Pizza, Wine, and a Fun Dessert

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My name’s Mark and this story happened 15 years or so ago. I was coming up to the end of my third year at University and, whilst we still had one exam to go, it was pretty much given that we were all going to pass it. As the exam was almost a week away we decided to treat ourselves to a few hours out of the library and in the beer garden instead. There were six or seven of us, and most of had been kicking about for the previous three years, so it was a very relaxed crowd. After three or four beers someone suggested that we might as well make a night of it, or at least have a few more drinks. There wasn’t any objection, but the consensus was that we’d go and get changed, grab a bite to eat then meet back in the pub in an hour or two.

Having finished off our drinks, I ended up walking down the street with one of the girls that I had known since our first week at University. Shelley was the same age as me (20), a slim build with shoulder length brown hair. She wasn’t particularly tall, maybe 5’5, but she had killer legs. And, for her petit frame, she also had particularly impressive tits — I guessed somewhere around about a 32D (and I’m usually pretty accurate with my guesses!). I’m 6’1, athletic and fairly attractive, and over the years we’d fooled about a few times, but never anything too serious. There were always other people on the scene and I think part of us didn’t want to ruin what had, over the years, turned in to a good friendship.

Anyway, as we walked down the road Shelley asked what I was doing now. “Not much — can’t really be bothered heading all the way back to my flat just to turn around, and I don’t really need to get changed.” I said. My flat was a bit of a hike away compared to everyone else, so I was planning on grabbing a burger and meeting everyone else back in the pub.

“Well, why don’t we just get a quick take away pizza and a bottle of wine, and take it back to my flat?” said Shelley, “I’ll get changed then we can head back to meet everyone in an hour or so?”

I couldn’t think of any reason why not to, and pizza and wine was always a decent argument. “Sounds like a plan — you get the pizza, I’ll get some wine. White OK?” I asked.

“Perfect, we get them on the way.”

20 minutes later we were sitting on the couch in her room, scoffing down the last of the pizza and on to our second glass of wine. There was some late afternoon show on the TV that we had on in the background, but we weren’t really paying much attention to be honest, just chatting away. Shelley finished off her wine and jumped up: “Right, better get changed and we can get out of here” she said.

Shelley was wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of tight worn jeans which, to be fair, made her ass look pretty good (if I’m honest, I hadn’t really noticed it before). She looked fine to me, but I guess girls like to make a bit more of an effort! Being the gentlemen I offered to leave the room, but she said that I had seen as much in a bikini before, and told me just to finish my wine. I wasn’t going to argue! She pulled out a couple of tops and surveyed the choices, before asking me for my preference. All of them looked pretty hot, but one had a particularly plunging neckline so I opted for that one!

“Cool” she said. At which point she whipped off her baggy t-shirt to reveal a very sheer, black Calvin Klein bra. It really left nothing to the imagination. Her nipples were an inch across, and were semi hard. She turned to check her make up and hair in the mirror, and by this time I was mesmerised — her tits just hanging down in next to nothing, her nipples almost on full show.

“Jesus, Shelley, nice bra” I said.

“Oi, no peaking!” she replied.

“Well, come on, what you expect. Have to say, your tits look incredible in that bra. Definitely get me going!” I laughed. It was really meant as a throw away comment, but then all of a sudden she turned round and walked over to me, standing in front of me in nothing but her jeans and sheer bra — I’d never really appreciated what an amazing body she had, it was quite a sight!

“Get you going… and what do you mean by that?” she asked.

“Well, check my heart rate” I giggled, at which point I took her hand and pulled it down to my chest, where my heart really was pounding a few extra beats! In doing this, she leaned down giving me a view of the best cleavage I had ever seen. Absolutely perfect!

“Wow, you really are going,” she said, at which point she start to move her hand down my chest towards my trousers. “Anything else getting going?” she asked, as she grabbed a full handful. Obviously by now, everything else was getting going, and then some!

“Hmm, somebody’s a little horny, aren’t they?! Now, what can we do about that?”

Shelley lifted her leg up and started to straddle me, her tits right in front of my face. I couldn’t believe it; I hadn’t expected any of this at all. She lifted her hands up to my head and started to kiss me, with a very soft and sensual touch.

It took me a few seconds to respond, but soon my hands came up to her waist and on to her escort numaraları eryaman tight ass, and I pulled her in to me. My hand traced up her back and I moved it slowly around her body to feel her right breast. I played away with her nipple, which seemed to get even harder, pushing ever more through her sheer bra. My hand came back down to her ass. “I think you should change these jeans as well”.

“Do you, now?” she asked.

Shelley stood up, giving me another great view of that incredible body. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and started to wiggle them down. It was hard not to look at those natural tits jiggling away but, as she pulled her jeans down, she revealed a matching sheer black thong with nothing but a very light strip of hair above her lips.

Shelley started to straddle me again; I was dying to get her tits out and in to my mouth but after a short kiss with my hands all over her ass, and before I could get to her lips, she started to move up and stood on the couch. She was still straddling me, standing with her sheer crotch right in front of my face. What a sight! She stood there for a second looking down at me, then pulled her thong to the side to reveal those smooth lips. Her other hand came down to the back of my head and she guided my mouth towards her. Again, there was no argument from me! I could smell how turned on she was, my tongue slowly moving around her smooth lips. I could feel Shelley shudder just a little, so I kept on teasing for a little longer. I could feel her trying to push my head further in, but I kept resisting. Then I pulled back and ran my tongue up the full length of her slit, opening her up until I came to her clit.

Shelley let out a loud gasp, and I knew she wasn’t going to last too much longer. My tongue started to work up and down her lips, slowly at first, occasionally pulling back just to tease her some more. I could feel Shelley’s hips starting to move against my face as my tongue picked up the pace and I started to tease her clit more and more, sucking hard on it every so often.

I moved my hands up to her ass, reaching round to pull her further apart. Moving my hand again, I started teasing her lips with my finger — she was completely soaking by now, breathing heavily. I looked up to see her tits swelling in and out heavily. She looked down at me, and released her hand from my head. Her fingers came up and started massaging her right breast through her bra, before pulling it out to fully expose her fullness. She started to play with her nipple, which was obviously very sensitive by now, and her moans became louder.

My cock was now rock hard, and I knew it was need some attention soon. I moved my finger inside her whilst my tongue continued to work on her clit. She was grabbing her tit firmly, obviously getting closer. I inserted another finger and started to work on her g-spot with both fingers. It didn’t take long from there and within seconds she started to shudder. She let out a load moan and pulled my head in to her lips; her legs started to shake and gave way, as she collapsed on top of me.

“Shit, that was incredible, God we should have done this years ago. Now lets get those jeans of yours off — I think I need to get that cock of yours inside me.”

As Shelley lowered herself on to the floor, I played with her tits and released the left one from the constraints of the bra — her nipples were bullet hard, and her tits felt so firm: I couldn’t wait to see what they were like with the bra completely off. She pulled at my belt and soon my jeans were on the floor, releasing my rock hard cock from my boxers, which sprang up. I was standing to full attention — not the biggest, but at 7 inches and a decent girth I had never had any complaints.

In one swift move, she moved her mouth to the top of my cock and went down until I could feel the back of her throat. She continued to take in the full length of my cock with long, deep strokes: her hands in control of me on the side of my hips. Every time my cock touched the tightness of her throat, the sensation was incredible. I knew if she kept this up, I wouldn’t be able to give her the fucking that she needed. Her pace picked up, and I started to let out a few moans. She brought her hand up to my cock and started to stroke and twist in time with her sucking, which was now focussed on the tip of my cock. She started to suck harder and harder, her tongue flickering over my cock — the sensation was almost too much, and I think she figured that out.

“Right, I need you inside me now!” she said.

I was pushed back on to the couch while Shelley slipped off her thong and straddled me again. Sitting on top of me, she reached behind and unclasped her bra to reveal the full beauty of her tits. They were incredibly pert, dropping just enough to guarantee that they were 100% real. Somehow they were amazingly soft, but perfectly firm at the same time — I’m sure I’d get them jiggling soon enough.

“Wow, I never realised how incredible your tits were luv! 8.5 out of 10!?” I said.

“Only 8.5!! Cheeky git, ankara bayan escort I’ve got great tits. Bet you I can get you to revise up to 10 soon enough…” I never give a 10 (always have to leave room to find something better!), but I was happy to examine the evidence, I told her. She leaned in to me with her right breast in her hand, and offered it to my mouth. Her nipple was fantastic — hard and sensitive. I sucked away, and she let out some more groans – she obviously liked having her tits sucked and played with, and I was quite happy to oblige.

Her other hand reached round and grabbed my cock and started to stroke me, then guided me to her pussy lips. By now she was soaking wet, and I slipped inside with ease. She pushed down on to me as I continued to kiss and suck her tits, my hands mauling them. Obviously needing more, she sat up and pushed her hands on to my chest, taking all of my cock inside her. She started to grind back and forth, the position of her arms squeezing her tits together to make them appear even larger with a deep cleavage — already I had revised up to a 9! She started to pick up the pace, and I grabbed her hips to encourage her.

She was now rocking back and forth at a great pace; her hands came up to her tits again squeezing one in each hand, hard. I needed to feel them as well, so I brought my hands up and pushed hers out of the way. The jiggled in my hands as Shelley started to bounce more and more. I gave her nipples a hard squeeze and she let out a load moan. My hand came down to start rubbing her clit as she became more and more frantic. I could feel she was getting close for a second time, and whilst I was incredibly turned on by her tits, which were now bouncing all over the place, I wasn’t ready to finish this yet. I gave her clit a good fast rub, and that was enough to push her over the edge.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, and collapsed down on top of me, her tits crushed against my chest. I started to thrust in to her as she lay there; she lifted up a little and allowed me to suck on her tits, but everything was too sensitive for her.

A change of position I decided. “Stand up.”

She complied slowly, her legs still not fully cooperating. I got up off the couch, and started to lead her behind it. As we were walking round, I spotted a pair of 4 inch high heels at the side of the room “I think you should slip these on for this bit” I said.

“Ooh, really?” She bent over and started to put them on, her tits swinging beneath her. I walked round behind her and slowly slipped a finger inside her. I rubbed at her lips as she continued to put on her heels, and then massaged some of her juices up around her ass, teasing it slightly without fully inserting my finger. The lack of objection made me think that she might not object to me fucking her ass at some point. But for now I had other ideas.

She finished with her heels and stood up, turning to kiss me, grabbing my rock hard cock. I grabbed at her tits at the same time, I couldn’t resist. But I needed to get inside her again. I turned her around, moved her behind the couch and bent her over. The heels had two benefits: firstly, it made her legs look even better, long and slender — they would look great in stockings I thought; secondly, it put her at the perfect height for me. I spread her legs a little so that she was now in a very submissive position, but more importantly if looked over her head I could see our reflection in the full-length mirror that was standing against the far wall.

I teased her for a few seconds, rubbing the head of my cock against her lips. But both of us needed more, and I was fit to burst. Without warning, I slid my full length straight in to her causing her to gasp — I could feel her muscles clenching around my cock. I pulled on her hips to get as deep as I could and then started to get in to a rhythm. Looking ahead, I could see those marvellous tits bouncing and swinging in the mirror, a perfect view of some perfect tits. Reaching round, I grabbed them, pulling at her nipples hard and causing a scream of pain and pleasure from Shelley. They felt even better as they bounced away in my hands, but it made it hard to keep my pace.

I pulled her up a little so that her hands were on the back of the sofa, and she was standing at 45 degrees. This allowed me to play with her tits with one hand, whilst at the same time reaching down to rub her clit some more. The combination seemed to be almost too much for Shelley, her tits bouncing and swelling in the mirror as her breathing became more frantic. I couldn’t resist one more grab of her tits, almost using them as leverage as I pounded away at her. I could feel Shelley getting close and new I couldn’t last much longer myself — the combination of the view and the control was just amazing. I pulled back on her hips again sliding my full length in as fast as I could.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she cried.

I rammed in to her one final time as I emptied my load deep inside her, enough to maker her come at the same time. As I continued to fill her elvankent escort with my seed, I also continued to stroke in and out, which seemed to hit the spot: Shelley’s knees buckled as her legs shook uncontrollably. She collapsed over the back of the couch and I fell on top of her, my cock still inside her. We lay there for a minute or so saying nothing, slowly regaining our composure.

“Jesus, Mark, that is definitely in my top 3 fucks of all time. Why the hell did we not do this before now? We could at least have been fuck buddies for a couple of years!!”

“Only top 3, what a cheek!” I replied.

We got up and moved over to her bed, both of us exhausted. We collapsed on the bed and I pulled a blanket over us as we were both naked, apart from the heels that Shelley was still wearing. Her tits pressed in to my chest, her nipples still hard. Between the beer, wine and the physical exhaustion, we both drifted off to sleep in a matter of seconds.

I must have been asleep for 40 minutes or so when I heard my phone going in the pocket of my jeans, and suddenly remembered we were supposed to be meeting everyone about now. What the hell, I thought, we’ll get there soon enough and deal with any flack. Shelley was lying on my chest, her left breast staring up at me. I gently started to stroke around the side of her breast, slowly moving towards her nipple, which had obviously calmed down by now.

I circled her areola, softly to begin with. Her nipple started to react, hardening as circled. I brushed across her nipple a couple of times, each time it became more prominent, and more tempting. I took a full handful of her breast, my palm working her nipple whilst my fingers worked away at that perfectly pert handful (in fact, it was definitely more than a handful). Shelley was still asleep, but obviously enjoying herself either consciously or subconsciously — her leg was lying on top of me, and my attentions must have woken her libido as she started to move her hips against me. I could feel her getting wetter, hotter.

I gave her nipple a good tweak, which was enough to get a reaction from her. She bit her lip and said, “Hmm, now that’s a nice way to wake up. You seem to be enjoying yourself there, having fun with my tits are you? Still think they are only a 8.5?”

“Well,” I conceded, “I think I’ve revised my mark up to a 9 now. They did look superb in the mirror when I was behind you”.

“God yeah, that was really hot” she replied. “Even I thought they looked good bouncing away. I could see you staring at them as we were fucking, could tell how much you were enjoying that.” Shelley’s hand had moved down on to my already hard cock and started to stroke away. “Now, lets see if we can’t get that mark a bit higher shall we?”

She moved herself down the bed and started to take me in her mouth. Slower than earlier, she ran her tongue up and down my length for a while before starting to suck away at my head. Then she worked my cock in to her mouth, going further and further down with each movement. By now she was kneeling in front of me, straddling my legs. I could feel her tits bouncing against my balls as she moved up and down, her nipples hard again. I started to thrust against her tits, feeling them mould around my balls.

Suddenly she stopped and came up to kiss me. As she was doing that, she reached in to her bedside drawer and pulled something out. “Time for a bit of fun” she said pulling out a can of flavoured lube.

She sat on top of my chest and opened up the oil, dribbling it across each of her tits and all over her nipples. She collected the oil in her other hand as it dripped off her tits, then started to rub it in. She poured another spot in to her hands. Putting the bottle down on the bed, she brought both hands up to her tits, massaging them firmly: her nipples were standing to full attention. She must have seen me fixating on her nipples, as she started to play with them vigorously, pulling at them hard. My cock was throbbing, rubbing in to the cheeks of her ass, dying for some action.

Shelley picked up the bottle again, and leant back pouring the oil down her cleavage. Instead of rubbing it in to her tits, she let the oil run down her flat stomach, down to her already moist lips, where her hand started to work it in. Putting the bottle down, she used one hand to open up her lips, whilst the other one smeared her lips and clit with the oil. She slipped her fingers in and out. This action created a perfect V frame for her tits, squeezing them together, creating a huge oily cleavage. I reached up and started to work the oil in, her nipples felt fantastic. I was close to revising my score again!

I mauled at her tits harder and harder, until she grabbed one of my hands and slipped my fingers inside her. She started to grind against them, working her clit at the same time, whilst my other hand played with her left nipple. Then she pulled my fingers out and, instead of taking them forward, she moved them back and lifted her hips, pushing my fingers to her ass. I slipped a finger in with ease, the oil and her natural juices removing any barrier. Soon I had two fingers in, whilst Shelley had her hand rapidly working on her clit, occasionally sliding her finger in so that we could feel each other. She seemed ready to burst when all of a sudden she stopped and slid down my body.

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