One Night Ch. 05

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Part 5: A Very Happy Birthday (Shot From Behind)

Started: May 1st, 2007

Finished: May 17th, 2007



Well, Jake apparently had a great memory and as it turned out, he never forgot what I said about letting him fuck me in the ass. His 21st birthday, which fell on Friday, January 12th, sadly coincided with the annual Central Texas blizzard and there wasn’t much chance of a huge party.

In all fairness and honesty, I decided to tell my mother about Jake and me since I knew I couldn’t keep it from her. She actually liked him when she wasn’t imagining him raping me. When I told her a… revised version of what had happened on New Years (the version she heard was more like Jake, while at his busy, loud party full of people, had cornered me in the kitchen to tell me that he had a little crush on me and would like me to give him a chance at dating me, slowly and surely), she eventually got used to the idea of me and Jake being in love.

In time, she realized that I needed a driver’s license and decided to help me get one and eventually to let me get a job. I was going to turn twenty in just over a month, was my argument, and I was still living my life like a prepubescent boy: eating, sleeping, playing guitar and getting myself off. (Well, the last part, I didn’t mention to her…)

Until I got my hallowed permit, Mom didn’t much mind Jake coming to get me for… dates. She always had thought Jake was a sweet, quiet, adorable boy and, of all the “pathetic fuckers” I knew, she was glad I chose one without a criminal record, an African-American heritage (I never condoned my mother’s racism, don’t get me wrong!) or a bad attitude. I also brought up the fact that he had his own place (which, oddly enough, actually worried her more than if he still lived at home) and that he had a steady job. He was a hard worker, too. Nobody put up with more crap for less reward than him… but he did start to say that I was the greatest reward he could ask for.

Well, Friday morning, Jake had off work, so he politely asked my mother on Thursday if he could come pick me up so we could go shopping and for lunch.

“Jake,” my mother deadpanned, “a storm’s coming. By the time ya’ll start making out—”


“—I mean, by the time you’re eating lunch—you’ll be frozen in ’til Monday. She’ll be stuck with you all weekend and I can’t even begin to tell you what I would do to you if I learned she had to spend another night at your house.”

“Mrs. Sam’s mom,” I could hear Jake say on the other line, “I’m just as much a virgin as your daughter. I swear, I’m not gonna touch her. I’m… I’m too shy. Hell, I don’t even plan on drinking tomorrow…”

Oh, he sounded so convincing that I almost believed him. Inwardly, I was screaming his name in joyful gratitude.

“Hm, well, either you’re a damn good liar or some kind of good kid. Fine. Take her. But I plan on administering the pregnancy test myself.”

Silence on the other line, then, “Sam? Can you hear this? She’s kidding right? …Right?”

I giggled and said, “Yeah.”

“Thank God.”

Mom handed me the phone, grinning in a sick, satisfied way.

“Your mommy scares me, Sammie,” he whispered.

“Me too, hon.”

It was miraculously decided that Jake was going to pick me up around nine that morning and we’d try to be back to my place around one-ish. I planned on getting us “lost” or “stuck in traffic” so I could wind up stuck with him all weekend. And oh, what wonderful fun things I planned to do with Jake, for Jake and… to Jake…

We really did go shopping for a bit. Jake and I acted like a couple of kids at Highland Mall, ducking in and out of dressing rooms in various comical getups and jumping out to see the other’s reaction. Jake, who rarely had much money to spare, didn’t really want to shop, but I promised to buy him some things at Hot Topic, the Goth and punk store he rarely got to shop at for monetary reasons. He looked incredible in the black, button-down shirt I had picked out for him; it was so cute, with little skulls all over.

Lunch was a very enjoyable pancake platter at Kirby Lane Café and then… on to Jake’s apartment…

Glancing at my cell phone on my way in the door, clutching our purchases, I noted that it was just after noon. The cold northern was already blowing in, whipping frozen rain down on the windows and cars. It was clearly already down into the 30’s and a deep freeze was inevitable. But as luck would have it, my phone rang right before I was going to put it away.


“I take it you two are still in town?”

“Yes’m. We swung by Jake’s place to give his friend his spare key, and like, we didn’t get halfway down the street before the frost roared in. We barely got back to the apartment before the street froze over,” I said, lying like an old pro—in my defense, though, it wasn’t entirely a lie.

“A likely story,” growled Mom. “But I know it’s dangerous to be out right now, so you and Jake go do whatever sinful deeds you have planned and get home as soon as it pendik escort thaws, understand me?”

“Jake and I aren’t doing anything, Ma,” I sighed, seemingly frustrated. “We’re cold and wet. We’ll probably watch a movie or—”

“Or play Pokémon!” cried Jake joyfully as he dropped his black Jack Skellington hoodie on the couch.

“Or that.”

“Well, I can’t hardly speak ill of the boy when he acts like a little girl. I’m shocked he ain’t gay,” deadpanned my mother.

“I can hear you, Mrs. Sam’s Mom!” Jake cried in his faggedy-est voice.

Laughing, I bid my mother goodbye with the promise that we’d be there as soon as the streets were safe.

As soon as I had hung up, Jake, who had been stashing the remains of his strawberry shake in the freezer, leapt on me from behind, knocking me down.

“Now let’s fuck!” he cried, giggling in my ear.

“You’re an asshole!” I barked, shoving him off me, unable to keep the smile from my face.

We tumbled, wrestling, on the floor for a minute or two, giggling like little girls. Oh, how good it felt to have Jake holding me down, whispering such sweet, dirty things in my ear, licking and nibbling my neck and slowly running his hands up my shirt and under my bra.

“Oh God, I want you,” I gasped as the warmth and sweetness slowly turned into fire and need.

“I love you, Sammie,” he whispered, pressing his lips to my ear as he cupped my breast in his hand, pinching the nipple until it was hard.

“I love you more.”

“Hey, I wanna try something,” he said, getting up.

“Ooh, what, Birthday Boy?”

“Get up first.”

I did so and without warning, Jake, who barely weighed five pounds more than me, picked me up, sweeping me off my feet. I burst into a fresh round of giggles and clung to him.

“God, how’d you get so strong?” I asked, nuzzling his neck as he lugged me to his bedroom.

“Been working out,” he said, trying to conceal the strain in his voice.

He dropped me unceremoniously on his bed and leapt on top of me, kissing me with a fervency I hadn’t been exposed to in a long time. His soft, pale hands reached down between my legs and stroked me all over; it was as if all he wanted was to touch me in any way he could. But then he paused, breaking our kiss and taking his hands from between my thighs.

“What’s wrong, Jakie?” I asked as he sat up between my knees, looking sadly down on me.

“I’m sorry, Sammie,” he said, pursing his beautiful lips. “I wanna say something…”

“Of course, honey. What is it?”

“I… I know I only say this when we’re fucking and I never say it enough, and for that, I hate myself. But Sam, I love you more than my life. I’d die for you in a heartbeat. You turned my life from an aimless, pointless meander through the world into a glowing, warm, happy journey from Hell to Heaven. And I guess what I say sounds dumb, but it’s hard to think of the right words. You’re… you’re an angel sent to me by a god I didn’t even believe in ’til I met you and you have made me a man—a good man. I’m happy because of you. I smile and I laugh and I can love, which is something I never thought I could do… ‘Til you, of course. Sam… I can’t even begin to tell you how much you’ve changed my life. I—I—I can’t live without you.”

He paused, looking up at me, waiting for my response. I sort of froze up, not expecting such a sweet confession and in the moment I took to think, he looked like he thought I was going to freak out on him.

“Just thought I’d let you know,” he nervously added.

With a soft moan, I leaned up and pressed my lips to his in such a tender, loving gesture that I hoped I didn’t even need words.

“Jake,” I finally whispered, “you’re my life. I’d do anything, go anywhere. kill anyone—even myself—for you. I’m nothing without you and, until I met you, my life was an empty void. A farce, honey, a joke. You made it worth living. No matter how grateful you are to me for loving you, I’ll always be more grateful for you. You don’t even have to say it, babe. It’s there. I know the feeling. I can feel your gratitude and love every time you touch me and hear it when you speak. You don’t have to say a word because I feel exactly the same way.”

His eyes shone in the cold light filtering through the window and he smiled at me. He swallowed a couple of times and his voice broke as he said, “I know, Sammie, but I feel like I don’t tell you how much you mean to me as much as I should. All I do is take what I want from you a few nights a week. It kinda makes me sad that all I have to offer you is the occasional orgasm.”

I threw my head back and laughed.

“Honey, you’re more to me than an easy fuck. By making love to me, you’re fulfilling needs of mine that have gone unsatisfied for so long. Your talent in the bedroom is part of why I love you so much. But sex, as fulfilling as it is, isn’t all you give me.”

“It’s not?”

“No, babe. You give me companionship when I feel so alone I wanna die. You give me someone to cry to when I’m too sad to cry. You give me a reason to wake escort pendik up every morning when I usually couldn’t even get out of bed. You make me happy when all I can think about is death, sadness and my own pathetic misery… Jake, I live and breathe you. Without you—all of you, not just your cock—I couldn’t live.”

He laughed softly as I reached up and caressed his cheek with my hand, feeling the soft, dark stubble on his face. In his eyes, I saw everything I had ever imagined in love and I knew that nothing could ever keep me from him. As I stared, though, I saw tears well in those gorgeous brown eyes.

“Sam…” he croaked, turned his face and nuzzling my hand. “I can’t say it enough…”

“I know, babe. That’s why we fuck. It makes the words superfluous…”

“What’s superfluous mean?”

With a sigh, I quoted the Green Day song, “Redundant.”

“‘Now I cannot speak, I’ve lost my voice, I’m speechless and redundant ’cause I love you’s not enough… I’m lost for words…'”

Jake smiled into my hand and said, “Redundant… Our love making makes ‘I love you’ redundant—superfluous, then?”

“Mm-hm. All it takes is one look from you and I know how much I mean to you. And at that moment, when we’re both teetering on the edge of climax, I look up into your eyes and I can see the oblivion I’m about to fall into. It’s like, making love is a physical manifestation of every emotion we’ve ever felt and our love for one another.”

“Makes sense to me. You know… you’re the greatest birthday present I could ever ask for, Sammie.”

I giggled, cupping his face in my hands and pulling him down for a kiss.

“You’re the greatest gift I have ever received, Jake. Now can I show you what I have planned for you?”

“Oh God, yes…” he moaned, tumbling off me.

“Stay here,” I purred, giving him a peck on the nose.

I trotted back to the living room where our purchases were piled on the sofa. I took a second to turn the thermostat up to 80 degrees as the wind raged outside and to make sure the front door was locked. I then grabbed the bag I had stashed inside the Hot Topic bag. This sack was pink with the words “Victoria’s Secret” across it in white.


I opened the bag and pulled out the tangles of red and black satin. The black tangle I wadded back up and put in the bag. The other, I untangled into a red lace thong, a matching red bra and a matching red satin and lace kimono. I then stripped down until all I was wearing were my little red cherry earrings and the matching pendant. Carefully putting my ensemble on, I glanced at my reflection in the small mirror that hung above the couch.

For the first time in my life, I looked hot. My newly flattened tummy curved beautifully under the lightly padded bra and my naturally flat ass appeared more curvaceous under the thong. I covered it all up, though, with the kimono and strapped on some cute red stilettos I had got at Wet Seal for $25.

I tiptoed to the bedroom door and softly hissed from behind it, “Psst!”

His attention caught, I slowly stepped one leg through the door and sung, “Oh, happy birthday to you…”


With a gentle twirl, I entered the room and crooned, “Happy birthday to you…” as I pulled the belt from the kimono and slowly edged it down my arms and to the floor in a shimmering red heap.

As his mouth dropped open, I did a very, very short dirty dance and sang, “Happy birthday, my dearest Jake… Happy birthday to you…”

With another twirl, I landed in a kneeling position on the bed between his legs. The look on his face at that moment was priceless.

“You… look… incredible…” he gasped, his voice failing him. “You bought that for me?”

“Yeah, babe, but that ain’t your present…”

“Oh God, what is it?” he asked, clearly both excited and frightened at once.

“Remember our first quickie at the mall?”


“Remember what we said about my ‘fucking ass’?”

“Oh sweet merciful crap.”

“Yup. I’m gonna make your fantasy a reality. You want me like that, babe? I’m yours. On my hands and knees.”

Jake, his pretty mouth sagging open, looked up and down at me, dressed only in jewelry, heels and a matching bra and panty set, his desire clearly evident in the bulge behind his fly.

“You don’t have to do that for me…” he croaked.

“Oh, but I wanna.”

“Sam… My pretty Sammie… What can I say? I mean, there aren’t words for this feeling, this joy…”

“I know a few,” I purred. “Like, ‘oh yes,’ ‘mm, uhhh, oh yeah,’ and ‘I’m coming baby!'”

Jake laughed, brushing my hair back from my eyes. He softly sighed and I knew that if I didn’t get the… tempo set, Jake would slow down and wanna make love to me gently. Yes, that was the way I generally liked it, but right then, I wanted to make his naughty fantasy real.

So, I pounced on him, licking and biting him in all his favorite places: his neck, his chest, and just above his penis. Gasping for air as blood rushed to his head in a new wave of need, Jake just clung pendik escort bayan to me, waiting for the right moment to make his move. Already we had become so used to loving each other that we knew what it took, how long it took and when to do what. It was as if we had been making love to each other for decades and were slipping into that time when it wasn’t yet as boring as routine, but it had all the benefits of routine.

“I can’t believe this is happening…” he moaned as I tugged his pants down, forgetting about his shirt.

He pulled the tight, black t-shirt off as I pulled his erection out of his black briefs. Torn between giving him one of my now-expert blowjobs or one of my less-practiced hand jobs, I just licked him all over. He liked me sucking on his balls, so I sucked on each testicle in turn, loving the warm scent of his skin and the tangy flavor of his precum.

“Mmm, Sam!” Jake gasped. “Bite me right now!”

Shocked, but not wanting to disobey a direct order, I bit down into his flesh, eliciting a pained, but pleased, cry from his throat.

“Sweet Jesus,” he growled. “You’re a demon.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

After what felt like a few seconds but must have been nearly an hour of dirty, wicked, sinful foreplay, Jake finally gathered the courage to grab me and violently throw me facedown on the bed, careful not to stab himself on my high heels. I had made sure to get a thong so Jake could fuck me anywhere without undressing me; I’d hoped that my suggestive attire would add to the thrill.

“I want you so fucking bad,” he growled, reaching between my legs to slip three fingers under the satin and into my now well-adjusted pussy.

I was already dripping wet and he went in easily. He couldn’t reach my g-spot from where he was, but he made me feel good anyway. I arched my back and rocked myself, fucking my pussy against his hand. His long nails scratched me inside, but I liked it: it hurt more that way.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, humping his hand as he stroked my clit with his thumb, “I want you inside me, please…”

“I’m gonna fuck you, you little slut, when I’m fucking good and fucking ready!” he snarled, slapping my ass.

Oh the jolt of pleasure his words mixed with that gesture sent through my body… I wanted him to ravage me.

Without warning, I felt Jake ram his throbbing cock, which I failed to mention before was nearly seven inches long and rather big around, into my yearning pussy, coating it with my sweet rain. Gripping my shoulders tightly, Jake began to fuck me… hard.

Each time he pulled out of me, his cock somehow found my G-spot and when he viciously thrust back in, my body would give a great shudder as wave after wave of shocking, painful pleasure shot through me.

“Harder,” I groaned, humping against him as best I could, already on the verge of orgasm.

“You’re not gonna get off that easy, bitch!” he cried, yanking his cock out of my cunt so swiftly that it hurt.

“No!” I cried, knowing how close I was.

He knew too and I could hear the satisfaction in his voice when he whispered in my ear, “This is gonna go on all night. I don’t want this fantasy to stop.”

“It doesn’t have to. We’re living every fantasy I ever had,” I whimpered, wondering why he was dragging it out. “Every day, Jake.”

“I know, but you’re making today so special, Sammie and I don’t want it to end. I love you for what you’re doing for me. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to say anything, darling. Just do me. Now.”


Bending down and tugging the satin string of my thong out of the way, he licked a big circle around my asshole, slowly tightening his circle until he dipped the tip of his tongue into the tight ring of flesh. As my muscles tightened, he chuckled, knowing how good he was making me feel.

“Now, please…” I begged.


His cock coated with my sweet fluid, Jake positioned the head at my asshole. I felt my muscles tighten with anticipation but I managed to relax a little as he slowly pushed in. I heard him gasp as myriad love dreams and fantasies came true in that one motion.

“Oh God, your ass is tight…” he groaned, pausing to take in the feeling.

“Well duh!” I barked, frustrated in what I guess you could call the female equivalent to “blue balls.”

“Oh hell yes,” he purred, slowly sliding all the way in. “Oh, Sam… Sammie, this is gorgeous!”

Clearly torn between the sweet, slow, breathtaking lovemaking that we’d come to know and love as our regular style—the kind that made us both weep—and the downright dirty, painful, hardcore fucking that would complete his fantasy, Jake paused as he slowly pulled out of me. I didn’t have any problem with him doing bad, bad things to me—after slipping a finger in my ass on a whim once while masturbating, I discovered that I came inexplicably hard when something was rammed into my anus while I played with my clit. After that… enjoyable experience, I found myself a makeup brush with a plastic handle that was about 10″ long and a 1/2″ wide and used it often. Well, not often; I saved it for a rare treat. My point, though, was that I liked it in the ass and whatever Jake wanted to do to me, I’d love it. Having his beautiful apparatus thrust up my ass just felt right.

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