Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 04

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Firstly a big, “Thank You” to all readers for your votes. Gussie hopes you continue to enjoy the story – it can develop more and more!

Dear Readers: Please read the other Piercing for National Nude Day stories to understand this tale – Thank you.


In forty odd years I had only ever shared my bed with one divine creature, until our interest in piercing.

Then we heard about National Nude Day………… Now, within a week, here I was sleeping with three beautiful girls.

July 14 has a lot to answer for!

After sleeping for about an hour I stirred, nearer to sleep, than to being awake, yet conscious of the others breathing quietly around me. One was the wonderful child, who had just surrendered herself to me, yet whom, I had only known for a few weeks.

She had given herself to me with my partner’s full permission. The latter watched everything, and, with another dear friend, prepared her for bed. They were her attendance, her guardians.

I could feel the gently breath of my virgin. It was the beautiful young girl for whom my partner, the jeweller, had fashioned a collar in solid gold. This gentle creature, manageress of the piercing parlour, where we had our nipples pierced, was now her slave.

Suddenly I woke with a start. Over dinner we had agreed to purchase the parlour. I remembered that I was to meet the restaurateur at my attorney on Monday, at midday, to go through the legal minutiae. I began to think of this.

Then I thought, “Well who cares, we will sort it out then, in the meantime, I am with three beautiful women, and we have the whole weekend ahead of us.”

My eyes had become accustomed to the dark. I could detect my sleeping partner, in a spoon position close behind Parlour Girl. Her left hand was flat on the girl’s belly. It was holding that place where a single sperm may have won the race to her egg. Where at this very moment a new life might already be.

I remembered that she would still be wearing the butt plug, and the spreader, but that her clit would be free. She was obviously at ease with this. Then I remembered that only an hour before I had gazed past her gold ringed cunt into the hole of eternity. Then I had gently inserting my cock as she offered us ultimate gift, her virginity.

I stroked down her sleeping face with my little finger. She stirred. I kissed an eyelid, it fluttered, and I whispered, “Are your comfortable, my darling little one.” There was an imperceptible movement of her left leg. She lifted a little to expose the butt plug, and her hole. I traced her perimeter with my fingers

I asked if she wanted me to remove it. She mouthed, “No”, but her small hand found my limp penis. Her fingers stroked down to the ring, it was loose for the first time in hours. She eased it gently off, brought it up between our faces. She kissed it, and then we licked it clean together.

It tasted salty, of our sperm, of her cum, and of a unique additional something. I doubted that I would ever taste it again. It was virgin blood.

The others did not stir, a hand still rested on her flat tummy, and one on mine. Our Chestnut haired friend lay spooned close into my back, her right arm over me in an intimate embrace. I sensed her regular breathing on my hair.

She lifted the sleeping hand from her stomach, and slowly imperceptibly eased down my body. Her mouth came level with my flaccid cock. It hardened slowly as she licked it completely clean. She wriggled back. We were face to face. We kissed, and I tasted her heaven again.

The two of us were alone in love, yet with the others around us in their love. It was a unique feeling.

She took the sleeping hand, and replaced it on her stomach. The others were none the wiser.

We slept again.

Hours later the sun was streaming in through open windows, past curtains, which I can never remember seeing drawn shut. We were not overlooked, so we never drew them. My partner had quietly slipped out of our bed, she had moved silently around gathering up the pieces of gold. She found all the jewellery that had been cast off as we prepared for me to penetrate our virgin. She hunted around to find the four beads that I had shot, from my mouth, at Chestnut, and her, as they waited in attendance. She found them all.

She also found my vertical nipple bars, and realised that these needed to be back in place as soon as possible, otherwise the new holes might seal. They may already have started to seal, or infection might have started. Removing them had not been sensible, but then, who is sane in the one great moment of love.

It worried her, so she gently woke me. Parlour Girl had rolled onto her back, Chestnut was sleeping with her newly pierced bars in place.

I kissed them both tenderly, and wriggled to the head of the bed. I swung myself to the floor, gorilla like, using the top rail of the four poster, at the head of the bed, as a support. We went into her workshop. She sat naked on her work stool, erotik film izle dressed only in her nipple, and clitoris bars. She had found antiseptic. It stung. She washed the rods in antiseptic, and gently eased them in. It stung again. Both nipples only hurt for a moment, and we hoped that it would be OK.

Later Parlour Girl looked at our handiwork. She had seen many piercings, had undertaken many more, and she thought that we were right. We all had our fingers crossed. Once the bars were screwed home we sat, and talked through the last 24 hours. I drew up another stool, her knees were between mine, touching skin on skin. We were stark naked, facing each other, hands clasped in hands, and clasped in love.

We talked of our lives, our love for each other, and our deepening love for the young woman. We talked of she, who might now be part of our life to eternity. She, who might give us the child, or, dare we think, the children, that we could never have ourselves.

We talked of Chestnut Hair, of her transformation in one week. On Monday she was a woman of despair, who placed her naked breasts on our dinner table. Now she was a ravishing beauty, who walked tall, with self assurance.

Had all this come about through nudity, through Nude Day, through “Play Piercing”, and our wish to have our nipples pierced?

We decided it had.

We had also decided that I should shower, and then wake the sleeping beauty. I was to ask Parlour Girl how sore she was, and if she wanted to continue to make love over the whole weekend. If she said yes, then…………… My penis grew at the thought.

I explained how my cock ring, and penis had been lovingly cleaned while she slept.

What man could refuse and invitation, arranged by his partner, to continue to fuck such a gorgeous creature, as often as possible, for the next forty eight hours? Not me!

She led me out of the workshop, using my cock as a lead. We showered together, something we have done all our lives, and continue to do. We washed each other in the same guest bathroom that I had used before I came to our room last night. I washed and cleaned every intimate part of my delicious friend. She had removed the chains before coming to bed. She had removed the starburst on her cunt, but her clit bar was in place.

I slipped two fingers into her anal hole washed it, more fingers slipped into her cunt. It was washed. They traced up between her swollen leaves to her clit. I washed and rinsed with intimate care. I knelt and kissed her bareness, sucking hood plus, the whole erect clit and bar, deep into my mouth. She was stirring; I had to bring her to the climax that she so richly deserved.

She pressed her back against the tiles of the shower, forcing her pelvis to my mouth. If I could have swallowed her all, she knew that I would have done so. My hands traced up to her breasts, again she had removed the diamond dangles, but the starbursts still covered more than half of her peaks.

It was an extraordinary journey of mutual understanding. She felt me massage her nipples to their fullness. She whispered that the tips were ever so slightly sore from the diamond buttercups that she had pressed into their heads.

She held the inner ball of each horizontal bar, while I undid the outer ones. She pulled the gold rods through her teats; she held the top balls, while I undid the lower ones, she pulled vertically upwards. The starbursts were free.

I continued to suck her ever growing clit into my mouth; I chewed on it, and rolled it around my tongue. I began to rotate the stars on her nipples. They responded by becoming harder and fuller.

She began to shudder. She was coming. All the signs, that I knew so well, were coming together as one. She came as I clamped my teeth on her whole clit, ran them to her bar, and pulled it all far out from her body. I wrenched the stars from her breasts. The shower was still cascading over us. She sank down. We were together. We collapse onto the floor of the shower. We kissed, and kissed.

We dried each other, she sucked, and kissed my cock, but simply said, that was for another for the weekend. She led me by the hand to the door of our bedroom. She stopped, a stark naked beauty, leaning against the doorpost. She was watched.

I walked to the bed, pulled back the sheet that had covered us all during the night. I could not draw my eyes from the two sleeping girls. They were too beautiful for words.

Chestnut was on her back, hair wantonly spread all over the place. Her legs were apart, possibly by a foot or so, but with her clit, and cunt, completely hidden in her forest of love. Her globe breasts rose and fell as she breathed. A single bar pierced each nipple. These had become her crowning glory. It made her, and was what she had so desperately wanted.

Our delicious virgin of the night was sleeping on her front, legs slightly apart so that her butt plug, and cunt hole were exposed. There was very little dried semen; there very film izle few signs, a trace of blood, her cunt ring was holding it in.

I crawled between her legs, slowly moving them further apart, then further still. They were pointing at the corner pillars of the four poster bed, to which I had tied my partner, when we began to “play pierce”.

I arrived, my face an inch, or so, from her butt plug. I was lying on my belly between her slim legs, within inches of her love hole.

The fingers on both hands played music up, and down, the back of her thighs. She stirred, but did not wake.

I continued to play tunes with one hand, brought the other hand to my mouth, and wetted it thoroughly. I formed my fingers, and the palm of my hand into a spoon, and filled it with spittle. I poured it into the little dimple at the base of her spine. I began to draw streams of love down towards the gold cap. I traced little rivers around, and down towards her gaping hole.

I took a second helping of spittle, and poured it onto the first. I mixed them up, took my hand between my legs, and milked pre-cum form the end of my slowly hardening penis. There was more than I had expected. I added it to my soup.

All this time the darling girl had been standing watching, leaning against the door pillar. She came to me, as quiet as a mouse. She stretched over, breast dangling, and held out her hand, spooned like mine. It was full of her cum, the juices of her love, to which she had added more spit. It poured onto my hand, and was transferred to the dimpled pond on the sleeping back.

Neither beauty stirred.

I remixed the soup, and continued to form rivers of love around her butt plug, down and into her stretched hole.

I bypassed the hole and began to prise the “V” wings from her lips. I found that my first finger and thumb would just fit under the widest spread. This freed her clit, and they met at her tip.

She stirred again, and her hips rose slightly from the bed, I rolled up the finest down pillow, and drew it under her body at the rise of her stomach, above her clitoris. She did not move down. I assumed that her hips had been an involuntary movement of stimulation in sleep.

I looked round at my partner, and mouthed a silent question, she nodded her approval. With slow movements, so slow movements, I began to lift the root of the butt plug. It moved out of her body, millimetre by millimetre until the base of the egg began to form.

Her anal skin was slowly stretching, but I moved so slowly that inner skin of her back passage did not deform, and pull out. I held the egg in one hand. I scooped with the other hand, and fed more goo from the pool. I massaged it around her hole.

I pulled a little more; we were at the largest diameter of a big chicken’s egg. I stopped with the egg half in and half out. The surface was bright polished gold, her tiny hole had been stretched to a huge “O”. I pressed very gently on the top, and lifted at the same time. The whole egg eased free of her bum.

I still believe that she slept, through it all, deep in the sleep of happiness.

I kissed, then rimmed her hole with my tongue. Slowly it began to close. She murmured contentedly for the first time. I eased the fingers of one hand around the cunt ring, and gently pulled it from her entrance. I moved it free of her wonderful body, and she stirred again.

I eased the clit tube, and the fanned “V” away. She was separated from her gold for the first time in fifteen, or sixteen hours.

I placed my hands either side of her hips, and levered my body so that my head would be against hers when I bent my arms. My penis was now hard, and very close to her cunt hole. I was not going to enter without her permission.

I lowered myself onto her slim form until we were touching everywhere. This time my weight drove air from her lungs, and she turned her face to mine. I whispered, “Good morning, our darling, pregnant one.” She smiled, and we kissed.

Then I whispered that I had been told to make love with her again, and again, all weekend. Her simile widened over her face at the thought.

She said, “I am sore, I will be sore, but I want you so badly. You may have to carry me everywhere if it becomes too bad.”

We lifted our hips in unison. I rested on one arm, while I puffed up the pillow under her stomach to twice the depth.

She wriggled her hand deep between her legs, found my hard member, and began to guide it into her cunt. We coupled, and I eased into her virgin hole for the second time in seven hours. Slowly, very slowly, completely wetted by juices from her, from me, and from my darling partner I eased in. My balls touched her lips. I had returned home again.

We lay still as she gathered herself to the morning, then she kissed me and was ready. We began a long slow deep fuck.

I moved my hands to the side of her breast, first turning them so that I was resting on my wrists, and pushed under her. She lifted seks filmi izle so that her nipples were clear of the sheet. In doing this she showed an extraordinary understanding of the arts of love. I took each nipple between a finger and my thumb, and began to roll them both.

I took the outer bars, and pulled her down onto the flat of my hand. I rolled the ends of her nipples around with one finger on each had and began to fuck her cunt harder.

She whimpered a little. She must still have been sore from my piercing her hymen the night before. It was the noise of the brave, made in love. We were closing to climax together.

I massaged her whole breasts, those round seductive wonders, that we hoped would now fill to give milk for her child. We came together.

I lowered my whole body gently onto her. We lay a long time when we had finished. My cock slowly shrunk, and slipped out of her cunt, and it was clear. It nestled between her lips. More sperm had filled her body.

It would now be rushing around wondering where to go, and if her egg had been fertilised, by their kin, last night. Soon we would see.

The pillow under her middle still deliciously raised her hips. Her bottom was fuller and more round in this position. It was very inviting.


Her anus was still slightly open from the butt plug. She wriggled her backside, seductively. She whispered, “Will you put your thing in my arse?”

What an invitation, it was too much. In an instant I was becoming hard again. I raised my whole body above hers. My arms were flat on the bed either side of her chest. Once again my prick rose to the occasion. It always did if there was a chance of anal sex. My penis continued to become harder, and more engorged. It was reaching that steel hardness that is almost unreal, all at the thought of a virgin anal fuck.

It pointed directly at her open hole. I lowered myself quickly, as though I was about to do twenty press ups. My body was rigid, resting on the bent up tips of my toes.

I plunged the steel hard rod straight in without stopping. All my weight crushed her. She let out a gasp as all the air was forced from her. Then my arms began to straighten again. My prick came away, it stopped an inch above her hole, and I plunged in again.

My darling partner had been expecting this as an answer to her invitation to fuck her arse. It was our favourite anal position. She moved from the door to the bed. She took one of Parlour Girl’s hands in her own. She turned the palm so that it would be against her stomach. She slipped it against the lower part, where her pubic hair used to begin.

There was a yelp of surprise, and the virgin screamed, “I can feel him against my hand. He is pushing right through me.”

I continued my press ups!

I plunged in and out; she lifted her hips to meet me on each downward charge. My partner asked if she was OK.

She gasped, taking deep breaths as I pulled up. She tried to reply as each breath was expelled as I landed back on top of her body, “If I had known it would be like this, I would have given myself anally years ago, but I would have kept my cherry for last night”.

What an extraordinary girl she was.

By now two hands were rubbing her clit, fingers where everywhere. Some pressed deep into her cunt as though to hold the fluids into her. One of her hands remained pressed hard, and flat, on her stomach. It moved out as I charged fully home, then pressed hard back as I withdrew. She had a natural understanding of the arts of love. She was a wonderful pupil.

I screamed that I had to cum in her arse. I could not risk charging into her cunt directly from her back passage. Both girls shouted, “Yes”, and we came together in a huge tumble of ecstasy. Not much sperm was wasted. Most of my cum had been pumped into her virgin cunt a while earlier.

Although it was her favourite of all coupling positions, my beautiful partner had never been able to watch a vertical anal assault. We called it our “press up” sex.

She was entranced as my pole hit the virgin opening time, after time, after time. She saw it pull right out, leaving a large, inviting, gaping, hole. She watched me plunge straight in until my balls were squashed against her cunt. She had been there herself; she had felt the push of my penis on her stomach. She had clasped my hands tight onto her belly, so that I could feel my own probing tool. But she had never seen it.

She was on fire with lust, and desire.

She was even more astonished after we had all come together, and I had rolled to one side. Our virgin began to move. She wriggled up to my middle, prised my legs apart, and nuzzled up to my cock. Her tongue came out; she opened her mouth, and popped my now flaccid member fully into her mouth. It was like a gob stopper. She rolled, and chewed, it around. It raced to a larger size. She let it fall, then proceeded to clean it all over.

It was my cock that had come straight out of her arse.

She rolled my foreskin back with her teeth, and licked into every corner. She hummed, and murmured, to herself, lost in a world of lust. She sucked on my hole. I was in ecstasy, rigid as steel again.

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