Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

I finished a long, slow sip of Rebecca’s beer, put the glass back in its place, and continued the conversation. It was typical convention banter with a typical convention crowd. Half of these people came to every conference. Some of them were good friends. Some were just looking to kill some time and pick up a free drink.

The other half, including Rebecca, was mostly made up of first-timers. She was in every one of my sessions today. She always sat in front in one of the aisle seats. She asked lots of questions and took lots of notes. It was obvious she was smart and eager to learn so it didn’t surprise me when she pulled up a chair in the hotel bar, practically forcing her way into a spot next to me at the already crowded table.

Not that I minded. Rebecca was very attractive. Her hair was dark brown, shoulder length, I would guess, though it was pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were brown too, but they sparkled with energy and joy. She had a pretty smile on a face that was athletic, yet feminine.

The glass didn’t stay put for long. While was I making some point about remaining customer-focused in a bottom-line world, Rebecca finished off the beer. Without speaking a word to one another, we cemented a deal for the evening.

Rebecca would say later that my drinking from her glass amounted to an invitation to share bodily fluids. I prefer to think of it as my best pick-up line ever. She could have said nothing or politely pointed out my “mistake” and ordered another beer. Instead, she eagerly agreed to my offer by drinking from the same cup.

The crowd dwindled until there were three of us. The third was a guy named Bob from somewhere in Texas. He thought he had a shot at bedding Rebecca. I already knew whose cock won the evening so it didn’t bother me that he hung around until closing. It was mildly entertaining to hear his varied attempts to engage her in suggestive conversation. The highlight came when he pulled out his trusty “everything from Texas is bigger” line and Rebecca responded with “including the disappointments.”

Undaunted, Texas Bob escorted Rebecca to the elevator. I trailed by a few steps. The door opened, Rebecca stepped in first. Bob quickly followed. I got on last.

Rebecca turned to me and asked which floor I was on. “Thirteen,” I said. Bob laughed. “Unlucky thirteen,” he said. “You know, many hotels don’t even have a thirteenth floor. Too bad you got stuck on it here.”

“I’m on thirteen,” came Rebecca’s reply.

It took every ounce of discipline for me to not tell Bob that my luck had already taken a turn for the good over a beer earlier in the evening. He was sure to be in one of my sessions tomorrow. There was no point in giving him anything negative to say about me.

Rebecca didn’t bother to ask Bob which floor he was on. By the time he remembered to press “6,” we were past it. Poor guy was going to have to watch Rebecca and I get off together. The elevator, that is.

The doors closed behind us and I started to ask Rebecca which floor she really was on, but I didn’t get the chance. She playfully pushed me against the wall between the two elevators, grabbed my head with both of her hands, and laid an extremely long and passionate kiss on me.

The move took me by surprise. By the time I could regroup, I figured out that I didn’t have to return the aggressive behavior quite yet. Initially, my arms came up defensively. There were still up and pressed against the wall even though Rebecca wasn’t holding them there. They just kind of stayed in place with the tension of the moment. Slowly, I relaxed them and brought them down to Rebecca’s hips.

Her tongue was still exploring my mouth, not quite as rapidly as at first. I pulled her a bit closer to me. That’s when I realized she had a fine body underneath the jacket she was wearing. It was bostancı escort typical women’s business wear, designed to make one of the girls at the office fit in with all of the boys at the office. Rebecca looked nice in it, but not necessarily sexy. Still, I felt her breasts against my chest much sooner than I expected as I pulled her close.

My cock was already getting hard but its growth was a bit limited because it was somewhat out of position. Rebecca was so close, I couldn’t even move around to try and free this hard-on. I started to whisper, “I have to, uh.”

Rebecca interrupted me. “Make an adjustment?” she asked. “Allow me.”

Her left hand left its position on the side of my head and began its journey down my body. She stared into my eyes as the palm of her hand slid along my chest, around the outside of my leg, to my inner thigh, and toward my cock. In one continuous move, she got me pointing in the right direction. Her right hand pulled my head closer and the deep kissing began again. This time, her left hand stayed on my cock, pressing it with her palm and rubbing it through my pants.

I was stone hard at this point and Rebecca voiced her approval. “It’s a bit thicker that I imagined.”

“Imagined?” I asked. “When were you speculating on the size of my cock?”

“Oh, on and off for about three hours today. Sitting in the front row at your sessions gave me plenty of time to think about it.” She continued palming my cock through my pants while talking. “I liked it when you walked past me during the Q and A. I liked it even better when you stopped right in front me to make a point. Your cock was right there, inches away. How I just wanted to reach over and pull it out.”

I leaned down, kissed Rebecca once more, and then placed my hands on her shoulders. She buried her head into my chest. With a gentle pressure, I guided her down on her knees. As she went down, she lifted her eyes and looked into mine with great expectation. Her mouth opened as if to gasp, but she made no sound. I could already picture my cock disappearing between her lips.

What happened next was a bit unexpected. Instead of going for my belt of zipped, Rebecca started to nibble on my cock through my trousers. She started right in the middle, like eating a barbeque rib, but didn’t quite get her mouth around it. So she tried again and got it right. “Mmmm. Much thicker than I thought,” she said.

Then it was down to the base of my shaft. Little bites and nibbles until she located my balls. The next thing I felt was the warmth of her tongue. Through my pants! All I could think about was having that tongue licking my balls with no interference.

Being in a hurry, I started to unbuckle my belt but Rebecca stopped me. “Not yet,” she said. “I want you to remember this when I’m sitting in the front row tomorrow.”

And so it went on. A nibble on the tip of my cock. A hand reaching up and squeezing my balls. Another hand reaching behind me and squeezing my ass. The sound of a bell and the elevator door opening.

Then a voice, “Folks, this is hotel security.” A short pause. “Get a room.” And then the door closed.

It certainly wasn’t top-of-mind that there might be surveillance cameras in the hallway. There were more pressing issues once we got off the elevator. But now that we knew, we had to stop, think, and make a decision. Do we go to the room or put on a show?

Rebecca spoke up. “Let’s save this for a hotel where you aren’t one of the featured speakers.” Nice. She was sensual and sensible. I offered my hand, pulled her up and we headed to my room.

The door closed behind us and Rebecca walked over the window. She pulled the curtains wide open. On the thirteenth floor of a city hotel and across from an office building there wasn’t much risk in having sancaktepe escort the windows open. The city lights lit up the room quite nicely. Better than candles, actually. She pointed to the easy chair in the corner of the room. “Have a seat,” she ordered.

It was an order I was happy to follow. I flopped into the chair and Rebecca knelt before me. She picked up me feet, put them on the ottoman and took off my shoes.


As soon as I nodded my agreement, Rebecca stood up, stepped back, and started to strip.

The jacket came off first without much ceremony. Underneath was a light yellow women’s dress shirt with narrow pinstripes. The top button was already undone. Rebecca loosened two more buttons revealing generous portions of her breasts. They were nicely rounded at the top. I caught a glimpse of a lacy half bra that couldn’t have been pushing those tits up. The thought of getting my hands and mouth on them started giving me a hard-on all over again.

Rebecca slid her skirt around 90 degrees to get access to the hook and zipper. I was looking forward to seeing what was underneath. She wrestled with the clasp for a moment, looked at me, and then stepped up next to the chair.

“I seem to be having trouble getting this undone,” she said. “Maybe you can get it.”

There was no problem with the clasp, of course. It unhooked easily and I quickly pulled the zipper down. Rebecca thanked me and turned to walk away from the chair. Instead of moving away, she slid the skirt down revealing a sweet, bare ass. No panties, no thong, no g-string. Nothing.

When the skirt reached Rebecca’s knees, she bent over to step out of it. The movement of her legs allowed me a look at her pussy. It was already starting to glisten. She was clearly turned on by this dance she was doing for me. As for me, my cock was now straining to be released. Rebecca’s skirt hit the floor.

Perhaps sensing my need for attention, Rebecca turned to me again and swung one of her legs over mine. She inched her way up my lap until her pussy was rubbing against my cock. I first felt the warmth and then the wetness start to penetrate my pants. Rebecca smiled as I reached up to unbutton the rest of her shirt. It fell open to reveal those perfect breasts and that lacy bra. I unhooked the clasp in front and pushed the bra aside. I was greeted by large nipples, fully erect, and pointing up slightly.

Apparently, her breasts were also one of Rebecca’s hot spots because the touch of my fingers elicited a serious moan. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and started to dry hump my cock even faster. I sat up straighter to get one of those tits in my mouth.

I went for the right one first (her right), taking on as much as I could in one mouthful. I slowly sucked on it, letting a little bit of it out of my mouth every few sucks until I had the nipple only. The harder I sucked on it, the larger it got. And the more Rebecca moaned. She humped away while I grabbed the other nipple between my right thumb and fingers and started to pull on it. That lasted for less than a minute. Rebecca pulled away from me just a bit. Then she came.

I watched her stomach muscles tighten. She paused in her humping and her back arched just a bit. The first wave hit causing her to convulse forward a bit. Her breathing was heavy and laced with short moans with a few quick “oh gods.” She humped once more. Her stomach muscles tightened again. She convulsed again. This time it was two or three short pushes forward.

My pants were now drenched with Rebecca’s juices and my cock was straining to feel the real deal. It was time to get out of them. Rebecca had the same idea, and in one seamless motion, flowed from her orgasm into unbuckling my belt. She was good at this too. The belt was undone, zeytinburnu escort the pants unhooked, and the zipper down in a matter of seconds. She climbed off me and as pulled my pants and boxers off.

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any harder, Rebecca slid her right hand down to her pussy, got it good and wet, and then started massaging my dick. She kneeled down between my legs and started sucking on my balls. I thought I was hard already but it felt like she coaxed another inch out of my cock. After a minute or so she asked, “Ready to fuck me?”

I was good and lubed and ready to fuck so of course I answered, “Climb on.”

But Rebecca had a different idea. She pulled me up and took my place on the chair and ottoman. Instead of sitting up, however, she was flat on her back with her pussy right at the edge on the ottoman. “You’re fucking me,” she said. “You’re on top.”

As I climbed over her, I figured out what she really wanted. Her legs were spread wide open, inviting my cock to penetrate. The view was great but this was no time to linger. I lowered myself until the tip of my cock was touching her pussy. Rebecca reached out and grabbed my shaft. I put my hands on the arms of the chair to hold my weight. She waggled my cock across her pussy lips and then pulled me forward.

I use that moment to jam all 7 inches inside her. She screamed. “Fuck, that hurt! Fuck, that’s thick.”

“You told me to fuck you,” I replied. “So I will.” Rebecca was plenty wet so it was easy for me to just start pumping away. With each stroke I pulled my cock back as far as I could without pulling out and then rammed it back in. Every stroke was forceful and since none of my weight was on Rebecca, every stroke caused her entire body to move.

I was slamming my cock hard into her when she started to come again. As before, her stomach muscles tightened. She strained to arch her back, as if that was a requirement before coming, but she couldn’t do it with me pumping into her the chair every second or so. At first she was moaning with my rhythm as but the intensity of the orgasm she could not release grew, the moans shifted from pleasure to almost-panic.

“God, this is too much,” she said. “Too much. I’ve got to come. You’ve got to let me come.” Rebecca’s entire body was stiff now as she tried to arch up. I pumped even faster. This was a turn-on for me, knowing that every deep stroke was building up what might be the most intense orgasm she ever had. But I also had some control over when she got it.

My balls slapped hard against her. I could feel her pussy tighten around me as I pushed in. It was as if she was trying to lock me in and keep me from pumping. Finally, Rebecca grabbed my ass, timing her move when I had my deepest penetration. With all her remaining strength, she held me in place. Her warm, slick juices oozed out over my balls. She dug her nails into my ass and her back began to arch.

The sight, sound, and feel of the moment was enough to set me off. I felt my cum start to move through my balls and into my shaft. I pressed in hard as the first stream shot into Rebecca. I never before felt like so much cum was shooting out all at once. My own moan and mini-convulsion triggered must have been what Rebecca was waiting for because she went into a multi-wave orgasm.

Her body bucked a little with each wave causing her pussy to tighten around my cock. Immediately afterward, another stream of my cum shot into Rebecca. We not only came at the same time, we were coming in sync. It took seven or eight shots to deliver my entire load.

I waited a minute or so afterward for Rebecca to relax then slid my cock out of her. I watched as a mixture of my cum and her juices spilled out onto the ottoman. Rebecca looked highly satisfied. Spent, but satisfied. I started to head to the bathroom.

“Wait,” Rebecca called. “Stand right there.” I stood about five feet away, facing her. “I want to look at your cock while I finish up.”

And with that, Rebecca slid her hand between her legs and started on the journey to what would be the third of six orgasms she had during our first off-agenda meeting.

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