Not The Same Routine At All

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Jack’s tongue danced around and over his wife’s clit. He extended his arms outside her hips and grabbed two handfuls of breast. His thumbs and forefingers pinched and rolled her nipples until they were tender and swollen. He ignored her plea of “gently, gently.”

Melissa was swept with fiery desire. Jack was being too hard on her nipples but she didn’t dare release her grip on his head to push his hands away – and the bastard knew it! She had to hold onto his head because otherwise he would pull back until his tongue barely contacted her clit and that would not do at all. His fingers tugged and mauled at her nipples until the painful over-stimulation transformed into a wave of white hot pleasure that swept directly to her clit. She cried out loudly as her orgasm ravaged her body.

Jack felt the bucking of her hips that signal her impending release. As she cried out he continued to lick her until he felt her pull become a push. He scrambled forward between her legs and plunged deeply inside. He fucked her with hard, fast thrusts.

Melissa lay powerless as the echo of her orgasm reverberated through her. She felt Jack moved over her. A part of her wanted to cry out and tell Jack to wait – to give her a chance to get ready to be filled. At the first pressure of his cock at her cunt those thoughts disappeared. As he slide all the way inside her all thoughts disappeared – save one…to be fucked, thoroughly fucked, completely fucked, fulfillingly fucked.

Jack looked down into Melissa’s glazed eyes – open, unfocused. Her face was relaxed in post-orgasmic bliss. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as his fucked her vigorously. He felt her hips shift slightly and her knees lift. With well practiced ease he pulled her knees forward tilting her pelvis up. His cock was now rubbing against the roof of her cunt.

Melissa felt her knees being lifted and the new pressure in her cunt as Jacks cock rubbed her G-spot. This was an absolutely glorious fuck. Any remaining concerns about how she might look, or smell, or sound dissolved away before the growing wave of her next orgasm. When it broke over her she surrendered to it – utterly and completely.

Melissa slowly focused. Jack was kneeling between her thighs his glistening erection pointed to the wall above her head. A delightfully satisfied smile spread slowly across her face.

The bedroom door swung silently open.

“HELEN?! What are you doing here? Where are your clothes?”

Helen’s eyes were riveted to Jack’s bobbing erection as she slowly approached the bed. Her gaze turned to Melissa’s. “It’s only fair you know.”

Jack was enjoying this view of Helen. She was a good looking woman. She was thinner than Melissa and had smaller breasts. Her pubic hair was bushy and untrimmed as it spread across mons in a wide triangle. For his part Jack decided that he wasn’t going to say a word – hey, you never know.

“It’s been a long time Melissa – too long. Do you have any idea what its like to listen to the two of you. It’s only fair…”

“Helen, you need to leave – right now. You and I will talk about this later. Please.”

Jack was surprised to hear a pleading, almost fearful tone in Melissa’s voice. He glanced over at his wife and was surprised to see her trembling.

“I haven’t been with a man since Frank died. I’ve been so afraid and then I realized that Jack was…” Helen looked at Jack’s erection kadıköy escort and licked her lips. “It’s only fair.”

There was that ‘fair’ thing again.

“Helen you need to leave now! We’ll talk – I promise you. I’ll help you find someone.”

Melissa was clearly pleading with Helen now and Jack’s surprise was turning to curiosity.

“It’s only fair. You should share him with me…”

Jack was all ears. Had Melissa and Helen talked about something like this before? The thought of having sex with Helen caused Jacks erection to throb, the thought of having sex with Helen and Melissa caused his cock to drip with precum. The thought of watching Helen and Melissa having sex brought him to the brink of orgasm.

“…I shared Frank with you.”

“Oh God!” Melissa moaned in despair.


“Hi Mr. Barnes – are you sure this is OK with you? Andrea said it was cool but…I mean considering – you know everything…” Helen’s daughter Stephanie walked through the back yard gate. She was wearing a sarong cover-up a straw hat and carried a bag full of who knows what.

“It’s OK Stephanie. What happened between Frank and Melissa is…” Jack leaned on a shovel shook his head slowly. “Steph you are always welcome here. I hope I don’t scare you with my shirt off but…”

“Oh Mr. Barnes.” Stephanie stared through her dark glasses at the naked torso of her best friend’s dad. Jack Barnes was still in pretty good shape and the sweat dripping off him made him look as sexy as hell. Stephanie felt her nipples harden and a familiar flutter in her stomach. “I think you look great…I mean it’s your pool, feel free to get wet whenever you need it. In fact, I’m gonna get wet right now.”

Jack watched as Stephanie slipped out of her warp revealing a skimpy bikini. As she walked to the edge of the pool her every movement broadcast a beguiling sexiness. She dove in and swam lazily about. Jack returned to his shoveling.

He didn’t turn when he heard her get out of the pool. Nor did he look up as he heard her get the chaise lounge arranged for sunbathing. He did hear her ask him to rub some sunscreen on her. He did walk over to her to her prone form. He took the tube of lotion from her hand.

“Oh wait…I don’t want a strap line. Could you untie my top please – thanks.” Jack began to rub lotion into her shoulders and back. “That feels good, Mr. Barnes.” Jack rubbed down to the top of her bikini bottoms. “Legs – please.”

Jack paused for a moment then began to rub lotion into Stephanie’s calves. He reached midway up her thighs and stopped. “You should probably finish…”

“Oh come on. You used to rub lotion all over me.”

“That was about ten years ago – you’re older.” Jack wanted to finish the job but knew better.

Stephanie looked over her shoulder at Jack. Her movement revealed most of her breast. “Same old skin – anyway if I’m ten years older, so are you.” She turned back and spread her legs apart. “All the way up please.”

Jack was now looking at where her legs met. The wet material of her bikini looked as if it was spayed on to her body. The rounded cheeks of her butt transitioned into the parallel lips of her cunt. Jack watched his hand spread lotion right up to the edge of her bikini. He was all to aware of his hardening cock straining to find room to expand.

“Steph, would you like something cold to üsküdar escort drink, a soda or something else?”

“Something else sounds interesting – what did you have in mind?” Stephanie lifted higher this time to talk with Jack. Now her whole breast was revealed in profile. Jack noted she had small areolas and large nipples. His cock throbbed painfully. Jack realized she was staring directly at the bulge in his shorts.

“I’ll see what we have.” Jack twisted away from her before he stood. He walked quickly to the kitchen. Safely out of view he adjusted his cock. What the hell are you doing – she’s your daughters best friend – get a grip. Only he knew exactly what he wanted to grip. The last three weeks since the discovery of his wife’s affair had been without any kind of relief. A situation that now found him in desperate need of release. Jack leaned against the counter and looked heavenward.

“Is everything OK Mr. Barnes? I thought I heard you moan or something?”

“No Stephanie I’m fine. Now what would you…where is your top?!” Stephanie stood not six feet from him. Her hands were crossed over her naked breasts as she stepped closer.

“You untied Mr. Barnes – remember?”

“Stephanie. Stop. Go back outside.” Jack was shaking now. “Don’t do this Stephanie – please.”

“Please? OK.” Stephanie’s hands lowered slowly until she stood bare breasted before him.

“Stephanie please.” Every rational thought in his head told him to walk away. Every blood saturated cell in his cock said take her – she wants it. “Stephanie you are an absolutely beautiful girl. You don’t want an old guy like me. Wait for a young guy – someone who…”

Stephanie laughed. “Wait? Mr. Barnes I haven’t been a virgin for almost two years. And I’ve had enough of ‘boys’ my age.” Stephanie reached out and caught hold of his hand. “I’ve listened to you and Mrs. Barnes for years. I know you know how to make a woman feel like a woman. I’ve heard how good you are. I need to know what that feels like.” Stephanie pulled his hand to her breast holding if just shy of her nipple. “Can I call you Jack?” She leaned forward pressing her breast into his palm.

Stephanie stared up at the ceiling as she felt the tension in her body grow. Jack’s tongue twirled about her clit driving her to greater and greater pleasure. His finger was buried deep inside her and he was curling it up or something. She felt him suck her clit between his lips and vigorously lap it with his tongue. A wave of ecstasy rose up and crashed upon her.

Jack lay beside her as she continued to trembled and writhed. His lips and chin were wet with her juices. A red blush covered her upper body and a light sheen of sweat covered her soft skin. Jack marveled at her, little Stephanie from next door. The throb of his cock reminded him that they were just getting started.

“Oh my God. I never knew it could be like that. Nobody has ever made me feel that way.” Stephanie sat up and pushed Jack onto his back. “I hope I can make you feel as good.” She reached for his cock and began to stroke the shaft with a feather light touch. She smiled as it twitched and jerked. A steady drip of precum oozed out the slit. Every time she rubbed it around the head of Jack’s cock he moaned and lifted his hips.

Stephanie bent forward and gently licked the glans as she hand gripped the shaft and stroked slowly tuzla escort up and down. Jack’s moans told her she was indeed providing him with pleasure. She opened her mouth and took him inside. She let her salvia drool over his cock until it was completely wet.

“If it’s OK with you I’ll blow you later. I just really need you inside me now.” Stephanie wasn’t even waiting for an answer as she swung a leg over Jack’s hips and positioned his cock at her ready cunt. She rubbed the head along her wet slit a couple of times as she oh-so-slowly lowered herself onto him. Finally the tip of his cock caught in her entry and she sat down engulfing him completely – almost. She had worked Jack’s cock into her as deeply as she’d ever had one in her. She now realized that there was more waiting. So she released her muscles until her hips sat down onto his. The complete filling of her cunt and the pressure on her cervix felt unbelievably good. The slightest rocking of her hips sent waves of pleasure through her.

Jack felt as if his cock was in a hot, wet velvet vise. She was so damn tight. Her tightness and his three week sexual drought told him he would not last long this first time and he told her as much. When she answered they had all week he had flexed his cock causing it to swell within her. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. The look of lust that followed was almost scary. Jack made a mental note to up his vitamin intake.

Stephanie began to rock slowly back and forth. She began to moan immediately – it just felt so damn good. She didn’t know if it was the size of Jack’s cock (the biggest she’s ever had), Jack himself (she’s fantasized about him since puberty) or that fact that she was fucking her first married man (the fact that she designated him her first made her feel especially nasty) – it was all so sexy. She began to bounce up and down as Jack announced his impending orgasm.

Jack bucked his hips as fast as he could. He felt his balls pull up, his cock swell and that glorious spasm within. He growled loudly as he spurted into Stephanie. He kept bucking even as his cock was softening. He knew that even a soft big cock could provide pleasure to a woman. Except that on the next upstroke Stephanie continued going up Jack felt his cock being pulled and stretched until it came free with a pop and flopped wetly on his stomach.

“Oh shit! Look at all that stuff!” Stephanie was kneeling on one knee with the other up, her legs still straddling Jacks hips. She bent forward and looked between her legs as long strings of cum dripped from her. “Is my pussy all stretched out?” Stephanie straightened up so that Jack could see her freshly fucked cunt.

Jack laughed. “Yep – looks like you are definitely fucked.” They both burst into laughter. Stephanie collapsed onto Jack’s chest. His arms enveloped her as her hips slid to the side. She slowly let her head nestle into his shoulder. Her hand drifted lazily up and down his arm. She sighed contentedly.

“A girl could get used to this.” She felt Jack flinch momentarily. “It’s OK – I know this can’t be permanent. But I sure wouldn’t mind it being frequent. You’re the first man to ever really come in me. I always made my boyfriends wear a condom. It really felt good having you cum inside me like that – it felt so right.”

“I liked it too Steph. We can do pretty much whatever you want. But the end of this week has to be the end of this – you know that. I’m not going to let you think otherwise – OK?”

“Just so you fuck me every chance you get. And you have to show me how to fuck – I mean really fuck, I want to be able to drive a guy crazy…if I want to.”

“If I can survive that long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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