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My father was an active businessman when a road accident killed him. I knew that he and my mother had an active sexual life, but I did not know a small detail thereof — or better, a couple of them which increased over the years.

Even though my father suffered of lactose intolerance, he loved sucking my mother’s milk, and therefore my mother’s breasts increased their size and sensitivity with time. Once my right elbow inadvertently rubbed her left nipple, as I was washing the dishes after dinner, and she shrieked of pleasure.

I was a good-mannered guy at the time, and did not do anything more to her; but our father was away, and I saw her blouse wet with a white stain. She unfastened it, so I could notice how big her breasts had become with time, she sprinkled it with water, doused some soap powder, and thoroughly rinsed it.

I could not help my leering at her cleavage; my mother noticed it and smiled, as if it was the compliment of a male who could never make her, and then hung the blouse up by the stove.

“Your bra needs washing too, mom,” I blurted out; she looked at it, kept smiling, she put the tip of her forefinger on my nosetip, and went to her room to replace it.

Normal maternal behaviour with a grown-up male son, obviously. But after dishwashing, I went out with my fiancé of the time, and she got more pleasure than ever, as I was obsessed with my mother’s breasts that evening, my penis was harder, and I craved for more orgasms than ever.

When I came home, my elder sister Rina was still awake, studying medicine in the dining room — it had the only table in our home which could carry all the books she needed. She was wearing a dressing gown with a wide neckline, and I noticed that she was wearing the same bra my mother was wearing before.

Rina felt my stare and asked me: “Joe, what’s the matter with my breasts?”

“Are you wearing one of mom’s bras’?” I asked, and she answered:

“Yes. We have the same size, so we swap bras from time to time.”

That night I could not sleep evenly — I could not help thinking about my mother and my sister going to a lingerie shop, choosing each other’s bras, and getting so excited by looking and touching each other, that at home they could not help kissing, fondling, lovemaking.

It was an one night’s folly, and my life resumed as usual the following day, until my father died. He apparently was the victim of his fetish — while driving he vomited the milk he had just drunk from mom, inadvertently passed a red light, and a truck smashed his car.

Mom was desperate, as she felt she had killed him. Even my sister felt guilty, and I soon found why.

While I was completely unaware of my parents’ fetish, my sister Rina knew that as soon as she turned 21. The birthday pie was sweeter than expected, and Rina knew why: mom had forced dad to abstain for a whole month, and patiently expressed and collected the milk whose bostancı escort cream had to be used for the pie.

When I got 21 too, I got a similar, but bigger pie, and now I know what had happened: after tasting her sweet birthday’s pie, Rina convinced my mother to help her induce lactation.

As her hands could not express much milk from Rina, she had to suckle her nipples to improve her lactation. Soon Rina began getting excited as soon as mom leered at her breasts at suckling time, and she reaped several orgasms every day as she was milked.

I was studying abroad, so I could be kept unaware of all this; but dad soon crept into the picture.

A routine had developed: mom and Rina secluded themselves into my sister’s room, while my father was having a shower, and probably thinking about what his wife and daughter were doing together; as soon as mom was done with Rina, she went into dad’s bed — and as they were both really excited by their thoughts and actions, they immediately made love.

After lovemaking, mom went back into Rina’s room to suckle her again before bidding her good night. Dad noticed that it was unpractical, and proposed mom to invite Rina to their room. Dad swore never to have sex with my sister, and mom assented.

It was a really practical arrangement: as dad was now authorized to look at mom’s suckling Rina, he could now suckle mom’s breasts even when Rina was looking at them. My parents’ bed was replaced with a larger model, in order to allow mom to sleep between her husband and her daughter, and give each what they needed most, alternately.

Home’s atmosphere must have been torrid at the time, but both mom and Rina swear that dad never committed anything improper. When my 21st birthday neared, it was Rina who told my parents that I could not be served less well than she, and therefore mom and sis arranged everything again.

It was not so bad an arrangement for dad: these women knew that they expressed more milk when having an orgasm, so mom asked dad to make love with her every three hours, while Rina at first masturbated while mom was being penetrated by dad, and then mom decided to get her a dildo.

The ritual was so perfected: after dinner each of them — dad, mom, Rina — had a shower separately, then went to the parents’ room wearing a dressing gown. Once they were there, they undressed, and dad begun hugging and kissing mom, while Rina was plugging mom’s nipples and her own to a pump.

As soon as the cups were on, mom laid down, dad begun licking her vulva and sucking her clitoris, while Rina turned the pump on, and begun masturbating.

When the tanks were half full, dad rose from mom’s vulva, handed the dildo to Rina, and both vulvae were penetrated together — orgasms filled the tanks until overflow.

The milk was brought to the fridge, the pump was washed and rinsed, and all three got a nap until mom and Rina’s ümraniye escort bayan breasts wanted to be expressed again.

That’s how I could get a bigger pie than my sister 🙂

The milk yield of mom and sis increased noticeably, and even my father’s craving for this milk. He once even dared ask some of my sister, but she reminded him of his oath, and expressed it into a glass instead.

After a while, mom agreed to let Rina pour some of her milk into dad’s morning coffee in order to turn it into a cappuccino. We do not know which sip of milk killed dad — the half galloon he had swallowed that night as he won an important order, and success made him frenetic, or the cappuccino his daughter lovely served him this morning, while mom was pressing his breasts into his back, and covering his fly with his hands — more to touch his erect penis than to hide him from a daughter who never experienced it, but knew every notch and cranny of it.

After my father’s death, both mom and Rina used the milk pump a lot: their milk supply was a precious treasure to them, and Rina even volunteered to suckle mom’s breasts in lieu of dad, but after a few weeks, in which Rina sucked mom’s breasts, and their shared dildo stimulated mom’s genitals, she had to give up, as she was lactose intolerant like dad.

But I never had such a problem: I drank gallons of milk every day without apparent symptom, so both women decided to turn on to me — or to turn me on – in order to fulfil (or to empty?) their needs.

It was not so difficult: once I saw my sister expressing her milk into the sink and weeping, and she told me all that I have just reported. I felt somewhat excited by that, but she was my sister, and I just hug her the way brothers hug sisters in order to comfort her, although I felt that I was not a brother for her anymore.

A few days later I really had to do what these lusty women wanted me to do: my sister was taking an exam, and mom’s nipples became engorged. The pump had been given back (I was now 24, and lacked younger brothers), so I had to apply my mouth to my mother’s nipples.

It was wonderful: her milk was tastier than anything I had ever drunk. I think that alcoholics could be weaned by offering them a breast to latch on!

While I was suckling my mother’s right breast, I noticed that her bowels made some noise — I knew that it was a sign of excitation, her right hand grabbed my hair, while her left one touched her left breast first, and then got down to her — no, to my genitals, and fondled them!

I continued suckling, but as she had an orgasm, I lost my control. It was not just a medical treatment anymore — I was making love with mom! While mom opened my fly and grabbed my penis, my hand climbed her thighs until it could stroke her vulva.

She was looking forward to that: she was not wearing panties! I gently pulled the labia apart, found the clitoris and kartal escort began fondling around it, and, as it hardened, the clitoris itself.

Mom shrieked of pleasure and forced me to change nipple. Hearing her heartbeat while I was suckling her left nipple was my most pleasurable experience ever.

We were on a sofa, and mom was lying down, without panties, while my trousers were wide open, and … I could not be a gentleman towards my mother the way dad was towards my sister.

But the conscience I was doing something wrong crept in … as incredible as it may be, my penis was nearly desensitized, and I went on making love for nearly an afternoon — and I had to resume suckling mom’s breasts while my penis was still penetrating her.

Mom did not object — she might have intended to, but her mouth was busy shrilling of pleasure and telling me: “Dad was not up to that …”, so she may be excused for that.

It was Rina who stopped us: she was curious, and while she usually spent a lot of time in the university’s privy in order to express her milk, that morning she added masturbation to that, while thinking about the way I was serving mom and could be able to serve her later.

She bade to be questioned first, passed the exam with flying colours, and drove home with her dildo in place and turned on; had not she been stopped by a policewoman who had noticed her erratic driving, she would have arrived an hour earlier.

But the policewoman heard the dildo’s noise, and told Rina: “Oh, it is my favourite make. But it is quite dangerous to use it while driving. Please, park there and do not set out again earlier than an hour”.

Rina complied, and half an hour later she was joined by the policewoman: she had just ended her stint, was taken over by another colleague, and thought that Rina would not have objected her jacking off in her car.

Rina was somewhat disgusted by her proposal, but noticed that the policewoman was cute, and much better breasted than my then-fiancé, although not as well as she, so she thought that it could be a good date for me.

So she allowed her to do as she pleased, and then proposed her to meet again — as friends, hoping she could introduce me to her at a later time.

The policewoman assented, and Rina, when she was home, and discovered what I was up to, she nearly reneged the proposal she had made. Mom was as happy as a queen, and both she and Rina noticed that, since I had not ejaculated, my penis was still erect.

I and mom undressed her; she sucked her left nipple, I sucked her right one — we were so in a hurry that we forgot to remove the dildo from her vulva, but it was to her greater satisfaction.

When it was time to penetrate my sister, mom took her dildo and put it into herself, and while I was lying on my sister and making love with her, mom was lying on her right side, embracing both of us and pressing her breasts upon us.

At last, we embraced ourselves, kissed each other, and Rina told: “Mom, you will never be able to guess how did I meet a girl who may be a good match for Joe — and perhaps for us too.”

“So, please, do tell,” mom replied while I was touching the vulvae of both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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