No Paradise by the Dashboard Light

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Everyone in the story is at least 18 year of age! Enjoy it for what it is. It is totally FICTION.


I remember every little thing, Parked by the lake, It was a deep dark night and I swear I could see paradise by the dashboard light. She had my cock out, I had already hit first base, Second base, Third base as my hand found her pussy, warm and wet. I could see by the faint glow of the dashboard light the reddish tint of her pubic hair as her panties slid down from third base, I was heading for home. Then the unthinkable happened. I thought I was doubly blessed, we were both barely dressed and horny as hell, I was hard as a rock and my cock was throbbing.

As I slid my jeans down, it happened. She said, “Stop right there! I want to know if you love me, if you’ll love me till the end of time and make me your wife.”

What could I say, I was worked up, I asked her if “Can I Sleep on it and tell you in the morning?”

The response from her, “No… I need to know now… Will it be Yes or No.”

Something about this sounded familiar, I felt I was being trapped, Then it hit me. My little man went from being Rock hard to being as limp as they come. I pulled on my memories of us together, and well, the only response I could give her was simple. “I want you and I need you but one thing for sure is I’ll never ever love you until the end of time.”

I wanted her more than anything just minutes before, I pulled my jeans back on and watched as her panties traveled up her long creamy white legs, and paradise disappeared from sight once again. Or relationship was a dead ringer for love, but I would never ever love her.” It had started to snow, as I drove her home.

I was a gentleman, I still got out and walked her to her door. The temperature had dropped enough, her tears turned to Icicles. She said as we parted, “I wish you could stay.”

And I replied, “There’s nothing left to say, we could talk all night and we wouldn’t get no where.”. With that I got back into my car. The vibration of the road, the feel of the motor humming soon got me all revved up and nowhere to go but home.”

As I pulled into the drive of the house my sister and I inherited from our parents, I could see her car sitting in the driveway, which was unusual for either of us to be home on a Saturday night. Only the TV and one little light was on in the living room. I figured great, she’ll want to talk or something.

I unlocked the door and went it quietly, I peeked in on the living room, more to see what she was watching, I didn’t recognize the movie. But I did see all my sister was wearing was a flannel shirt of mine and red boy short style panties. The pendik escort shirt was riding up on her hips a little is the only reason I could tell she had panties on.

Not to interrupt her I walked past her to the kitchen, and yelled out, “You want a beer?”

The response I got was, “Sure, why don’t you join me for a movie or something.”

I said, “Sure, I would love that, let me slip into some shorts.” It was cold outside, but she kept the house way too warm sometimes for me. Sometimes to the point I slept with the window cracked in the winter.

I quickly changed my jeans our for a pair of jogging shorts. Not thinking anything more of it, I didn’t put on anything under them. I mean this is a Movie with my sister.

I got us our beers, and went in to join her. She was still on the couch, but now she had a light blanket on her legs. I set on the other end of the couch facing the TV… Now don’t laugh I kinda put my feet upon the couch also, and she threw the blanked of them. Our legs were intertwined a little. But we tended to watch TV like this. Neither of us thought anything about it.

The movie we watched was just coming on one of those “Premium” channels, and we just let it go. We both I think needed to chat more than watch a movie.

I started, popped up my beer and said, “So how did your evening go?”

She Just smiled, and shook her head before saying, “Unbelievable. Totally Unbelievable.”

I said, “Tell me, it can’t be as bad as mine.” Now before I continue let me tell you was talk about things, but not in details. I mean We know neither of us has actually went all the way before.

“Oh yeah… Wanna bet?” She smirked, and pointed her index finger at me and smiled…

I replied, “Sure… you can go first.”

“Okay, okay, no laughing and no judging”, she said and paused.

I confirmed with, “Deal!”, and held out my pinky and we pinky shook on it.

“You know Jim, right… Well we went out and ate tonight. Well w made out a little in the car, I could fell his… “, She pause for a second, ” Anyway when we got back to his place we went in, and well made out some more on his couch. I was ready for more, and he was too, so we played some more. Our hands wondered around, he made it to third base and I was ready… Really ready… and you sure you want to hear this?”

Not my cock was hard and sticking out the bottom of my shorts, and I was thankful for the blanket. Well to spite the fact that I should have said no, I wanted to know more. She looked me in the eyes and I nodded and said, “Yes, you can tell me!”

“Well, I got is shorts down, and wrapped my sefaköy escort hands around his… ah… penis…” and she made a grasping motion.

“You can say Cock if you want.” I injected.

“Okay, cock, well it was hard already and I ran up and down it a couple times. His hands made it to my breasts, and about that time he shot his gunk hitting me between the breasts. Right FUCKING here! ” She said and pointed right between her breasts. “Then he got up, got dressed and said he has to work the next morning.”

“Ouch!!” Was all I could say. “So I take it you gave it to him with both barrels?”

“Did I ever, I told him that’s the first time and last time he will ever touch me or be touched by me.” She said, making a fist with her right hand and hitting her left palm.

“His Loss!”, I said, “I can’t believe that.”

“Me neither, I thought we might go a little further than that. I mean come on! I’ve heard girls getting guys worked up and leaving them hanging but geez.” she said this time with more control.

Something happened on the TV to catch our attention for a few seconds and I spoke up, “Well I might have yours beat by a mile.” I relayed her the story and just shaking my head added, “What do you think!”

“Crazy is what I think, She’s just looking to get her hooks into you.” She said, “And that’s just not right.”

“I agree, it was almost beautiful really… I’d never made it that far before, I mean I saw her …” I added.

“Pussy, you can say Pussy!” she said.

“Yes, I saw her pussy and thought I was in for sure. Sounds like we both got frustrated tonight.” I said.

“Well, I will say you win! But that don’t do any of us any good.

I was hard as a rock, my cock was sticking out the bottom of my shorts, and about that time, she said “My beer is empty, you want another? I’ll get it.” I was thankful when she got up, that she didn’t take the cover. When she left the room I caught a blimps of her panties under the shirt. Then I noticed a little wet spot on the couch where she was sitting, I put my finger on it and brought it to my nose, I knew the smell and it just made me harder. She was as excited as I was talking about our evening encounters.

She came back in, sat back on the couch, I got a glimpse of the crotch of her panties, they were a much deep shade of red from being wet. We drank our beer, and got more quiet. Then out of the blue, she started laughing…

“What, did I miss something?” I said.

In a very cute laughing voice she said, “I was thinking about your evening, and then I remembered where I heard that line you said she said, … Stop right silivri escort there …” she was laughing so hard she was almost in tears now, “There’s a song out there like that. I forget what it is, but I heard it before.”

I thought for a second about wacking her with a couch pillow, but she’s right, I remember something like that too. I had to say something, and said, “At least I didn’t get shot!”

I laughed a little and then I saw it coming. The pillow behind her went right at my face, but where I was looking right before it his was at her stomach. The shirt rode up and her panties were on display, then I couldn’t see a thing. I just laughed harder and next thing she was sitting on top of me, the cover was now in the floor. She smacked me a few more times with the pillow, and then I felt it. My cock was still hard and I felt the inside of her thigh rubbing against it, and her eyed got wide and I’m sure she felt it too.

I got smacked a few more times, I got a few tickles in, I love her laugh, and then the buttons on my shirt she wearing popped. And her breasts were now inches from my face. Believe it or not, I’ve not seen them since maybe we were in grade school. They were amazing, I stopped everything and was transfixed on them. Her skin was so pale white and soft looking, almost like fresh cream. She froze when she saw me looking and took her hands off me to cover them. This only succeeded in landing my face right between them.

My cock, not to be left out was now at full attention, and somehow wound up touching her pussy lips on the outside of her panties. She started to get up again, this time instead she just laid on top of me, smashing our chest together, my cock trapped between her thighs. It was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that.

She looked me in the eyes as if to ask if it was okay, I nodded, and she rubbed her clitoris against my cock, How I did not cum on the spot I don’t know. My arms wrapped around her, holding her tight as we dry humped… Well not dry humped, it was very wet between us, she was leaking and I was leaking precum and her silky red panties just stopped us from more. It was amazing. My hands held her ass, felt her back and her breasts. I’m not sure what I did to make it happen, but she came, and she came hard.

I’m not sure how I didn’t cum then. Maybe considering it was my sister. She was laying still on my chest, I could feel her nipples pressing into me. I was still hard and caught between her thighs. I’d like to say I thrust up a few more times trying to get off, when I found paradise. But really I felt her hands go between us, I felt fabric part and then I felt the heat of the sun engulf me. I’ve never felt anything like it. I moaned, and she cried into my ear, “Finally!”

The details of the rest of the evening are private. A lot of talking, and well we both finally made love…

More to come?? Maybe… Maybe not. Just a Teaser, The Gold digger and the Jerk meet up sometime.

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