is mine.”

She shook her head. “I’m not anyone’s.”

“You’re talking like you’re not going to beg for it again.”

Sarah looked pissed but that didn’t stop Sarah from spreading her hips wide for me on the counter. In seconds I had her howling my name as my cock slid past her entrance and into her depths. Unlike her tiny mouth, that pussy could take every considerable inch of me.

Her hands looped around my neck as I fucked into her, looking around the kitchen, taking stock. Olive oil. That would work to complete the trifecta, I thought to myself, grinning. Sarah twisted my chin until I was looking right into those beautiful dark eyes. Her smirk had returned. I was going to fuck that out of her.

“What’s the matter? Looking for another snack?” she asked.

“I liked my first one enough I might have seconds later,” I said. I flexed my cock inside her and she shivered. “But I think I’d rather take your ass with that instead.”

Sarah surprised me with a genuine laugh and a playful kiss on the chin. Her eyes glittered with good humor. “I like you. I think I’ll keep you.”

“Mm, but what would Jenna, Yvonne, and the twins say?”

“Oh, I’ll keep them too,” she murmured, and shivered as I ground my cock into her.

I pulled her off the counter but never let her feet hit the floor. She lost her good humor as I stood there and held her as my cock rocked up into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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