Office Teen Ch. 02

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My next encounter with Claire was about a month later. She had turned 19 since then and I had recommended her for a full-time job as a coordinator in a different department with our company. I’m told she had backed down on her college course load to work with us full-time. To the wise elders it looked as if she might go husband hunting instead of getting a liberal arts degree right after a recession. Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Anyway I was promoted to a V.P. spot that I rightfully deserved, not a lot of fuss just moving to a bigger office and mostly a new team. I also would specifically be in charge of Claire’s group as my main responsibility. She seemed a little surprised to see me before the news was in wide circulation.

I’d seen her a few times after she swallowed my load in exchange for a W-2. Mostly just a polite wave. One time she was wearing a very sexy white silk miniskirt and some of those cork wedge heels girls wear in summer; she was bent over a cabinet and she came back up and saw me checking her out. She blushed a little, with an air of flirty response too. Call me old fashioned but once you’ve tasted my cum I don’t get too bashful about admiring your physique. Nobody was around so I just gave her a boyish thumbs up and went on my way.

The next time was at a morale building happy hour session on a Monday. The whole office went to a local tavern and had a few drinks. I don’t think anybody put together that Claire was under 21 and when the average age of the group is 50 the waitress didn’t seem to even consider the existence of a minor.

Claire had a few Long Islands, clearly strong enough but not shots of tequila exactly. The hours dwindled on and most everybody else left. She was wearing some very tight black slacks, simple black heels, and a gray blouse tucked in to her pants. It was summer so she was sleeveless and you could tell she had a lacy white bra just peaking out from under the blouse material. [For an overview of her gorgeous teen body see Chapter 1]

I got up to leave and walked out to my car, a black range rover. By the time I had pulled in to reverse I saw her stumbling a bit to her own shitty compact car. Cute car for a 19-year old I suppose but I doubt if my knees would’ve fit in it. I realized she probably was about to drive a shade too tipsy for the law and rolled down my window.

“Why don’t you let me drive you home. You look just a little inebriated for the road.”

She looked up to register who was talking to her, gave a coy smile and said, “Not a bad idea. Plus you’re the boss.” She climbed in to the spacious interior of the SUV and buckled in. She leaned over on the arm rest with a flirting look in her eyes.

“As long as you don’t try and take advantage of me, sir.”

I laughed a little. Sure: fucking what would be a vice-grip, wet teen pussy is a great way to end the day but I really just thought not murdering a pedestrian was in everybody’s interests in this scenario and wanted to get her home safely.

We didn’t talk much, just the typical stuff halkalı escort about how she was liking the new assignment and what her college plan was now. She also only lived a few minutes away so when I parked in her apartment building, a few blocks from the college campus, I thought it had been a job well done and short commitment. She could easily walk to work and back to her car tomorrow. I was surprised when she took the initiative to step things up.

As soon as I put the car in park she leaned over the arm rest and placed a hand on my chest, “My roommate isn’t home if you want to come up for a while.”

I decided to play it off a minute, “Hey I just wanted to get you home safe. No need to thank me.” I made sure to add a little rejection in the tone because, as I learned when I was her age, for whatever reason chicks go wild to prove themselves to you if you suggest you don’t want them. Mix that with the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail and I was pretty sure I could’ve had this bitch ball-gagged in my basement getting paddled or cleaning up my house in a sexy maid outfit, with a butt plug just for good measure.

“Just keeping me safe huh?” Claire said, “I guess men your age are more protective. Like daddy’s I suppose…” As she spoke she let her hand trail down to my crotch and she started gently rubbing my cock. “I kept thinking about you after…you know…”

“When did you think about me, babe?” I asked. My blood started pooling in my dick and she knew she was having an effect on me, but I remained in control here and wherever else we would go.

She giggled at the question and leaned in closer to whisper in my ear, “That night, in bed. I’d gone out to the club and danced with a few boys but I knew they wouldn’t satisfy me when I wanted an older guy.”

She unzipped my pants and let her hand find my shaft for an impromptu massage. “So when I got home I crawled in to bed and played with myself thinking about what you might do to me.”

“Just one time you thought about me?” I asked, apparently disappointed but enjoying the story.

“Noooo,” she said as she pulled my hard cock out and started giving me a genuine handjob, “After you were staring at me in my skirt the other week I went in to the bathroom and had to get myself off. I kept my panties off the rest of the day hoping you’d fuck me somehow.”

“You’re a bit of a slut huh?” I asked. She licked her lips and started kissing my neck.

“Not really, just you I guess,” Claire said, “I like that you’re my boss and older — it’s fucking hot. You don’t seem to mind that a teenager has her hand wrapped around you at all either.”

“I don’t at all,” I said, “But here’s what’s going to happen…” She looked up as I took charge of the situation, “You’re going to do exactly what I say from now on is that clear?”

She gave a devilish grin but then buried it with a submissive nod. “Yes, sir.”

“What apartment are you?”


“Go upstairs and take off your taksim escort clothes. I want you just in your panties and heels. When I come in you better be bent over something and ready for me.”

The look in her eyes was like I had unlocked her potential. She practically jogged up to her apartment. I gave her ten minutes and then I followed suit. When I opened the door the site before me was perfect.

She was bent over at the waist on to the back of a sofa with her hands on the furniture and her legs spread wide behind her. She had put her hair in to pigtails and clearly had changed in to some lacy, white, cheeky bottomed panties — a touch of innocence with the lace adding a provocative edge — and some dressy white heels. Her legs looked even better out in the open. Tanned, firm and it was clear her ass was better than I imagined.

She had turned to look at me walk in and I didn’t say a word. I walked right up to her and grabbed her neck in one hand and let the other roam down her back to her tight little ass.

“Do you like what you see, sir?”

I gave her little tush a firm swat. She yelped and I tightened my grip around her throat. I reached under her and started rubbing her little cunt in one hand.

“Are you shaved?” I asked.

She nodded and replied, “Waxed actually.” I reached under the lace of her panties and immediately felt her dripping wet pussy lips. She was clearly very smooth…perfectly groomed.

I got down on one knee behind her and kneaded her cheeks for a minute before putting one finger in her sweet hole. The tightness was unreal, thank god she was wet or I’d need to cut her open to fuck her I bet.

I pulled her panties down to her knees and she drew her legs together so that they fell around her ankles. I guided my hands up her youthful body and then turned her around to see the front view.

Her pussy was perfect. The kind of perfect that comes from being a teen in good shape with flawless skin. Her hips were slender, I held on to them and my hands could hold her front and back easily. The only part of her I’d yet to really see was her naked breasts. They were bouncing and firm, perfect nipples. I like them kind of small and she had them on her C-cup beauty. I put my hand behind her head and brought her in for a kiss, I could taste just a hint of her cocktail lingering.

I only gave her a few quick, sexy kisses and then I directed her to my cock. She kneeled down in her heels, not with her knees on the floor but with her tight ass resting on her ankles. Her panties were still wrapped around her feet.

She unzipped my pants again and my raging hard member practically slapped her in the face. She made quick work of it. She licked and kissed the underside in one pass and then took almost the whole length in her mouth in the first movement. I pressed on her head each time she went down but let her up at her leisure.

After just a few minutes I picked her up under her arms and carried her over to the couch. She thought I had other plans şişli escort I guess because I had to force her over my knees with her butt front in center in my lap. I gave her an initial spank and she gasped, my dick was pressing against her small stomach.

“Beg me to spank you.” And she did. Mostly with the “Please, sir. I’ve been bad,” and “Spank my little ass.” I think it turned to the worse for her though. By the time I was done she was flushed all over, two hand prints worked in to her flesh and the amusement had given way to endurance. Once she knew who was in charge of her now I picked her up by her hips and threw her down on to the floor in doggystyle.

I pulled her up by both pigtails and then guided my 45-year old, eight inch dick in to her tight little teen pussy. In one motion I drove in to the hilt and she arched her back even further than I was pulling her by her hair. I wrapped my arm around her neck and held her like that, “Holy fuuuuckkkk.” She said as her pussy walls took in the sheer panic of having my girth in her deep folds.

I did not ease her in to the experience. I immediately started a visceral and aggressive assault on my new fuck toy. She was sweating and heaving to get enough air. Her walls contracted around my shaft, probably trying to defend and repel the invasion.

It was at least ten minutes before she started to press back on me, getting the last inch that was left deeper in her womb. It was around that time her orgasm started building and she found use of her words again, “Oh my god fuck me.”

“Fuck me, SIR,” I corrected. Her head and long brown hair fell down to the floor while her cute little ass stayed up for my consumption. I got the first peak of her perfect little asshole in the light but decided to wait my turn. I could also tell the circumference of my dick was making it look as though I was taking the edges of her cheeks, anus, and whatever other flesh was nearby into the dark abyss of her pussy; that’s how petite she was.

I looked back and saw she still had her heels on so I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her up to her feet. She leaned forward on her hands to give me access to her little teen pussy, I pulled back on her hips to ram her just as hard without remorse and she went up on to the toes of her shoes to accommodate the pounding.

Her legs went limp, I held most of her weight in my hands from her hips. It was like fucking a little rag doll the last few minutes, she had no strength left to resist or even endure. After a few minutes I pulled her up by her shoulders from the forward fold she was in and forced her, from shoulders down, to take every inch of my old cock as I let out a guttural moan and released my load in to the depths of her 19-year old cunt. Her knees twisted inward to meet each other as her own orgasm took over. Her arms wrapped up behind my neck and pulled me over her, I let my hands explore her body as she came — realizing a man twice her age had just used her twat and filled her up with his seed.

After a few minutes I collapsed back on to the sofa with my dick still resting inside her and Claire laying against me too exhausted to move. It was then I realized my clothes were still on and I had taken this little naked teen for a ride dressed in a suit. I wondered how long she would need to recover before I had my way with her again in the next room.

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