Nowhere to Go Ch. 01

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My father died when I was 18. Since my mother had also passed away during my birth and no other living relatives to speak of, I was an orphan – well and truly.

My father’s good friend, Steve took me into his home within a month of his demise and by the third month, he was abusing his position and was fucking my tender pussy when he should have been protecting me. That shows what men are really like, huh?

My father was in a lot of debt. It quickly became clear that our house would be seized and I would have nowhere else to go. Well, technically I did have the choice of going to a shelter, but Steve decided against it.

Now, we were not one of those church going people, but my Dad was old fashioned and he nominated Steve as my godfather.

Steve seemed nice when my father was alive, I certainly never expected him to take advantage of me like this… But no matter, where else could I go? All those shelters were full of women who were so abused that they have become unhinged and frequently displayed violent behaviors. It’s true, victims become abusers.

No matter… As soon as I moved into Steve’s house it became clear to me that the relationship we had had changed. With Dad no longer there to protect me, Steve didn’t have anyone else to feel guilty to. The day I moved in, he had his hand around my shoulder the entire time he was showing me around the house. There were several occasions where his other hand strayed in places that made me genuinely uncomfortable. As he was about to live me in my new room, his hand slipped down my back, grazing my bottom. That sent chills down my spine.

A few days later as I was getting ready to go to school, Steve opened my bedroom door as I was about to hook my bra behind me, and told me he would be driving us to school in 10 minutes. He didn’t even bother to look embarrassed, nor did he apologize for his intrusion. He just stood there for one whole minute finishing his sentence as I stood there dumbfounded; my skirt unzipped and one foot in my shoe. There was no need for him to tell me that, yet he did it anyway. As he left, I saw through my third level bedroom window his wife Martha yelling at her children to get inside the minivan.

Steve and Martha had 3 kids living with them: 18 year old Taylor, 17 year old Jamie, and 6 year old, little Susie. He had another son, 20 year old Jake who was away on college.

Now, Steve was loaded and he was the proud owner of a 4 star restaurants. He and his wife Martha had been married for 21 years. Even though Martha was two years younger than her husband, she had a thick streak of grey hair running down the side of her head on her otherwise lusterless brown hair. She looked about 15 years older than him.

The house they lived in was a huge 5 bedroom Victorian home with fine regal castings outside and chrome and sleek modern finishing’s inside. Steve drove a Lexus while his wife a BMW – it was a minivan of course, but it was a BMW nonetheless.

At 44, Steve was a tall, thin man with balding head and hairy chest; he had hair in all the wrong places. He brayed like a donkey every night he finished unloading a large dump of cum inside me. He would play with my titties and squeeze them like they were squashy toy balls. Even though Steve was an average looking man, he had a large, thick cock with chunky angry veins that scraped my pussy walls.

Being the survivalist that I was, I had quickly learned to enjoy his advances. It was either that or wallowing in self pity and turning to drugs. Which one would you choose? Steve didn’t use any protection; he liked riding me bareback, but he was thoughtful enough to buy me morning after pills. Some of which now lay on the table beside my bed near a picture of my father and pregnant mother.

Steve’s cock was 8 inches long. He had a thick mushroom head that felt like a sharp, delectable stab as it pierced my cunt. I felt him spraying me with his steamy, hot jizz – it felt like a pressurized fire hose going off inside me. His hand moved to the back my neck and he tilted my head in the pillow as he kiss me deeply. I moaned and thrust my huge 34 DD tits into his chest, feeling his thick bed of chest hair tangle around my nipples as his tongue massaged mine.

Steve drew back, slowly pulling his floppy man meat out of my fuck hole. The table lamp beside my bed cast a patch of light on his chest. Ever the progressive, I got on my knees, grabbed his limp dick by the base, and licked it clean of both of our juices.

‘Oh god, you are amazing!’ Steve claimed as I thoroughly administered his dick with my skilful tongue before letting it slip out of my mouth, soppy and wet as a thin trail of saliva connected his dick to my mouth.

I held his gaze with my blue eyes as I leaned back on the bed, spreading my thighs open and scooping out his cum as it trickled out of my glistening pussy, and licking my fingers clean.

He was all over me again, mauling and pulling at my tits, making rudimentary noises like a taksim rus escort pig about to be slaughtered.

‘Shhh!’ I hissed as he grunted and sniveled, having the time of his life groping me. ‘You’ll wake Martha!’

Now, Martha was a cold fish. There was no two ways about it. I wasn’t really sure if Martha had a low sex drive or if she was a lesbian, but she clearly had not been doing her wifely duties.

When I asked Steve about it, all he would say was, ‘Don’t worry about it; it’s all good.’

Now, Steve might not have a care in the world about it, but I suspected Martha knew what was going on. She showed her displeasure by living me out of her food ration whenever she cooked for the family, amongst other things. She would feed her children and Steve without informing me to come to the table, and by the time I would come down for supper, tired and hungry, all the food would be gone.

Martha barely talked to me. I would break out in shivers every time she and I were alone in a room knowing full well that she could do some damage to me. At 5’4, Martha was a good 2 inches shorter than me, but she was one of those stocky farm girls who looked portly, but they could pack a punch.

She would stealthily hit me sometimes. For instance, one day as I was hanging clothes in the line, a sudden gust of wind made the bed sheet bluster around my face. During this momentary confusion, I clearly felt a blow to my leg and hip. When I opened my eyes I saw Martha looking very unapologetic.

‘Oops sorry,’ she gloated. ‘I didn’t see you there.’

Glaring at her, I cleared my face of my long brown hair. I saw her wheeling the waste container away. What on earth was she doing hauling that so near the clothes line? It normally stayed a good 10 yards away to the side of the house, at least that’s where it was the last time I saw it 5 minutes ago. I knew she was hurting me on purpose but trying to make it look like an accident.

Furious, I went back inside knowing full well that she was watching me and waiting for a chance to attack me. Of all the productive things she could’ve been doing, she was focusing on me instead!

That night as I rode Steve’s giant schlong, I started telling him of my suspicions.

‘No, not now,’ he grunted fondling my titties. ‘Later,’ he took one nipple in his mouth and started suckling. I was sitting on top of him while he sat on the bed. I patted his head; I knew it was a busy night for him at the restaurant being Saturday and all. It was a lost cause trying to talk sense into him.

Even though I was 120% sure Martha knew what he got up to, Steve seemed very reluctant to broach the subject with her. Perhaps he was afraid of the consequences or the discussions that might follow?

He had come straight to my room when he got home for a quickie before bed. I knew she had knowledge he was home as Steve had shouted at the dog Lassie for tripping him in the dark. He had a very deep, booming voice that was hard to miss even when he spoke quietly.

Steve lay back down on the bed; I balanced my hands on his chest and rotated my hips so that his cock sloshed around my insides, touching all of my pussy walls but not at the same time. I sighed in content as his monster cock stretched me further, almost to the point of pain but not quiet…

‘Girl, where did you learn those incredible moves!’ He growled.

I giggle. ‘You know, I was just an underage girl a few moths ago,’ I teased him with this illicit knowledge. ‘So fresh and young, my tender pussy had never known the battering from such a fine, virile man! Oh,’ I let out a yelp of surprise as Steve flipped me over so that he was on top and I was trapped between the weight of his body and the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he adjusted his cock with one hand before pounding in and out of my pussy.

I saw the tiny red light flashing from the camera over his shoulder as it recorded our fucking.

Steve was strong, so strong… he pinned my upper body as he nailed my pussy to the bed with his cock. In and out, in and out he went, tearing my adolescent pussy apart and I loved every second of it.

I never would have thought that Steve was capable of such carnal prowess. I remember when I was little and his son and I used to play in his lap. It seemed so innocent then… Little did I know that all it would take for him to see me in a different light was the death of my father. No matter, time cannot be reversed, the best I could do was to improve my current situation.

The next day was Saturday. Steve had left my room at 7 in the morning. I knew Martha woke up every morning at 6 to go jogging, and she had to walk right past my bedroom, down the hallway to take the stairs. My bedroom door was wide open.

I groaned and ducked back under the covers knowing full well that there would be repercussion. She never stopped to think that her husband was the one who had to get an erection first to fuck. taksim türbanlı escort No, instead she focused all her malice on me and I could see why. Steve was over 6 feet tall and she could not go against him. I was smaller and skinnier which made me a perfect punching bag for her muscled arms.

That whole weekend was a living hell. Steve was hard at work as weekends were generally the busiest for restaurants. Every time I came back home after running some errands, she tried to run me over with her car multiple times. She would sit waiting in it, neglecting all house work, until I was at the driveway. Then she would back that car up so fast that I had to jump out of the way but she would chase me around the front yard. Expensive, high quality BMW’s were a boon to their owners. Then she would get out of the car and had the galls to say ‘Oops sorry, didn’t see you.’

The next day I woke up in the morning and opened the door to go to the toilet only to feel a sharp, prickly pain up the soles of my feet. All traces of sleep vanished and I looked down to see a scattering of needles concentrated near the door entrance.

Martha liked stitching. Immediately, I felt my whole body going cold. I quickly locked the door and stayed holed up the entire day.


Steve’s son Taylor was the same age as me. We went to different schools, he at an expensive all boys private school, while I went to the local public school. My father was a mechanic; needless to say we were dirt poor and could barely get by. Steve and my father were one of those odd pair of friends who came together despite their vast social differences.

I had assumed Taylor had no idea what was going on as he stayed in the bedroom on the second level. I was staying at Jake’s old room, the one who left to go to an Ivy League college. Taylor had white blonde hair that went past the nape of his neck, piercing blue eyes and a peach and cream complexion.

I was walking back to Steve’s house from school when it started raining. My skin cold as ice and I was shivering violently; I still didn’t have the money to buy a car.

I saw Taylor showing off the butterfly door of his high performance sports car to the neighborhood blonde girl, Stacy and her brother equally blonde brother Stanley.

‘Hey Taylor,’ I smiled, wet shoes in hands and, disheveled and mud stains on my blouse from when I fell into a puddle, made me look like a hobo.

Taylor looked at me for one second then immediately snapped his eyes back to the gorgeous Stacy. ‘Um, don’t mind her; my father picker her off of the streets and offered her a home.’

I felt a stab through my heart; dejected, I trampled back into the house.

A few weeks later as I was walking home from school on yet another pouring day, I saw Taylor’s car parked behind the bush. It was a very strange place to be putting ones car in when I realized it was rocking! No wonder! I was about to head inside when I realized that the person Taylor was with was not Stacy, but her brother Stanley! Shocked, I watched for a few more seconds before rushing inside.

No wonder Taylor never responded to any of Stacy’s advances, I thought. He was into her brother!

I confronted him the next day at lunch when everyone else was away. In return, he smacked me hard across the face. Eyes stinging with tears, I faced him, head held high, ready to release a tirade.

But he beat me to it. ‘You are nothing but a two bit whore who is fucking my Dad for financial gains. Oh yeah, I know,’ he spat near my feet. ‘Go back to where you came from, skank –’

I punched him straight in the stomach with my hand bunched into a tight fist, thumb curling on top of the other fingers.

He doubled over in pain.

I hit him on the head with the plastic chopping board and he kneeled on the floor wheezing, head touching the ground still clutching his stomach.

Without much thought, I grabbed the acrylic toy wand filled with stars and beads that little Susie had left on the table and shoved it straight up his little butt hole, through his shorts materials. It ripped as it was forced deeper inside.

Taylor jerked back up, his eyes wide like coins in surprise.

I took this opportunity to kick his stomach and he dropped back down on the floor. I pulled the wand out, whipped out my phone, and shoved it back inside again. The video function turned on and I ass raped Taylor with a toy.

He was sobbing, but his body was betraying him as I mercilessly violated his little fuck hole. I knew if I kept at it long enough, it will eventually hit his prostate.

I held his head down with my foot as I bent over him shoving it in an out, in and out. Soon, his whole body started shaking and I knew when he ejaculated. I kicked him on the side and he rolled over, showing me his shameful face. I grabbed the front of his short and yanked it down exposing his penis and the ejaculatory stains on his short.

‘And taksim ucuz escort that ladies and gentleman,’ I spoke to the camera. ‘Is how you tame a faggot; sending it to my cloud… now.’


That evening Jamie went to his friend’s house. Steve was hard at work at the restaurant and little Susie was playing with dolls in her room.

I approached Martha as she was indulging herself to a blender full of daiquiri – most probably out of self pity.

‘Having fun?’ I asked from behind.

‘You,’ Martha spun around, furious. ‘What are you doing here? Go back to your room so I won’t have to see your face!’

I smiled sweetly and showed her my laptop where I was sadistically raping her. ‘One more mistreatment from you and I will release this video on the internet! If you are able to know that your husband is fucking around, then you damn well know that your son is gay!’

She looked at me, searching my eyes and knew I was serious.

‘My reputation is ruined, but don’t let your son suffer the same faith. If you care about him, you will stop treating me like shit! Got it?’

She nodded mutely.

‘Good, you can finish watching the rest in your own time. In fact,’ I handed her the disc as I closed the laptop. ‘You can even watch it in your own computer,’ I leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek and she jerked away. Laughing, I sauntered back to my room.

That night Steve came home at around 5:30 am, and we started to fuck. At exactly 6, I saw Martha heading down the stairs for her ritualistic jogs. I had purposefully kept my bedroom door wide open.

She glanced at my room and saw her husband was buried balls deep inside me. She averted her eyes and made her way down the stairs without hesitation. I smiled and moaned as loudly as I had wanted to all along as Steve’s thick, meaty cock elicited an orgasm from me.


It’s been 4 months since my confrontation with Martha, and things have improved dramatically.

Steve had just finished eating my pussy and he has quite the skilful tongue. First, he played with my clit then he used his lips, tongue and the slight grazing of teeth to massage around my fuck hole. He then presented me his mouth covered in my juices and I kissed him as his hands groped my tits. He lowered his head to my nipple and rolled it with his lips then gently pulled it out and away from my body.

I threw my head back, bunching my fists around my hair as he let go of my nipple, watching my expression. Without further ado, I told him to fuck me, plain and simple.

He did not hesitate; he shoved his big, fat cock down my cunt and sprayed me with his baby batter almost instantly.

I moaned, feeling his powerful jet exploding inside me. It was hot, so, so hot…

It was 12 in the afternoon, and we didn’t bother closing the door anymore. Since all of his children lived in the next floor and we could hear them coming up anyway, there was little chance in getting caught. Martha was still around, though…

‘Won’t she get mad?’ I asked him when he first came to my room in broad day light.

‘Nah,’ he had said. ‘She seems to have had a change of heart. I will never know what brought it upon though. She said she knew I fucked you and it was okay – she gives her approval. She’s financially dependent on me, so I guess she’s got nowhere else to go. She doesn’t want a messy divorce – that’ll upset the children.’

‘Shouldn’t we at least close the door?’ I had asked when he tore my top apart.

‘Nah,’ he said, picking up the picture of my parents with one hand and rolling my nipple with the other. He looked at it for a long time – probably thinking how he and his old buddy would spend the time. But that didn’t stop him from violating his buddy’s daughter though. ‘Your parents and I used to go to the same high school; we all met there.’ He caressed his finger along the side where I knew was my mother. ‘You look a lot like your mother; she chose your father in the end.’

Chose, I thought; does that mean there was someone else in the running?

‘After they married, your father left her for 3 moths to work on a cruise ship. She worked in my restaurant the whole time. He missed her so much that he quit his job and got another as a mechanic to stay close to her. The pay was bad, but at least he got to spend as much time with her as possible before her demise.’ He put the frame down and rubbed my other nipple with his thumb and forefinger, sending sexual impulses through my body. ‘I don’t intend to lose you like I lost her.’ He slid my lacy red bra halfway up so that the bottom half of my breasts were exposed, showing a perfect hole between the valley of my tits where he could put his cock.

It would take me a few more months to realize what those involuntary implications meant.

My bra was still half on, except it now framed by breasts beautifully, and helped to nicely keep it in place freeing up Steve’s hands. He squirted flavored lubricant around my breasts and I felt his bulbous mushroom head hitting my chin as he titty fucked me. I dropped my jaw to my chest and tried to capture his cock head with my mouth and tongue every time it came close. We played a game of “try to lick the head” with him pulling it away anytime I came close; we had a good laugh about it.

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