Our First Meeting Pt. 02

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Waking up following our first tryst, I had to shake my head and blink my eyes a few times before I realized that actually had happened. The beautiful, green eyed goddess was actually lying next to me: it was real!!

I stroked her face gently with my hand until her eyes opened. “Wow!” she said. “That was unbelievable.”

“You’re telling me! I still can’t believe it was real, and how sexy you are. You hungry?” I asked.

“Yes, and I could use some food too,” she said coyly. “I need to shower, please join me?” Like I was going to say no to that.

I followed her into the bathroom, admiring her figure and shapely ass. “Whatcha lookin’ at?” she asked. “Perfection” was my one word reply.

As the warm water cascaded upon us, I lovingly washed her hair, but could not resist sliding my hands around to her front to caress her breasts. “I can’t believe how big and firm these are,” I said, as my soapy fingers rubbed her nipples. I stood back as she rinsed her hair, awestruck by the perfection that I beheld.

She squeezed some body wash onto her large mounds, then into the palm of her hand as she reached forward and began to rub it into my chest. “You do me, and I’ll do you, deal?” she asked.

My hands began to work a lather on her chest, as she firmly rubbed my pecs and teased my nipples. I worked my hands up to her collarbone and across her shoulders, anadolu yakası escort then down her arms, finally intertwining our fingers and putting our hands down, pulling her closer for a kiss.

Her breath caught in her throat a bit as I let go of her left hand, sliding mine around her hip, firmly gripping her firm butt cheek, then placing my hand in the small of her back to pull her in for a deeper kiss. We made out for a couple of minutes, hands roaming around each other, as I felt my hardening dick brush against her belly.

Giving my stiffness a couple of strokes with her soapy hand, she said “Please hurry and dry off, I need you inside of me.”

I rinsed in record time, and lovingly, but quickly, we dried each other off. She grabbed my hand, and pulled me back to the bed. Taking a break from kissing me, she said “Lie down, lover.”

I did as instructed, and watched her walk to the foot of the bed. She crawled up between my legs, and teasingly lapped at each of balls with her tongue, then up the shaft and flicked her tongue at the v on the bottom of my cockhead. She sank down, taking my full length into her mouth, then popped off of it, chuckling “I’m going to drain you” as she positioned her knees on either side of my hips, and her hands beside my chest. Her damp hair teased my chest as she licked up the middle ataşehir escort of my torso, then planted a sensuous kiss on my mouth. As our tongues danced, she rocked her hips until I felt the warm wetness of her on the tip of my cock, and she leaned back, breaking the kiss, and grunting as my entire length disappeared inside of her warm, tight, velvety sex.

She sat there, eyes closed, as she moved her damp hair behind her shoulders, uncovering those glorious, firm, huge breasts and hardened nipples. I stared, open mouthed, unable to process that this goddess was mounted upon me.

As I placed my hands on her thighs, she began to slightly bounce on my cock, causing her tits to bounce, and involuntarily I moved my hands to them. She placed her hands over mine, and guided them around the large surface area, squeezing my hands into them, showing me what she liked and where she liked it.

She dropped her hands to her thighs, and I continued to massage and grope her huge breasts, finally focusing on her nipples, giving a firm pinch, eliciting a deep moan. “Lover, keep doing that and I’m going to cum all over your gorgeous cock,” she panted.

Hearing this cause my cock to twitch deep inside of her, drawing out another, deeper moan. She sat with me completely inside of her, and began to grind her hips forward and back. Our sexy ümraniye escort talk became less coherent, from “Oh fuck, so good baby, I love how you feel inside of me” and “You are so warm, wet and tight” to “fuckfuckfuckfuck” and “cum on my cock, baby”, finally ending up in her “making me cum” and “cum on it.” Grinding harder and faster, she yelled “fuck” and then came, her clear fluid almost gushing out, soaking my balls in it. I was close, so I grabbed her hips and guided her, having her continue to grind herself on my swelling cock.

Before long, and with her still panting from her orgasm, I felt that feeling deep inside, that feeling that I was about to explode. I started with “Baby, I’m going to-“and she interrupted “do it, lover, give me every drop in my sweet cunt.”

That did it. I felt it start, deep in my balls, then my cock jerked, unleashing my cum deep within her. She started to tremble, unable to breathe, as another (or a continuation of the first) orgasm racked her body, her spasming sex milking shot after shot of my cum into her. My head spun, my hands helplessly flailing, reaching for her tits, her clit, her thighs as our peak was reached and began to fade.

She collapsed onto my chest, her head resting on my shoulder, with me still inside of her. We stayed still like that for a bit, until I felt my softening cock slip out of her, and the large glob of semen and girl cum dripped onto my cock. She kissed me then, and said “Unreal. That was hot as fuck. I came so hard, still not sure if it was two or three, or one long one.”

“You are the sexiest being on this planet, Harley.” I kissed her back, and we dozed off, snuggled together and completely sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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