Now Daddy! Ch. 03

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Hello all! If you’re still with me you must be ready for some more kinky degradation. Let me point out that this is a work of fiction, meant to be erotic and nothing more. Without further adieu here we go!!!!

I watched My daughter Marie and her friend Jenny leave. I was standing behind the door naked. Very soon my wife would be home, and my daughter, who knew virtually all of my dirty little secret desire expected me to tell my wife to humiliate me.

I had just finished licking both my daughter and her friend’s anus’ for over a half hour between them. They had also sodomized with a large dildo, and left it inside me. Awkwardly I stumbled into the bathroom and grabbed the string linking the dildo with the outside world. It had been in there for a while and hurt a little coming out. My daughter had given me explicit instructions to leave it in, but I didn’t care, it was uncomfortable, and any punishment she could give me, couldn’t be worse than what she was already doing to me.

With the dildo out, I had to find a place to hide it. I rinsed it off quickly, dried it with a towel, and stuffed it in the back of my sock drawer. Then with my wife due home virtually any minute, I quickly brushed my teeth, returned my wife and daughter’s panties to their respective hampers, washed my face and had just finished getting dressed when my wife opened the front door.

“Hey honey!” She called.

“Hi!” I replied coming into the kitchen. All I could think about was how to go about telling her that I was submissive and wanted to be humiliated. When she had left this morning we were both horny, and I was hoping she would still be ready for sex, that might ease the telling. “How was your day?” I asked following her into the bedroom so she could change out of her work clothes.

I watched transfixed as she slid off her nylons, and then unzipped and removed her skirt. She was a very sexy woman, and always had been. She let her skirt fall to the ground and then flipped it into the hamper with her foot. Next she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. She now knew I was watching intently. She smiled warmly at me and faced me as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Darlene winked as she revealed her impossibly firm B-cups. Her white blouse and skirt topped off the hamper.

“You won’t be too tired tonight will you?” She asked.

“I’m not too tired right now.” I answered.

“I need a few minutes to relax.” She said.

“Would you like a massage?” I asked.

“You’re an angel.” She answered.

“Anything for you babe.” I said. That was it! I had given myself a lead in. Darlene climbed onto the bed and lay on her belly. I grabbed some lotion and squeezed it into my hands, blowing on it to warm it up. I began to massage her back, straddling her to do so. I licked my lips. “I mean it you know.”

“Mean what?” She said exhaling deeply and taksim grup yapan escort relaxing her body to my touch.

“The anything for you babe.” I said.

“I know.” She answered softly.

“I mean I REALLY mean it.” I said. I felt her body tense up as she read that there was clearly something I was getting at.

“What are you trying to get at?” She asked. I paused for a moment, trying to find my words.

“I mean.” I stopped, it was now or never, and it wasn’t going to be easy. “I mean I think I might like being told what to do a little. Maybe bossed around a little.” I said shyly.

“Huh?” My wife said rolling me off of her and sitting up. Her nipples were hard, and she made no move to cover herself. She only stared at me with her brow furrowed, trying to read my face.

“What I uh, mean is.” I was almost shaking. Her eyes bore into me. She knew me far too well to be very coy with her. “I think that I’ve found a submissive side to me.” I said. She looked a little upset, a lot confused.

“A what?” She asked.

“A submissive side.” I repeated. “It would arouse me sexually to be spoken down to by you.” I was so scared, I had hung it out there, for better for worse.

“Spoken down to?” She said. “You want me to insult you?” She said.

“Not exactly, but a little.” I answered. “I want you to…” I stopped. I was stumped. “Use me as you see fit, for what you see fit.” I said, borrowing a come on from my on-line photo sessions. She didn’t look impressed.

“What the Fuck are you talking about?” She said angrily. This had been a mistake.

“Nothing, I don’t know nevermind.” I said.

“You can’t back out now!” She said. “You started it, we’ve gotta’ finish now. I’m just confused. I didn’t mean to snap. Please go on. I’ll listen.” Darlene folded her arms across her chest pushing her breasts up, she looked so hot.

“Alright, this is harder than I thought.” I said, she nodded reassuringly. “Late at night if I can’t sleep, when I’m you know…naughty.” I said. Again she nodded. “I sometimes fantasize about you kind of bossing me around.” It was a lie, my sex with Darlene has always been good, and when I think of her, all I ever wanted was straight normal sex, but I had made this bed, and started the conversation, besides, now that I was saying it, it did sound exciting.

“What do you mean by bossing you around?” Darlene asked.

“Making me do things, that I might be reluctant to do normally.” I said. A million dirty fetishes swam into my head.

“Like what?” Darlene asked. She appeared to be mulling the idea over.

“I dunno.” I answered. She held up a hand.

“You must know, what kind of things have you thought about while you were masturbating.” She said. The question was direct.

“Different things.” I said. I was dodging.

“Start telling me them taksim masöz escort then.” She answered. “If they’re different then I know there’ll be more than three.”

“Wow.” I said quietly.

“Yeah wow, I want specifics. If you really are submissive or whatever then answering the question is my first order.” She said.

“Alright.” I said struggling to think of something tame. “Like going down on you just because you want it, and not expecting anything more.” I said.

“You already do that once in a while.” Darlene said, and motioned for me to continue.

“Like uhh maybe going down on you after we’ve had sex.” I said. It was a bad one, but not too bad.

“You would want me to make you do that?” She asked. I shrugged and half nodded. “Why?” She asked. I shrugged again. “Because you’d be tasting all your spunk out of me, is that something you’d want to do?” She asked. I lowered my head and shrugged again. “Alright well, I’m keeping an open mind tell me more.” My mind danced over all the degrading things I did on-line. Things like fingering my ass, squeezing my testicles, most recently drinking my own urine, what could I tell my wife that would be tame enough? Then it hit me.

“Anything.” I said calmly.

“Anything.” My wife replied.

“It would turn me on, not knowing what you would ask me to do, only knowing that I would have to do it.” I answered, again drawing off my on-line escapades. My wife was quiet.

“I need a few minutes to think this over.” Darlene finally said. “Why don’t you go out and pick up some dinner, I could go for Chinese. While you’re gone, I’ll think about all of this.” She answered. Marie would be back in about two hours, that left a pretty good time frame to avoid having my daughter tell my wife EVERYTHING she knew.

“OK” I answered and left my wife sitting on the bed wearing just her little red panties. When I returned she was standing in the kitchen in her bathrobe.

“Alright you asked for this.” Darlene said. Her hair was up she looked ravishing.

“Asked for what?” I said.

“Hand me the food.” Darlene said fairly forcefully. I gave her the bag. “Come with me.” She instructed. I followed her into the living room. She shrugged off her robe and sat on the couch, in the same place my daughter had sat when she had spanked me.

She was totally naked. Her light brown pubic hair accentuated the subtle muscular ripples of her lower abdominals. She spread her legs. “Go down on me, while I eat and watch television.” She said. She flipped on the TV. I got down on my knees and began to eat her out while she picked a chicken finger out of the bag and began to eat. She moaned and thrust her hips out. I don’t remember her ever having been as wet as she was at that moment.

“I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said, and I think it might be fun.” She added. I lapped taksim otele gelen escort at her pussy, savoring the taste of it. I was lying on the rug propped up on my forearms. Finally she came.

“Alright you, climb on up and fuck me good.” She said. In my mind I was wondering if she would make me clean her out afterwards. She thrust her hips forward and positioned herself at the edge of the couch. I got up on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. Her sexy pussy was open and drenched with my saliva and her juices. Tiny beads of moisture glistened in her dark pubic hair. I placed my tip against her and watching as I did so I began to enter her.

“That’s it.” Darlene said. “Now fuck me I want to feel it hard!” She said forcefully. I began to build up momentum. She wrapped her arms around me pushing my face into her cleavage. I reached up and squeezed her breasts kissing and sucking her firm little globes. “HARDER.” Darlene grunted out. Fortunately I had come A LOT today or hearing this dirty talk out of my wife’s mouth would have sent me right over the edge. “You better make me come before you do.” Darlene said. She continued making little oh yeah and harder grunts as I drove harder and harder.

“YEAH THAT’S IT!” Darlene suddenly called out, and she grabbed behind my back digging her nails across me as she came. I immediately began to cum as well, and then I felt Darlene suddenly tense up as she let out a surprised gasp. I opened my eyes even as my orgasm started to spurt. Darlene was looking past me. I turned my head to see Marie and Jenny standing behind us. Marie had the biggest shit-eating grin on her face that I’d ever seen.

“Oh god! Marie!” Darlene said. She tried to scramble back onto the couch, but I had already plowed her hard against the back cushion. “Get off me!” She said and pushed angrily at my shoulder as my cock plopped out of her she stepped over me, a thick glob of cum trailing by my face before plopping on my shoulder. With her hand cupping her pussy Darlene ran for our bedroom, leaving me holding the bag so to speak. I got up and ambled after her, having just come I was still having slight spasms.

When I reached the bedroom Darlene had thrown on my robe and was heading for the bathroom. I looked down the hall to see Jenny step into the bathroom and close the door. I shut the bedroom door to throw some clothes on.

“Relax mom, we didn’t see that much.” Marie said to Darlene as I shut the door. “Can I talk to you for a few minutes though?”

“I guess so, I’ve just got to use the bathroom first.” Darlene said. I was listening at the bedroom door.

“Jenny will be a minute.” Marie said. “Can we go in the kitchen so Dad won’t hear, it’s a girl problem.” She added.

“Can it wait?” Darlene asked.

“Not really.” Jenny said. “I’ll be as quick as I can.”

From the bedroom I heard them move away out of earshot, and I hastily threw on sweatpants and a T-shirt. As I opened the bedroom door, I saw Jenny standing in the bathroom doorway, she shook her head and pointed past me to the bedroom. I pleaded with her with my eyes and she just smiled and shook her head. I’d know what they were talking about soon enough I suppose.

To be continued…….

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